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					                                                                  Receive an      Hear from industry experts
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    November 7th 2007                                                             IAN HUGHES
                                                                                  managing director,
    Hilton Tower Bridge, London                                                   Consumer Intelligence

    Customer Service                                                              JONATHAN HYNES
                                                                                  chairman, Smiths Partnership

    & Retention                                                                   RICHARD MASON
                                                                                  managing director – insurance,
    Protecting your future business                                               DIRK SCHMIDT-GALLAS
                                                                                  global head of insurance,
                                                                   This event     Simon Kucher Partners
    • Hear the results of exclusive research into whether
      loyalty strategies can really work for insurers               has been
                                                                     Carbon       STEVE SOUTHALL,
    • Find out how insurers tackle customer service
      across a variety of different business models                  Offset       director – FS Regulatory and
                                                                                  Risk Practice, Ernst & Young
    • Understand how customer technologies can bring dramatic
      improvements to the way you serve your customers
    • Discover how your internal operational strategies can
      impact your customers’ experience                                           Event Partner
    • Use customer segmentation to price your products smartly
      for maximum revenue without losing customers

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November 7th 2007
Hilton Tower Bridge, London

Customer Service
& Retention
Protecting your future business
Dear Delegate,

Increases in competition, price-sensitivity and consumer empowerment
have clearly taken their toll on customer retention, with 63% of
insurance buyers switching provider in the last five years.

With insurers waking up to the need to reverse this trend, now is the
ideal time to ask why this is happening, and how you can halt without
lowering prices. At Customer Service & Retention, expert speakers will
outline the most cutting-edge perspectives on this issue, enabling you to:

• Discover how to acquire and retain business without lowering prices
• Get inside the mind of your customers, with insights from the Institute
  of Customer Service
• Hear first-hand how a range of insurers have integrated customer
  service within their business models
• Fully understand the benefits of technology for refining your customer
  service strategy
• Get to grips with the FSA’s evolving Treating Customers Fairly
                                                                                     Who should attend?
  initiative, and how you can build it into your service
                                                                                     • Customer service directors
You will leave this event with a greater understanding of the obstacles              • Claims directors
to first-class customer service in your industry and, crucially, how you
can overcome them. So book your place now, to ensure you’re up to                    • Sales directors
speed on this critical issue.                                                        • Customer relationship managers
I look forward to welcoming you to the conference in November.                       • Call centre managers
                                                                                     • Business development directors
                                                                                     • Operations directors
                                                                                     • Claims service providers
                                                                                     • IT suppliers
                                                                                     • Third party administrators
Ant Gould
Chairman                                                                             • Distribution directors
Customer Service & Retention Management Briefing
                                                                                     • Customer insight managers

PLUS                                                              Key benefits of attending
Group discounts available                                         • For the first time, network with like-minded peers

Call 020 7316 9793                                                  in a forum exclusively dedicated to this vital issue

for more information                                              • Hear updates on the latest customer technologies,
                                                                    and how they can benefit your strategy
Customer Service & Retention 2007
Protecting your future business
8.30am         Registration & Coffee

9.25am         Chairman’s welcome

9.30am         What does customer service mean to insurance                                          Speaker to be confirmed
               • Approaching a broad range of customers: tailor-made service or one-size fits all?
               • Tried and tested customer service strategies: what works, and what doesn’t?

10.00am        Customer technologies: Developing strategies                                          Speakers: Paul Dix, director – consulting, and David
                                                                                                     York, director – insurance consulting, CGI Europe
               • Customer service excellence: can technology rise to the challenge?
               • Retention and loyalty: does technology have a part to play?
               • Corporate strategy, product strategy, customer strategy, IT strategy: where do
                 they come together?

10.30am        Questions, comments & observations

10.45am        Coffee
               After coffee, the conference will split into two streams to focus on specific aspects of customer
               service and retention in more depth.

               STREAM ONE
11.15am        Enabling first-class service through efficient internal                               Speaker: Ian Bullen, independent industry consultant
               • Optimising internal processes to maximise service levels and minimise cost          Ian is an independent and widely recognised advisor in the insurance industry,
               • Getting buy-in from frontline staff                                                 having headed up several leading IT companies in the insurance market.
               • Measuring the results of process improvement – accounting for quantitative          With over 18 years in the sector, Ian has experience of numerous efficiency
                 and qualitative factors                                                             programmes at organisations such as Norwich Union, Zurich and IAG and has
                                                                                                     strong views on the trends and issues around customer service.

11.45am        Maximising profit and customer satisfaction through Speaker: Dirk Schmidt-Gallas, global head of
               customer segmentation                               insurance, Simon Kucher Partners
               • Defining a suite of products – basic and premium – to meet customer needs           Dirk is partner with Simon-Kucher and Partners Strategy and Marketing
               • Identifying ways to group customers into segments, and tailoring selling            Consultants, and global head of insurance. He is also the managing director of
                 arguments                                                                           Simon-Kucher’s Frankfurt office. Dirk had extensive international consulting
               • Potential advantages for the customer, and you                                      experience in the financial services sector. His clients include top-tier banks
                                                                                                     and insurance companies that he advises regarding customer insight, complex
                                                                                                     pricing strategies, optimal product and service offer designs and effective
                                                                                                     marketing implementation. Dirk is also the author and co-author of numerous
                                                                                                     books and papers in leading financial services journals on strategy, marketing
                                                                                                     and pricing in the financial services sector.

12.15pm        Questions, comments & observations
               STREAM TWO
11.15am        Serving the internet generation: the aggregator                                       Speaker: Richard Mason, managing director
               perspective                                                                           – insurance,
               • How do aggregators approach customer service?                                       Richard Mason has helped develop sales for for the
               • Does it matter in an environment where price is king?                               last seven years. He has many years experience in financial services having
               • The aggregator view of the future market                                            spent the first 11 years with Barclays Bank dealing with small and medium
                                                                                                     sized businesses and more recently, 9 years with the Britannia Building Society.
                                                                                                     Richard has a degree in banking and finance and is also ACIB qualified.

11.45am        Managing the online customer experience                                               Speaker: Tony Collard, sales director, Tealeaf
               • Market leading solutions to provide complete real time visibility of your           Tony is the Sales Director for Tealeaf in the EMEA region. With over 15 years
                 customers’ online experiences                                                       experience in IT sales he has a track record of introducing new and exciting
               • Apply the findings to drive increases in customer conversion and retention          solutions to European market. Tealeaf is no exception to this being nothing
                 rates                                                                               short of an amazing success story to date.
               • Enhance the online experience and benefit from the reduced transaction
                 costs associated with this channel

• Access the broadest range of perspectives,                                          • Discuss the impact of issues like brand and
  including the Institute of Customer Service’s                                         staff motivation in focused, interactive
  view on how customers view your service                                               workshops
                                                                                     November 7th 2007
                                                                                     Hilton Tower Bridge, London

12.15pm        Questions, comments & observations
12.30pm        Lunch
1.30pm         Workshops
               Delegates will split into three groups according to area of interest to discuss niche topics in more depth.

Workshop 1     Staff motivation and customer satisfaction: is there a link?                         Speaker: Peter Flade, managing partner, Gallup
                                                                                                    Peter is a Managing Partner with Gallup based in London overseeing the
                                                                                                    European region. He partners with organisations to improve and sustain
                                                                                                    performance through a better understanding and management of employees
                                                                                                    and customers. Peter works with executive teams to help deliver change in the
                                                                                                    area of engagement. He has published articles in this arena and is a regular
                                                                                                    presenter at client partner meetings as well as conferences. Prior to joining
                                                                                                    Gallup, Peter worked in retail management for the Dixons Group (DSGi) and
                                                                                                    holds degrees from the University of Kent and LSE.

Workshop 2     Insurers and brokers: working collaboratively to achieve                             Speaker to be confirmed
               best practice customer service

Workshop 3     Optimising brand to attract and keep                                                 Speaker: Jonathan Hynes, chairman, Smiths Partnership
               more customers                                                                       Jonathan’s brand experience began with design management for BMW and
                                                                                                    other leading companies in the 1980’s and as managing director of sales
                                                                                                    promotion business, the Pinkerton Agency. He has since worked as planning
                                                                                                    director at Bastern Greenhill Andrews and as a director at Gavin Anderson.
                                                                                                    In 1998 he co-founded Smiths specifically to bring professional branding
                                                                                                    expertise to the financial service industries. Insurance clients include Willis,
                                                                                                    Son and Old Mutual International.

2.30pm         Coffee
3.00pm         TCF, the regulator and you                                                           Speaker: Steve Southall, director – FS Regulatory
                                                                                                    and Risk Practice, Ernst & Young
               • Implications of the FSA’s Treating Customers Fairly initiative for your            Steve leads Ernst & Young general insurance regulatory practice. he has over
                 customer service strategy                                                          27 years experience in the UK general insurance market, of which 19 have
               • Changes in regulator expectations - what impact will this have?                    been in a consulting capacity. He has led Ernst & Young’s TCF proposition for
               • Building a service proposition to reflect FSA requirements                         the last 3 years and has worked with a range of insurers and banks to help
                                                                                                    them respond to the FSA’s TCF expectations.

3.30pm         How can we reverse declining customer loyalty                                        Speaker: Ian Hughes, managing director, Consumer
               without lowering prices?                                                             Intelligence

               In this session, Consumer Intelligence’s recent research into customer loyalty       Ian has worked in the marketing and communications industry for 21 years,
               will be presented for the first time. The session will identify key areas in which   starting at Marks and Spencer before becoming Chief Marketing Officer at MM
               small changes to insurance industry practice can make a big difference to            Group. Ian then founded in the US and ran a Telecoms company
               retention levels, without contributing to the current trend of declining prices.     before returning to the UK to launch Consumer Intelligence in 2003. Ian has
                                                                                                    become one of the leading experts in the General Insurance Market with a blue
                                                                                                    chip client portfolio of some of the UK’s leading insurers. Ian is graduate of
                                                                                                    Harvard business School, a Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing and is a
                                                                                                    former member of the Board of the Direct Marketing Association.

4.00pm         Customer service from the customer’s perspective                                     Speaker: Paul Cooper, director, Institute of Customer

               • What do your customers want? And what don’t they want?                             Paul began his career with Ford Motor Company in 1969 and then moved to
               • Maintaining a relationship with your customers                                     Ford Credit in 1978. 1981-1992 he was Managing Director of Ford Credit/Ford
               • How do you measure whether you’re meeting their expectations?                      Leasing, firstly in Italy and then Australia/Asia Pacific, followed by a year in
                                                                                                    the US globalising Ford Credit’s worldwide training operations. Returning
                                                                                                    to the UK in 1993, Paul moved to UDT (TSB) as Regional Director. In
                                                                                                    January 1999, Paul was appointed Business Development Director. In all of
                                                                                                    these positions Paul had extensive responsibility for the establishment and
                                                                                                    developing of TQM and Customer Service programmes and he is a Qualified
                                                                                                    Assessor for the European Quality Awards Programme.

4.30pm         Questions, comments & observations
4.45pm         Close of conference

• Be the first to read Consumer Intelligence’s                                       • Full permanent access to the exclusive online
  report on customer loyalty, produced                                                 version of the Customer Service & Retention
  exclusively for this event                                                           Management Briefing – including audio
                                                                                       recordings and speakers’ presentations
Sponsors                                                                              November 7th 2007
                                                                                      Hilton Tower Bridge, London

Event Partner


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“Really excellent conference,                                                         “A very informative day
intelligently put together,                                                           with a diverse mix of
expertly chaired and very                                                             speakers and subject
well organised”                                                                       matter”
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                                                                                                   November 7th 2007
                                                                                                   Hilton Tower Bridge, London

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