SAP Senior Analyst

					LANCE R. YOUNCE                          1312 Marsh Trail Cir NE
                                         Atlanta, GA 30328
                                         Phone: 404-510-2585

Senior SAP Business Analyst with project management and technical SAP
development experience. Project experience includes four full life-cycle
implementations including two fortune 500 companies. SAP design to
realization experience encompasses the service, manufacturing, beverage,
and automotive industries.

Coca Cola Enterprises                          Senior Business Analyst
Atlanta, GA
May 2007 to Present

      SAP SD experience:
         o Developed an inter-company billing solution to process
             sales transactions within a single company code
         o Developed a PM (plant maintenance) prototype and
             demonstrated the functionality to business users.
             Configuration included the creation of maintenance orders,
             task lists, purchase orders for replacement parts, and
             inbound delivery schedules (CCE full service division
             includes vending machines and fountain equipment which
             required this functionality)
         o Developed a QM (quality management) prototype and
             demonstrated the functionality to business users. (plastic,
             aluminum, and glass materials are maintained with a status
             which restrict them from completing a full production cycle
             if they fail QC inspection)
         o Proto-typed a rebate management solution using SAP
             extended rebate functionality. The business process
             required the ability to settle accruals based upon original
             rebate agreements where the recipient could be an
             individual customer or a group of customers within a
             hierarchy. Participation of materials for a rebate agreement
             also could be determined by either an individual material
             number, or by being assigned to a hierarchy node or
             material group maintained on a condition record for an
         o Developed and presented an SAP solution to facilitate
             indirect sales. Utilized SAP pendulum list functionality to
         post accruals for indirect sales to an end customer that
         received product from a wholesaler
       o Corrected copy control and pricing procedure configuration
         before CCE’s first roll-out of the SAP SD module for the
       o Configuration of the SAP SD module for European roll-out
         includes: sales, delivery, and billing document types,
         pricing procedure determination, account determination,
         item category determination, copy control procedures, price
         lists, partner determination, material eligibility, condition
         inclusion and exclusion, and inter-company sales

   SAP Vistex experience:
      o Designed, developed, and in process of rolling out a rebate
          management solution utilizing Vistex for a full life cycle
          implementation at Coca Cola CCE
      o Developed a flexible accrual/settlement procedure for
          rebates where an individual customer or multiple customers
          within a hierarchy or other grouping method can be eligible
          to participate in a sales deal
      o Developed a flexible solution for handling rebate eligibility
          for materials based either on a material number, an attribute
          within their master records, or grouped within a hierarchy
      o Developed condition search procedures to determine
          eligible agreements during the creation of IP (accrual)
      o Developed Vistex pricing procedures (Std. SAP sales deals)
          to apply correct rebate rates from an agreement, when a
          billing document meets its organizational, customer, and
          material eligibility requirements. The rate passed from the
          agreement is then used to calculate an accrual amount
      o Developed requirement and condition value routines to
          determine and apply settlement amounts to eligible
      o Enhanced multiple BADI’s to bypass organizational,
          customer, and material eligibility determination and also
          bypass standard pricing procedure determination when
          converting legacy invoice information
      o Mapped, coded, and tested conversion procedures for claim
          requests, accrual lines, agreements, and IP documents
      o Configured claim, agreement, and IP document types
      o Configured deployment codes, components, sub-
          components, and calculation run types via composite IP
          within the implementation guide
      o Prototyped formula functionality for tracking participant
          performance against agreements, also used for tracking
              accrual and settlement amounts for current and prior
          o   Designed and developed ADM retroactive functionality to
              re-price IP documents when changes occur to an
              agreement. Changes to organizational, customer, and
              material eligibility condition records as well as changes to
              rates on an agreement all trigger the retroactive re-price of
              IP documents
          o   Designed and developed ADM retroactive functionality to
              trigger the re-pricing of IP documents when changes are
              made to a customer hierarchy, pre-defined attributes of a
              customer master record, or pre-defined attributes of a
              material master record which had previously included or
              excluded their eligibility to participate in a rebate
          o   Created info structures to capture claim and IP document
              information for use in the calculation of accrual and
              settlement amounts as well as for use in the retroactive
          o   Other Vistex configuration includes: condition type groups,
              price sheets, and index based pricing, incompletion and
              duplication procedures for claim documents, account
              determination for accrual and settlement postings

Hyundai Motors Ame rica                    SAP SD/PP Business Analyst
Montgomery, AL
March 2005 to May 2007

      Developed Hyundai Motors America SAP SD/PP solutions
      Developed an SAP SD warranty solution to handle claims from
       customers and reclaims between Hyundai and their suppliers.
       Solution was accomplished by analyzing the core business process,
       detailing out the design with functional and technical business
       blueprints, and developing the system using standard SAP I.S.
       Auto warranty functionality
      Developed process improvements to effectively handle the
       payment of approved warranty claims to customers, and charges to
       the vendors of defective parts
      Developed an SOP (Sales and Operations Planning) process to
       manage after sales parts allowing the business to forecast
       production and logistical needs to provide materials to vendors
      Developed a sales and support process for Hyundai’s Puerto Rico
       sales center utilizing standard SAP SD along with custom
       development which required a down payment to trigger vehicle
       production planning via MRP
      Provided assistance to Hyundai IT support department in the event
       a system issue that could halt production occurred
      Configured an LSMW to re-create vehicle master files after a super
       user mistakenly deleted them in the production environment

Meadowcraft Inc.                                     SAP Business Analyst
Birmingham, AL
August 2004 to March 2005

      Developed SAP MRP as a solution to replace a pre-existing raw
       material order process. The new system eliminated the use of
       Excel spreadsheets for forecasting and the manual creation of SAP
       purchase orders which controlled the raw material inventory within
       the WIP (work in process) department
      Configured SAP PP reporting points (back-flush locations) which
       would trigger the generation of production orders for a semi-
       finished material after a specific lot size of that same semi- finished
       product had passed through the last production stage for the
       reporting point. The production orders generated demanded that
       more semi- finished materials be produced for a reporting point in
       order to meet the demand for the production of the next level semi-
       finished or last level finished product
      Improved sales department efficiency for by developing an order
       management solution which utilized SAP SD scheduling
       agreements that ensured end customers would receive the finished
       products they required on time. The use of scheduling agreements
       streamlined the production and raw material ordering process by
       feeding MRP information that it would use to schedule specific
       quantities of semi- finished and finished products to be produced
       based on true customer demand
      Configured output determination procedures to use EDI, Fax, and
       email to receive and process customer orders
      Developed a WM light solution to track finished products for an
       order to a specific “static” location within the delivery staging area
      Re-worked training materials for the SD, MM, PP, and WM
      Provided training to super users and end users that would access
       the SAP system to perform their day to day activities

CRH North Ame rica               SAP Project Manager/Business Analyst
Clanton, AL
March 2002 to August 2004
      Provided an SAP analytical and project management skill set
       required by C. Rob Hammerstein Inc. for a full life cycle SAP
      Completed organizational project plans and SAP business
       blueprints for SAP SD, WM, PP, and Purchasing modules
      Developed a detailed shop floor layout defining the work centers,
       cost centers, storage areas, WM fixed and static bin locations, and
       delivery staging areas needed to meet all CRH requirements
      Outlined the raw material to finished product goods movement
       flow starting from the raw material handling area through the
       production/assembly facility and ending in finish product staging
      Configured SAP SD master contracts, sales schedules, sales orders,
       deliveries, shipments, invoices, credit and debit memos, item
       category determination, copy control procedures, pricing
       procedures, partner determination procedures, output
       determination, route determination, and EDI development for
       processing incoming customer delivery schedules and outgoing
       ASN (advanced shipping notification)
      Developed LSMW projects to load SAP customer, vendor,
       packaging, material master, BOM (bills of material) data from in-
       house legacy application
      Configured WM storage types, dynamic and fixed bins, and the
       storage type search strategy,
      Configured production order type determination to define whether
       or not semi- finished material being produced, at a specific step in
       the manufacturing process, is being re-worked or produced for the
       first time
      Configured route determination procedure providing added value
       and enhanced functionality when compared against the legacy
       applications approach
      Provided end user training and documentation of the CRH SAP
       solution which included all logistics modules
      Assisted in the implementation of a release upgrade from 4.6 to 4.7
       created and ran all integration test scenarios SAP logistics modules
      Prototyped a PM solution for the CRH maintenance department to
       track preventative maintenance activities for machinery used in
       day to day production activities. The prototype included automatic
       purchase request generation for replacement parts defined within
       the SAP scheduled maintenance plan for a piece of equipment
      Coordinated bi-annual and annual inventory counts

Itelligence, Inc.            SAP SD Business Solutions Consultant
Atlanta, GA
January 2000 to October 2001
Dazzle/Microtech Project - Full life-cycle implantation
    Delivered the SAP SD business blueprint for the project
    Configured master and value contracts, standard sales and returns
       order types, delivery types, billing types, pricing procedure
       determination, item category determination, copy controls, and
       route determination
    Developed LSMW projects to load customer, vendor, material,
       packaging, and rate condition records into SAP from Dazzle legacy
    Configured the dynamic item processor and item category
       assignment to deliver a resource related billing solution for the
       client the functionality delivered tracked employee billable hours
       to a specific task on a project providing visibility to management
       and human resources. This solution required the implementation of
       SAP’s PS module to create WBS elements and activity types that
       an employee could book their time against
    Developed LSMW projects to load vendor master records, material
       master records, condition records, accounts receivable and
       accounts payable data from flat files generated from legacy
    Developed multiple sales and financial reports via ABAP query for
       their departments
    Created training documentation for SD, MM, and WM modules.
       Provided pre and post go- live training courses for super and end
    Provided post go- live end user support and system troubleshooting

Decision Basis Project - Full life-cycle implementation
    Delivered the SD business blueprint for an implementation of SAP
       that would be marketed as a pre-configured solution for law firms
       by Decision Basis
    Configured SD sales document, delivery document, and billing
       document types
    Configured copy control procedures, item category determination,
       and pricing procedure determination
    Delivered the configuration an assignment of custom orders and
       billing types. This solution allowed a user, at the time of order
       entry, to pick a billing document type and a specific form from a
       list determined by a combination of order type, customer location,
       and the specific activities (line items) requested by the customer.
       The combinations were defined in a custom table that could be
       modified by Decision Basis employees for customers who
       purchased their pre-configured SAP product
      Created training documentation and conducted training courses for
       knowledge transfer to Decision Basis personnel on the
       implementation and support of their pre-configured solution

Treev, Inc. Project - Full life-cycle implementation
    Delivered the SD business blueprint based on our analysis of
       customers current business process mapped to an SAP solution
    Configured order, delivery and billing document types
    Configured pricing procedure determination, item category
       determination, and partner determination procedures
    Created customer, packaging, material info, and pricing condition
       master records
    Assisted in the development of a resource related billing process
       allowing employees to book billable hours to projects and activity
       types for specific contracts
    Configured pricing procedure determination, rebate agreements
       which were triggered by order types assigned when a customer
       placed an order online, and surcharges for out of state orders
    Assisted integrating the SD module with third party tax software
       (Vertex) to assign the correct tax data into the condition records on
       an order based upon the customers location (state and county)
    Developed LSMW batch input sessions to load customer and
       material master records, accounts payable and receivable
       information, open orders and contracts off of flat files generated
       from the clients legacy system


        Central Michigan Unive rsity
        Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
        Major: Management Information Systems

        SAP Professional Training
        SCM600 – Process in Sales and Distribution
        SCM605 – Sales Pricing
        BC400 – ABAP Workbench Concept and Tools
        BC400 – SAP script Form Printing and Text Management

        Corporate Professional Training
        Six Sigma Green Belt Certified

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