SWE-V by stariya


									Vermantia is a full-service media group, focusing on a range of services, including in-house
media production, software expertise and adaptation, as well as producing, delivering and
supporting interactive television content & applications focused on sports, sports betting
and fixed-odds games.

Our team comprises of experts in gaming, video production & broadcasting, software
engineering, marketing and content aggregation, with established strategic partnerships for
know-how acquisition and operational support, both from the gaming as well as media

Vermantia would like to employ:
Software Engineer (Code: SWE-V)

Required Qualifications:
 University Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering
 Experience in (Enterprise) Java, JSF, EJB, as well as JBoss and other Application Servers
 Knowledge of Flash, Ajax, JScript, jsp, JSF (faces), asp, php, css, SEO and best practices
 Knowledge of DB, security, payments methods, CMS (Joomla, Drupal)
 Experience in performing compliance & penetration tests, Web Marketing (SEO, Social
   Media, Ads) will be considered an asset
 Use of graphic and animation tools (Adobe PS, AE, 3DMax, C4D etc) will be considered
   an asset
 Knowledge in .net technologies and new frameworks of Microsoft and Adobe will also
   be considered as an asset
 Excellent communication skills in both English and Greek
 Fulfilled military obligations for male candidates

The Company Offers:
 Continuous training
 Excellent working environment
 Career opportunities

Please forward CVs and a Cover Letter by Email at hr@vermantia.com, referencing the code
of the position.

All applications will be treated in strict confidentiality.

Only suitable candidates will be contacted.

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