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									                                    UNIFORM WAIVER

Pursuant to League Rule 10, our team ______________________________ will have their team
uniform provided by __________________________, our team sponsor for the
_____________________________ soccer year.

We acknowledge that:

        TCYSA will not provide a uniform during the entire soccer year (fall and spring season).

        Our sponsor will cover the cost of the uniform.

        An individual player, or their family, will never be required to cover any of the cost
        (except for replacement necessary because of the players use of the uniform, including,
        but not limited to loss of the uniform and out growing the uniform).

        Additional players added to a team during the soccer year are not considered a

        (Check One)
             ________ Our sponsor is sponsoring the team and the uniforms will belong to
               the team, not the player and may be collected at the end of the soccer season or
               prior if a player ceases to play on the team. It will be our responsibility, not
               TCYSA’s to collect uniforms.

                ________ Our sponsor is sponsoring the player and the uniform will belong to
                 the player, not the team. A player will not be required to return their uniform at
                 the end of the soccer season or prior if a player ceases to play on the team.

Violation of the above will result in my removal as coach; with the possibility of team
disbandment if there are repeat violations.

A copy of this waiver will be distributed to each player’s family.

The waiver must be submitted and approved prior to the league ordering uniforms. The league
purchases uniforms by the second Monday of May.

____________________________________________                         __________________________
Coach Signature                                                      Date Signed

____________________________________________                         __________________________
TCYSA President Signature or Director Signature                      Date Signed

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