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									       École Oman Elementary School
                        SEPTEMBER 2008 NEWS

Our Mission:
École Oman School is committed to purposeful learning in a safe and inclusive

Welcome to our School Community!
A new school year has begun and we would like to welcome all students and their families back for another
school year. We hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing summer! A special welcome to our new
kindergarten students and to the families who moved to Swift Current over the summer! We invite you to
become involved in the life of our school community. We also welcome new staff members to Oman:
Ashley Gorrill, mornings as Student Services Teacher and afternoons teaching math, science and health to
grade 4/5; Sara Onerheim, our teacher librarian until December; Bert Gaumond, grade 3/4 Immersion;
Debbie Hope, grade 4; Leanne Marchand, Vice Principal and mornings as grade 2/3 Immersion; Greg
Siemens, Student Services Teacher; and Rhonda Cruthers and Nanette Estabrooks, Educational Assistants.
We are pleased to introduce our 2007-2008 school staff to you:

                Principal – Peggy Drinkle            Vice Principal – Leanne Marchand
    English Kindergarten – Brenda Neufeld               French Immersion Kindergarten – Laura Cornelson
    Grade 1 / 2 – Char Peters                           French Immersion Grade 1 – Chantelle Koop
    Grade 1 – Janelle Keller                            French Immersion Grade 1 / 2 – Sherri Andrzejewski
    Grade 2 – Carrie Frase                              French Immersion Grade 2 / 3 – Leanne Marchand
    Grade 2 / 3 – Linda Heinrichs-Demorest                                        and Jeremy Rasmussen
    Grade 3 / 4 – Tony Rolheiser                        French Immersion Grade 3 / 4 – Bert Gaumond
    Grade 4 – Deb Hope                                  French Immersion Grade 4/5 – Kim Thomson
    Grade 4 / 5 – Dona Eidsness-Anderson/Ashley Gorrill
    Grade 5 – Deb Linklater and Krista Wishlow (intern) Danse/Art Dramatique – Diane Chartrand

    Learning Assistance Teachers – Greg Seimens, Ashley Gorrill
    Teacher-Librarian – Sara Onerheim
    Core French – Jeremy Rasmussen
    Office Manager – Shelley Rya
    Youth Worker – Marla Foster
    Library Technician – Margaret Ann Janzen
    Education Assistants – Shantel LeBel, Sheila Grainger, Jolene Hornung, Carla Bollinger,
    Dana McCallum, Deanne Budd, Joanne King, Cecile Beaudoin-Kwan, Nanette Estabrooks, Rhonda
    Facility Operators – John Reddekop, Hal Satter
    Noon Supervisors – Delores Kantrud, Jeanne Myers, Roxanne Stewart, Bev Argotow
    Morning/Noon Supervisor – Sa Collier
The Parent Connection                                 Communication With Parents
We want your child to be successful at Oman           In an effort to enhance communication
School and believe you play a key role. That role     and to keep our parents, students, and
is to continually show interest in and support for    community informed about our
your child’s learning. The child who knows that       school, we have sent home a Parent
his or her family is interested in and supports the
                                                      Handbook for each family. If you did
school program will almost always have fewer
problems in school and will enjoy greater             not receive a copy please contact Ms. Rya at
success. We hope that you attend as may school        the office. It is also available on our
events as possible and volunteer whenever you         website! The handbook contains valuable
can!                                                  information about school policies and
                                                      procedures and we would appreciate it if
Communication among parents/guardians,                you would review these with your
students, and teachers is critical for student        child/children. We will continue to send
success. Please share with your child’s teacher       home a copy of our monthly newsletter
any information regarding his or her needs that       outlining upcoming activities and events to
will help us better serve your family. It is our
                                                      families with the oldest student from each
belief that we are working together as partners in
the education of your child I hope that together      family. Our newsletters will also be posted
we can make this school year rewarding and            on our school web-site found at:
                                                      Classroom teachers will also be sending
Make school important and strengthen the              home regular newsletters outlining the
home/school connection by:                            learning that is taking place in their
   - making sure your child gets to school            classrooms and informing parents of any
        on time                                       special activities.
   - making sure your child arrives at school
   - attending school functions and
        parent/student/teacher conferences
   - getting to know your child’s teacher
   - reading the school and classroom
   - spending time at the school as a                 How to Contact Us:
        volunteer if time permits
   - encouraging reading and writing at
                                                      École Oman School
   - talking with your child about what               Address: 520 6th Avenue SE
        he/she has learned in school each day
   - encouraging your child                                     Swift Current, SK
   - celebrating your child’s successes                         S9H 3P6
Our goal is to provide a caring and respectful        Telephone:(306) 778- 9275
learning environment. Our hope is that by
working together with parents we can instill in       FAX:      (306) 773–2960
your children a love of learning, a sense of
responsibility, and an attitude of respect for all
PARENT CONNECTION                             Student Arrival and Dismissal
                                              Supervisors are on duty at 8:00 a.m.
EVENING                                       each morning, however, we would ask
Parents of students in grades 1 to 5 are      that your children arrive at school no
invited to join us for a Parent               earlier than is necessary, preferably
Connection Evening on Monday,                 not more than 15 minutes before
September 15. It will be an                   school begins (8:30) when they are not
opportunity for you and other classroom       traveling by bus.
parents to meet with the teacher to: 1)       At lunch period, if they are not eating
begin building a working partnership          lunch at school, and at 3:05 p.m.,
with the teacher; 2) learn about              children are expected to go directly
classrooms beliefs and values; 3) learn       home. Supervision is available only
                                              until 3:30 p.m. We would ask that
how a day unfolds in your child’s
                                              children NOT play on the creative
classroom; and 4) receive information         playground between 3:05 and 4:00 p.m.
from the teacher about what your child        Students must go home prior to
will be learning this year. It will also be   returning to play on the creative
an opportunity for you to join us in the      playground.
West Gym for coffee and cookies; and
connect with Oman staff, other families
and friends.
Further information about the evening
and an invitation with a scheduled time
to meet with your child’s teacher will be     EARLY DISMISSAL DATES
coming home shortly. Our                                          One Wednesday per
kindergarten teachers are planning a                              month, schools in
Kindergarten Parent Connection                                    Swift Current will be
Evening which will take place on a                                dismissing early.
different evening in September.                                   This allows for
                                              development associated with our
                                              learning improvement plan. Students
Bell Schedule                                 will be dismissed at 1:50 p.m. on the
8:45            Opening                       following days. Please mark your
10:30 – 10:45   Morning Recess                calendars! Reminders will be sent
11:45 – 12:35   Lunch Period
12:35 – 12:50   D.E.A.R. Time
                                              home closer to each date:
1:50 – 2:05     Afternoon Recess              Sept. 24               Oct. 29
3:05            Dismissal                     Nov. 26                 Dec. 17
                                              Jan. 21                Feb. 25
                                              March 18               Apr. 29
                                              May 27                 June 17
Foundations for Learning
Foundations for Learning is an initiative of
Chinook School Division that responds to
the Continuous Improvement Framework
outlined by the Provincial Government. It is
founded on the idea of improving schools
through the development of Professional
Learning Communities whose core
principals are 1) to ensure that students learn
through a 2) culture of collaboration; which
is 3) focused on results. During early
dismissal days, École Oman teachers are
working collaboratively in learning teams
toward a common goal of improving the
literacy skills of our students. Each of our
teams has a specific, measurable, attainable,
realistic, and timebound (SMART) Goal and
has developed an action plan towards
attaining that goal. In addition, Chinook’s
Balanced Literacy initiative and the
resources provided by the Division are
providing us with additional support to
ensure that our students receive the teaching
they need to succeed and allows them to
work at a level that is “just right” for them.
As a staff, we are looking forward to sharing
more about Balanced Literacy and learn
from you how we can support your child’s
literacy development at home.

    Literacy Connection Day
         Monday, September 29

As part of our literacy focus the three
elementary schools in Swift Current are
planning to have a Literacy Connection
Day. A strong home school connection
is vital in building strong literacy skills in    NO SCHOOL for
students. We will be sending home a
schedule inviting you to your child’s             Students on Monday,
classroom to meet individually with your          September 29 –
child’s classroom teacher. There will be
no regular classes for students on                Literacy Connection
Sept. 29; however we encourage you to
bring your child to the meeting. More
information will follow later in the month.
Lunch Information                                                   Student Busing
We have approximately 280 students staying                      Chinook School Division provides
at school for lunch each day! Five                              transportation for students in its care
supervisors have been hired to ensure the                       providing they live outside their school’s
lunch hour is monitored and your child is                       designated “walk zone”. This service will
safe. Please refer to the Lunch Period                          be provided in accordance with rules and
Policy outlined in our parent handbook. If                      procedures stipulated in school board policy.
your child will be staying for lunch we                         The transportation of students is a privilege,
would appreciate parents reviewing this                         not a right. When the Board provides
policy with them. Please send a napkin to                       transportation services, it recognizes that the
place on their eating area and plastic utensils                 Board, the drivers, the parents, and the
if necessary. We ask that you do not send                       students have obligations to ensure the safe
items that require heating as the line up                       and comfortable transportation of students to
would be too long. Your cooperation is                          and from school. Students are responsible
appreciated!                                                    for their behaviors to and from school and
                                                                students riding the bus will have the
    Lunch Policy                                                following responsibilities:
    Our lunch period is 11:45 – 12:35. Students who live
    within walking distance of the school are encouraged to     1. Meet the bus on time
    go home. A break from the school and from school            2. Sit in the correctly assigned seat – feet on
    routine and a good walk in the fresh air are important.
    However, if your child is staying at the school for lunch   the floor and aisle clear
    they should be reminded that it is a privilege providing    3. Talk quietly and do not use offensive
    that they follow our lunch policy and cooperate with the    language
    supervisors. If they are unable to follow the lunch
    guidelines, following some reminders, then an alternate     4. Listen to and obey instructions given by
    location will need to be found for them to spend the        the driver
    lunch period or they will be asked to go home for lunch.
                                                                5. Disembark only at your designated bus
    1.  Everyone eats in his/her own designated eating          stop
    2. Speak softly; talk to the people close to you – not
                                                                6. Care about bus property and pay for any
        across the room.                                        vandalism/damage to the bus
    3. Students are expected to use respectful language         7. Consume food and drink only with the
        when speaking to each other.
    4. For safety reasons, please walk.                         permission of the driver
    5. Only one person at a time may go to the                  8. Do not throw objects out of the bus
        bathroom.                                               NO notes for alternate bus plans will be
    6. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up their own
        garbage and placing juice containers in the proper      accepted by the bus drivers and no “extra”
        recycle bins.                                           riders will be accepted on buses.
    7. After eating, a quiet activity can be done at the
        student’s desk.
                                                                In order to maintain the safety of all students
    8. Speak to the supervisors politely and                    riding the bus, the Board has established
        respectfully. If you are asked to help with             procedures for discipline whenever an
        something, be cooperative.
    9. Twenty minutes will be allotted for eating time.         infraction of the rules occurs on the bus.
        Students will be dismissed in an orderly fashion at
        12:05 to go outside.                                    At École Oman School we have a large
    10. Students eating lunch at school are expected to
        remain on school grounds.                               student population who travel to and from
    11. The students are expected to listen and follow the      school by bus. Supervisors will also assist
        directions of the noon hour supervisors.
                                                                the children to safely load the buses to go
                                                                home in the afternoon. Parents can help by
                                                                sending a signed note to inform the school
                                                                on days your child will not ride the bus
           Severe Weather and Student
           In the event of severe winter
           conditions, Swift Current city bus
                                                                       Bikes, Scooters,
           runs will be cancelled pending
           consideration of the following                              Rollerblades, In-
factors:                                                               Line Skates, and
           Severe wind chill of -45 degrees
                                                                        Students who ride
            Celsius or greater
                                                                        bikes to school must
         Adverse road conditions                                       store their bikes in the
         Limited visibility because of fog                             bike racks provided
            or blowing snow                                             and secure them with a
When a decision is made to cancel buses it                              good sturdy lock.
will be made by 6:30 a.m. Information will                              Bikes should be
be relayed to the public through local media    walked to the bike racks when the students
beginning at 7:00 a.m. on all radio stations.   ride them to school and walked to the street
                                                when they are retrieved at the end of the
                                                school day. After school, students should
Student Safety
                                                not ride their bikes in front of the school; the
We have several students who board school
                                                buses pick up here. For safety reasons we
buses at 3:05 as well as parents who are
                                                encourage students riding bikes to wear
picking up or dropping off their children at
                                                helmets. Scooters are to be walked to the
school. The street directly in front of the
                                                bike racks and locked with a good sturdy
school is quite congested at times. We need
                                                lock. They should not be left in the school
your help and cooperation in ensuring
                                                entrance areas. The school will not be
that everyone gets to school and home
                                                responsible for lost or damaged bikes or
again safely! Please do not encourage
                                                scooters. In-line skates/rollerblades must be
your children to cross the street anywhere
                                                taken off at the school entrance and stored in
except at the cross walk. In the past, there
                                                the student’s classroom until the end of the
have been some incidences of children and
                                                school day. Wheels from “roller-shoes”
parents attempting to cross the street
                                                must be removed while on school property.
between loading buses, and it is dangerous!
                                                Skateboards are not allowed on school
As well, we have several concerns about
                                                property unless prior arrangement has been
children being unable to see traffic when
                                                made with Mrs. Drinkle or Mme. Marchand.
they attempt to cross the street even at the
                                                This requires a telephone call from the
crosswalk because of vehicles parked too
                                                parent. Permission may be granted to those
close to the crosswalk zone. If you are
                                                students if the skateboard is used for
picking up or dropping off your children at
                                                transportation. Skateboards should be stored
school please do not park anywhere along
                                                in the student’s classroom and remain there
the yellow curb lines in front of the school
                                                until the end of the school day.
or across the street. And thank you for
keeping the bus loading zone clear of cars!
*Allergy Information*                           Administration of Medication
We are asking parents/guardians to              Schools are often asked to administer
remove any nut products from your               essential medications to students while the
child’s lunches and snacks. We have             students are in attendance at school. There
students with serious nut allergies. We will    are specific regulations in Chinook School
be educating our students about not having      Division Policy which schools must follow
nut products at the school at any time. The     about the nature of the medications allowed
best way to ensure a safe environment is for    and the procedures for their administration:
all parents to be dutiful and carefully pack
their children’s lunches and snacks free of     1. An “essential medication” is a physician-
peanut products. Posters will be around the     prescribed medication that must be
school as a reminder. Here are some healthy     scheduled during regular school hours and is
alternatives that are nut free:                 necessary for the student’s health
      breadsticks, crackers, pita bread,       or well-being.
         muffins, bagels                        2. The principal is to ensure that students
      raw vegetables and dip; fruit ( fresh    requiring medication during school hours
         or canned)                             are identified and appropriate information
      yogurt; pudding                          has been completed and filed by the parent
      hard cooked eggs, chicken pieces,        or guardian prior to administering
         cold meats                             medications. A statement from the child’s
      cheese and crackers                      physician supporting the administration of
                                                the medication may be required. A release
We also have a student who has a severe         form must be completed and signed by the
allergy to barley products and grapes. We       parent. These forms are available at the
are asking parents to please speak with their   school office. Non-prescribed
children about NOT sharing food items with      medications are not to be administered by
other students. Teachers will also be           school division employees.
discussing this in their classrooms.            3. The principal in consultation with the
                                                Director of Education or designate and
In addition, one of our staff members has a     school based staff are to determine staff
life threatening allergy to fish. We are        members responsible for the administration
asking for your cooperation in avoiding         of the medication. Medications shall not be
sending sandwiches etc. that contain fish.      administered by request of the pupil alone.
Thank you for your help and support as we       4. A secure location must be provided for
strive to make our school a safe environment    the location of medications and daily
for all of all students and staff!              medication records will be maintained.
                                                Containers of medication must have
                                                dispensing instructions on pharmacy-
                                                supplied labels.
                                                5. Parents may consider requesting from
   Scent Free Zone
                                                their physician a form of the medication that
   We have students and staff with
                                                can be given less frequently so that the
   sensitivity to scents used in perfumes,
                                                prescription can be given when the child is
   colognes, and aerosol sprays. We ask
                                                at home. However, when prescription
   for your cooperation in not using these
                                                medications are needed at school we request
products before visiting our school and not
                                                parental support in following these
sending them to school with your children.
                                                regulations. For any questions or further
Thank you!
                                                information, please call Mrs. Drinkle or
                                                Mme. Marchand.
                                                announcements. More information about
Attendance                                      The Virtues Project can be found on our
If your child is going to be absent, please     website.
call our secretary before 8:45 a.m. We have
an answering machine so that you can leave
a message anytime after school hours. If a
student is absent without explanation we
will contact you to be sure they are safe.      School Pictures
                                                School Pictures will be taken on
778-9275                                        TUESDAY, September 23. Please
                                                make sure your child wears their
                                                widest smile to school on this day!
            Milk Program
            We will once again be offering a
            school MILK PROGRAM                                Terry Fox Walk
           thanks to Mme. Andrzejewski,
                                                               On Sept. 26, École
          Mlle. Thomson, Mrs. Peters and
          Mr. Rasmussen. The program will                      Oman School will once
          begin shortly. Watch for a note!                     again participate in the
Milk cards can be purchased at the school                      annual Terry Fox Walk
office. The cost is $15.00 for 20 milk (white                  for Cancer Research. A
or chocolate). Please make cheques                             special Terry Fox
payable to ÉCOLE OMAN SCHOOL.                                  assembly will be held in
                                                the gym before we leave for our walk.
                                                Watch for further details coming home
Gifts of Character – Our Virtues                soon!
As a school community, we will continue to
focus on our character virtues and learn
about the attitudes, language, and actions
that we can do and say each day at school, at
home, and in our community, that help           Parent Helpers Needed!!
shape our character and the character of        In order to make our HOT DOG DAYS
others. Over the past three years we have       successful we need parent
focused on several virtues. This year we are    volunteers to help us out! If you can
acknowledging the seven Core Virtues:           help between 10:00 a.m. and 12:30
empathy, respect, honesty, tolerance,           p.m. on hot dog days please
kindness, self control and fairness. We will    telephone Ms. Rya at the school.
be 1) teaching our students ways they can       Our first Hot Dog Day is
practice these virtues on a daily basis at      OCTOBER 17. The cost is $2.50 for a
school and at home; and 2) using the            hotdog, drink, and dessert.
language of the virtues to celebrate and
guide our students. Students, parents,                 We are very proud of our School
and staff are encouraged to write a                    Library but we need some help
“virtue voucher” when they see any of                  to make it run as smoothly as it
the virtues being practiced and post the               does. If you are able to help out
voucher on our virtue bulletin board.                  in our Library on weekday
These are read as part of our daily                    afternoons, please contact the
                                                school office and leave your name!
                                                School Community Council News
The School Community Council is a local              École Oman School has always
governance structure established by the
                                                     provided emergency breakfasts and
provincial government through legislation passed
during the 2006/2007 school year. School             lunches for those students who
Community Councils provide the community             periodically miss or forget these
with a voice in local education as well as provide   important meals.
parents and the community an opportunity to
work with the school on programs that will           However, we also run a regular
enhance learning and student well-being. Our         breakfast and lunch program which
School Community Council is an integral,
                                                     gives students the opportunity to
purposeful, and valued component of our school.
We are excited about the areas of opportunity to     receive nourishment when home
help our school and community work together          circumstances prevent them from
for the benefit of children.                         receiving adequate food. By having a
                                                     breakfast and lunch program in our
You can view an informative powerpoint               school we can provide meals for these
presentation from the May 5/08 Annual Meeting        students who regularly require these
by going to the school website at and accessing
it from the “Misc” tab on the homepage.
                                                     Since our school is unable to fund such
Our 2008/2009 SCC members are: Dona                  a program, some Swift Current
Eidsness-Anderson (Chairperson), Mary Taylor-        churches and individuals have already
Keefe (Vice Chair), Stacie Noble-Wiebe, Shauna       offered to assist. There are also ways
Lacher (Secretary), Tanya Bouvier-                   that your family may help others in
Mortensen, Darcy Richards, Debbie Bissonnette,
Brandi Roosen (Treasurer), Kevin Regier, Diane
                                                     need within our school community.
Chartrand (teacher rep), and Peggy Drinkle.          Families may donate money, pack an
                                                     extra lunch for a student who needs
                                                     one, or donate things like brown bags,
                                                     plastic forks, knives, spoons, napkins,
                                                     and bowls.

                                                     If you feel that your family may
                                                     benefit from this program, or you
                                                     would like to contribute to its success,
                                                     please contact Marla Foster, our
Our school is an InMotion school! This               Youth Worker, at the school
means we value the benefits of daily                 (778 – 9275). Our goal is to have no
physical activity and healthy eating. It is
                                                     student go hungry.
important for our students to fully
participate in classroom gym classes, be
active at recess and participate in
intramurals. Our InMotion committee will
be developing plans for special activities
and events throughout the year. Watch
for upcoming information!

If you haven’t already done so, please
return to the school as soon as possible                Morning Emergency
the following:                                          Bussing Back-Up Plan
1.   Student Information Sheet (K-Grade5)           It is important to develop and discuss
2.   Technology Policy (K-Grade5)                   with your children a back-up plan
3.   HIV/Aids Education Letter (Grade 1-5)          should the school bus be delayed in
4.   Driver Authorization Form (K-Grade5)           the event of inclement/stormy
5.   Parent Consent Form (K-Grade 5)                weather on its morning route.

                                                    * What would your child do if his/her
                                                    bus did not meet its scheduled pick
EARLY DISMISSAL                                     up time?
                                                    * Is there someone at home to assist?
FOR SEPTEMBER:                                      * If parents leave for work and no one
Wednesday, September 24.                            is home, does your child(ren) have
                                                    access to their home to make a
Students are dismissed at 2:05                      telephone call? If so, who would
p.m. Busses run as usual but at                     they call?
this earlier time.                                       * Is there a neighbor home to assist?

                                                    It is better to be prepared than to
                                                    experience a potentially dangerous
In the Community…                                   situation. Please take a few minutes
                                                    – think out and arrange your back-up
1) Parenting Study Group – promoting healthy        plan and discuss it with your child.
parent/child relationships with respectful
communication, co-operation, responsibility and
encouragement. Based on teachings of Alfred
Adler and Rudolph Dreikus. This group meets
the fourth Tuesday of the month (Sept. 23).

2) ADD/ADHD Information & Support – this                         Campbell’s “Labels for
group meets the third Tuesday of the month                       Education” Program
(September 9)                                                    We will be continuing with
The location for both groups is Ashley Park                      the project thankfully,
School and the time is 7 – 9 p.m.
                                                                 Jennifer Anderson has
Call 626-3317 for more information (not long
distance).                                                       volunteered to continue her
                                                                 role with the program! A
3) Family Resource Centre – 773-6160                             HUGE thanks to you
Offering a variety of activities, programs for      Jennifer! So, keep up the super work
children and adults, and information nights. Call   Oman families, and continue to cut and
them for further information or refer to their      collect the UPC codes from eligible
newsletter online at                                Campbell’s products.
One upcoming Information Night is as follows:
Monday, Sept 8 – 6:30 – 8pm “Birth Order and
Children”. Register by calling the Family
Resource Centre @ 773-6160
                                               The TREEHOUSE
IAP STUDENT ACCIDENT                               -    a safe place to be yourself!
Chinook School Division has arranged to        We are excited for the Treehouse to soon begin.
provide blanket Student Accident Insurance     Here is what the Treehouse is all about:
through Industrial Alliance Pacific. This      What do we do in the Treehouse:
protection covers all the students for the               The Treehouse is a place where students
                                               share ideas, play games, meet friends and so
school day including traveling from their      much more. Each month the Treehouse focuses
home directly to school and school             on a specific topic. These topics can be found in
sponsored trips.                               that month’s newsletter. Some past topics
                                               included friendships, self-esteem and bullying.
Industrial Alliance Pacific (IAP) does offer   Students will learn about these topics and
additional insurance coverage that provides    participate in an activity.
protection to their children 24 hours/12       What can the students expect:
months of the year. In this regard, a                    There are two ways students can
VOLUNTARY Accident Insurance                   become involved in the Treehouse; 1) If a
Application is being sent home with each       student is in grade 3, 4 or 5 they can sign up for
                                               “lunch bunch” on their own, anytime throughout
student. If you have questions about this
                                               the year. Each “lunch bunch” will meet
voluntary insurance being offered, please      approximately once a month, depending on the
contact their representatives at W.W. Smith    number of students. 2) If a student, teacher or
Insurance (773-1547) or the IAP office at      parent feels a student or family may benefit from
1-800-556-7411.                                exploring another area or topic they can request a
                                               child be seen individually. Parental consent is
                                               required in this area.
                                               What can parents expect:
                                                         Parents can expect that their child may
                                               want to share the topics discussed during
                                               Treehouse time. These discussions can be a great
                                               way to further enhance your child’s holistic
                                                         If you have any questions or concerns,
                                               please contact Marla at the school.

                Be sure to bookmark our
school web page! It’s updated daily and        Our annual fundraising activity will
there’s lots of information there!             run October 1! . This year’s
                                               fundraiser is Gift Catalogue sales
                                               but with a new company…
                                               Lamontagne. The big change will
                                               be that it includes the opportunity
                                               to purchase Christmas Cards and
                                               2009 Calendars at part of the
                                               fundraising! Watch for your
                                               catalogue and details coming home!

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