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									             BROKER DEALER SUBSCRIBERS
      The Premier Publication for Managers and Principals of Stock Brokerage Firms

                                  Updated Counts!
                                                                                                             Source              70% Direct Mail
                    161,351           Total File                  $130/M (*)                                                     15% Display Ads
                                                                                                                                 15% Internet
                    142,209       Active Subscribers              $140/M                                                         Controlled Circulation
                     38,122       Quarterly Hotline               $155/M                                                         BPA Audited
                                     Fundraisers                   $75/M                                     Selections

      Non-Financial Offers are based at $100/M                                                               Gender                       $5/M
                                                                                                             State/SCF                    $5/M
                                                                                                             Address Type                 $5/M
The Broker Dealer Subscribers list comprises principals and managers of today’s
leading stock brokerage firms. It is the only publication in its class that has a                            License Type                 $12.50/M
circulation base consisting of key decision makers at stock brokerage firms. Broker                          Series 8 Manager           18,098
Dealer (www.brokerdealermag.com) targets upscale, influential professionals who                              Series 3 Commodity         14,189
are involved with high-level decisions for their clients and their company.                                  Series 4 Options           13,452
                                                                                                             Series 10 Manager          20,859
                                                                                                             Series 24 Principal        88,639
           $130K Median Household Income                                                                    Series 55                   8,472
           Average 15 year tenure in the Stock Brokerage business                                           Series 65                  50,498
           Median age of 46                                                                                 Series 66                  24,396
           24% have a Series 8                                                                              Firm Type                    $12.50/M
           31% have a Series 8, 9, or 10
           75% have a series 24                                                                             Wirehouse                  24,886
                                                                                                             Independent                44,285
                                                                                                             Bank                        8,232
Note to list brokers and media buyers: You can select either home OR business                                Mutual Fund                 2,695
address. Both addresses are collected during the subscription process, allowing you                          Discount                    9,362
to select the best address type for your mailer’s needs.                                                     Regional                   11,582
                                                                                                             Institutional               8,389
                                                                                                             Insurance                   8,687
Broker Dealer subscribers are key decision makers at brokerage firms, including
independent brokerage organizations, discount brokerages, institutional investment                           Age Range                    $12.50/M
organizations, mutual fund organizations, regional organizations, and insurance
                                                                                                             70+                         3,250
firms.                                                                                                       60-69                      14,067
                                                                                                             50-59                      26,426
Subscribers look forward to receiving their quarterly copy of Broker Dealer to                               40-49                      32,809
keep them up to date on market events, rules, regulations, compliance policies,                              30-39                      17,535
                                                                                                             20-29                       1,244
global events and general issues that affect how they conduct their business, market
their services, and manage their clients. As high-level investment professionals,                            Email Fulfillment            $50 Flat
they share a common interest in products and services that relate to running a
business as well as general investment opportunities that include stocks, bonds, rare                        A signed List Rental Agreement is required for
                                                                                                             all test orders. Sample mailing piece is
coins, precious metals, and new business opportunities.                                                      required for List Owner approval. All rentals
                                                                                                             are for a one-time usage only. Running
The Broker Dealer Subscribers list targets a highly influential audience of                                  charges are billed at $10/M for orders
presidents, partners, owners, and high-level managers at stock brokerage                                     cancelled after processing. Re-uses must be
                                                                                                             cleared by the List Owner prior to mailing.
organizations. They are highly receptive to a wide range of business to business,
home office and financial/investment related offers.                                                         Order Minimum                5,000
                                                                                                             Rev 10.25.10
All Financial/Investment Offers, Home-Office Offers, Executive Self-Improvement
Offers, Executive Travel, Books, Magazines, Newsletters, Seminars, Portable
Electronics, Laptops, Windows Compatible Hardware and Software, Portable
Communication Devices, B-to-B Offers, Catalog Offers, Credit Cards, Fundraisers,
Upscale Consumer Offers, Catalogs and More!

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