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The Pharmaceutical companies continuously face constant demands or
challenges in the process of developing new pharmaceutics or other products
and so the increase in the number of job openings. As a new child on the
block of the Pharmaceutical industry, you have to find a way to take yourself
into the job.

Thus to give you an edge as far as applications for Pharmaceutical job is
concerned you need to carry out good background research. Among the
things, you need to know is what a specific job entails, the job description.
Different Pharmaceutical jobs have different job descriptions. Knowing a
given job description beforehand helps you come up with a catchy CV that
will almost guarantee you inclusion into the interview list. This is what this
site is all about. Providing you with relevant, up- to-date information
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Sample Biometrist Job Description
Biometrist Job Profile and Description

A Biometrist’s job entails applying statistical and mathematical techniques to interpret large quantities of information
generated by development and research work in the applied and pure biological sciences. The areas include food science,
agriculture, forestry, genetics, environmental science, health. An application of statistics to medicine, agriculture, biology,
and drug development is Biometry.

Duties and Responsibilities

    Designing, analyzing and interpreting trials and the biological systems modeling.
    Modeling the particular disease spread.
    Performing clinical trials on newly manufactured and developed drugs.
    Modeling population modifications for certain animal species.
    Testing the functioning and operation of new varieties of crop.
    Working as a researcher in agricultural institute and hospitals.
    Working with computer software while researching.
    Planning, evaluating and implementing clinical trials on new products.
    Supervising and managing laboratory work.
   Providing advice and information to external bodies and colleagues.
   Keeping up with research on new products and attending events and conferences
   Liaising with co-workers from non-scientific personnel.

Skills and Specifications
   Efficient level of numeracy.
   Methodical way of approach.
   Good IT skills.
   Extremely high safety and health standards.
   Willingness to travel to attend meetings.

Education and Qualification

   Degree in biotechnology, biological sciences, microbiology or related field from an accredited university
   Bachelor’s degree in pure or applied Sciences from an accredited institution.

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