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Sample Personal Assistant Job


Sample Personal Assistant Job - Office job descriptions

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									                   Office Job Descriptions
Any enclosed building space, where some bureaucratic activities are carried
out on a long term basis, involving more than one worker, functioning
together within a stipulated time frame and earn some financial returns, is
called an office. There are a number of office types which include – banking,
engineering media, construction, press etc

In all these above offices, there are a number of job opportunities found
open. Office clerk, provisional officer, manager and director are only a few of
the well distinguished ones. Office clerkship jobs include answering calls,
account book maintenance, typing letters, working as a personal secretary of
the executives, office record maintenance, house keeping etc. Whereas the
officer’s job include mostly all the administrative and technical aspects like
coding, meeting material preparations, conference addresses, team leading

The managers are responsible for efficient running of the office he is in and
maintaining a regular communication with his higher chairs for updates.

Good client handling capability, excellent written communication skills, soft
skills, efficiency and accuracy of work, punctuality, discipline, professionalism
etc are some of the mandatory skills needed to join any office at any level.
Rest apart, one needs to possess some mandatory educational degrees for
joining the respective office sectors.

Sample Personal Assistant(PA) Job Description

A Personal Assistant’s job description entails working closely with
directorial staff or senior managerial to provide administrative or clerical
support necessary to run the organization effectively. The key responsibility
of a personal assistant is to perform and coordinate the administrative
activities of the office and store, retrieve, and integrate data for
dissemination to clients and staff. In the absence of a manager, a PA has to
handle the work efficiently therefore, discretion and confidentiality are a PA’s
essential attributes.
Duties and Responsibilities
 Screening telephone calls, and handling requests, and enquiries, when
 Maintaining and organizing diaries and planning and scheduling proper
    appointments and meetings.
 Dealing with incoming calls, post, email, and faxes, and taking minutes
    and dictation in meetings.
 Creating spreadsheets, composing correspondence, managing databases.
   Creating presentations, documents, reports, and using digital graphics
    and desktop publishing software.
   Organizing meetings, attending them and ensuring that the manager is
    well geared up for meetings.
   Making decisions and assigning work to other staff members in the
    absence of manager, and deputizing for the manager.
   Conducting research and disseminating information through telephone,
    websites, mail services, and e-mail.
   Maintaining and devising office systems, including filing, data
    management etc.
   Organizing and maintaining electronic and paper files and managing
   Liaising with suppliers, clients, and other staff.
   Negotiating with vendors, maintaining and examining leased equipment,
    purchasing supplies.
   Providing orientation and training for new staff, conducting research on
    internet, operating, and troubleshooting new office technologies.

Skills and Specifications

  Proficient in typewriting and good at English grammar.
  Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.
  Must be tactful in dealing with people.
  Discretion, good judgment ability, adaptable and versatile individual.
  Organizational skills or management ability.
  Initiative and ability to operate independently.
Education and Qualifications
 High school graduate with basic office skills.
 Degree in any field from an accredited institution.
 Relevant training or certification in office administration is an added

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