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Annual Report 2007
               Incorporating the

   Quality of Care Report 2006 -2007

 Sandringham Aged Care Association Inc.

         A Not for Profit Organization
‘Built By the Community for the Community’

Fairway is a „not-for-profit‟ aged care
facility ‘Built by the Community for the
Community’. We offer low care, ageing
in place (high care) and respite care.

Fairway is governed by Sandringham
Aged Care Association Inc which consists
of 12 volunteer Committee members.

Fairway was built primarily to service the
needs of the local bayside community. It
was originally built in 1995 and was
extended in 2004 to the current 62 beds.
Further expansion is planned for the future.

 195 Bluff Rd
 Sandringham 3191
 Tel: 9599 4199
  Fax: 9599 4190

Quality care is our purpose...

                Our Mission is…

              To provide high quality care
                  and safe environment
              with empathy, understanding
                   and shared humour

                                   Consent obtained for use of all photos   3
Care Excellence

Case Study:

iCare computerized clinical
management system

Documentation plays a huge role in           facts:
the nursing and carer profession.
Codes of practice determine
standards of documentation yet in
                                             Throughout 2006 / 2007
aged care the government funding
                                             Fairway provided:
system relies on nursing
assessment and care staff                    • 33,050 hours of care
documentation. This means that too
many hours are spent documenting             • 2560 hours medication
instead of caring. The decision was made     administration
to change to a computer based
„paperless‟ system.                          • Majority of care staff say
                                             iCare has reduced their
After researching many software              documentation time by 25-50%
packages, iCare was chosen. In May 2007
                                             Quality of Care
all care staff were trained in iCare and
were very excited about using iCare in the   100% of Residents stated they
workplace. Even staff who had never used     were satisfied with overall
a computer before felt empowered by          level of care
the change and could see the
                                             (Source: Resident Survey 2006)
benefits immediately. The reality of
eliminating tedious documentation meant
more staff time is now dedicated to care
rather than documenting.

Leisure & Lifestyle

Case Study:

Men’s Business

Matching leisure activities to a
person‟s interests and wishlist is current    facts:
best practice.

Fairway staff created the weekly              Throughout 2006 / 2007
“Men‟s Group” over 18 months ago.             Fairway provided:
It is a specially designed group which
caters for „what men want to do‟.             • 9056 hours of therapy
Common activities are poker, roulette,
coffee at a local café and even beer          • 312 hours of counseling
                                              • 30 regular volunteers
The participants are full of praise for the
group and were particularly delighted by      Quality of Care
Lesley Furneaux‟s (diversional therapist
and facilitator of the group) surprise        97% of Residents are
formal luncheon.                              satisfied with range of
                                              activities offered
Since the group‟s inception staff have
noted and been delighted by the many          (Source: Resident Survey 2006)
positive behavioural changes of the

Now, it is a matter of Lesley keeping
up with the men!

Catering services
Case Study:

Commitment to service

During mid 2007 a catering staff member           facts:
was granted extended leave without pay
for family reasons. Whilst this is nothing
new in the aged care industry, given the
                                                  Throughout 2006 / 2007 Fairway
age of the workforce, it was the other
staff members‟ response to the leave
which won the support of the residents            • 15,774 hours of catering &
and particularly Jean Wheeler who is              cleaning services
President of the Resident‟s Committee.
                                                  • 67,890 meals
Jean organised a formal acknowledgement
of staff efforts for the remaining staff who
all “pitched in” to cover the vacant shifts. It
also meant agency staff were not used             Quality of Care
and the continuity of the catering service
                                                  97% of Residents said the menu
was completely unaffected.
                                                  satisfied their cultural needs

Jean not only discussed the above service         (Source: Resident Survey 2006)

quality at the Resident's Committee, she
also reported the same to the monthly
governing Committee meeting.

We congratulate Claire Jackson – Kitchen
Manager and the entire catering team.

Financial facts
          Where do we get our income?

                                        Commonwealth Govt



              Where are our costs?

                                Care & services
                                Maintenance, insurance

Staff…our greatest asset


                       Number of staff   50

                       Fulltime staff    4

                       Part time staff   42

                       Casual staff      4

                       Average age       47 yrs

    Major Improvements
       Outdoor furniture & cushions for renovated central courtyard
       Ensuite cabinetry in House 2 re-laminated
       Portable garden planters for House 5 patio
       Water tanks installed for watering gardens
       Large screen television for House 5
       Bayside City Library home delivery service commenced
       Hiring of Coffee machine for staff
       iCare computerised (software) documentation system
       IT workstations, office furniture and computers purchased for Nurses
        Offices in Houses 1 & 5
       Chess set for outdoors
       Hostel street number clearly displayed by reflectors and number painted on
        gutter kerb
       Free standing pillar in House 5 decorated by visiting Art Therapist
       Several older chairs in main lounge room reupholstered
       Weekly visiting pet therapy for House 5 residents
       Internal phone for visitors to contact staff in House 5 foyer
       Quit smoking campaign for staff
       Internet connected to resident's computer
       Residents received training in internet by Board members
       Dome clock and „life like dog‟ purchased for House 5
       Website improved

       Purchased via Trading Table
       $750 per quarter towards outing costs eg: afternoon teas on bus trips
       Courtyard furniture
       Extra Hairdressing chair

With sincere thanks to Gladys Gillespie
for her marvellous efforts in running
the Trading Table and raising much
needed funds.

Patron of Fairway
This year of 2007 has been another achieving and successful year for Fairway
Hostel, for residents, committee members, manager and staff. It is always a joy
for me to visit Fairway, past the beautiful front garden, so successfully maintained
through these past drought stricken months by committee members, Jill Cruthers,
Jan Allatt and Jill‟s husband Bill. Another great sight to see is a resident at the
computer, together with committee members Shirley Martin and John Fisher,
learning how to travel the world using Google Earth and other programs.

I personally very much enjoy attending Happy Hour as a member of a roster at
Fairway on a Sunday morning to be „barman‟ and to share information and
conversation with our residents. It is a great way of keeping in touch and is
very aptly named „Happy Hour‟. More volunteers are needed and are very

All of us at Fairway were very sad at the death of Barry Hutchins in March this
year, Honorary Treasurer of the Sandringham Aged Care Association since its
inception in 1993. Barry‟s financial acumen, leadership and wise counsel have
contributed so much to the establishment and maintenance of this outstanding
hostel. He has been a wonderful friend and benefactor of Fairway. His
replacement as Honorary Treasurer, Mr Kevin McDonnell, has been warmly
welcomed to the Committee of Management.

All connected with Fairway will be delighted if the Commonwealth Government
accedes to the request of Sandringham Aged Care Association for the allocation of
30 high care beds to Fairway. This would be ideal for residents, providing ageing
in place when needed. I am sure our local politicians, Bayside City Council and our
community will support the project just as they did for the initial building program.

Patron of Fairway                                cont/-

As a community hostel, community support is essential and invaluable for Fairway and it
was with great appreciation that Fairway received a gift of $6000 from the Royal
Melbourne Golf Club women players as proceeds from their Charity Day.

I love the ambience of Fairway and am greatly impressed with the variety and quality of
life style provided to all our residents. For this I congratulate our CEO, Helen Jennings
and all staff members who are so affectionate, imaginative and enthusiastic in their care,
and their desire for constant improvement.

I congratulate Shirley Martin on her six outstanding years as President of
Sandringham Aged Care Association encompassing times of great change to Fairway –
a new building, new residents and a new CEO, and as well, her most recent
achievement of Ph.D. I also congratulate Laurence Evans as the new President.
He has been an important part of the vision of Fairway since its very beginnings and
chairs an innovative, inspirational and hard working Committee. Our thanks go to you all.

Also, my hopes and best wishes go to all at Fairway for great success in the next stage
of Fairway‟s development.

                                                                          Lesley Falloon


As my first presentation of an Annual Report I must say I felt very honoured to be
elected as President of the Sandringham Aged Care Association Incorporation, the
association charged with the running of Fairway Hostel. Following in the footsteps
of both Lesley Falloon (our first President) and more recently Shirley Martin is in
itself a very daunting task. Both have made significant and outstanding contributions
to the development of Fairway. Their stewardship at the helm of running both a
caring hostel and a large business has been exemplary. It is also refreshing that
Lesley has become our Patron and that Shirley has not retired and still remains an
active Committee member. All of this does not happen without an active and
hardworking Committee of Management and dedicated and caring staff. Firstly the
Committee of Management:

Helen Stuchberry who is our Secretary and whose minutes of meetings very rarely
are altered as to the correctness of what was said at the meeting. Her knowledge of
protocol is much appreciated. We were extremely lucky to secure the services of
Kevin McDonnell as our Treasurer after the untimely death of our first Treasurer
Barry Hutchins. Our Patron has mentioned in her report the sadness the Committee
felt with his death. Kevin has taken over and already has made several
improvements. Jan Allatt contributes immensely to the committee in both furnishings
and the garden, both of which are kept in very good condition. She is a hard
working „Hands – on‟ Committee member. Her homemade cakes at Committee
meetings are just „the icing on the cake‟ (pardon the pun).

Jill Cruthers has taken on the task of organising the upkeep etc of the garden and
I‟m sure everyone would agree she has done an exceptional job. Also many thanks
to her husband Bill for his continuing help. It is a just recognition of her work that
the Committee committed a significant amount for her and Jan Allatt to spend in
buying more rainwater tanks for the summer period. John Fisher is a relatively new
member to the Committee and already has stamped his mark as a caring and
committed member. Also Anthony Reinhardt is a new member and is well known as
a caring community member having served on our local Council for a number of
years. I have already spoken the praises of Shirley Martin (who is now referred to as
Doc Martin after receiving her Doctorate) who always commits to debate with a
level–headed and wise approach.

 President                    cont/-

Jan Douglas, who I refer to as the „Quiet achiever‟ always comes to the meetings with
considered views and has that „good listener‟ air about her. Her contributions have been
outstanding. Ashley de Silva has contributed in a specialist engineering port folio. We are
indeed very lucky to have a man of his experience assist us in decisions involving new
and upkeep of plant and fittings.

It is also of great importance to have Marguerite Abbott, General Manager/Director of
Nursing of Sandringham & District Hospital on our Committee. This continues our links
with our neighbour and Bayside Health. Also Carolyn McClean, Group Manager,
Community & Leisure Bayside City Council has joined the Committee and brings a
wealth of experience, having managed running hostels at a Council level. We are indeed
very fortunate to have her as our guest speaker tonight. As President I wish to thank
each and everyone for their willing commitment to this Association.

Now to our wonderful and caring staff, aptly led by our CEO Helen Jennings. Helen
attends our Committee meetings and has the task of running the „day to day‟ operations
of the Hostel. She is thoroughly professional and caring and provides expert advice on
these matters. It is a testament to our staff that Jean Wheeler - in her resident‟s report,
highly commended the care that all staff provide for our residents. Committee members
personally signed cards for all our staff in a recognition of thanks for their work.
Committee members can direct policy and vision but without the care for our residents
from staff it does not make the Hostel as good as we believe it is. The Committee wish to
reinforce this with all who work for Fairway. And to all of our residents we wish that you
are cared for in a dignified and caring manner.

As reported to you in the newsletter and explained at a resident‟s meeting, the main
focus of the Committee this year has been an application to the Federal Government for
30 High Care Bed licences. We will not know the outcome of this until late November.
We have also applied to Bayside City Council for a Town Planning Permit which we
has now been granted.. In conclusion I wish to say to staff, residents, families
and relatives, volunteers and friends that the Committee of Management is proud to be
part of such a caring organisation.
                                                                          Laurence Evans

  Chief Executive Officer

We have enjoyed yet another eventful year at Fairway. We have begun planning for a
very exciting project to expand and include a 30 bed high care wing. Whilst we shall
not know until November if we have been successful in gaining further bed licenses
from the Federal government our enthusiasm has not been curtailed. We have had
preliminary designs drawn and have now had a formal planning permit issued. This
move to expand Fairway secures our future even further and ensures Bayside
residents have access to high quality aged care in their local community.

I would like to formally thank the Committee of Governance who have been extremely
proactive and supportive of ideas for change. Their total commitment to ensuring
Fairway remain as a leader in the local community is a direct credit to the
governing prowess of our Committee members.

This year has been another strong fiscal year only driven into deficit due to absorption
of a large adjustment to staff entitlements and the employment of architects and
consultants for the proposed high care wing. Our income was also lower than
expected as we experienced an unpredictable huge turnover of mainly high care

A highlight of the the last 12 months has been the innovatinve introduction of time -
saving technology. We introduced a fantastic computerised clinical management
system named iCare. It allows for computerisation of all clinical care assessments,
progress notes and care plans and allows for a more streamlined documentation
system of resident care needs. It reduces the time of needless paperwork and time
consuming administration tasks. iCare has significantly reduced the time spent
by care staff doing tedious tasks and has led to more time being spent in providing
direct care to residents. That said, more improvements are still needed, as we have
only just begun our journey to better using technology to improve resident

Chief Executive Officer
Currently in the aged care system we have silos of knowledge – most often between
health professionals. The increased use of technology is the answer to improving the
current communication channels. It is my dream that governments will provide high
speed broadband for every home, and aged care facility in Australia – only then will
video consultations be an every day reality. It could mean residents no longer have to
endure a 3 hour wait for a specialist appointment. Rather the specialist consultation,
whether that be the medical specialist, nurse specialist or pharmacist would simply mean
talking to the specialist via a computer screen. Follow up items like xrays, blood tests
and medications etc could also be arranged via a computer.

The Federal Minister for Ageing is reported* as saying in September 2007, currently
165,000 staff care for 155,000 residents in the aged care sector. By 2025… it is
estimated the number of residents will virtually double to 300,000. This means the
number of staff working in the aged care sector will need to increase dramatically.
Whilst workforce planning strategies are already underway, the adoption of new
technology systems can and will make a huge difference and will free up staff time for
direct care provision. I believe it is up to the aged care sector and us as voters, to ensure
the government assists us, to make this a reality.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who generously give their time to meet the needs
of others. Fairway volunteers perform a wide range of duties from watering gardens, to
ironing clothes to weekly Happy Hours and shopping for Residents. I also wish to thank
two special residents who never stop volunteering their time. Jean Wheeler in her role
as President of the Residents Committee and for being a „teacher and tour guide‟ to
prospective residents during our monthly tours and Gladys Gillespie for her never
ending efforts in operating the very successful Trading Table. Thank you both so very

Of course I cannot forget our highly skilled and dedicated staff. I applaud each and every
one of you for your continued efforts and commitment to ensuring Fairway is, and
will continue to be, a unique community spirited organisation, delivering excellent
standards of care and service innovation.
                                                                           Helen Jennings

(IT: Informer issue 3 September 2007)
    Treasurer‟s Report

I have pleasure in presenting my report of the year ending 30 June 2007.
The result for the year after fully providing for depreciation of $422,828 was a deficit of
($78,330) compared with a surplus in the previous year of $89,663.

The deficit was brought about by

    expenditure associated with the new high care wing of $20,975
    interest on bond payout of $22,620 as a result of changes to Accommodation Bond
     regulations. This change was foreshadowed in last year‟s report
    lower Commonwealth subsidies of $80,846 than expected.

The resultant deficit is considered by the Committee to be a one off situation.
The results for the 3 months ending September 2007 are a surplus and are in line
with the budget.

Our cash position at 30th June 2007 stood at $4,074,778 to support our bond repayment
obligations of $11,360,347.

This is a very comfortable position and more than adequate to ensure that
accommodation bond repayments are always made within statutory time limits.
It is reassuring that the Federal government now guarantees all accommodation bonds
in Commonwealth funded aged care facilities

The results for the 30th June 2006 were adjusted down by $27,530 from a surplus of
$117,193 to $89,663 to reflect an error in accounting for leave entitlements.

I would like to express my appreciation to the members of the Finance Committee for all
 their time and support.
                               On behalf of the Committee
                                   Kevin McDonnell


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