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 Countdown: 135 days to go                                    www.expo2010.cn                        Newsletter No. 44, December 17, 2009

NBA, Benz for center
NATIONAL Basketball Asso-            a statement.                            In a videotape played dur-          The multi-purpose entertain-
ciation pre-season games will           “NBA will be bringing vari-       ing the naming ceremony on a         ment venue — the main stage
be held starting in 2011 in the      ous exciting NBA programming         cruise near the arena construc-      for the Expo — will be jointly
World Expo Shanghai Perfor-          including NBA pre-season             tion site along the Huangpu          operated by the Shanghai Ori-
mance Center which will be           games, other basketball activi-      River, Chinese NBA player Yao        ental Pearl Group, a cultural
renamed the Mercedes-Benz            ties, and partner initiatives such   Ming said he was eager to play       and entertainment company and
Arena after Expo 2010.               as NBA Jam Van, Tsingtao             in the new arena in his home-        the owner of the Oriental Pearl
   The top official of NBA           Cheerleader Dance Competition        town Shanghai.                       Tower; AEG, a leading sports
China made the announcement          and Mengniu-NBA Basketball              Other sports and pop stars, in-   and entertainment presenter
on December 7 as the German          Reality Show starting in 2011,”      cluding NBA star Kobe Bryant         based in the United States; and
auto maker became the naming-        said Chen Yongzheng, CEO of          and singer Celine Dion, also ap-     the NBA. The 18,000-seat multi-
rights partner of the arena.         NBA China.                           peared on video to say they were     purpose arena will be the only
   The naming rights will last for      However, he did not mention       looking forward to performing        Mercedes-Benz named venue
10 years, the companies said in      any programing specifics.            in the arena.                        outside of Germany.

New maps
for Expo
THE city’s mapping authority
will add more information next
year about World Expo 2010
Shanghai on its free Official
Map of Shanghai available at
Pudong and Hongqiao airports.
  The new map will tell how to
get to the Expo Site in the most
convenient way by cars, buses,
Metro lines and ferries.
  It will also guide visitors
around the Expo Site, marking
the location of the main Expo
pavilions and highlighting the
most interesting parts of the
2010 event.
  The map will be available
in two versions, including a
                                       Now that’s a light show
bilingual Chinese and English          A magnificent view is added to the night scene of the Bund area as the World Expo
version and a Japanese version.        Shanghai Performance Center tests its lighting system. The seashell-shaped 120,000-
  Foreign visitors to Shanghai         square-meter venue will be one of the five permanent buildings on the Expo Site, along
can get the maps at the arrival        with the China Pavilion, Theme Pavilions, Expo Center and Expo Boulevard.
areas of the two airports.

 Expo Fact                 To date, 192 countries and 50 international organizations have confirmed participation.
2                                                                                                                Newsletter No. 44, December 17, 2009

Multi-day visit tickets                                                                                                   In Brief
STARTING in January, you’ll             the Labor Day and National Day          Shanghai hotline, for details.          Interviews Happen
be able to buy three and seven-         holidays and the last week of Expo         China Mobile users can also buy      HUNDREDS of candidates are in
day tickets for World Expo 2010         (October 25 to 31). The Organizer       mobile tickets. Users will be able      the final stages of two-day inter-
Shanghai that will allow you to         expects the 17 days to attract the      to swipe their mobile phones at the     views to serve as Expo volunteers
visit the event several times at a      most visitors.                          entrance and avoid queues.              in management positions. They
cheaper price.                             Discounted tickets will be avail-       May and October will be the          will work from March to November
   The Organizer said on Decem-         able for seniors, disabled, students,   most heavily visited months of          at the Expo Site next year. A total
ber 8 that the multi-day tickets        children and military personnel.        the Expo, according to a survey by      of 501 applicants aged between 18
will be good for any three or seven        Discounted regular tickets will      the Organizer, said Chen Xueyu,         and 70 are being interviewed by
days during the Expo, which runs        cost 90 yuan, while those for holi-     Deputy Director of the ticketing        the Expo Organizer together with
from May 1 to October 31 next           days and other peak periods will        office of the Bureau of Shanghai        experts in psychology and foreign
year, apart from holidays and other     be 110 yuan. They will go on sale       World Expo Coordination.                languages. The candidates are
peak periods.                           in January, 2010.                          About 40 percent of the 70 mil-      from 27 provinces, municipalities
   A single multi-day ticket will          People can buy tickets at more       lion expected Expo visitors will        and autonomous regions and 318
also enable different people to visit   than 5,300 outlets of four major        attend in October, which includes       of them are students. Most hold at
the Expo Site on different days.        ticket agents: China Mobile, China      China’s 7-day national holiday,         least a bachelor’s degree and many
   A three-day ticket will cost 400     Telecom, China Post and the Bank        Chen said. More than 28 percent         can speak multiple languages in
yuan (US$58) and a seven-day            of Communications. People out-          will visit the Site in May, with only   addition to Chinese and English.
ticket 900 yuan.                        side the Chinese mainland can buy       six percent visiting in June.
   Regular tickets will cost 160
yuan. On Peak Days, the cost will
                                        the tickets at 17 overseas agents
                                        across 14 countries and areas.
                                                                                   Chen suggests people avoid
                                                                                visiting the Expo during the Peak
                                                                                                                        First Couple Wed
be 200 yuan. Peak Days include          People can dial 962010, the Expo        Days.                                   JOSE Freches, the France Pa-
                                                                                                                        vilion’s Commissioner General,
                                                                                                                        granted a wedding certificate
Prada gear for                                                                                                          to the first couple attending the
                                                                                                                        dream weddings organized by the
attendants at                                                                                                           pavilion late last month. To the
                                                                                                                        tune “The Most Romantic Wed-
Italy pavilion                                                                                                          ding” by singer Ye Beilei, couple
ITALY Pavilion staff for World                                                                                          Liu Chen and Zhu Liping tied the
Expo 2010 Shanghai will dress in                                                                                        knot on November 24 at COF-
Prada, the luxury Italian fashion                                                                                       RES, the company in charge of
label, while serving visitors.                                                                                          the France Pavilion as the pavilion
   Other Italian fashion brands                                                                                         is yet to be finished.
including Versace, Armani and
D&G will hold fashion shows oc-                                                                                         Travel Greener
casionally in the pavilion during                                                                                       SHANGHAI is encouraging
the event.                                                                                                              residents and visitors to choose
   Fashion will be the centerpiece                                                                                      greener forms of transport to en-
of the Italy Pavilion at the 2010                                                                                       sure a better environment during
event, according to Beniamino                                                                                           World Expo 2010 Shanghai. De-
Quintieri, Italy’s Expo Commis-                                                                                         tails of public transport and road
sioner General.                                                                                                         conditions will be available on-
   Prada will design the staff                                                                                          line and via cell phones in March
uniforms especially for Expo
Shanghai, he said.
                                          Our type of village                                                           next year. Xu Zhanguo from the
                                                                                                                        Shanghai Environmental Protec-
   Italy wants to demonstrate at the      The Expo Village covers 35 hectares with a total construction                 tion Bureau said a comprehensive
Expo that the fashion industry can        area of 540,000 square meters, and is designed to                             public traffic system was under
drive the development of innova-          accommodate 10,000 people during the Expo next year.                          construction for the event.
tive technologies, Quintieri said.
                                                                                                                        Numbers Sponsor
 Expo Online                                                                                                            ON December 4, Deloitte signed
                                                                                                                        a contract with the USA Pavilion
Expo Online website notches up 106,977 visitors                                                                         to be its official accounting and
                                                                                                                        tax advisor for World Expo 2010
A TOTAL of 106,977 visitors have        of Expo Online.                         2206-2079, Email: chenxuyuan@           Shanghai. The auditor will es-
visited the Expo Online website            The English-language version         expo2010.gov.cn) or Rong Jiachen        tablish a team of accounting and
since its launch on November 12.        of the official website will go live    (Tel: 8621-2206-2084 Email:             tax professionals to support the
   The Organizer released the fig-      on January 1 next year.                 rongjiachen@expo2010.gov.cn)            development and management of
ure recently and said people are           For more information, please         and visit http://en.expo2010.cn/        the pavilion, said Chris Lu, CEO
very concerned with the progress        contact Chen Xuyan (Tel: 8621-          sr/node2292/indexn.htm.                 of Deloitte China.

 Expo Fact                        Regular tickets to Expo Site cost 160 yuan. On peak periods, they will be 200 yuan.
Newsletter No. 44, December 17, 2009

     Sun power for Theme Pavilions
          True to the Expo theme ‘Better City, Better Life,’ the Theme Pavilions present
          an example of new energy technology, colored shapes on its roof being solar
                                panels powering the pavilions.
STRIKING diamond and triangle                                                                                          The heavy solar panels (think of
shapes in dark and light blue spar-                                                                                 the weight of sand crystals) add at
kle on the roof of the huge World                                                                                   least 20-30 kilograms per square
Expo 2010 Theme Pavilions. But                                                                                      meter to the roof, requiring much
the geometric shapes are more                                                                                       stronger bearing capacity and
than decoration — they are solar                                                                                    support.
panels that power the pavilion.                                                                                        The panels must be slightly
  The theme of Expo 2010 is                                                                                         angled to get as much sunshine as
“Better City, Better Life,” and that                                                                                possible and are only supported by
means clean renewable energy.                                                                                       pillars above the roof, thus they
  The 143,000-square-meter                                                                                          need to be able to withstand strong
pavilion was completed late Sep-                                                                                    wind. Penetrating the roof with pil-
tember. It is believed to be the                                                                                    lars also increases the possibility of
world’s biggest non-column-sup-                                                                                     water leaking on rainy days.
ported exhibition space and has
the world’s largest rooftop solar                                                                                   Uniform power
energy system.                                                                                                         And the artistry of using the dia-
  The system is already up and                                                                                      monds and triangles fitted together
running and soon will be connect-                                                                                   — instead of fewer rectangular
ed with the national power grid.                                                                                    panels — makes it more difficult
  The solar panels cover 30,000                                                                                     to ensure that the power of each
square meters, half of the total roof                                                                               panel is uniform and the energy
area. Gross power output is 2.83                                                                                    flows smoothly.
megawatts.                                                                                                             Solar energy requires plenty
  Unlike typical rectangular solar                                                                                  of sunny days, but it’s steadier
panels, these are deliberately cut                                                                                  than wind power, not limited by
and shaped into patterns of 18                                                                                      geology like geothermal power
rhomboids (diamond shapes),                                                                                         and it’s inexhaustible, unlike
each 36 meters by 72 meters and                                                                                     hydropower.
12 triangles.                                                                                                          Except for regular cleaning of
  The solar panels use 16,250                                                                                       panels, the roof requires almost
polycrystalline silicon pieces,                                                                                     no maintenance.
according to Zhao Guojing, Vice                                                                                        Despite its advantages, its high
General Manager of Shanghai                                                                                         initial cost is the biggest obstacle
Shenergy New Energy Investment                                                                                      to wide use. Though the price of
Co, designer and manufacturer of                                                                                    system components has decreased
the solar energy system for the         The Theme Pavilions are believed to have the world’s largest                greatly in recent years, it still costs
pavilion.                               rooftop solar energy system.                                                about 1.1-2 yuan per kwh for a
                                                                                                                    large solar power plant in remote
Power grid                              is ‘Better City, Better Life,’ we     plants in remote areas that have      areas and 4 yuan per kwh for a
   The system can generate 2.8          must use sustainable energy in the    no electricity for general civilian   solar power station combined with
million kilowatt hours (kwh)            venues, and of course the Theme       use. In recent years a few solar      architecture.
each year, enough for the average       Pavilions,” says Shi. “Solar energy   power systems were launched in           By 2015, it is estimated that the
annual energy use of 2,500 local        is the best choice.”                  Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen        cost can be reduced to less than 1
families. The electricity is sent to       Solar energy also powers the       in Guangdong Province.                yuan per kwh.
the national power grid and made        China Pavilion and Expo Cen-             Most solar power plants in            It is true, however, that air pol-
available together with other           ter, while some venues near the       China today are in open rural         lution and dust in Shanghai and
energy.                                 Huangpu River produce energy          areas where enormous panels           other cities reduce the intensity
   It can contribute to a reduction     from water for air-conditioning.      can capture as much sunshine as       of sunshine and slightly shorten
of carbon dioxide discharge by             China began developing solar       possible.                             the life of solar panels, possibly
2,800 tons per year, amounting to       energy as early as the 1950s, but        Combining solar power systems      leading to less efficiency than in
about 1,000 tons of coal, according     it was mostly used in limited,        with architecture like that of the    rural areas, says Shi.
to Joseph Shi, General Manager of       high-tech fields, such as to power    Theme Pavilions isn’t as easy            “Nonetheless, solar power is
the Theme Pavilion Project Branch       satellites.                           as many people think, says Shi.       still a good, sustainable choice
of Shanghai World Expo Co.                 It was not until the late 1990s    Careful design and use of the right   that can be achieved in Shang-
   “As the Expo Shanghai theme          that China developed solar power      materials are crucial.                hai,” he says.

 Expo Fact                                             A trial operation on the Expo Site will begin in April.
4                                                                                                                          Newsletter No. 44, December 17, 2009

Spirit of desert survival                                                                                                         UBPA case
                                                                                                                                  Bologna offers
National Pavilion
                                                                                                                                  rich city tour
ONE may never understand Israel
without understanding Jewish be-
                                                                                                                                  of highlights
lief on the structure of the world.                                                                                               THE Italian city of Bologna’s
   Next May, Israel will make a                                                                                                   Expo 2010 exhibition promises
journey of faith to Expo Shang-                                                                                                   a sensory experience of different
hai, demonstrating the exciting,                                                                                                  aspects of the city’s life, from
innovating and calming part of                                                                                                    tradition to innovation and from
Jewish spirits, the spirits that en-                                                                                              historic buildings to an excellent
able residents to seek better life in                                                                                             socioeconomic system.
the desert through innovation.                                                                                                       The 400-square-meter show-
   The innovative and futuristic                                                                                                  case at the Urban Best Practices
Israel Pavilion is composed of two                                                                                                Area will portray a 4,000-year-old
curvilinear shapes, hugging each                                                                                                  city and its population via interac-
other in peace and harmony.                                                                                                       tive props and projections, with
   Half made of stone and half of                                                                                                 content covering the University of
state-of-the-art glass structures,                                                                                                Bologna, the oldest university in
the pavilion’s main body offers a                                                                                                 the Western world, among others.
mingling experience of both the                                                                                                      The experience can be described
                                                                                                                                  as “an immersion in the city.”
past and the future with its harmo-
                                               What to see?                           stories from sky-fallen light                  The winning concept “Infotain-
nious shape of opposites.
                                               People will sample a blend of          balls and chat with famous Jew-             ment City” was selected from 28
   “Israelis like to use stones in
                                             ancient and modern architectural         ish figures on a huge screen.               projects. It touches upon fields
their houses, which embody solidi-
                                             techniques from the outside, and                                                     such as culture and creativity,
ty, earth and roots, while the use of
                                             tour Israel’s attractions and man-          Special activities                       technological innovation, human
glass structures stands for an open                                                      A 360 degree multimedia                  rights and social inclusion as
future,” said Haim Dotan, chief              made wonders created by modern
                                             visual techniques inside.                screen will tell the visitors               well as urban and infrastructure
designer of the Israel Pavilion.                                                      about the struggle of the Jew-              transformations.
   Not only that, the shape of the                                                    ish people who have built their                The display is divided into
hugging curvilinear shapes resem-
                                               Want to have fun?
                                               Visitors can talk to trees in          country with no resources other             six sections — porticos, streets,
ble the ancient Chinese symbol for                                                    than the human mind.                        towers, city gates, bicycles and
                                             the “whispering garden,” hear
Taiji, a state of undifferentiated                                                                                                squares.
absolute and infinite potential, to                                                                                                  The “portico” part will consist
mark the friendship between the                                                                                                   of a series of columns covered
Jews and Chinese.
   The two structures are curving
                                             US$6 million                                2,000 sq m                               with monitors that alternate pho-
                                                                                                                                  tographic images of Bolognese life
around each other and stretching            The pavilion, costing US$6                  Visitors will experience                  (virtually recreating surfaces and
to the sky like there is no ending,         million, will give people a                 a harmonious fusion of                    colors) with videos and films that
delivering the never exhausted              sense of the country by                     opposites in the 2,000-                   illustrate the outstanding features
human creativity of the Israeli             blending its past and future.               square-meter pavilion.                    of the city.
people.                                                                                                                              Meanwhile, visitors will feel
                                                                                                                                  as if they are walking through
                                                                                                                                  Bologna with city voices, noises,
COFCO keeps an eye on food quality and control                                                                                    sounds and music.
                                                                                                                                     The “streets” section will allow
              EXPO 2010 will provide safe and of the Expo. The group will pro-
Expo Partner  quality food, meeting the strict vide farm produce, food and oils,
                                                                                                                                  visitors to experience the typi-
                                                                                                                                  cal mediaeval streets of Bologna
                                          standards of the 2008 Beijing               vegetable and fruits, soft drinks,
                                                                                                                                  through video projections.
                                          Olympics with the help of COFCO,            sugar and alcohol for the Expo.
                                          the largest farm produce and food           The group’s cooking oil “Fortune”
                                          product manufacturer in China.              was Expo 2010’s exclusive edible
                                             COFCO signed an agreement                oil product and “Great Wall” wine
                                          with the Expo Organizer on July 31          is the exclusive wine product.
                                          to become the 13th senior sponsor              COFCO will spare no efforts
                                                                                      to guarantee food safety for Expo
                                          COFCO became the 13th senior
                                                                                      Shanghai, Ning Gaoning, presi-
                                          sponsor of Expo in this July 31,
                                                                                      dent of the group has said.
                                          2009 file photo.

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                     The Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination, 3588 Pudong Road S., Shanghai 200125, China
         Contact: Ms. Lu Lixing, Tel: +86-21-2206-2310, Email: lulixing@expo2010.gov.cn; Mr. Zhang Jun, Tel: +86-21-2206-2924, Email: jameszhang@expo2010.gov.cn
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