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      Sample Treasury Analyst Job Description
Treasury Analyst Job profile and Description

The Treasury Analyst is a professional who works in the finance division of
big or medium scale firms. He can also work in government departments,
and in fact, a majority of the analysts are employed in government
departments. His main role is to observe and analyze the multi-currency
movement in the firm for purposes of proposing and executing the
appropriate equivocation decisions. This is done for purposes of minimizing
the risks associated with foreign currency transactions. He is also responsible
for proposing ways of optimizing cash usage in a firm.

Duties and Responsibilities

   Controlling daily exposure or positioning of the firm’s cash
   Dealing with Foreign exchange and other money market tools
   Preparing for future cash positions for the client firm
   Participating in the development of new procedures aimed at supporting
    the cash position of the client firm
   Running the administration of the bank accounts of the client firm and
    handling the clients loans and deposits
   Maintaining the treasury procedures
   Analyzing banking fees and adopting some control measures that would
    minimize the amount of cash lost by the firm to the banking charges
   Handling ad-hoc cash requests
   Responsible for financial modeling in the firm
   Forecasting the firm’s financial performance
   Assessing current and potential risks and advising the management on
    the necessary precautionary measures
   Formulating the firm’s budget
   Handling valuations, asset management and accounting practices

Skills and Specifications
 Must be able to work with a high deal of accuracy
 Must be able to adhere to set deadlines
 Must be able to work in a team
 Should be detail oriented, conscientious and systematic
 Must be able to handle pressure well
 Should be a strong communicator
 Must be confident
 Must have a sound knowledge of economic principles to sufficiently advise
   clients about the best probable investment decisions.
Education and Qualifications
A degree in a business related field with a strong bias in Financial
Mathematics and Analysis.

An advanced degree in the same is an added advantage

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