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The IT industry has and continuous to experience tremendous growth as
more people all over the world continue to embrace technology. This has also
seen a steady increase in the number of IT job openings as people move to
meet in the increasing demand for IT. What is more interesting is that there
are more people going for IT oriented training and as such the field has
become even more competitive.

Thus to give you an edge as far as applications for IT jobs is concerned you
need to carry out good background research. Among the things you need to
know is what a specific job entails. The job description. Different IT jobs have
different job descriptions. Knowing a given job description beforehand helps
you come up with a catchy CV that will almost guarantee you inclusion into
the interview list. This is what this site is all about. Providing you with
relevant, up- to-date information regarding various jobs in the IT industry.

We believe that you will find this tool a useful resource in your search for IT
related jobs. All the best!

Hardware Designer Job Description:

Hardware designers use original concepts to design equipment which
customers will find appropriate and comfortable to use. They design,
Research, develop and test computer or computer-related apparatus for
industrial, commercial, scientific or military use.

Hardware Designer duties and responsibilities:

   Liaising with research and development engineers on the technical
    concepts of hardware design
   Using computer-aided design to develop designs and prototypes including
    central processing units (CPUs), microprocessors, support logic and
    custom integrated circuits
   Revising designs to include features suggested by customer focus groups,
    production managers and development engineers
   Analyzing information to recommend, determine and plan layout,
    including types of computers and peripheral equipment modifications.
   Building, modifying and testing product prototypes
   Developing, verifying and testing hardware and support peripherals to
    ensure they meet specifications and requirements.
   Writing detailed functional specifications to document the hardware
    development process
   Assembling and modifying existing pieces of equipment to meet particular
   Providing training and support to users and system designers.
Skills and abilities for a hardware designer
 A good understanding of devices and materials as well as their properties
 Attention to detail
 Understanding of mechanical issues related to hardware design
 Understanding of the feasibility of design solutions
 Determination to stay with a product from preliminary design and launch
    stage to modifications necessitated by market experience and demands
 Ability to communicate well with external clients and staff
Educational skills.

Minimum BSc. degree in Computer engineering

Knowledge ASIC design experience

Proficiency in coding for logic synthesis and test bench environment

Primetime Static Timing Analysis or equivalents is an advantage

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