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									                   Telecom Job Descriptions
Telecom is a sector that is fast expanding. The growth of mobile connections
is predicted to touch 1000 million in 2014. The high speed net subscribers
will be 300 mn by 2015. To reach the target without any hitch and hindrance
a large number of job opportunities are going to open up soon. If you don’t
want to be left alone on the banks, plunge in and swim along with the tide.

Making a thorough study of the Telecom department and its functions will
enable you to land a prestigious job. Telecom department has many
branches and all types of job. Plethora of job opportunities will be there to
be filled. Opportunity for Engineers in different sections like customer
support, system, telecom, network planning etc are there.

With the widening of networks, constructions will also be going on and
relevant administrative and other jobs will crop up. Computer engineers,
office staff, accountants, administrators, managers – all types of jobs will be
there for you to choose in the telecom sector.

A thorough knowledge of the field and the requirements will help an
individual to prepare a perfect resume that will fetch you the job. This site
provides you with relevant, up-to-date information regarding various job
descriptions in the Telecom Sector.

Sample Telecom sales job description:

Telecom sales Job Profile and Description
A telecom sales representative provides clients with new and effective
telecommunications solutions related to the Internet, broadband connections,
wide area and local area networking, wireless, long distance and business
telephone systems. He has to develop new business for his company and at
the same time maintain relationships with present clients.

Duties and Responsibilities
 A good telecom sales representative should meet assigned sales objective
   and exceed monthly sales quota
 He should know about the demographic details of his customer base and
   must be able to identify and qualify potential customers by telephone,
   and premise visits.
 He must develop, maintain and handle customer complaints and enquires
   as well as communicate with them the different technology solutions
 He must be up to date with the latest industry trends and technical
   advancements and apply them in his work
Skills and Specifications
   A telecom sales representative must have good work ethics
   He must have excellent verbal and written communication skills
   He must be hardworking as such a job involves a lot travelling and leg
   He should be persuasive, and have good negotiation skills
   He should be confident and motivated and should be a good team player
   Knowledge of more than one language is preferred as he may have to
    communicate with people from different strata and states in order to sell
    the company’s products and services
   He should also provide strong and effective customer support
   He should be good with numbers and have good presentation skills

Education and Qualifications
Telecommunications sales representatives have degrees in business
management with specialisation in sales and marketing. Industry experience
is preferred, but many companies offer entry-level positions, and also
provide training to freshers. A commerce background is also helpful,
although there are many people in this field without any specific degree in


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