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					      I O W A I N T E R N A T I O N A L W R I T I N G
        P R O G R A M ( I W P ) F E L L O W S H I P

OBJE CTIVE                                                     d          Sample of work -in-progress (20-30 pages). The
                                                                          Council may request for copies of your pub lished /
The IWP Fellowship provides financial support to one                      performed works.
estab lished writer each year to participate in the
International Writing Programme (IWP) at the University of
Iowa, USA. Founded in 1967, the programme is a                 CONDITIONS
prestigious 3-month residency renown for bringing              a       NAC may invite successful applicants to give talks on
estab lished writers of the world to the University, where             Singapore literature or on his/her experiences in writing
they are provided with a place of respite to work and                  as part of the Council’s Arts Education Programme.
interact. The residency is expected to take place between
August and November each year.                                 b       Applicants who are awarded the IWP Fellowship are
                                                                       not eligible to apply for the same Fellowship within
Detailed information on the IWP is available at their                  the next 5 years. Successful applicants are also not
web site:-                                   eligib le for the Overseas Writing Programme Grant
                                                                       within 3 years of ob taining the Fellowship.
Established Singapore writers in any of the four official      c       The Council’s support should be acknowledged on
languages may apply. Applicants must have had at least                 all publicity materials.
two or more anthologies or full-length works pub lished
or performed.
                                                               d       NAC should b e informed of any changes to the
Applicants are NOT eligible for this grant until they have             proposed activity or programme.
reported on the use of any previous grants given b y NAC
                                                               e       The host organisation is required to submit the
                                                                       following within 2 months from the end of the
Assessment will b e b ased on the following:
                                                                       (i) Feedb ack form or evaluation report
a   Literary merit, b ased on the supporting material
                                                                       (ii) Certified statement of accounts
b   Candidate must primarily be a writer of fiction, poetry,
    drama or screenplays                                       CLOS ING DATE
c   Candidate must have sufficient facility in English to
    profit from the residency.                                 Applications are accepted only once a year. The closing
                                                               date is 15 Jan for admission to the programme in the
                                                               same year. Applications and all supporting materials must be
Priority will b e given to:
a Candidates with some prior form of national                  postmarked no later than the application deadline and sent to:
    recognition for their literary achievement                                   National Arts Council
b Candidates whose works have been published by                                  Literary Arts Division
    pub lishers with national distribution or performed by                            140 Hill Street
                                                                                 #03-01 MICA Building
    professional theatre companies.
                                                                                    Singapore 179369
NAC will nominate only one established writer each year,                       Tel: 6746 4622 ‘RINGNAC’
who will then submit an application to the University of
Iowa. Endorsement b y the NAC is no guarantee of               IMPORTANT INFORMATION
successful entry into the programme.                           The Council reserves the right to review, withdraw or suspend
                                                               the grant in full or in part if any of the rules and instructions
GRANT QUANTUM                                                  are not complied with.
The successful candidate will be given financial assistance    The Council reserves the right not to disclose reasons for
of up to S$10,000 to attend the programme.                     approving or rejecting an application. Late, illegib le and
                                                               incomplete applications will be returned.

APPLICATION PROCEDURES                                         Please refer to Appendix A for more details on Funding
Applications should be made on prescribed forms                Guidelines & Activities Not Funded by the Council.
availab le from the National Arts Council or from the NAC
web site at Only one copy of the        For enquiries, please contact:
form needs to b e submitted together with the following
information:                                                   Koh Jau Chern    6837 9536 (
a     Curriculum vitae                                         Michele Thompson 6837 9526 (
b     Statement of purpose                                                                                              (Mar 2006)
c     One letter of recommendation

                                                                                        Appendix A

                                 ACTIVITIES NOT FUNDED

The National Arts Council’s Grants budget is limited and priority is given to professional arts
organisations, full- time practising artists and practitioners. There are many activities,
therefore, that are beyond the scope of the Council’s funding, regardless of their merit. NAC
will not accept applications for the following:

        i       Projects that do not have a clearly defined arts component, including projects or
                events that are primarily aimed at promoting religious or social causes other than the
        ii      Projects which have commenced prior to the application
        iii     Projects which do not involve Singaporean artists
        iv      Major capital expenditure including refurbishment of buildings (except for projects
                under the NAC Arts Housing Scheme); office equipment; musical instruments
        v       Academic research and conferences & development of teaching and resources
                specifically for academic courses
        vi      Projects already receiving funding from other NAC departments (E.g.
                International Relations, Singapore Festival of Arts, Arts Education

        vii     Costs of organising fundraising events for other charitable organisations
        viii    Small-scale competitions with limited outreach
        ix      Other restrictions specific to each grant scheme may apply

                                   FUNDING GUIDELINES

While artistic merit is a key factor in funding decisions, consideration is also given to whether the
work would bring about other negative influences. As a public arts agency, NAC is obliged to
prioritise financial support away from artistic projects which:

                i.      erode the core moral values of society, including but not limited to the
                        promotion of permissive lifestyles and depictions of obscenity or graphic
                        sexual conduct;

                ii.     denigrate or debase a person, group or class of individuals on the basis of
                        race or religion, or serve to create conflict or misunderstanding in our
                        multicultural and multi-religious society;

                iii.    disparage or demean government bodies, public institutions or national
                        leaders, and/or subvert the nation’s security or stability.

If you not sure as to whether your proposed project is eligible for NAC funding, please speak to
one of our Grant officers before applying.

                           APPLICATION FORM
This form will take you 30 minutes to fill in. You will need the following information to fill in the form:
    1. Particulars/CV of Applicant
    2. Details of Training Programme
    3. Organisation’s History
    4. Budget Breakdown
Complete in BLOCK letters. No space in the form should be left blank. Insert 'NA' or 'NIL' where applicab le.
Please tick ( ) appropriate boxes.
Applicant’s Name (fill in Chinese characters, if applicable)            Date of birth                Photograph

Address (Local & Overseas where applicable)

Tel No(s)                        Citizenship                            Email

Current Occupation & Employer’s Address                                 Office Tel No

Educational & Professional Qualifications
Name of secondary school/college/ polytechnic/                                   Level                        Year
university / arts institution


What are your personal and career objectives ? What woul d you like to get out of the IWP and how
will the programme help you achieve your goals?
(Please attached your statement as Annex B)

Other sources of funding applied for this programme
Name of organisation                                   Value (S $)        Status (*Pending / Confirmed)

*Please indic ate the approximate date when the result of your funding application to the above
organisation(s) will be known.
            Expenditure                    S$ for entire programme                             Remarks
Subsistence Allowance
Trans port ation
Book/Materials expenses
Others (please specify)


R     E     F       E    R   E     N    C      E    S

Please provide one letter of recommendation from one referee acquainted with your artistic
experiences and achievements. (Please attached the letter as Annex C)

Particulars of Referee

Name            :
Address         :

Tel           :
Occupation :
No. of years the referee has known you :


I certify that the information given above and in the attached Annexes A / B / C / D are to the best of
my knowledge and belief, true and complete and I agree to abide by the rules and conditions
governing the application for the Grant.

                                                             Annex         Tick () here if provided

    Curriculum Vitae                                           A

    Statement of Purpos e                                      B

    One letter of recommendation                                C

    Sample of work-in-progress (20-30 pages)                   D

The Council may request for copies of your published or performed works.

 Signature : ____________________ __            Date : ________________________



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