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                              DUNBARTON BOARD OF SELECTMEN
                                   MINUTES OF MEETING
                                  THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 2009
                                  TOWN OFFICES – 7:00 P.M.

The Dunbarton Board of Selectmen held their regularly scheduled meeting at the above time, date and
place with Les Hammond, Chairman, presiding. It was noted that the meeting was called to order at 7:05
p.m. The following were present:

        Les Hammond, Chairman
        Charles “Chuck” Graybill, Selectman
        Ron Wanner, Selectman
        Line Comeau, Town Administrator
        Alison Vallieres, Recording Secretary


        Tim Terrangi, Chairman, Board of Assessors, introduced Craig Nichols, DRA, to the Board of
        Selectmen. Craig Nichols stated that he had attended the last Board of Assessors Meeting to
        explain the requirements for Towns conducting a revaluation at least every five years according to
        Chapter 75:8-a. (attached copy)

        The last complete revaluation done in Dunbarton was on June 15, 2005. Towns have the
        option of either doing a Complete Revaluation, or do a Statistical Analysis in 2010, and Cyclical
        inspection program of a percentage i.e., 20% each year for five years, 50% for two years or 25%
        for four years and then do a Statistical Analysis in 2015.

        Craig Nichols, DRA, also presented a copy of a letter written to Chairman Tim Terragni, Board of
        Assessors regarding the required process for Revaluation according to RSA 75:8-a. (attached)

        Cost of Complete Reval:

        The last complete reval cost approximately $105,000. Costs for a complete revaluation now are
        estimated at $75/parcel and Dunbarton has 1600 parcels, 1500 not including Current Use. The
        estimated cost for 1500 parcels would be approximately $112,500.

        If the Town of Dunbarton chooses to do nothing between 2010 and 2015, it will have to be a full
        blown revaluation. All properties need to be inspected once every ten (10) years. Would suggest
        putting money into a Capital Reserve Fund now if this is the route the Town will be going. .

        Cost of Cyclical Analysis (over a period of four years starting in 2011.

        A Cyclical Analysis could be done in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 with a Statistical Analysis done
        in 2015. This could be spread out over the four years at between $30 and $40/parcel. Monies
        could be set aside in a Capital Reserve Account each year to cover the upcoming complete
        Revaluation or Statistical Analysis. Properties would be picked on a random basis. Properties
        will be re-measured, etc. This would be for land and buildings not land only parcels.

        Ron Wanner stated that according to these figures, there is no advantage to doing anything in
        2009. The earliest would be a Statistical Analysis in 2010.

        Craig Nichols stated we could contact companies now, get prices and schedule. Might be slightly
        less money. We could send out the RFP’s now for 2011. Craig Nichols will provide a list of
        companies to send out the RFP’s to.


     Town’s options are as follows:

     1.   Cyclical Analysis – Cost spread over a five year period. Years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013,
          2014. Estimated cost is between $30/$40 per parcel.

     2.   Full Revaluation has to be completed in 2015 if nothing else is done. Monies can be put
          aside each year in a Capital Reserve Fund towards this. If a Cyclical Analysis is completed
          over the five year period, we can do a Statistical Analysis in 2015.

     3.   If the proposed Warrant Article is not passed at 2009 Town Meeting, we will have to come up
          with $50,000-$60,000 in 2010 for a Statistical Analysis. If the Warrant Article is passed at
          2009 Town Meeting, we will be setting aside $25,000 in 2009 and $35,000 in 2010.

     4.   Presently, there is only $7,000 in a Capital Reserve Fund.


     Police Department Secretary Vacancy:

     Charles “Chuck” Graybill, Selectmen, announced that Police Chief Chris Connelly has filled the
     vacant position of Secretary at the Police Department with Linda Marcoux from Dunbarton, NH.
     She will be starting work on March 9, 2009. She has lived in Town for over a year. We would
     like to welcome her.

     Memo From Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission:

              Job Descriptions for Land Use Employees:

              The Town has received a letter from Central New Hampshire Regional Planning
              Commission regarding the Town’s options for developing job descriptions for the
              Building Department and Planning/Zoning Department, Planning and Zoning Board
              Secretary, etc.

              Ken Swayze, Planning Board Chairman, stated that it is important to have job
              descriptions for Land Use employees. In addition, he had recently spoken with Matt
              Monahan who mentioned this to him. The Town should make a decision as to what route
              they want to go.

              The Town has two choices as follows:

              1.   Central Regional will develop generic job descriptions developed from other Towns
                   and some of the feedback from the land use department evaluation. Upon
                   completion, these descriptions would be submitted to the Town for feedback.

              2.    The Town of Dunbarton can indicate what would be desired in each job description
                   and CNHRPC can craft each description. Upon completion, these descriptions would
                   be submitted to the Town for feedback.

              Land Use Open Space – CTAP Monies:

              Sharon Wasson, Director, Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission,
              would like to be on the Planning Board Agenda for the month of March 2009 to explain
              the Land Use Open Space Project, etc.

              The Dunbarton Conservation Commission has signed up for 30 hours of Consultant time
              with Central Regional to update the Land Use Open Space Plan, etc.


     Line Comeau, Town Administrator, brought up the following items for discussion/action:

     Request for Permission for Yard Sale on Town Common from Rene Ouellet:

     Town has received a request from Rene Ouellet, Dunbarton School Board, for permission to hold
     a Yard Sale on the Town Common with the proceeds to pay for tuitions for school children to go
     to Sargent’s Camp. Would there be any stipulations attached to having this on the Town

     Selectmen noted they would like to check the Town’s Liability Insurance to make sure this
     use is covered.

     Lori Davis stated that in 2001, 2002 and 2003, the Lions Club of Dunbarton used the Town
     Common for a Yard Sale and they had to put up the insurance for the Town Common.

     Heating Fuel Savings, Town Office:

     Line Comeau, Town Administrator, stated that the Town Office use of Heating Fuel has been
     reduced drastically because of the new storm windows.

     Selectmen stated it might be a wise idea to consider similar storm windows for the Library, etc.

     GSI Net:

     Line Comeau, Town Administrator, reported that GSI Net had recently called, and they were
     reviewing their clients for Internet, etc. There is presently a telephone line for dial-up at a cost of
     $21.95/month which we do not need. This will be taken out. Have checked with Tech Support
     and we are not using this line. The Town will be saving the $21.95 monthly charge.


     Line Comeau, Town Administrator, reported that the Dunbarton Telephone Company bill for the
     Town Office was now around $200/month. In the past, it ran as high as $700/month. This is due
     to the Town’s toll calls being provided by Pioneer Telephone Company at a much reduced cost.

     Town Report:

     Line Comeau, Town Administrator, noted there were changes to be made on Page 22 of the Town

     At this point in the discussion, Laura Larson stated that the Balance Sheet on Page 27 was
     incorrect because it does not add up.

     In addition, on the MS6, there are some numbers in the wrong spots.

     Corrections will be made.


     Ballot Clerks:

       Linda Peters, Town Clerk, reported that Nancy Rizza was unable to continue as a Ballot Clerk.

       Nancy Sherman has agreed to be a Ballot Clerk.

       Selectmen signed the Appointment Papers for Nancy Sherman to become a Ballot Clerk.

       Senate Bill 99:

       Linda Peters, Town Clerk, reported on Senate Bill 99. This bill authorizes licensed new and used
       vehicle dealers to act as agents of the Division of Motor Vehicles in the issuance of vehicle titles
       and registrations. She stated she attended the Hearing held on Tuesday, March 3, 2009 by the
       Commerce, Labor and Consumer Protection Committee. There were between 25-30 Towns
       represented stating their objections/concerns. The Committee voted the bill Inexpedient to

       (Report attached)

Comments from the Public:

       Ken Swayze, Planning Board Chairman:

       Ken Swayze, Planning Board Chairman, stated that he felt that the Town Office, the Building
       Department, and Planning and Zoning Board now had an excellent working group. Things are
       going very smoothly now.

       Lori Davis:

       Lori Davis stated that she had received two telephone calls from very legitimate sources that stated
       that she was the subject of a discussion between Les Hammond and Fred Mullen about Fred
       Mullen being in control of the Town Meeting, etc.

       At this point, Les Hammond stated he was not even present in the Town Office when this
       supposedly took place and that he was not responsible for this rumor.

       Charles “Chuck” Williamson:

       Charles “Chuck” Williamson stated that he would like the Town to look into single stream
       recycling. Asked if the Town had really looked into doing it at the Coop.

       Les Hammond, Chairman, stated he had been unable to attend the last three meetings of the Coop
       because they were held on Thursday evenings. I went and talked with them and went over with
       Woody and we weren’t going to make any decision this year because it is very expensive. There
       was not time to look at it.

       Chuck Williamson asked if it would be reasonable for the Selectmen to set up a Committee to
       review our options.

       Charles Graybill asked Charles “Chuck” Williamson if he would be willing to serve on a
       Committee, etc.

       Chuck Williamson stated he didn’t usually have good experiences in serving on Town

       The Selectmen noted that they would like to have Jan Presser come to talk with the Selectmen, etc.
       re recycling and Single Stream.

There being no further business, the Dunbarton Board of Selectmen adjourned the meeting with the
following motion:


        Ron Wanner made a motion that the Dunbarton Board of Selectmen adjourn the meeting at
        8:30 p.m. Charles Graybill seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                Alison R. Vallieres
                                                                Recording Secretary

        Les Hammond, Chairman

        Charles “Chuck” Graybill, Selectman

        Ron Wanner, Selectman

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