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Graduating Students Information Session
         • General academic requirements
AGENDA   • Student Accounts
         • Repaying OSAP
         • Registrar’s Office:
             • ELPE
             • Intention to Graduate form
             • Convocation details
             • Ordering transcripts
         • Health Services and Coverage
         • Office of Alumni Affairs
             • How to stay connected to UW
             • Benefits, services, and events
         • Career Services
         • Upcoming events
         • Let us know what you think!
• Book a meeting with your academic advisor
    • Contact information for program advisors is available on the link listed on
    your checklist
    • You can also verify your specific degree requirements on the
    Undergraduate Calendar website at

• Verify your eligibility to graduate
     • It is your responsibility to ensure degree
     requirements are met – courses, co-op/field
     studies, ELPE, etc...

• Check your unofficial transcript on Quest after May
25, 2010 and see if you have been recommended to
graduate in the “Degrees Awarded” section
• Clear any outstanding fees on your student account, including outstanding
parking fines, library fines – Deadline: May 1, 2010
     • Your diploma and transcript will be withheld if you have outstanding fees

• Keep your mailing/home address and email address on Quest up to date to
ensure you are aware of information regarding tax receipts. The Registrar’s
Office mainly uses your home address for mailing purposes.

• Alumni have access to Quest indefinitely – ability to generate statements of
account and access tax receipts

• Your email will expire after you graduate – the timing on the email
expiration will vary by faculty
                                                       More information can be
                                                               found at
• You are responsible for beginning to repay your loan six months after you have
completed your studies or have stopped being a full-time post-secondary student

• Please note: Interest will begin accumulating from the time you stop being a full-
time post-secondary student, NOT six months later

• You are responsible for contacting the National Student Loans Service Centre
and/or financial institution for repayment arrangements

More OSAP details can be found at
• All UW students must successfully pass the
ELPE prior to graduation

• Scheduled 3 times a year prior to exams –
Winter term: April 8, 2010 (PAC)

• Don’t miss the scheduled ELPE date – Fee and
permission required if you are writing at any other

More information can be found at
“Intention to Graduate” form
• ALL students must apply to graduate or their degree will not awarded

• Submit your “Intention to Graduate – Undergrad Studies form” to the
Registrar’s Office
    • DEADLINE: March 1, 2010 for Spring Convocation
    • August 1, 2010 for Fall Convocation

• Forms can be filled out electronically, then printed, or handwritten on a hard
copy – the hard copy must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office before the

More information can be found at
Your name on this
form may not
appear on your
diploma, always
verify on Quest

This is a very
important section
– ask if you have

Important question
that could change
your degree!

Read the notices!
“Intention to Graduate” form continued...

• Read the instructions!

• Your name written on the Intention to Graduate form may not be
similar to the one listed on Quest or your diploma – only your name
as it appears on Quest will be printed on your diploma (more
information to follow)

• Complete the “Degree and/or Diploma requested” section
appropriately (Bachelor of x; Majors; Minors; Options etc)
    • Check Quest or book an appointment with your academic
    advisor to confirm any details

More information can be found at
Convocation Details

• Verify your current mailing address and email address
     • A formal invitation will be mailed after May 25,
     2010 – No RSVP required
     • If you do not attend the ceremony, your diploma
     will be mailed to your Home/Permanent Address
     one week after convocation

• Check the spelling of your name
    • The way your name appears on your unofficial transcript on Quest is the
    way it will appear on your diploma and transcripts
    • Requesting another name (ie. Middle names, Birth names) to appear on
    documents must require the completion of a “Change of Name Form”
         • Submitted to the Registrar’s Office no later than May 1, 2010 for
         Spring Convocation

More information can be found at
Convocation Details
• You are invited to nominate a valedictorian for your faculty’s graduating class
• Complete the appropriate nomination form that is available on your faculty website
and/or Undergraduate or Society Office
     DEADLINES for submission of nominations are:
     Applied Health Sciences           Available online,
                                       Friday, March 5 to BMH 2305 (Pam Hurvid)
     Arts                              Available at the Arts Undergrad Office and online,
                                       Thursday, March 11 to PAS 2439 (AUO)
     Engineering                       The Graduation Committee is no longer accepting
     Environment                       Available on the AHS website or see your advisor,
                                       Friday, March 5 to EV1 329 (Carol Knipe)
     Mathematics                       Available in the MathSoc/Grad Committee office,
                                       Friday, March 12 at noon
     Science                           Available in the Science Undergrad Office,
                                       No deadline has been set
Convocation Details
Spring convocation dates:
Wed, June 16 @ 10 am              Applied Health Sciences; Environment
Wed, June 16 @ 2:30 pm            Science
Thurs, June 17 @ 10 am            Arts (ceremony one)
Thurs, June 17 @ 2:30 pm          Arts (ceremony two)
Fri, June 18 @ 2:30 pm            Math
Sat, June 19 @ 10 am              Engineering (ceremony one)
Sat, June 19 @ 2:30 pm            Engineering (ceremony two)

Fall convocation dates:
Sat, Oct 23 @ 10 am               Applied Health Sciences; Arts; Social Work
Sat, Oct 23 @ 2:30 pm             MBET; Engineering; Environment;
                                  Mathematics; Science
Location: Main gymnasium, PAC

For Arts and Engineering, please check the website as the times vary by program.
     Scheduling details can be found at
Convocation Details
• Check with your faculty and/or student society for more
information regarding grad photos, composites, the Grad
Ball, and faculty specific grad celebrations!

• The Waterloo store rents hoods and gowns – regalia
will be available on convocation day prior to the
ceremony, no pre-ordering required
      • Grad rings and flowers are also available

• Informal post-convocation reception: Student Life Centre,
Great Hall
     • Individual faculty and college-specific special
     celebrations for graduates

• The Office of Alumni Affairs sells degree and portrait frames at Alumni Affairs
reception and on the ceremony days

More information can be found at
Can’t Come to Convocation?
If you are unable to attend convocation...

• Your diploma will be mailed approximately one week after the convocation
ceremony to the mailing address listed on Quest

• You still have to complete and submit the “Intention to Graduate” form to the
Registrar’s Office
           The same deadlines apply for those who are unable to attend:
           March 1, 2010 for spring
           August 1, 2010 for fall
 Ordering Transcripts
• You must complete the “Undergraduate Transcript Request form” and submit it
to the Registrar’s Office

• Order in person, by mail, by fax, or through OUAC if applying for teacher’s
college, medical school or law school

• Cost: $10 for each copy, plus courier/fax costs if applicable

• Available for pick-up in the Registrar’s Office one week after receiving the form

• Outstanding fees will prevent the release of any transcript

• Please note: You will receive one complimentary transcript with your diploma

       More information can be found at
Health Services

• Recent graduates will have access to Health Services for 6-12 months following
    • You are responsible to find a physician in your respective community
    • If you have no physician after this time period, you will have to use walk-in
    clinics or the ER
    • Some medical services and tests offered at Health Services are not available to
    graduates once they graduate

Health and Dental Coverage

• Once you are no longer a student, your student health and dental plan through the
Student Care (I Have a Plan) will expire
    • There is an option for graduates to continue with a health, dental, vision and
    emergency travel plan for a discounted fee through the Continuum Plan
    Please see for more information on this plan

• Your UW connection after graduation!

• Work with “affinity partners” to provide you with unique benefits
    • Discounted tickets for special events, attractions, and sporting events
    • Alumni rates on your insurance needs
    • BMO Mastercard that gives back to UW

• Help you stay connected with your classmates

• Facilitate networking and connection between you and over 145,000 UW
alumni around the world

           Alumni services can be found at
• Alumni E-Community
     • Access to Jobmine
     • 20% discount on continuing education non-credit courses
     • Alumni e-newsletter keeping you connected to Waterloo!

• Alumni Watcards
     • Library services
     • PAC and CIF gym memberships

• Social, networking and family-friendly events for all alumni around the world!

                        More information can be found at
• Take advantage of the various workshops and information sessions offered
this term!
      • Work search strategies; Interview skills; Furthering your education;
      Preparing for professional school examinations and interviews, and much

• Book an appointment with a Career Services
advisor for the following:
    • Job/Professional school mock interviews
    • Resume and cover letter critiquing
    • Career exploration/ Decision making
    • Work search

    All FREE for students, so register now!

Workshop and appointment details can be found at
CAREER SERVICES continued...
Career Cafe

   • Offered every Thursday between 11:30 and 1:00 pm during the
   first three months of the term

   • An advisor is on site in the Student Life Centre to answer
   questions related to resumes, interviews, professional/grad school
   application process and more!

   • No registration or fees involved!

Workshop and appointment details can be
 found at
Graduate Studies @ uWaterloo

  • Although admission to some graduate programs are closed or will be
  closing soon for fall entry, there are still some spaces available for certain
  programs at Waterloo – check with the department

  • If you are interested in graduate studies abroad, this is the time to
  research potential schools and programs

          More information can be found at
 Upcoming events

                           Etiquette Essentials Dinner and Workshop
                           Tuesday, March 9, 2010 | 5:30-7:30pm
                           Festival Room, South Campus Hall
                           $20 per person
                           Includes full course dinner and workshop

 Sweats to Suits
 Style Advice for Graduating Students
 Tuesday, March 23, 2010 | 1:00pm AND 2:30pm
 Location TBD – Free!
 Learn ways to mix and match your wardrobe to create
 a personal brand, interview wardrobe basics,
 foundation pieces, and more with a style expert!

Upcoming graduating students’ events can be found at
Upcoming events
“It’s Time for Canada”
Last Lecture with Ken Dryden,
NHL Hockey Hall of Famer and Liberal MP
Monday, April 5, 2010 | 4:30-6:30pm
Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages
Free! Registration will be available soon

Be a part of Ken Dryden’s speaking tour as he
makes his way to the University of Waterloo. Join us
for an exciting talk about the future of Canada by a
beloved Canadian, former Montreal Canadiens
goalie, and current Liberal MP for the York Centre. A
Q&A session will follow the lecture.

Upcoming graduating students’ events can be found at

Check your faculty and student society websites for more exciting graduating
                             students’ events!
What questions do you have about...
          Let us know what you think!

Provide your feedback on this information session on the evaluation
                  form included in your package.

Don’t forget to pick up the other forms mentioned in the presentation
                        at the front of the room!

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