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									Thank you for your interest in our Dealer Program.

If you should have any questions or concerns about our program or the completion of
these forms please feel free to contact me directly.

To get started, simply complete the Agreement Form and either the Credit Application
or Credit Card Authorization Form for instant credit.

Please use the contact information below and forward all completed materials via mail
or fax to my attention.

Thank you.

Ph: 877-404-6287
Fx: 818-337-7464
                       Wholesale Dealer Agreement

This agreement dated _____________, 2010, is made by and Between
____________ (Dealer) AND BuyMATS, Inc. (BuyMATS)

Below are the terms of our Agreement. These terms may be changed only by
written notification by either party.

Upon credit approval, BuyMATS, Inc. will:
 Process orders received via email by shipping products to addresses provided by
 Ship products within 2-3 workdays.
 Send samples to customers as requested by Dealer.
 Provide product descriptions and graphic images for use on Dealer website(s).
 Invoice or charge Dealer credit card monthly for orders processed.
 Sales Tax is the Dealer’s responsibility. Unless a resale number is provided,
  BuyMATS will charge Dealer sales tax for all orders being shipped to Rhode
 Provide order status/tracking information upon request by Dealer.
 Provide custom product and shipping quotes upon request by Dealer.
 Work with Dealer to resolve any issues with lost shipments, damage upon-
  arrival shipments, or any other related customer service problems. Any
  products that are delivered damaged or the incorrect product will be exchanged
  or refunded in full (product, postage and handling) at the sole expense of

Wholesale Dealer will:
 Absorb the cost of advertising BuyMATS products.
 Take payment from the customer and absorb the cost of the credit card
 Communicate the purchase information for each sale necessary to fill the order
  and support the customer.
 Handle all customer service inquiries directly with customers.
 If invoiced, pay BuyMATS upon receipt of invoice for products shipped during the
  invoicing period. Payments will include the wholesale price (based on Product
  Price Sheet), the shipping and handling fee and any applicable sales tax for all
 Instruct customers to send returns back to BuyMATS, Inc. Upon receipt Dealer
  will be notified and issued a credit, less shipping costs.

Signatures. Both __________________ and BuyMATS, Inc. agree to the above:

Company: ______________              BuyMATS, Inc.

_______________________              ________________________
                      Date                                    Date
                Credit Card Charge Authorization

For instant credit, simply provide your credit card information, and we will
keep this information on file. By completing the form below and signing, you
authorize us to charge your credit card periodically for any and all charges
related to orders processed / fulfilled by BuyMATS, Inc. on your behalf.

Credit Card Type:      Visa   MasterCard

Name on Credit Card: _______________________________

Credit Card Number:   _______________________________

Expiration Date: _______________

Billing Address: ____________________________________


Phone: ___________________________________

Alternate Phone: ____________________________

Email: _______________________________

Authorization Signature: _________________________

Date: ________________________
                                 Credit Application
Company Name: ______________________________________________________

DBA (if different): ______________________________________________________

Contact Person: _______________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________               Fax: ___________________________

Federal Tax ID or Social Security Number: ___________________________________

Number of Employees: _________         Date Business Established: _________________

Types of Products you wish to purchase: ____________________________________

Amount of credit requested: ______________________________________________

Resale Number (optional): _______________________ Are you tax exempt? ______

Type of Business (Circle one)      Corporation     Partnership      Sole Proprietorship

If Corporation:
State of Incorporation: ___________________________________________________

Names, Titles and addresses of your top three corporate officers:




If Partnership:
Names and addresses of the partners:




If Sole Proprietorship:
Name and address of sole proprietor

Trade References:
Company Name                                     Contact Name


Phone                                            Fax

Name                                             Contact Name


Phone                                            Fax

Name                                             Contact Name


Phone                                            Fax

Bank Reference
Account Number: _____________________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________ Contact Person: ___________________________

Name of Bank: _______________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Authorized Purchasers:________________________________________________________

I represent that the above information is true and is given to induce BuyMATS, Inc. to
extend credit to the applicant. My company and I authorize to make such credit
investigation as sees fit, including contacting the above trade references and banks and
obtaining credit reports. My company and I authorize all trade references, banks and credit
reporting agencies to disclose any and all information concerning the financial and credit
history of my company and myself.

I have read the terms and conditions stated below and agree to all of these terms and

Authorized Signature: ___________________________________________

Printed Name: _________________________________________________

Title: _____________________            Date: _____________________________

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