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					                                                       ST. JOSEPH SUPERIO!l COURT
                                                          SMALL CLAIMS DIVISION
                                                  ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, STATE OF INDIANA
                                                     !lOOM 336, COUNrY-CIry BUILDING
                                                       SOUTH [3END, IND!J\fU\ 1\6601
                                                        TELEPHONE (2!9) znl\-9794

                                                                      vs.        fA -;      fC-{   q<.
     Petitioner                                                                 Hespondent
        111'1          A   LTQ-      b-L      0                                   1   45 <f-Db)\j                             ~L       Q
     Address                                                                    Address
     So \JTf+               'G. --erJ'O   I   I tJ -   Y-lD ~   (If             ~(J    LY,(-4
    City, St~te and Zip Code                                                    City, State
          /)J ::z -
                1;2.f;J 3
    Telephone                                                                   Telephone
                                                                                                            :-\               ~            .c
     roe t i t i cne   r 's At t or ney                                                                                       '2:'>        ,

                                                                                                              '.. ')
                                                                                                         r ; .-,
                                                                                                            ...•.      "\       1'-)
    Address                                                                     VERIFIED     PETITION~FnR                      P~TEcrIVt         ORDERS


          Petitioner, name and address above, is aged              ~ ~ , and states that he/she has had
    his/her person abused in that:                 f IifU;;;~TS - C
    and has had his/her property,
                                                 (specl fy property)
    ahused i n that:       l=> H-l)IJ~          r- A I 'S            '      L rr-tTE C>                t,·,,,,,",,,, <
    "G:" It; I \'W'\                 specl'fy abus' 'e~· threats               '        r--            CI          I ~
 "{\)-'                                                                 C o rJ Ftc 0 N, A- t \0 (\) S-
O Grg,A1?:, B-c~     rUr       I> ''1'Ute. A~ M \0 =r t' '( J1.l (\,.eT 11c.~ j.-JrP TH C (A It
   by the Respondent, name and address above.                                                  "" IT/'f        Nt"'"
          (Complete followi~       if pe rma nen protective orrler~' rlesi.r:,erl.) :ersons living with
   the Petitioner are:       .....)~.sS I<::";A            N beL-A IX.:-:-l_E_R~I..:...f\J~(~'I_j,---                  _
                                                        list names an ages}
   separation proceedings are pending betw           them.
            WHEREFORE, Petitioner prays that the Court order the Respondent to immediately refrain from
   abusing the Petitioner and his/her property and (if a permanent protective order is desired)
   that the Court set a date for a permanent protective order hearing.
            I affirm, under the penalties for perjury, that the foregoing representations are true to
   the best of my knowledge and belief and that to the best of my knowledge or belief the Respondent
   is not now serving in the Armed Forces of the United States ~nd is not under any other legal
   d i s abi l i ty ,


                                              PROTECTIVE    ORDER AND NOTICE OF HEARING

         The Court having examined the Petition H.I. finds probable cause exists to believe the
   Petitioner and his/her property was or is in danger of being abused by the Respondent and
   QflDERS the Respondent to immediately refrain from abusing the Petitioner and his/her property
   and to appear before the. Court on    ~~~c.mbe(       , 19SCj', atCfI.~~A:m. in Room 336,
   County-City Building, South Bend, Indiana, to answer the petiLion for a pe nuanent protective
         This Order expires upon the date of the pe~nanent protective order hearing or after ten
   (10) days, whichever occurs first.

   noted:         /    I--?~-!Y9
                        sr YoSt-PH     SuPtf(:rx;R.         COU~(
                         S((llltL CL Ith11S f)J:vr<;l:o/lJ                   •.. FILED            ss

                              STIfTE of ...1--IJOJ:i//'J,4                     JUl 1 8 2007
                                CoaurYoF Sr.    j   oSCfJ If                                    Clerk
                                                                            St. Joseph Superior Court

 UIJ    Dff 11t1-~J£ DE C:ccco-!llctYtIfUJS                 *-
                          \I.                           :        lUo. 7/00(?/({(SC6?IQ1
            ~(trltrr I( Srf ftJIt,er                    4L       Iff" rIf}/) UI- T a F
                                                        fF-;     ~at(i'dC   StewarT
                                                                 SS: 51ate 0+ l:-el1i-ucky
                                                                     Calf1'iy o-f efay
        CO{11ES         tU(j(;J   Wtder    (Xcth +h~ aboue-/1a!fl~& aMia/1T/
cteda r(Jtttj Patrtc.k ~""tekJa.r-"'r, SIJJet1(; fl,1 i'SirJJ-i/l9 !deciClrilJfi -If. 'ii2..
-fad olJJiflq-t<'lcJ S '.
            j T/tc;;t (!tv 1l0/flQ i r aNi I t1rY1 fa/liCk Yew1.rT:
           c2.'r/tat !VliSS ~e(icco ,;flc/flafJU5 arJ I «e/c: -//7
 Aer       61J)fI UJrffds; -/6ver:s) --fmrn I rOUfIiiVI ;rt8m(){l"oJ Day
 tLJeekmO         {fI   N&& fArvu9A some flme /1/ late June,
 ((juq h   tv, If 0 f.
           stts: we. !lrJ                 (JrleC/) l(jsf           (~1r«()71( iJ1
 Se;iemb(?r, 1f8r.
           L(   tia:f I affe,ry;fc& ~                 bfP!lk        up led           0111"

  re!fl1f()tlShif       verv /oJQ         /!1 /fitly,   N8f !eti('(yJui1Q/
   (q8q( 011     +~ oas;s           fA,at L t(If~                       irJ /Jet/I/)
  a     !lev.) re(aJi;fl~A(p {jJ(-{1I                11ft ~-   qlrifoerd   +I(ff'I1

.. ~(?A s cJ.oo(, !lame/VI Ve6/Jie  ~/fo f z: .
      :r1ltat 6nC2- C{) nlqAt rn ear/V Jl{(\QI,Qg1,durlnq JAe
  lJJeeket&,X mO!k p/alls io spe,J #Q. etJettln] /}Jifh
  #lesS SiPO,2-llt,& wAi& SA~ /JJdS 1JJ1+h!fl'<- af mv
  re5tdetLce (d f!..e n'me), my mom/tv ;iou"e(ow- '/wrdy
  A(}ffIe S/llCQ I!w;us~No 711lfLrheiVI dJJ.;) lfl!fWI/ St/'e€:l;
  Scx;fh t5~1 -rN l((q(Q (~ tr'llciq CoJ1Q& OUer cd'
  rtI/JYflf~,O,slctrq her '/tJ sfeal< !11~, ~            m
  fD    C(}(fle    OUlf    tv ltnria it vt#t                   f}ebJJ/ e f6 ((see
  AOtJ      /.J   e lrok    Yotje;Mer.))
        0.71vJt  Oe/Jb;~ qrabfu2 #Q ~~ +rClJ11 (flQ
 QnJ     16(& Lt71cM M r fA}(M, 4~ (lj1#. Aer(lJWie)
 +(Jf   {Ae fltqAt:
        7 tAd ab6Grt a        oeet: /o;tf'lt:Z: oI.;J, ()ciwJll(;
  qo back io          be w/i1t !.lllrtl/ a/lJ 5A~ ford !fie fIvj;t
   S£Q     ril&                          dt&
                            ro. J(}/;o&e (( becaus0-
                    fJJltat sJ,Q                /(1
  1:- f/IoU.qAt I Couldq& l(()) bade rJkfe you
   were..     Sfl t( rfl rfle   r   ))

      '21.nat Ofl'<-! you UXJulJ -If-ink -110) h7dtl
   wOt(k~ gd" ml( dale of btriA cClffecT,tJIt;cA is!Jlt
   ((q\.J s-\(p ~ /' by +f,.e WOJ(.
  , q.1hot      ~ittda:IprobQhll(, dOE:s kMGJ rAt( CcJYYeU
'dtib. rI   bh-rA t M-- sA~ lU0Vt .ft"slv 119 fNv()J/ A /fly
 ftJaut O'fle fltqlli) wAt IQ r. lIJas o:f Aer       AOC6£ Iiflktilf
 Ii 5h.O(JJ€'1 RsKi"1 1fl(L a+ie/t.XlrJ ((tuhM? cilcP L Cj'fiA
 j II roo ,00 ~ ))
     {J. 7Mf '5AQ (Llrd.4) -ford mC6 '-f/tak evNle SAE was
 +tSht'n1 -.fIvvuqA rnv [Ja/la; s/ve /0ilS also c~ Yltnl?
 u ff{J;nk)\ coc:» I c'f Aei'~/'h    IV&.) Je/'rey.

   l!.tAct    (In£ Ct) SQ{JfernbB{ If8g}       mornin11I     kJ£w'

  QlU1KE?t\i!t1 ~     a dream       ill   4Jhiclt   sane   fA/lkMwfl)
  mt1l~ c1re(}m-RqL(~ l0Wv app({)(1[j;n9 [Ircic:} /q~
  fv do S{)(flQf/tlfiq 10 tt'ncit( ar&, !JJN(~ t un:
   Tn -/11fL Pf'DC£.SS e-f tJ(]kr/1fj Of ~ C01l/'''9 t;e;;t f.
  If,e .dtram l? /)'ntJ/wvi(JrlIV7.0f1le(v-; acC/dedtillv
  (~ll'\keA)/ LtnrJa 01 fk AetiJf6 wAtclt sj.Q
   Sf£A 5an~        n> fhz ~                   cr
                                             I((ow, V6U

   N+ (11~I) f1NJ ;£ iZJ/J I! e/' r. tu~ dr~                         I

   +cx hod. (A. ~Qk£?-/li&,/'OfL0fA~1 f1.d L. (VYI/
   (;J~    S(9 rrv~
     (1.   L·,/t&a ~(J   me    fitd       .er       0W~fo
-    5f1ri ~    ~         ~     J   tl4   a ~fAd XIJ fleet} 70
    <<':>1arf qo«v; fo Calf) se/.,l!J9! VJhlcA I ci)ci.
         13.1/vJt, yeQ, Cfl October                   dtd qo
                                                 ISj1tfst r
     6UP-r iD [lrdaA, OJJ 1 {f1 Illl( 111'11&, gi(l~ A-er back
     () /tfflr12 ~ AQ.r OW f\ mulC;l/,e -flLd site di~keP
     out iD    {TI~   rM. Debbie          Siplcife-/ȣk     ;/l Jl-0Q)    199~
      rtrJ1 I clt& rot        !f!itJY( r1 mark           011)   he; ar(J1
      ffv;t I)bareJt{) qmhbec& {lcr)tke, a mJ/lb-5ecCf1/
          Ilf. 1A-at ()n/?-- flt'g ki, Ofkr OIftercf/ce sA ';P ~-fmkn-
      inq 'ScAcol, for jnQ. }c1urflt'l 01e r:& our r.qularlv.
       sckJuieJ ni?Mr 10 be wtfft ead ~ 1/1 ~
       Iale Iq s~ or ear/v IfS~ I ~ JuM;Ioo cIt1rM~
       firer} !W(f()1 ou;t -m pe,rfc(h1J S0X1tl2Jlyl-f'if m
        ol~ of ti!1&a/flJludt sAe -/AreIA) (rieL ~
        C(; lit e MeW-I fe-m Pr:rrJJiJy; M /fie q~         S I/td;t
        'jAR. ({[0(jjj, s~pIsSgeQ ar f(l Q. r CCulJ fJ lcir
       +Ais cArbt Uf tlMJ I/JJ1)cu /7 {[;t you !}j
         /S11LrIf, yea) -fer ({bou;( a lIJeek-(i,.J- a-Mf-
      .pn CI -m -I/ /QS<I-mitt, ill, g fJrde.r T Altll -          <-I1/> -/,

                               .            ..•
                                                     a.a If) tTIL&ie_
                                                   I ~
     ~           , - ~(lor- ffLr~~ Yo /ler; s;:mjJ(Yj
...   ~   '


                     i1JL bf14w;. ~ ();y\       =:=:~lters c~                     I             ~
          .f6 see /tOlV she ~                   ~          I,~            ~           ~    6ifCA
          Crfl ~          [100] m~ t!jJorf&n,'ft-y) ItJweuef; LUhlc).                      be~
          .mucl-UJtQ ~                    yJ4 - ffft #v'~ - fVv ~
              }Jkl& ~                mo. -h CtJ1Q ~ kh at iJeJJh h>rw,J:y/
              (kk ~ .ktih ~                             ii1 fJJlJ.$&          .1ml,&.
                 /().{-hit' QI~.                 QrctL,c~ ~                     ()rU   0) ~
              /IlUtCIt ~        a A-/tl&:f ~     aLYltl'etffen/YJ'I /€der))n
              Lt'r&a mar:fe) cJunfl1 /ver C O'rn{JiiuneJ f itrfte ~                ·
                   /7.      Mat (levee t.JoW& or dtcP                 /fdlettfe r
                    yll.lf!9 ~ ...f1trtn respfct/com(!ltirl CC'tvff4-y
               ~VJ(}JJ It'JrJ£< lflar1e 0- dauqkfer-s.
                    IS. -rAar dUrtNf -f;;'~ f~knQ cq4 - fl «-I'Arett/;g_
                /fl tW. rj oJJ;!ft../--1'71d(J sfaltJ. liD ;rK!..,(Jnee #a;f ((bef'(')1L
                   ~AiS (s oJQ oVer \(ou'(e. qairlq io Jwje. /fit<- · »

                      I q. f'u. r fAer y oo: a.+-H anT sa « eK). n cYt:
                           $Q -toreg~ -f'(L{k are d.ecl0ftf2 u~er p~« f
                    f ef jury rMJ I1f e ~e;-s07llJ1fl.tJ j((()(J.}fl by fI1Q c/btrich '5ietJ(1,"f)

                    fr; be fli.{Q W cctYed IT> fte bur~ /11-( teltet flr.» /VloJeeJ;e .

              D!lre/J/er:eCu7E() OIJ:. ~                   J I rlJXJl     _ .
                                                                    . atidzg_ ...           (.5 rqna-fure)   .
                                                    ~                   p afr; cJ ~,Si&JXlr-r
                  s r. 30S         fP+{ SuPazlCIR C~CJuRr
                    $til-/liL CcAI(l1~ DrvrSICJ.;J              ~f    I LED        w

                            5iA1c of I!1J/J..t 1l(1J,4           JUL 182007
                            CaUtJr( (Jf Sr-ToS£pfI             St.JosephSuperiorCourt

[INCII (Y1/lI<IE 0r:: cicao -/flc!i1A.AJUS         jiJo. 7IDOISQ/(SC07/Q1
                      V                            )/fFfrplt(JII~ f!F
            r;rrf(1XK' <;7Ewtt!2r                  )Pt:Je~;~r;::kL().
                                                  ) COun1t{    C (~y               )SS.
     COME S IUO{;J          under    ()Q-f'h ffiQ a6ol}e -t1alnecf     atf/~nf/
clec!araf'v" 1afock S-t&lLrr; ~{)Jetlfi(l9 /<;mJi/l'j ldecftJri179 f1\~
+o{fo{J/itl9 facts .-
     (tAd (flV fltltfle /1, qnJ I u;r1 Pcr/;r/ch C;1euJar1
    J .-;Xci !AiS oJ2(/daVi t /5 /n re<;fC11<;Q to fILe
alfe1ariC1\ s of ;f/iss fJeCicco-(nu11ullus ill a flOfi(~
of ailJ fehffon far Ca)profecfive acQQr filed ill 1M-.
abf)tJ~ -   c apfiC1lrJ   COG(ri   a;J   ma tf0-/caa5~ Cfr1 or       a-
bocif iUouern6er           JO'f/J I (f( 8f.
   3 :1Aat cuhet'tI fAJ4 se((Jt¥i ~               Ik lo-f/ce/
~d{+tCJ(\ papers (hy a/s()11Q Jt: Josef), CO(;t(,-it( de/tily
siterif-f /proce 5S serue,,-») a;t (TJY n04s-e 1'£ /rIlrn&iroielv
                                                   I.                               r)
-. qat      ve;y oI~         )UJt-for-fal1tXkflfi (fItJ.ybQ eV8(J I1A'l
    f}t,(lqeJrrtffr& rertG~'C¥11 /1on~me{~ fAe on/V' flv7,f{-3J)
   'I cc.ukQ ~lY\k M I;.)€(~ /niS5 PeCi~co/.1, -fa:JMr allCP
  (#e     t'I 9DO& -t-(i ~Jl J) 'S1: 1oSQP/J C(')uftiy Prosecu'fcr
   (oJ -1M hytlQ}!Yl( /fIicJaeJ P13otlleSlQfo.t1 ~
   e.rrfertCur1i)l7. ff.K        (lO·hoi1                     !
                                         of kU(lrvj!fly s;et-P Corfl'
   /fIlffifi{   Suic/c/(Z    I   Pui1iflt; a 9u(J fD my /lea&.
         q.1lttif :l )TOfpecP            ~G-ftCn(!l7   I   OdSr'caJiV)   +((J(I1
   .fAct daV -+crWQrJ              ;;-Pe) prwy mac/. I ~
                                    /11 !I1v
   a (lOrrn~Jl retlMruaiJex. AUfI1(lfl biwuJ.) illc!udi'rl'1,bcJ
   (tot lonlfiJ fo Siopptn'7 re/!oml191cr tr1y Job_ ill
   l.-C{aY J<J SAm!l1(ioJ l-vorkeri 7rtfel'lIdiC1l1oJ
    ilSWCioli()Yl CSCXNM BereP) ~ a 3d -I..(-e(jr a~we{dice.
       sneet I believ'2- r s'6Uq A --r (1 05l[cAo loq{'sf,
    0(. ftuqA VdJtlfUken) lmmed/aJeiyJfAe dav qf-1-er--
    I     qot   )e~         ()J('M    -fAQ papel'5 ((I-fAiS J1Ia;t/er.
     & .ihot Ctl or a60cCt 0ecBrnher S"-t11; 1'18'9)
   of l.rJ.JtJ s ref!.le<',f; fJr. lIafl l1u/'(e..n ?fairV -f/to:t
   X i.U£t<¥ f?tpetl{htcC(!1 a ./t'f'e: .';fteSsor, AO().N.Uer;
   +A(Jj I tild;cafeJIw(4 reacftt- ~ re;/ur /J (0
    jlJorK.                        . .                 -
·          71hai    r cOfIfinuee/       /D paV union cic[e.-q.,(ffiroIJ!fA
Y/te'U S. (!Ji;1 foLrdi(J;napo k's 17lU~cJJJfj)af\& rtf,
+0rJ appret'iiceShrp--iriU1'\(111 C(0!J4 :l!trouqA (flarcA
q-fA I ;Qtj6, {j)h0A { U. Jf/4 ufeiCt'oJ4 Qf1& o-fAers DroaqJ...r
qhcxit Q seri~er.JGfvts iAc;;1 (gel ID rnV fis/~!Jtd7mJ
II1VO(u1117 Vr; liuqA UtM1l1uketJ         J

         '8.7Aai rn !Ylid«F~rMn(/ (?t;0IYk /t('aJ-u/l/on
AaJJ ford. (fIQ l1ta;l:t<Jef'~(I(jf.          puitrlVj   Vat fo ioor«
unfif VOL{ foJ& ~ your {JE'/SC/flcJ pl?J!J!erns))/h re-
s~onSQ io my ~AcIne-. rrf~          io be put IJruA
    10   ltXJrK.
            9.%af I       neUlf     tlppeared2 /11 aurt' io
    QnslJY2-r fD /fIiSS    I...fllda bec~ ];J::CflM sA'?
    w~-aruQ (S-h{()iS~!L(/)1Ch{i?ClJin7 :iff Just-
    Iff her Aaf/Q hQr sfU;;t'cJ resfmint'h9 order.
       ;O.Med ~~(L6t Qr,w-eJ, ~J                by
    D.fiV /&1C1J1 po/cCQrnfl1fl   fa:    (I()..T f1PjJeiJ//f}9 /11
    Catx{IJfk!<     1ftfh1 /11    !Uou/~£c8q)
       !(1Mt on or flood &e (81rl IJer J ~ I C;C/d-; if?
    1ar~ (shOff/lir s-fcre) of/ill 5c0i!;)da!Q !Il~
    LltilruJ Roa&, Socdh i)e,..J,fJ.JAi{Q lfl--fhQ catJ

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Description: Definitive event in my union apprenticeship unnatural downfall. Definitive event in how the U.S. Government has helped the union either prevent me from getting, or stealing my back wages, my reinstatement, and my pension fund contributions. Defeinitive event in how the union set out to ruin me and my good name to atone for their sloppy recordkeeping practices. Definitve event in how the union and gov't. decided I am no longer (unofficially) considered as an equal citizen endowed with certain inalienable rights, that it's alright to trample all over my due process rights and equal protection of the laws, as extended to all other American citizens, making me the poster boy for cruel and unusual punishment. Definitive event in my telling the U.S. Gov't., DoJ (FBI, Marshals, USA/AUSA), the American court system, and the union, "Just screw you."