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Insurance Job Descriptions


									             Insurance Job Descriptions

The insurance job sector is mainly centered on future financial benefits rather
than present returns of investments. The insurance officers need to scrutinize
statistical trends like mortality, rate of reported accidents and other hasty
death cases etc from the human life insurance point of view. Else there may
be some road damage index, engine life etc for car insurances; standard
existence of any normal buildings, pollution parameters etc for house
insurances etc.

It is needed to deposit some premium on a monthly basis for some
substantial number of years, so that on accidental requirements you can
recover a generous return on that. There are a number of schemes available
in the market, provided by different companies.

The only work an insurer needs to do is to personally convince the potential
customers and make them sign up a deal with the corresponding service
provider. For each fruitful transaction, the insurance agent receives some
good amount of commission depending upon the premium scale chosen by
the customer.

There are nowadays a number of job opportunities available in the insurance
sector including, Actuary Insurance, Claims Examiners, Insurance Appraisers,
Policy processing clerks, Insurance sales agents etc are only to cite a few of
them. Tremendous verbal fluency in local vernacular with a convincing
attitude is the most important skills needed by an individual to work in the
insurance sector. Besides this the job profile helps to determine the
education and other skill requirements.

       Insurance Investigators Job Description

Insurance Investigators Job Profile and Description:

Insurance investigators examine and review insurance claims, thereby
protecting the insurance company from paying out on claims that may be
invalid or illegally claimed. They have to plan and execute these
investigations into insurance claims made by the customer related to
accidents, illness, liability, property or vehicle damage, worker’s
compensation and so on.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 The primary responsibility of insurance investigators is to keep the
   insurance companies and policy holders from being victims of insurance
 When an insurance company suspects fraud in a case, the insurance
   adjusters or examiners refer the cases to insurance investigators
 Insurance investigators also need to investigate the background of
   claimants, various records, risks involved, witnesses who made
   statements regarding the case, like doctors or police officers, agents etc
 They conduct extensive research, interviews and even surveillance,
   besides personal inspection, to review the circumstances of the case
 Based on their findings, they need to write reports and submit them
   along with their recommendations
 They need to be aware of the various rules and regulations and legal
 They also make calculations on the benefit payments and approve
   payment of claims within a certain monetary limit

Skills and Specifications:

   Insurance investigators must know about computers, research,
    surveillance and interrogation
   They must have excellent communication skills and an eye for details
   They must be analytical and be able to deduce conclusions from matter
   Quick thinking and presence of mind is also needed
   They often have to work irregular hours, both in the office and out in the
    field, so they need to able to deal with stress and work under pressure

Education and Qualifications:

Insurance investigators have a bachelor’s degree preferably in the field of
finance, insurance, sales, law and law enforcement. However, much of the
work is learnt on the job.

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