Document Sample
                                                                Annexure ‘A’
                                                                To Head Office CSD Letter
                                                                No. CSD/77-88/SOP/HP
                                                                Dated _____ August 2007

1.    Eligibility. All serving officers of Grade 17 and above of Armed Forces and others
organizations authorized CSD Car Hire Purchase Scheme facility:-
      a.    Cars of 800cc and below. All commissioned officers/ equivalent/grade 17
            having two years service.
      b.    Cars upto 1000cc. All commissioned officers/ equivalent/grade 17 having
            5 years and above service.
      c.    Cars upto 1300cc. All Majors/ equivalent/ grade 18 officers irrespective of
      d.    Cars Above 1300cc. All commissioned officers having 15 years
            service/equivalent/grade 19 and above (Actual/ moved over).
            Note. In exceptional cases minimum service limit can be relaxed on the
            recommendations of Formation Commander ie Major General/ Equivalent
            and above/ Head of the Organization. Specimen of Service Waiver Certificate
            is attached as Appendix I to A nnexure A.
      e.    Purchase of Lower Specification Cars. Officers can purchase lower
            specification car (if so desire) then their authorization akin to their rank and
      f.    Demand of Second Car.             Officer desirous to purchase 2nd car under
            CSD Hire Purchase Scheme can apply after one year of issue of first car
            subject to closer of the earlier case on lumpsum payment.

2.    Ineligibility. In following cases the applicant will be ineligible:-
      a.    Default in payment of dues in any other hire purchase case.
      b.    Even, if the officer is eligible for the said membership/ facility, CSD
            management has the right to deny the same based on previous hire
            purchase record ie irregular payments etc.

3.    Demand Procedure. Demand procedure will be as under:-
      a.  Filling and Submission of Application.
          (1)    Applicant to collect the Application Form from the nearest CSD Shop/
                 Zonal Office/ Head Office CSD at the cost of Rs. 50/- each. However
                 at stations where Application Forms are not available, same can be
                 downloaded from CSD website
          (2)    Fill in the Application Form as per instructions in the Application Form
                 and forward the same to Head Office CSD, 265 Muhammad
                 Hussain Road Post Office Box 1039, Rawalpindi Cantonment
                 under Unit’s/ Department’s covering letter.
      b.  Vetting and Signing of Application.           After filling of the Application
          Form by applicant, the same will be further vetted and signed as follows:-
     (1)   Applicants Serving in Units/ Formation Headquarters
           Commanding Officer or Officer Commanding in case of independent
           command (personally)/ designated staff officer in case of Formation

     (2)   Applicants Serving in Corps/ Command Headquarters or
           Equivalent Organizations. Designated Grade I Staff Officer of the
           Headquarters will sign in place of Commanding Officer.

     (3)   Applicant Serving in General Headquarters, Air Headquarters,
           Naval Headquarters, Joint Staff Headquarter, and other
           Independent Organizations. Designated Grade I Staff Officer of
           the Branch/ Directorate/Organization will sign in place of Commanding

     (4)   Applicants Serving in Organizations, Headed by Civilian.
           Designated Staff Officer (Grade 19) to sign as Commanding Officer.

     (5)   Mujahid Officers.          Applications will be forwarded through
           Formation Headquarters for activated Mujahid Battalions/Staff and for
           non activated through Mujahid Directorate, General Head quarters
           alongwith recommendations as follows:-
           (a)   In case of activated Mujahid Battalions the Commanding Officer
                 (personally) will sign the application.
           (b)   In case of nucleus staff of deactivated Mujahid Battalions, the
                 application will be signed by designated Staff Officer of the
                 affiliated Formation Headquarters in place of Commanding

     (6)   Officers Serving in Frontier Corps and Pakistan Rangers.
           Designated Grade I Staff Officer of the Unit/ Headquarters will sign as
           a Commanding Officer.

c.   Processing of Demand.
     (1)  On receipt of Application Form at Head Office CSD, same will be
          thoroughly checked/ scrutinized for its correctness.
     (2)  Case will be entered in computer, placed on waiting list and
          Acknowledgement Letter will be issued to the Hire Purchase Member
          containing essential details and observations, if any.
     (3)  Demand of car will be placed to the Car Manufacturing Company
          according to seniority of the case.
     (4)  Tentative delivery schedule of car on receipt from the Motor Company
          will be communicated to the Hire Purchase Member for information.
          Note. Hire Purchase Member or their representative are not allowed to
          communicate with the Car Manufacturer for delivery of the cars etc.
          All communication will be through CSD Hire Purchase Director only.

4.   Delivery of Car.
     a.   On receipt of information for delivery of car from concerned Motor
          Company/ their dealer, Delivery Order will be issued by the Head Office CSD
          to Hire Purchase Member with a copy to CSD Shop concerned.
     b.   After receipt of Delivery Order, the Hire Purchase Member/ authorized
          representative to contact Manager CSD Shop concerned for signing of Credit
          Note and to collect original documents of car (Suzuki Cars only) before
          collection of car from the dealer/ transporter. Documents of car other than
          Suzuki cars will be handed over to the Hire Purchase Member by respective
          dealer of the Motor Companies at the time of delivery of car.
     c.   The Hire Purchase Member or his authorized representative will identify
          himself to the Manager CSD Shop and dealer/ Transporter (for Suzuki Cars
          only) by showing his original service identity card and computerized National
          Identity Card (CNIC). Will also provide photo copy of CNIC to the Manager
          CSD Shop and the dealer/ transporter (ensure the CNIC photo copy is duly
          crossed on both sides as follows:-
                                      FOR USE BY CSD ONLY
     d.   In case the Hire Purchase Member is not in a position to collect the car
          personally due to service compulsions, then the member will forward an
          authority letter in triplicate (specimen attached as Appendix II to Annexure
          A) to Head Office CSD, which will be returned to the officer duly
     e.   The Hire Purchase Member or authorized representative will thoroughly
          check the car. Damage/ loss and discrepancies, if any will be reported to the
          dealer/ transporter as the case may be for rectification. Same will be
          mentioned in Handing/ Taking over Certificate and forwarded to Head Office
          CSD Rawalpindi. Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) of the cars will be carried out
          as follows:-
          (1)    Suzuki Cars.         The Hire Purchase Member will get Pre-Delivery
                 Inspection (PDI) of his car from any nearest authorized dealer of
                 Suzuki Company on priority within the time-frame given in Motor
                 Company’s PDI Coupon.
          (2)    Cars of all other Motor Companies. Since these cars are delivered
                 by the Motor Companies through their authorized dealers therefore
                 PDI will be carried out by the concerned dealer themselves.
     f.   If the Hire Purchase Member fails to collect his car within given time-frame
          demurrage charges levied by the dealer/ transporter, if any will be paid the
     g.   Warranty of Car. CSD is responsible for booking and delivery of car and in
          no circumstances is responsible for warranty of manufacturing / mechanical
          faults of car. Warranty of car will be provided by the Car Manufacturing
          Companies for any manufacturing fault /functional problems and same will
          be resolved by respective Motor Company / their authorized dealer provided
          the same is covered under the given warranty. However any complaint
          which is not resolved through respective dealer of the Motor Company,
          same may be referred to Head Office CSD for taking up case with the
          concerned Motor Company.
h.    Transportation Charges.
           (1)  The Hire Purchase Member will pay transportation charges to the
                dealer/ transporter except (Honda Cars) at the time of taking delivery
                of car.
           (2)  Following transportation charges of Honda cars will be paid in advance
                alongwith down payment of car which are subject to change from
                time to time by the Honda Motor Company:-
                (a) Karachi                                Rs. 8500/-
                (b) Lahore                                 Rs. 2000/-
                (c) Islamabad/ Rawalpindi                  Rs. 6500/-

5.     Insurance of Car.       Insurance of all cars issued under Hire Purchase Scheme
will be mandatory, arranged by the CSD. Comprehensive insurance coverage will be
provided for 5 years. A detailed Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) on the subject will
be issued to the purchaser alongwith Delivery Order of car.

6.    Registration of Car.
      a.   Car will be jointly registered in the name of CSD and Hire Purchase Member.
      b.   Registration Form duly completed and signed will be forwarded by the Hire
           Purchase Member to Head Office CSD/ Manager of concerned CSD Shop for
           signature duly affixed with Joint Registration Stamp on priority (within 10
      c.   Photocopy of registration slip and book will be forwarded by the respective
           Hire Purchase Member to Head Office CSD within 2 months failing which
           CSD will reserve the right to impound the car without any compensation/
           payment to the Hire Purchase Member.
      d.   Officer desirous to arrange registration of his car through CSD at Islamabad/
           Rawalpindi, will forward following alongwith his Application Form:-
           (1)    Registration Form duly signed.
           (2)    Registration Fee as applicable.
           (3)    Transportation charges (Suzuki Cars only).
           (4)    CSD Service Charges for registration Rs. 2000/-
      e.   In case all dues of car have been paid in lumpsum before delivery of car
           Joint Registration will not be mandatory.
      f.   Registration Fee.           Current Registration fee is as follow subject to any
           change by the Government:-

                                                  Registration          Hire Purchase
                                                       Fee              Agreement Fee
            (1)   Car upto 1000cc                 1% of Cost Price           Rs.1200
            (2)   Car of 1001cc to 2000cc         2% of Cost Price           Rs.2000
            (3)   Car of 2001cc and above         4% of Cost Price           Rs.3000

7.     Clearance of Case on Lumpsum Payment of Dues. Any Hire Purchase
Member who desires to pay dues of his car in lumpsum must inform Head Office CSD in
writing mentioning the likely date and month of payment. The dues will be
communicated to him in writing on priority by Head Office CSD. Following will be
      a.    In case Lumpsum Payment is made before Delivery of Car/ within 3
            months of Delivery of Car.
            (1)   Balance cost of car (excluding Down Payment).
            (2)   Markup for relevant period on CSD’s investment.
            (3)   Insurance charges for relevant months (not applicable if lumpsum
                  payment is made before delivery of car).
            (4)   Registration charges (if applicable).
            (5)   Service Charges.
                  (a)   Over 1300 cc cars                Rs. 5000/-
                  (b)   1300 cc cars                     Rs. 3500/-
                  (c)   1000 cc cars                     Rs. 2500/-
                  (d)   Upto 800 cc cars                 Rs. 1800/-
     b.     Lumpsum Payment After Delivery of Car and Commencement of
            (1)   Hire Purchase Price.
            (2)   Insurance for relevant years/ months.
            (3)   Registration charges, (if applicable.)
            (4)   20% of the remaining markup.
            (5)   CSD Service Charges as per para 7a (5) above.

8.    Issue of Case Clearance Certificate.
      a.   Case Clearance Certificate will be issued after 7 days on receipt of all dues
           by CSD subject to credit confirmation of the amount from the bank.
      b.   In case where clearance certificate is required on priority, Hire Purchase
           Members are advised to pay the balance dues in lumpsum through bank
           draft/ pay order/ online transfer instead of making payment through Pay-in-
           Slip for early confirmation of credit of amount from the bank and issuance of
           Clearance Certificate.

9.      Transfer of Car to Officer’s Name.      After issue of        Case Clearance
Certificate, the Hire Purchase Member will forward transfer deed/ transfer form duly
completed to Head Office CSD for signatures. The same will be returned to Hire Purchase
Member duly signed.

10. Prices and Payment Schedule.          The details of cost price, hire purchase price,
down payment and monthly installments are available at CSD shops, respective zonal
offices and Head Office CSD. Information is also available at CSD website Payment will be made as follows:-
       a.  Down Payment. Through Bank Draft/ Pay Order/ Online transfer in favour
           of CSD Car Hire Purchase Account number 15051-88, Habib Bank Limited,
           Kashmir Road Branch Rawalpindi.
       b.  Monthly Installments.Monthly installments will commence with effect
           from fourth calander month from the date of delivery of car. This facility will
           be applicable to the cases entered after issue of revised prices and policy ie
           with effect from 21 August 2007. Installments must be paid by 10th of each
           month as per following procedure:-
           (1)   In Faisal Bank Account Number 120-2027453-006 through
                 Faysal Bank Pay-in-Slip (blank Pay-in-Slips are issued to Hire Purchase
                  Member alongwith delivery order of car). Installment can also be
                  remitted through Bank Draft/ Pay Order/ Online Transfer.
            (2)   In favour of CSD Car Hire Purchase Account number 15051-88, Habib
                  Bank Limited, Kashmir Road Branch Rawalpindi through Bank Draft/
                  Pay Order/ Online Transfer only. Pay-in-Slips/ Deposit Slips will not be
            (3)   Ensuring of regular payment of monthly installments will be the entire
                  responsibility of the Hire Purchase Member.
            (4)   On all delayed payments, Penalty will be leived at the rate of 1% per
                  month or as fixed by CSD Management from time to time.

11.   Changes in Prices.
      a.  CSD has the right to revise the Hire Purchase Prices and monthly
          installments at any time during the leasing period subject to floating markup
          rates of the banks.
      b.  In case of increase in the prices of cars by the Motor Companies before
          release of car, the purchaser will have to pay the difference of price on
          priority before issue of delivery order of car.
      c.  In case of decrease in the prices of cars, excess amount will be adjusted in
          the monthly installments and Hire Purchase Member will be informed

12.   Change in Demand.
      a.  Change in Make and Type of Car. In case any change in make and type
          of car is required by the Hire Purchase Member, the present Membership will
          be cancelled and the applicant will forward fresh Application. Fresh case will
          be entered and placed on waiting list according to his fresh seniority for
          booking of car. This facility will only be given if demand of car has not been
          placed by CSD to the Motor Company.

      b.    Change of Delivery Station.
            (1)    Suzuki Cars.       Will be considered subject to receipt of written
                   request from the Hire Purchase Member
                    with detailed reasons in advance ie before despatch of car from
            (2)    Other Motor Companies Cars.          No request for change of
                   delivery station will be entertained after submission of demand by
                   CSD to the Car Manufacturing Companies.
      c.    Change in Down Payment /Installments. No change will be entertained
            after entry of case with CSD.
      d.    Choice of Colour.          No change will be entertained after entry of case
            with CSD.

13. Withdrawal of Demand.              Withdrawal of demand will not be allowed once car
has been booked with the Motor Company. However, at initial stage when demand of car
has not been placed to the Car Manufacturing Company by CSD, down payment can be
refunded to applicant, if so desired. Rs 2000/- will be deducted as processing charges in
such cases.

14. Settlement/ Compensation In Case of Shahadat or Death of Hire
Purchase Member. (Applicable for the cases entered wef 21 Aug 07 onwards)
     a.   All dues will be excused/ waived off and clearance certificate will be issued
          to the next of kin, if car has been issued by the Motor Company.However,
          those Hire Purchase Members who are in default or irregular in making
          payment of installments in any other Hire Purchase case, will not be eligible
          for any such concession.
     b.   In case the death occurs during the booking period, full amount of down
          payment deposited by the Hire Purchase Member will be refunded to his
          next of kin.
     c.   Special Concession from United Insurance Company Limited. In
          case of death of any Hire Purchase Member occurs due to accident in the
          car issued under CSD Hire Purchase Scheme which is insured by the said
          Insurance Company, the company will arrange:-
          (1)    Payment of Rs 20000/- (Rupees twenty thousand only) to next of kin.
          (2)    Repatriation of dead body of Hire Purchase Member within Pakistan.
          (3)    Funeral expenses and arrangements in case of death of Hire Purchase
                 Member within Pakistan.
     d.   For availing the waiver of all dues following documents will be forw arded by
          the Unit/ Headquarter/ Organization concerned to Head Office CSD
          (1)    Immediate signal/ fax/ letter regarding the intimation of death stating
                 location and cause of death as well.
          (2)    Attested photocopy of Unit’s/ Central Officers Record Office Part-II
                 Order etc on account of shahadat/ death of the Hire Purchase
          (3)    Attested photocopy of death certificate issued by Military
                 Hospital/dependant Hospital based on which Unit Order/ Central
                 Officers Record Office Part-II Order is published.
          (4)    Certificate by the next of kin of the shaheed/ deceased that the said
                 car is in possession and use of the next of kin (parents/spouse). The
                 certificate shall be duly signed by Commanding Officer/ Officer
                 Commanding of the Unit/ Headquarter/ Organization.

15. Cancellation of Membership.              CSD Management reserves the right to deny
or cancel the membership of any individual at any stage of the contract period for any
items in which following action will be taken by the CSD Management:-
       a.    If the car/ other item has been booked and not yet delivered, the down
             payment will be returned after charging the following processing fee:-
             (1). Cars                 -           Rs. 2000/-
             (2). Motor Cycles         -           Rs. 800/-
             (3). Other Items          -           Rs. 500/-
       b.    If the item has been delivered, or the member has refused to accept, the
             same will be acquired/ collected by the CSD and Auctioned/ disposed off and
             balance amount (Down Payment) will be returned after deducting CSD dues
             including charges as mentioned in para 15(a) above.

16. Interpretation of Terms and Conditions of CSD Car Hire Purchase
Scheme. The essential points/ details have been incorporated in the “Terms and
Conditions/ SOP” of the subject scheme. However, it is clarified for information that
decision of “Managing Director CSD” will be final in case of any dispute/ difference of
opinion in any clause of “Terms and Conditions/ SOP” of the scheme, which will be
decided on case to case basis.

17.   These instruction shall be effective with effect from 21 August 2007.

                                                                           Lt Col (Retd)
                                                              For Managing Director,CSD
                                                                   (Kazim Hussain Shah)

                                                                 Appendix - I
                                                                 To Annexure ‘A’
                          SERVICE WAIVER CERTIFICATE
                 (To be signed by Major General/Equivalent and above)

      Commissioned service of Service Number ____________Rank________________

Name____________________________Unit/Organization ________________________

is less than the required service for purchase of car under CSD Hire Purchase Scheme,

however he is financially sound and capable to pay back CSD Hire Purchase dues.

Therefore his less service of ______ years and ______ months is hereby waived off to

make him eligible for purchase of car.

                                                Signature       __________________

                                                Service Number___________________

                                                Rank/Designation _________________

Station___________                              Appointment    ___________________

Office Stamp                                    Name            __________________

Date: ______________                            Formation Headquarter/ Organization
                                                Phone Number___________________
                                                                   Appendix - II
                                                                   To Annexure ‘A’
                           SPECIMEN AUTHORITY LETTER
                             (To be prepared in triplicate)

1.     I, Service Number_________________Rank/Designation_____________________
Name_____________________________hereby authorize Service Number___________
Rank ___________ Name/Mr/Mrs.________________________Son/Daughter______ ___
___________________________ (herein referred as the collector) to collect the car on
my behalf through CSD.
His three specimen signatures are as under: -
a.______________________b.____________________ c._________________________

2. CNIC Number of Collector
                                   (Attested photo copy to be attached)

3. Phone/Cell Number of collector for contact _____________________.

Date._____________                       Signature of Hire Purchase Member

                     CNIC Number


Station_______________                    Signature of Unit Commander/Designated Staff
                                          Officer (in case of
Office Stamp
Dated._______________                     Service Number. ___________________________
                                          Rank./Designation __________________________
                                          Name.     __________________________________
                                          Unit/Formation/Organization __________________

                             HEAD OFFICE CSD

     Note. In case of incomplete authority letter or one where signature of purchaser
     differ from those on the application, the authority letter will not be accepted.