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The key to organising an event is
early planning.

However small or large your event is, you must prepare a
budget, which needs to be authorised by the DP Finance
& Services if the expenditure is over £750, before the
event can go ahead.
   For more information see “Guide to Event
    Budgets”, the Event budget template and the
    Finance Manual.

   To provide an accurate budget you must get written
    quotes for each part of your expenditure where

   If you are going to spend more than £150 your CSC
    Treasurer will need to clear any expenditure. If you
    are going to spend more than £750 the DP Finance &
    Services will need to clear this expenditure as well.

   When preparing a budget do not include VAT when
    calculating your expenditure. This is because the
    Union is VAT registered and can claim the money
    back. Always check carefully which elements of your
    quotes include VAT and which don’t. You must
    charge VAT on every ticket sold.
                    Sample Budget
Income                                       Ext VAT
100 tickets @ £12.00     £1200.00            1021.27

                         Price               Price (excl
Bands                    £500 (no VAT)       £500
Disco                    £117.50 (inc VAT)   £100
Lights                   £100 (no VAT)       £100
Security                 £120 (no VAT)       £120
Publicity                £ 75 (no VAT)       £ 75
Ticket Printing          £ 47 (inc VAT)      £ 40
                         Total (exc VAT)     £935
Profit                 £ 87.27
(Break Even 92 Tickets (£935 + 17.5%)

With this budget you would need to make a minimum of
£935.00 to break even. Any extra money is considered to
be profit for the club and may be spent as self generated
income. Your budget will need to be more detailed than
the example above.

   You must remember that your ticket price will be
    inclusive of VAT. Usually, the ticket price will be
    worked out based on an estimation of the number of
    people attending.
   Be warned – Do not over estimate the number of
    people you think will attend.

Venues can be hard to find and sometimes expensive.
We recommend that you use Union or College facilities,
as these rooms are free for registered Union clubs. These
can be booked through Union Reception.

                      Union Rooms

Union rooms vary in size from 450 capacity to 15. We can
book you a room for a regular meeting, a theatre for a
show or presentation or a function room for a party or
dinner. We can also organise catering, bar facilities, DJ’s
and Stewards for your events. Booking procedures are as

   Rooms can be booked for the following term at the
    end of the preceding term.
   Rooms can be booked a minimum of one week in
   Booking forms must be completed by either the
    chair/president/treasurer/secretary or a member who
    has been authorised by the chair/president
   All sections of the booking form must be completed
    for your application to be processed
   You must request any equipment required e.g. OHP
   Once your booking has been processed a notification
    slip will be put in your club pigeonhole.
   Bookings for the Union & Southside Gym can be
    done through Union Reception although most times
    the gyms are fully booked already
                     College Rooms

College offers free room hire to clubs and societies in
most departments *but there are some exceptions.
Booking procedures are as follows:

   Rooms can be booked for the following term at the
    end of the preceding term.
   Rooms can be booked a minimum of two weeks in
    advance if you do not have a guest speaker
    attending otherwise a minimum of 3 wks is best
   Booking forms must be completed by either the
    chair/president/treasurer/secretary or a member who
    has been authorised by the chair/president
   All sections of the booking form must be completed
    for your application to be processed
   Any equipment required must be stipulated
   Once your booking has been processed your
    notification will be put in your club pigeonhole.

*Please note The Great Hall, Main Dining Hall,
Ante Room and Senior Common Room are
booked through the Internal Bookings Office,
Which is located in room 101, Ground Floor,
Sherfield Building, use of these rooms will incur
a cleaning charge.
 General Rules for the use of Union & College Rooms

If you wish your club or society to have continued use of
rooms these rules must be adhered to, *certain rules are
waived if permission is sought before the event:

   Only IC Students & their guests, IC Staff, ICU Life
    Members and students from colleges with reciprocal
    membership may attend club events.
   *No food or drink is allowed in Union & College
    Rooms (except for Catering Rooms and unless your
    event is being specifically catered for by Union &
    College Catering)
   If you are having an event with food being provided
    by external caterers – you will need to have your
    caterers cleared. Forms must be handed in no later
    than a month before your event.
   *There can be No Music or loud noise in College
    Rooms (except for specified areas)
   Furniture must be returned to its original location if
   All rubbish should be bagged and removed.
   Only use the room that has been designated to you
   Equipment already in the room must not be used
    unless pre-booked
   All speakers must be cleared by college security.

Certain rules are waived if permission is sought before the
Please note that in the past clubs/societies have
been banned from using College and Union
rooms for ignoring these rules.

                   MAJOR EVENTS

All major events require a function sheet to be issued by
the Facilities Manager who is based at the Union Offices,
first floor, Beit Quad. This informs all staff of what your
event entails.

                   Late Liquor Licence

   Late Liquor Licences only apply to to the area named
    in the application.
   The Union can only apply for a very limited number of
   You can apply for extensions in college rooms (Main
    Dining Hall, JCR, Senior Common Room and Ante
   If you are applying for a late licence for your event
    you will have to write a letter to the police giving
    details of your event. It is absolutely CRUCIAL that
    everything you put in the letter to the police is true.
   If you are booking two rooms (e.g. MDH & JCR)
    make sure you state in your letter that you are
    applying for an extension that covers both areas.
   You will need to state the number of people
   If you are applying for an extension you will be
    expected to supply food. The licence extension is
    dependent on the fact that everybody attending
    will have food.
   You cannot organise an event where people can buy
    a second kind of ticket, which would allow them to
    come to the party or entertainment without having
    taken part in the meal.


In-house catering can be provided in the Union Building
(contact the Facilities Manager) and College (Contact
Internal Bookings).

Legislation (Food Safety Act) came into force in 1990
covering the provision of food. Clubs & Societies can no
longer provide their own food for events. If you wis h to
used an external caterer you will need to:
    Discuss the event with the Facilities Manager and
     complete the necessary forms at least 4 weeks
     before the event.
    Your caterer must be registered with the local
     authority (the Facilities Manager will check this)
    Make sure the restaurant is as near to college as
    Make sure that caterers can cope with the numbers
    Get the caterers to transport and serve the food so
     that you have less responsibility

  If you do not comply with the terms of the act, you
  as the event organiser, the Union and College can
  be sued if there is an outbreak of food poisoning.

   It is illegal to consume your own alcohol on Union or
    College premises
   Only alcohol purchased through the bar is to be
    consumed on the premises

                         Fire Limits

Union Rooms and Departmental rooms have set fire limits
that must be adhered to.
    Major College Rooms (Great Hall, Main Dining Hall,
     Ante Room and Senior Common Room) have a fire
     limit on the number of people allowed to use each
     room. The limit is set by the College Fire Officer or
     Westminster Council and MAY NOT be exceeded.
     We can give general guidelines but these could vary
     depending on how much furniture you have in the
     room and how it is laid out.
    The Fire Limit will decide the number of tickets
     that you are allowed to sell. If in any doubt
     consult the college Fire Officer.

                    Speakers at Events

If you wish to invite a speaker to your event, the details of
your speaker must be completed on your room
booking form. You must give the following details:
     Title of the Talk
     Speakers name
     Organisation speaker is from
     You must also inform College Security if you feel
      your event could cause controversy or if your
      speaker might attract attention.
You must not advertise your event, until the Union has
clearance for your speaker from College Security. Your
event can only be advertised within Imperial College. If
you fail to notify the Union and College of a speaker then
your event could be cancelled.


   Tickets for your event can be ordered through the
    Ents & Events Manager. He/She requires a
    minimum of three weeks notice between the date
    ordered and when you wish to start selling the
    tickets. Please e-mail the events manager with your
    requirements and design.

   You will need to give the following details What,
    Where, When and how much.

   Average cost for 1000 security tickets is £40 + VAT.

   If you require special invitations and require help with
    design then speak to our Marketing Manager.

                     Union Stewards

   The Union and College insist that Union Stewards
    are used on all major events in the Union and
    College buildings.
   The stewards are there for your safety; they can help
    to make sure your event runs smoothly on the day.
   The costs of hiring stewards for your event must be
    costed into your budget
   The Facilities Manager will be able to give you the
    costs involved.

   The Events & Entertainment Manger is the key
    person to speak to when booking entertainment for
    your event e.g. band, karaoke or tattoo artist etc.
   If you wish to book technical equipment this can be
    done with the Events & Ents Manager as well as the
    Dramatic Society.
   Contracts must be checked by the Union, you must
    not sign a contract unless the value is less than £150

                    External Venues

Please remember that if you decide to use an external
venue, you must get all contracts checked by the Union.
You must be aware of all the hidden extra’s that may not
be included.

Those named, as organisers of any event must
take responsibility for the event and what
happens at it. You are expected to work closely
with staff involved (College Security Staff, Union
Stewards etc). The organiser must remain
sober at all times so that they can fulfil these

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