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									                                               SINDHU VUDAYAGIRI
                                 ; Tel-00971443257240
University at Buffalo, State University of New York (SUNY)
Master of Science, Chemical Engineering, February 2010                                                    GPA     3.75/4

A.C. College of Technology, Anna University, Chennai, India
Bachelor of Technology, Chemical Engineering, June 2007                                                  GPA      9.09/10

Polymer Thermodynamics, Material Science and Corrosion, Chemical Process calculations, Process Instrumentation &
control, Optimization, Safety in Process Industries, Reaction Engineering I & II, Advanced Thermodynamics, Colloids
and Surfactants, Applied Chemical Kinetics, Reaction Engineering I & II, Numerical Methods, Mass Transfer I & II ,
Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics I & II, Mechanical Operations, Transport Phenomena, Heat Transfer.

University at Buffalo, (SUNY), Buffalo, NY                                                     January 2008 – Feb 2010
Master’s Project
• Worked on polymer (PEG6000, PEO100000, Pluronicf127)-protein (fibrinogen) interactions, using experimental
techniques such as DLS, SAXS, and Fluorescence. The data obtained from the techniques confirmed the formation of protein-
polymer complexes. The size of the complexes was deduced from DLS. From the fluorescence and SAXS data the nature and
the extent of interaction is determined. Apart from the experimental results, the stability of fibrinogen and the fibrinogen-
polymer solutions was determined in different buffers, temperatures and concentrations.

Anna University, Chennai, India                                                             December 2006 -April 2007
Undergraduate Project
• Studied the properties and uses for Metamitron (Herbicide) and selected a process of manufacture for Metamitron.
Material and energy balance for all the equipments in process flow sheet were calculated. Process and mechanical design
for reactors, crystallizer and rotary dryer were performed. Instrumentation for the entire process was devised. Economic
feasibility, safety and environmental impact of the processes were analyzed.

Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India                                          May 2006 - July 2006
Research assistant
 • Worked on 'The Modeling of Hydrodynamics in a type I turbulent bed contactor'. Modeled the hydrodynamics in Type I
 Turbulent Bed Contactor for the prediction of hydrodynamic variables such as the phase holdups, bed expansion and
 pressure drop. Simulated the dependence of hydrodynamic variables on process parameters and suggested modifications
 in the model to gain the accurate values of phase holdups.

The Reachem Laboratory, Chennai, India                                                    May 2005
• Acquired knowledge about the safety aspects in a chemical plant. Understood the ultra-purification process of salts, acids,
    and bases. Gained insight about the functioning and the protocols used in an animal testing laboratory, which had rabbits,
    mice and pigs.

The India Cements Ltd, Dalavoi, TN, India                                                   December 2004
• Gained knowledge about the process of manufacture of cement from mining of limestone to shipping of cement and
    learnt the various unit operations, unit processes and control systems involved in the plant.Visualized the real time
    problems in a chemical plant regarding the operation of various unit processes.

Computer languages: C, C++, JAVA
Tools: MATLAB, MS Office, ASPEN-Plus, ASPEN- Properties, ASPEN-Batch Plus.
Nationality: Indian

Passport No: E4204841

Visa status: Visit

DOB: 16 Jan 1986

Marital status: Single

Gender: Female

Languages known: English, Hindi, Tamil & Telugu

Permanent address: D3/4, First Cross Street, IIT, Chennai- 600036, TN, India.

Indian telephone number: +919994052779, +914422570701

Pillai Parameswaran (General Manager)
Lite-Tech Industries L.L.C. A Philips Lighting Joint Venture
P.O. box: 60305, Dubai-UAE.
Mobile 050-5682728
Factory Tel 0097143331387

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