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									   Children’s Defense Fund - Ohio’s Commitment to the Connecting Kids to Coverage

   CDF‟s Leave No Child Behind® mission is to ensure every child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a
   Fair Start, a Safe Start, and a Moral Start in life and successful passage to adulthood with the help
   of caring families and communities. We pay particular attention to the needs of poor and minority
   children and those with disabilities. CDF encourages preventive investment before children get
   sick or into trouble, drop out of school or suffer family breakdown.

   CDF – Ohio is committed to ensuring improved health for our children. We advocate for access to
   appropriate health care for all children in Ohio by being the lead organization for the Statewide
   Health Disparities Collaborative. The Collaborative is a catalyst in building successful community
   partnerships to focus on systems changes and overall improvements in the provision of health care
   in the community.

   The Coalition is developing an infrastructure to coordinate efforts, as well as formulate a plan to
   address health disparities from a state level. This core group of committed organizations, which
   includes geographic and ethnic diversity, will serve as an advisor to policy makers, funders and
   other key stakeholders. This partnership will create a sustained community where racial and
   ethnic minorities and other underserved populations have equal opportunities to live long, healthy
   and productive lives.

   CDF’s All Healthy Children Campaign

   CDF- Ohio intends to continue to address health care enrollment in Ohio by:
       Continuing to lead the work of the Health Disparities Collaborative.
       Including an enrollment component for the 30 Freedom School sites for 2011.
       Providing enrollment information, tools, and technical assistance to our faith-based partners
         such as the Ohio Council of Churches, Metropolitan Area Church Council, and Council of
         Christian Communities, to support the hundreds of member churches‟ health care
         enrollment activities.

   Activities to date:
   Create Opportunities to Sign Up
       Trained over 450 community advocates, social workers, nurses, social service intake
          workers and various community leaders in the Healthy Start Healthy Families eligibility and
       Sponsored the Back to School mini-grant campaign which funded 10 Healthy Start Healthy
          Families outreach and enrollment projects throughout Ohio. Over 700 applications were
          distributed to eligible families.

395 East Broad Street, Suite 330, Columbus, OH 43215                 p (614) 221-2244      f (614) 221-2247
1422 Euclid Avenue, Hanna Building, Suite 972, Cleveland, OH 44115   p (216) 298-4480      f (614) 221-2247

      Sponsored the Back to School mini-grant campaign which funded 10 Healthy Start Healthy
       Families outreach and enrollment projects throughout Ohio. Over 2,726 individuals
       received information about HSHF and over 600 applications were distributed to eligible
      Met with representatives from ODJFS and WIC to continue discussing how the two
       departments can partner around HSHF enrollment.
      Ohio Covering Kids and Families initiated a pilot project to test a relationship between the
       Hamilton County Department Job and Family Services and the Hamilton County Child
       Support Enforcement Agency around HSHF enrollment.
      Released over 200 copies of “Employer Tool-Kit: Healthy Start Healthy Families,” a
       collection of ideas and tools for employers to use in educating and enrolling employees in
       Ohio‟s Medicaid and SCHIP program.

Cut Red Tape
    With the assistance of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we initiated a Medicaid
      Process Improvement Collaborative. The collaborative involved partners from the Ohio
      Department of Job and Family Services and Franklin County Department of Job and Family
      Services. We were able to begin pilot testing some ideas in examining Medicaid re-
      determination cases on a local level. We revised the verification check list to try to make it
      easier for clients to understand.
    Distributed over 4,000 bilingual „Medical Health Cards‟ to Latino immigrants and agencies
      to address the growing problem of language barriers between patients and medical service

Forge Partnerships
    Co-chaired the Central Ohio Cover the Uninsured Week Community Forum in which over
       100 citizens and 30 organizations participated. The forum explored challenges in our
       health care system, the importance of public health programs such as Medicaid and the
       State Children's Health Insurance Program in preventing the problem of the uninsured from
       growing and models for solving the problem of the uninsured.
    Began a business outreach campaign to educate human resources personnel about public
       health insurance programs available to employees.
    As a capstone event to the completion of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 4 year
       Covering Kids and Families Initiative to increase the number of insured children in Ohio,
       held a statewide conference with over 120 child health advocates and stakeholders
       addressing child healthcare and medical coverage issues.

Capitalize on Technology
    Created a data collaborative with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
        (ODJFS) and advocacy organizations to identify ways to share information and track
        Medicaid enrollment trends for children and families to help target Medicaid outreach
    Released over 250 copies of “Promising Practices,” a book of key practices that highlighted
        activities and initiatives that had shown great success in enrolling eligible children and
        families in Health Start Health Families.

Focus on Retention
    Provided testimony to the Medicaid Reform Commission about the importance of
      maintaining eligibility for parents and children.

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