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                            Seeking a challenging opportunity where my qualifications & skills can be
Objective                   utilized & enhanced

                                 Name          : Alaa Abd-el salam Ahmed Gad
Personal data                    Gender         : Male
                                 Date of birth    : 01/05/1982
                                 Nationality      : Egyptian
                                 Marital status : Married

                               Bachelor degree of medicine & surgery (Ain-Shams University) 2005
Education                      Infection Control Diploma (Arab Medical Union collaborated with IFIC)2009
                               Infection control specialist registration # (69) 2009
                               CITMS Certificate of international Trade & Marketing Specialist from the
                            International Import-Export Institute (IIEI) Feb 2010
                               Applying for master degree of public health , community and occupational
                            medicine finish 1st part march 2010

                            *Infection control Specialist ( Act as Infection control department head )at
Work Experience             military hospital of Ismailia During my Obligatory service Oct 2007 –March
                            Responsible for all duties regarding infection control and training the team
                            Reporting to the General of the military hospital

                            *Resident of Public health ,environmental health and community medicine
                            (general authority of teaching institutes, Cairo, Egypt)March 2010 till now

                             Computer skills:
Skills                            MS Office 2007 XP, Internet, photo editing E-marketing Skills.
                            Language skills:

                                 Arabic : Mother tongue
                                 English : Excellent

                                 Ability to communicate effectively and can easily interact with people.
Key qualif ications
                                 Able to work with a team to manage and lead project in order to achieve
                                the desired goals.

                  Persuasive and fast learner.
                  Able to perform well under stress; work hard for long working hours.

                  Infection control Diploma (IFIC , Ministry of Health & Arab medical
Courses :          syndicate) running 2008-2009

               Trade certificate by AUC which include (global culture, international
                  marketing and import & Export) AUC & American Chamber of commerce
                  May 2007 –Aug 2010.
               TOT soft skills By Zedny Association Dec 2005
               Communication skills (Time management by ITDA) June 2005

              Active participant of 3rd international infection control conference of Theodor
Workshops     Bilhariz Research Institute in cooperation with JWG university Hospital,
              Frankfurt am Main. Germany
              Title of the conference :
              Updates on infection Control to Combat Emerging Infections
              12-15 February 2007
               Participation in the conference Health care and economics organized by the
                German association Friedrich Naumann and Cairo Faculty of medicine
                (November 22P ndP 2006)
               Active participant of 1st youth day 16/4/2005 organized by Goethe institute
Attended        Cairo and Nahdet El Mahrosa Egyptian NGO
               Active participant of conference of Changing values among youth
                {Experiences from Germany, Egypt and the Arab World} 20-21 June 2005
                Goethe institute
               Active participant of 2 P nd P youth day 25 June 2005 organized by Goethe
                  institute Cairo and Nahdet El Mahrosa Egyptian NGO
               Active participant of the second international congress of The Egyptian
                Society Of Pediatric Hematology Oncology (ESPHO) 31ST March – 1st April
               Active participant of workshop on Blood Donation in Egypt Past and Future
                organized by National blood transfusion center (NBTC)
       September 8th 2003
               Field Study (3500 cases) on medical problems among primary school
                children in Cairo titled(Error of refraction and malnutrition in primary
                school children) (Ain Shams Community medicine Dept.2004)
               Training course at cross medical system _Egypt (cms-eg)
       part of (cms-UK)
                (Jan 9th 2005 till fib 25 th 2005) about medical informatics and electronic
                  medical recording

                 Editor of Blood Lab manual for medical caravans organized by Ain shams
                  university ( Faculty of medicine & pharmacy)May 2005
Awards           Research Paper on Tumor markers… specificity & sensitivity Published on
                  Ain Shams Annual international medical student congress 2002 Under
                  supervision of Prof. Ali Khalifa The Egyptian pioneer in Tumor markers
                 Awarded by Ain shams Vice President for my Active participation in the field
                  of Health Awareness from august 2n d to august 15th 2006
                 Awarded at the world Blood donors' day organized by WHO-EMRO-(Eastern
                  Mediterranean regional office) 7 July 2004
                 Awarded By Sharkia Governor (Egypt) September 8th 2003 for leading the
                  health education group at the medical caravan
                 Awarded By Dean of faculty of pharmacy ( Ain shams University) for training
                  faculty student for blood analysis used during medical caravans (Blood
                  chemistry , CBC , ESR, ASOT, RF ) July 25th 2005
                 Awarded by Egyptian Pharmacists' syndicate for participation in its medical
                  caravan (August 6th 2006)
                 Awarded By Rotaract Club Of El Tahrir for active participation in their
                  organized medical caravan February 15 th 2006
                 Public Health Officer (LPO) of Ain Shams University Students’ Scientific
Leading           society (AUSSS) (Jan 2002-march 2005)
                 The representative of Misr Shoryan Alatta'a Association in the international
                  volunteer day fair under her Excellency Mrs. Suzan Mubarak (12/12/2004)
&                 organized by the united nation development programmed
                 Egyptian Representative of national voluntary blood activity on the world
Participation     health organization web site (WHO) 7 July 2005
                 Leader of Health educators at annual medical caravans to Egyptian rural
                  areas (2004-2005)
                 Coordinator of international workshop (TB … The Global Emergency ) with
                 cooperation between WHO-EMRO-(Eastern Mediterranean regional office)
        , Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population ,National
                 tuberculosis Program (NTP) ,
                 International Federation Of medical Students’ Association (IFMSA)
        and he Ain Shams Student Scientific Society (AUSSS)
        (Feb 2004)
                 Coordinator of international workshop (The Thick Red Line) organized by
                  WHO-EMRO-(Eastern Mediterranean regional office) ,
                  Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population ,National Blood Transfusion
                  center (NBTC) and the Ain Shams Student
                  Scientific Society (AUSSS) (Feb 2004)
                 Member of organizing committee of Ain Shams annual 10P thP 11P thP 12P thP &

                 13P thP international medical students’ scientific congress – The 2P ndP biggest
                 international medical Student Congress World Wide (Ranking of
                  (IFMSA)International Federation Of medical Students’ Association
         )- (Feb 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005)
                 Coordinator Of World TB day at Ain Shams University with cooperation
                 between WHO-EMRO-(Eastern Mediterranean regional office)
        ,National tuberculosis Program (NTP)
        and the Ain Shams Student Scientific
                  Society (AUSSS) (30 march 2003)
                 Coordinator of the 1st National meeting and ceremony of regular blood
                  donors at Abdel Monem El-Sawy Culture Wheel (23 march 2005) between
                 (WHO -EMRO-) , (Resala Charity Association) , , (NBTC Ministry of Health
                 and Population) , ( Misr Shoryan Alatta'a Association)
                 Coordinator of Anti-smoking campaign at Ain-Shams University organized by
                  community medicine department and public health committee (AUSSS)
                 Leader of Blood Analysis Team At the medical caravans organized by
                  Rotaract Club to Marsa Matroh Governorate (Jan 2006)
                 Active participant of medical caravan organized by mosaada association
                  (Egyptian NGO) for many rural areas 2004-2006
                 Active Participant and Organizer of most of medical caravan organized by
                 Ain-Shams University to rural areas and children charity hostels since 1999
                 to 2007

                 Active member of Egyptian Red crescent ( since 2002)
Membership in
                 Active member of annual medical caravans organized by Ain Shams
                  University (2000-2008)
                 Member of Egyptian Sea Scout Federation (since 2000)
                 Member of Black belt in Karate (since 1998)