MOD to QuickTime Movie Convert MOD to MOV for Mac OS X Snow Leopard (DOC)

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					MOD to QuickTime Movie, Convert .MOD to .MOV for Mac OS X Snow Leopard
Although MOD is a weird video format, it is widely used on many digital camcorders,
such as the JVC Everio, the Canon FS100 and the Panasonic D-Snap SD-card
camcorders. It's annoyed that we can't open it with QuickTime player, not to speak of
importing it into iMovie, Final Cut Express, or Final Cut Pro. Any help on solve the

I did some research and found MOD Converter for Mac is a good application, which
takes the .MOD file and converts to most standard formats, like MOV, MP4, DV,
M4V, AVI, WMV, MPG, VOB, etc . I convert .MOD to QuickTime Movie in .MOV
and it is availablefor Final Cut Pro and keeps audio as well.

What is mod?
MOD are informal names of tapeless video formats used by JVC, Panasonic and
Canon in some models of digital camcorders. Format names correspond to extensions
of video files. Neither JVC nor Panasonic, who pioneered the format, explained
meaning of the file extensions. MOD is used exclusively for standard definition video
files. The formats were never given an official name.

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Open Mac MOD Converter
First, download and install MOD Converter for Mac, run it and then add .MOD files
from your hard disk, you can play the video using the simple player on the right.
Define the output video type
Find the MOV format from the profile box, and set the video quality in settings
window by click Settings button next to profile. Select a place to save the file.

Convert MOD to QuickTime Mac
The last step is to press Convert button, now you will see the conversion process of
MOD to Quicktime Movie .MOV. It will remind you once the conversion completes.

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Description: MOD Converter for Mac works for getting .MOD files from JVC, Canon, and Panasonic Camcorders to QuickTime Movie in .MOV, .DV, . M4V, .MP4. Now you can play MOD video on QuickTime Player!