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					The Higher Education Academy
Scotland Newsletter
October 2010

Welcome to the first edition of the HEA Scotland newsletter for the new
academic year.
2010-11 looks like being an interesting year for the sector, including the HEA.
The HEA has identified three foci for our future activities:
• better teaching;
• flexible learning;
• graduates who can make an impact.
The Scottish-specific priorities for 2010-11, following guidance from SFC,
remain the same as the last couple of years:
• quality enhancement;
• employability;
• internationalisation;
• education for sustainable development (ESD).
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A few words from our new Chief Executive
As the new Chief Executive of the HEA, and someone with a lifelong passion
for teaching and learning, I am greatly looking forward to working with you all
to keep the student learning experience at the heart of higher education.
I have already had the privilege of visiting several colleagues in Scotland, and
I look forward to meeting many more of you and to discussing how we can
continue to build on our work. The HEA is fully committed to supporting higher
education in Scotland, and we will be retaining our office in Edinburgh. With
Alastair Robertson and his team, we will continue to work with institutions,
staff and students, debating the key issues in teaching and learning, offering
support to help enhance student learning whilst recognising Scotland's
distinctive policy and educational context and its priorities. The current
Scottish Enhancement Theme of “Graduates for the 21st Century” aligns well
with one of our three new foci “graduates with impact” and we look forward to
continuing to support the Themes at multiple levels in the sector over the
coming year.
Thank you for your continued support. Please do contact me if there are any
aspects of the Academy's work or focus that you would like to discuss. I look
forward to meeting you soon.
Professor Craig Mahoney
Chief Executive

Scottish Employability Forum (SEF)
This year the Scotland team’s priority will be to support SFC’s Learning to
Work Two action plan and the associated national HE network. The HEA will
take a leading role in co-ordinating the activities of the new Scottish
Employability Forum (SEF).
SEF co-ordinator
SEF is currently looking to recruit someone to co-ordinate its activities. This is
a full time consultancy post from December 2010 – July 2011.
Internationalisation project
The Subject Network for Sociology, Anthropology, Politics (C-SAP) has
recently completed a project examining international students' experiences of
examinations in the context of Scottish higher education sector.
Scottish PDP Institutional Development Programme (ScotPID)
Working in conjunction with QAA Scotland and the CRA, the HEA has
recently launched a year-long initiative to help individual HEIs identify,
understand and resolve key issues affecting PDP in ways which directly
enhance the quality and effectiveness of the student learning experience.
HEA postgraduate experience surveys 2011: invitation to participate
The Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) and the
Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) allow institutions to collect
feedback from current postgraduate students in a systematic and user-friendly
way so results can be used to enhance the student experience. The deadline
to register your interest is 3 December 2010.
Practitioners’ forum projects – discipline specific support for the Enhancement
The HEA Scotland Practitioners’ Forum is undertaking a number of projects to
support the work of QAA Scotland’s Enhancement Themes initiative. The first
of these projects will produce short summary flyers of the key points arising
from each theme as applied to each discipline. The pack from the Social
Policy and Social Work subject centre is now available. Further packs will
follow from the subject centres for Bioscience, Economics and Information
and Computer Technology.
New research - the role of graduate teaching assistants in Scotland 2010
Heriot Watt University would like all postgraduate students studying in
Scotland to fill in their survey. The information collected will be used for phase
one of a research project designed to assess the role postgraduate students
play in learning and teaching in the United Kingdom.

Funding and resources
The world in your classroom wiki
Following on from our event for teachers of international students held in
June, the HEA internationalisation team has created a wiki site containing
resources from the day and an event summary report.
EvidenceNet update
New content is being added to the site all the time, both by the EvidenceNet
team working with contributors from across the sector and from individuals
sharing their work via the forms on the Contribute page.
The HEA Scotland travel fund
The Scotland team has recently launched the travel fund for the 2010-11
academic year. Staff and students in HEIs in Scotland are invited to apply for
bursaries of up to £200 to help them to attend HEA events elsewhere in the


Islamic Studies Network regional workshop
22 October 2010
University of Edinburgh
Following its launch in May, the new Islamic Studies Network in the UK is
sponsoring a cross-disciplinary workshop for those working in Islamic Studies
and related disciplines at higher education institutions in Scotland.
Aspiring academics workshop
27 October 2010
University of Edinburgh
Designed for research students in philosophy, theology, religious studies,
biblical studies and history and philosophy of science, this workshop offers an
opportunity for aspiring academics to gather and share information and
advice, and to develop the skills necessary for a successful academic career
in your discipline.
Workshop on information technology and sustainability in tourism
12 November 2010
Queen Margaret University
The aim of this workshop is to bring together scholars and researchers with
an interest in the interaction between ICT and tourism with an emphasis on
The internationalising of UK HE learning and teaching: reflections on policy,
practice and theory
27-28 November 2010
The George Hotel, Edinburgh
In a globalised world, increased focus is being attached to UK students and
(especially) staff learning and teaching abroad and greater emphasis is being
given to attracting international students here and/or setting up international
branches/campuses of UK universities elsewhere. This conference will
explore the possibilities and challenges that these new processes produce.
Heriot-Watt University Internationalisation Symposium 2010: Beyond Borders:
Challenging Assumptions and Expectations of Internationalisation
6 December 2010
Heriot Watt University
This one day symposium will explore internationalisation in the Scottish
Higher Education sector through the lens of learning and teaching and the
student experience.
More effective lectures
15 December 2010
University of Edinburgh
The UK Physical Sciences Centre has organised a series of workshops
around the theme of doing things more effectively. The aim of these
workshops is to make the student learning experience more effective in a
rapidly changing higher education environment.
Enhancing Business Performance: The Role of Technology in Developing
Skills and Knowledge
21 February 2011
eScience Centre, Edinburgh
This conference is jointly organised by the HEA and JISC RSC. Online
booking will open shortly. To register your interest in the meantime please
email us.