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					                            TERM TWO 2010

                            KEEP IN TOUCH

                        PHONE 06 3700415
                          FAX 06 3700419

Term two has been a very busy and full on term.
We welcomed in new Matron Kerry Cartmell and Management Assistant Ar-
thur Samuel and their family at the start of the term.
All of our students are involved in a winter activity. There have been some
great results and many of our students have gained representative honours.
 The highlight of the term has been the Hostel Ball weekend. Friday night Hos-
tel Idol was held. There were many talented and funny acts and our astute
judges Elaine Beck and Livi Geange judged the year 11 girls as winners. All of
the students got involved and enjoyed the night.
The Saturday night Ball was a lot of fun with nearly all of the students spend-
ing most of the time up on the dance floor.
Sunday we all boarded three buses and went to Fielding High for a sports ex-
change. Every student participated in a sport with some students filling in for
us and playing sports they haven’t played before. Although the weather was
cold and wet it didn’t effect the enthusiasm and effort our students put in. A
very successful and fun weekend. A huge well done must go to Charlotte, Tim,
Tam, Mark, and their team of prefects for the tremendous job they did in or-
ganising the weekend. Also a big thank you to all the staff who helped out over
the weekend with cleaning up decorating and taking sports teams.
Our Hostel Parents Golf day is coming up on Sunday 25th July. Please mark
this down on your calendar as it is a really fun day.
Lastly I hope everyone has a great holiday break, gets rested up and not too
wet and cold for a busy term 3.

Tony Browne
Hostel Manager
    Students are to return to the hostel in uniform on Sunday 18th July after 6.30pm

         Please return your student after 6.30pm only as before this staff are in
                   meetings and no one will be available to supervise

                          Open day Wednesday 11th August

   Please let the office know if your address, e-mail or phone number has changed

           Weekend leave needs to be in by 8.30pm Wednesday evenings

      A reminder that junior students are to hand in all of their phones at night.
         Assistance from Parents/Caregivers would be greatly appreciated.

                          UNIFORM SHOP HOURS

 Holiday Hours—Thursday 15th July and Friday 16th July, 1pm-4pm

                 Term Hours—Mon, Wed, Fri 3pm—5pm
                       Tues, Thur 1pm—2.30pm

                                 TERM DATES

TERM 3      MONDAY 19 JULY                       -    FRIDAY 24 SEPTEMBER

TERM 4      MONDAY 11 OCTOBER                    -    THURSDAY 9 DECEMBER
             Wairarapa College
         Hostel Parents Committee Golf
                      Golfers &Non-Golfers

Where:        Riversdale Beach Golf Club
When:       Sunday 25th July 2010
                       (Postponement date 1st August)

           Registration & Morning Tea 10.00
                   Shotgun start 11.00
                     Lunch provided

What:      Stableford competition for Golfers
         Ambrose for non-golfers teams of three
   (Arrange your own team or join one of ours to play 9 holes )

Cost: $20.00

Fabulous prizes, great food, Dutch auction, lots of fun.
Come have a day at the coast and practise your short

                          Enquiries to
                College House Office 06 3700415
Another term over and what a long one!

We are sure all students will be looking forward to a well deserved holiday. This
term has been a very busy one with all students involved in sports and outside
activities. It is great to see all our students go off enthusiastically to their games
and activities to do their best.

This term has seen all the common winter colds and flu hit the hostel, which at
times has kept the dispensary very busy.

Our compulsory in weekend went very well with all students and staff involved in
skit night on the Friday, hostel ball Saturday night and Fielding exchange on Sun-
day. Even though this was a full on weekend it was great to see all students and
staff getting involved in all activities and enjoy themselves. A big thank you to the
prefects for their input and organisation of the weekend, well done! To our staff al-
so who supported them and were there to help out with costumes and organising of
sports teams for the weekend. A big thank you.

Those students who stay in on the weekends have been treated to many different
activities, sometimes limited by the weather. A huge thank you to the supervisors
who put a lot of effort in to entertaining our students and make their weekend an
enjoyable time.

So we certainly have plenty to celebrate this term with student achievement and
successes whether it be on the sports field or school related activities, or just how
our hostel students conduct themselves when they are out representing College
House. We are very proud of you.

We wish you all a restful, fun holiday and look forward to seeing you back in
Term 3.

Kerry Cartmell & Shelley Hurihanganui
                                     Charlotte Mossman—Head Girl

                            It is so hard to believe that term two is already at an end.

                            There has been another definite change in the weather with the dreaded Winter
                            months kicking in. With the change of seasons brings changes in sports with this
                            seasons winter sports well underway. Good luck to all those participating.

                            For the first time in 3 years we held our hostel ball on the weekend of the 12th.
                            This was a huge success with everyone getting dressed up to the theme of
                            “Welcome to the Jungle” We were able to have the use of the new school hall
                            which had plenty of room for all of the students and their parents. Thank you to
                            all those that attended and a huge thank you to all the staff and students that
                            helped out.

                            On Sunday everyone took part in the Fielding exchange battering it out in their
                            chosen sports against other boarders. This day was another success with the help
                            of the students all taking part and participating and again with the help of all our
                            staff volunteering their help.

                            Hope everyone has a safe and well deserved holiday and we will see everyone
                            back here for the 3rd term.

                         Tim Groves—Head Boy

The second term has been very demanding with mock exams and internals.
Everyone is behaving well. The ball went great and everyone thoroughly
enjoyed it. The bus ride to Fielding was great with movies playing on the
way there and back. The sports exchange with Fielding went well everyone
had fun, but we lost which was a bugger. Otherwise the hostel is going well
but I cant wait for summer time.

                                                              PREFECTS’ REPORT

                                         Ah the role of a prefect, what a life!
                                         You get the blue of a blazer, the shine of a badge and the
                                         creaking complaints that 5 more minutes in bed would enhance
                                         each students life..
                                         We‟ve had a good term 2 having a great bonding session of
                                         paintballing in Welly and the experience of a successful hostel
                                         ball. We‟ve had our downs but they‟ve been few and far be-
                                         tween and in comparison with the experiences we have on du-
                                         ty, they‟re minute.

                                         Cheers Pratt and Geoff
       On Saturday 12th June we had the hostel ball. Everyone looked cool
as because we all dressed up in jungle costumes. The theme was “Welcome
to the Jungle,” there were lots of Janes and Tarzans.

When we got to the hall they turned off the lights and put the music on so
everyone started dancing. The songs played through pretty much without
stopping and when people were dancing it looked like slow motion. It
looked like people were far away when they were right beside you, it was
real confusing, but awesome as. If my friends and I went into the middle of
all the people we got stood on it was so crowded.

There were prizes for best dressed girls, which was Anna and Dessy. The
boys beat dressed went to most of the year 11 dorm, they were
dressed as Avatars. Best dancer was Jacob Thorpe.

 After that we started dancing again, lots of people went on the stage
and danced.

When the last song finished at 11 o'clock my legs were so sore I did-
n't want to walk back to the hostel.

Everyone enjoyed the night and I really want to have
another ball!
By Sammy

                                                     Hostel Ball by Sergio Campbell

                                        With the return of the Hostel Ball to our calendar, the jun-
                                        gle theme was taken up spectacularly by all students, a
                                        great night filled with animals, hunters and even charac-
                                        ters from Avatar. Well done
                                        to the boys in blue who
                                        took the best
                                        costume overall prize and
                                        good job to all others who
                                        dressed for the occasion. A
                                        special mention goes out to
                                        Lisa Hansen, Sophie Day
                                        and Ben Udy who generous-
                                        ly helped the evening run
                                        smoothly. Thanks to Aidan Copps for the music and light-
                                        ing arrangements, they were fantastic.
Boys Annexes                                                            DORM 1, by Max Hornblow

Chris Taylor awoke with a grin at 7:00 AM, jumped
out of bed, had a shower and was booted out the door                    In dorm 1, this term has been and gone just
for breakfast by one of the kind supervisors. On his                    like the warm weather. With winter now
way for toast Chris said a brief hello to Dave, Geoff,                  here also comes rugby which most of us
Chippy, Hicksy, myself, James, Sam Taylor (no rela-                     participate in with Andy, Logan and Jack
tion), Hayden, Tom, Rex and Steve. He‟s got a feel-                     training hard with the 1st’s as for myself,
ing that tonights gonna be a good night because it was
                                                                        Francis, Monte and Ryan are training hard-
the night of the Hostel Idol, Chris‟ favourite time of
                                                                        er in the 2nd’s with Mr Haeata as coach.
the year. But when the fantastic moment arrived all
of Chris‟ hopes and ambitions were cruelly cut short                    Not far behind
by a person of dubious innocence. As Chris was                          us is Wiremu in
hurled backwards off his chair. The person witnessed                    the 3rd’s.
disappearing into the shadows was none other than                       While most of
Mrs Pickett!! Thus Chris‟ night was ruined. But seri-                   us are out play-
ously the Boy‟s Annexes have had a good term with                       ing rugby and
many arguments, study periods, corner fights and                        stuff Brad’s
food stealing. And Tom Abbot IS the fire warden.                        been keeping
                                                                        busy with small
Hayden                                                                  bore rifle
                                                                        shooting and
                       DORM 4                                           tennis in which
                                                                        he seems to be going well.
       It’s been a very quick term with rug-                            Keep it up Dorm 1.
       by, soccer and hockey happening,
       everybody in and out of the dorm,
       it’s been very quiet.
                                                                                      DORM 3
       Many jobs have been given out to                          Well where to start. It has been a busy term for
       everyone but overall                                      the boys of dorm 3. We have all been keeping
       the dorm has been                                         ourselves amused with a bit of sport after school.
       pretty quiet and we
                                                                 This term has seemed to have flown
       are looking forward to                                    by with our first senior exams and then the fielding
       the long and hard                                         sports exchange. It has been a big term for Cody this
       earned rest, until next                                   term, as he got himself a great young lady and he
       term.                                                     finally went home. Bens still fluttering around the
                                                                 dorm like a butterfly, Kobi and Lakota
       Laterz from Shane C                                        are still brothers and Keys is only found in the dorm
                                                                 when he’s not with his girl or chasing bacon in the
                                                                 bush. Jimmy, Colty and Billy are easiest found in
                                                                 front of the play station and Page well he’s still him-
       Dorm 2                                                    self. As for the rest of us we’re just “TC”.

       This term dorm two has been full on with sports train-    Cheers the
       ing and lots of other things. Everyone has been getting   ‘Avatars’
       jobs as we do now and again. We have been blasting
       the sounds and playing a bit of play station.
       That‟s dorm 2

Girls’ Dorms
                   With Winter sports under way                                              Dorm 6 by Shannon Camp-
                   the girls are always out and                                                           bell
                   about making the most of it.                                             Hey its been a long term, all
                   Megan’s loving her hockey and                                            the girls have been really into
                   the many other numerous                                                  their sport. Most of the dorm
                   amount of sports she plays; Shy’s                                        are particularly into Team Ex-
                   in rep netball with her superstar                                        treme soccer which some-
                   skills; Brooke and Toni are play-                                        times is not too good, as with
                                                                                            old age we seem to loose en-
ing hockey and Brooke occasionally plays social soc-
                                                                        thusiasm. When we do play it is straight mon-
cer for my team if we’re short. Sam is still dancing
                                                                        grel even without our superstar Prattley. The se-
and recently started running, training once a week;                     cond term being such a long one the girls are
Annemieke’s using her sweet goalie skills in the                        craving for the holidays especially with the win-
2nds for hockey; Alice plays social soccer in my                        ter sickness.
team along with Annemieke, Shy and Bonnie. Bon-
nie and I have been improving our hockey skills ,                        Prep time may sometimes be a little slack with
and most of us are either in the A or B basketball                      the overload of homework, people have the temp-
team. Next year we will be more organised and                           tation to neglect work. I‟m sure once the dorm
have our own dorm social soccer team!!!                                 has been recharged from the holidays we will be
                                                                        ready to rip into everything again.
Apart from our sports we are all having fun and a
big get well soon goes out to Alice, who we are
missing very much.
By Tegan                                                                                   DORM 7

                                                                The girls have started off extremely well this term getting into
                                                                all the winter sorts such as Soccer, Rugby, Netball, Hockey,
                          DORM 9                                Basketball, Kickboxing and Squash.

 This term has been a full and exciting one for the dorm with   The girls have done really well with winning the Hostel dorm
 all kinds of events happening, such as big sing, stage chal-   skits and Hostel haka.
 lenge, hostel stay in weekend/ball, cross country and of
 course the usual winter sports.                                Well, as for the dorm........well....Chloe‟s growing guns bigger
                                                                than a bazooka from Kickboxing. Anna‟s got a new boyfriend
 We‟re all really getting into the hang of things around here   (LOL smiley face). Jaimee‟s a little worry sometimes, with
 and are beginning to see some wacky personalities shine
                                                                her knee stuffing up all the time + looking hot at Hostel Ball.
                                                                Caity and Stacey - always the dorms laughs. Olivia‟s found
 Katie‟s our sports star,                                       out she‟s out for the netball season and next with her knee in-
 Abby‟s the clown                                               jury. Ruby - iPod touch „that's the favourite‟. Loretta‟s all up
 Sammy‟s always there for you,                                  with Senior B netball, training hard and winning games. But
 Emma's got a future career in hockey.                          thats only one part of her great weekends. Alena is still the
 Jess rocks our dorm,                                           dorms crab, scuttling her way around everyone. Dessy and
 Em non-stop fun.                                               Sophie planned winter jam 4 weeks before dates - going to be
 Charlotte has a heart of gold,                                 a great night. Carleigh is still fussing with her hair in the
 Shaks our up n coming Beyonce.                                 morning and doing her teeth check every breakfast, lunch and
 Lotte perfectly organised,
                                                                tea. Marlee, well, she just makes the
 Kylie is the table tennis queen.
 Jessica best hostel ball costume,                              dorm look good 24/7 and keeps us as a
 Shenelle is our soccer saviour.                                family, and as for Liana.....we will
 Georgia always smiling,                                        miss her so much and never forget
 Susan is our dancing pro.                                      you‟re a dorm sister.
 And me, can‟t wait for the holi-
 days.                                                          Well I hope everyone has a good and
                                                                safe holiday.
 Cheers Bella
                                                                Sophie x
                                 Basketball                                       RUGBY U15’S

     Wednesday is the day of the week that all of the WaiCol Jnr A                This year the U15’ rugby team has had
                     loves the most. GAME DAY!!                                   an average start by winning our first
     This week we played St. Matts in the Semis and won 48-11. It
                                                                                  two games but losing our second two to
   was an amazing game, all the girls put in 100% effort and it cer-
                                                                                  Hato Paora, but then going on to win
    tainly paid off. Next week we play St. Matts again in the finals.
     The game looks very promising for us as we beat this team last               against Palmy Boys. There are 4 people
  time and currently sit at the top of the points table. Our team con-            from the hostel in the team this year,
   sists of ten Yr 9 and 10 girls. Myself, Shyanne, Megan, Te Ani-                Henry (lock), Rueben (prop), Dion (1st 5)
   wa, Hannah, Melissa, Tayla, Demi, Nikita and Kahu who will all                 and me (lock)
  be practising and working hard to win the final game. We won the                Hopefully we go on to win some more
                       final, Champions for 2010.                                 games and finish the season off on a
                            By Tegan Harvey                                       good note.

                                                                                  By Wilton

 My name is Manaea and I play for U15 Blue rugby team.
                                                                                                 5A Cricket
  Our season has gone very good so far we have had only 2 wins and 4
 losses. There are a lot of people from the hostel that are in the team                        So far so good.
 like AJ, Jack, Connor, Liam, Tyler, James, Shane Chase and Shane                        We are UNDEFEATED.
 Mahupuku. We have more games coming                                                  Jack Wakeling, Matt Colton and
 up. We have also been training hard on                                          Myself are in the team. We have turned up
 Tuesdays and Thursdays for about 2 hours                                      every weekend ready to play in our whites but
 each. At training we do drills and running
                                                                                 the other teams have defaulted to us. Last
 as a team so we can get fit and ready for
 our next game.                                                                weekend we had a bit of a run with the rugby
                                                                                            boys but it was fine.

                                                                                            Yours Sincerely
                                                                                   The Eke Express and Jack Wakeling
So far the 3rd fifteen have played 5 games
and lost them all. Practice has been going
well and our coach Mr McNight and Mr                                          WAICOL GOLD
Johnston have got the team on its way for the
start of the new season.                            The season started well with Gold winning all of the games apart from
                                                    Kuranui and the Rathkeale Colts. Gold was rapped after we smashed
Wiremu                                              Waicol Blue 36-5 the first time and the second time we lost 12-15.

                                                    Matt L, Jake

                                   Team Xtreme Basketball—Kelsie ( with help from stinky and Julie )
                                                        Speed, Agility, Determination
  The few words that describe Team Xtreme Basketball. With absolutely no experience of the basketball court things kicked off well
  with us only losing by 78 points. Not too bad we thought. The next week we were out there to win, to take out the entire tourna-
  ment. Sadly we lost that game as well! But our team spirit was at a high. As the weeks went on we began to understand the rules
  and that fighting was not ok. By week 6 we won our first game! Things were finally looking up for us. We even made it to third on
  the table at one stage, until we played St Matts and got dominated…Who is in our unstoppable team you ask? We have;
  Julie—She drops the old shoulder every now and then gets the odd 3-pointer
  Prattley—Threatens younger players with her fists and throws the ball at them when she gets pulled up
  Monica—Our amazing encourager, coach who gives us mean fighting skills, and of course is one of our most valuable players.
  Stinky aka Christie—She gets down and dirty and is the general entertainment.
  Brook O and Shannon—Abuse the oppositions supporters when they get a bit rowdy towards our team.
  Jaysa—She generally just makes noise and gets a few baskets here and there.
  Bayley—Can stop any ball that comes her way and breaks the odd leg while she's at it.
  Tayla—Has a great height advantage and gets the ball in the basket.
  Harriet- is all over the court and knocks over anyone that is in her way
  And me… well I pretty much make the team..
  So all n all not a bad season!
                                                                                         SENIOR GOLD
                                                                               We have got an alright team this
                                                                               year but are sadly losing players as
                                                                               some are injured and some moved
                                                                               away. We have lost and won a
This season has gone incredibly fast, in a few weeks it will be a              few games, but once again I’m the
term of netball. When we were first put into our teams things                  only one from the hostel in the
were a blur as we were all new to the team, so we were getting                 team so walking across to netball
to know one another. When the trials were on the selectors                     can get a tad lonely.
chose a bunch of girls to go to a tournament as a “continued
trial” for the top 2 teams. Surprisingly I was selected. The tour-             Well that’s it for now.
nament went well and I got a spot in the Senior b team. Those                  Olivia
that didn’t quite get in got dropped. For my team the start of
the season went really well, we were winning most of our
games and had some challenges as well. Like playing the Hiona
team, as they have been top of our grade. We train twice a
week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I hope my team continues on doing well this season.                             Under 15 Reps by Shyanne Aporo

Loretta Lorimer                                                       This term has kicked off really well for our netball team
                                                                      considering the type of weather we’ve had over our last
                                                                      couple to tournaments. Our first tournament was on our
                                                                      own turf (Masterton) over the long weekend that turned
                                                                      out to be exhausting and wet. We played 7 games overall,
                                                                      won a few and lost a few, with a bad result to finish the
                                                                      tournament. Every single person in the team was aching
 Amazing! That is one word to define our season so far. We have
                                                                      after 3 days. The second tournament only happened just
 played 8 out of 10 games to date; with Pioneer and Saint Mat-
 thews Collegiate to come. We are currently sitting second on the     recently in Palmerston North, with more unpleasant
 table, second to Harcourts. We have had some good results this       weather among us. We still came out with an alright result
 season so far with a 35 goal win against Carterton New World         and everyone tried their hardest so that was the main
 Lynx, 25 goal win against Fagan Motors, 16 goal win against          thing. Anyway I’m really looking forward to our hardcore
 Kuranui, 12 goal win against Gladstone and a 5 goal win against      tournament in Levin in a couple of weeks time.
 Makoura. Sadly, we suffered 2 losses to Harcourts and Carterton
 Legends. But, we are not ones to ever let that dampen our spirits.
 Our weekly training regime consists of an intense fitness training
 and game-based training along with personal fitness! Big ups for
 the rest of the season girls.

 Courtney Hamilton

        Waicol Junior A Netball                                                            Netball Junior Gold

        Well it all starts with nine good Year 9 girls that have                    Wow!! We have played so well this
        made it to the Junior A team which I am in. Our team is                   term. We have only lost 2 games and
        in Prem 4 grade which are coming 2nd on the table. At                    drawn 1. Our team is exactly one grade
        the moment we have lost one and drew one and won                         underneath Junior A. We have played 8
                                                                                   games so far this term and are doing
        all of our other games. Right now we are making tops
                                                                                  really well. The practices are so much
        that have our names and team name on the back.
                                                                                 fun and we play loads of games. Lately
                                                                                  we’ve been going for a run around the
        So that’s the Junior A team for Waicol.                                  block and every time we get better and
                                                                                   better. Netball is a great sport and I
        By Katie Smith                                                                         love playing it.

                                                                                             By Lotte Carew
                       HOCKEY By Tegan
                                                                              2nd Eleven Hockey by James Stevens
 For some of us girls we didn’t even barely know what hockey
                                                                               The start of the hockey season has
 was! But by playing for our first time this year with an amaz-
                                                                             been successful with 1 loss, 1 draw and
 ing coach we have grasped the idea, developing our skills,
                                                                              4 wins. Our team is full of confident
 increasing fitness and getting our heads around the rules.
                                                                              players like Lakota scoring 11 goals in
 From the hostel the team consists of me and Bonnie who
                                                                              our first 6 games. Billy slugging it out
 have never played before, and are absolutely loving it. So far
                                                                              at left half, and as for me just a whole
 we have won the majority of our games and when we have
                                                                                     lot of skin left on the turf.
 lost it’s not been by much. We always look forward to our
 next game and as the season progresses we can only im-

          Hockey Waicol Colts by George Whitehead
                                                                  This year has been a great year for both Annemieke
           This season us boys have been playing in
                                                                  and I in the Under 15 b rep team. Then Brooke, T.A,
          Mens 1. We have played good but haven’t
                                                                  Toni and I are having an awesome time out there sup-
          managed to get a win under our belt. Most
                                                                  porting the Junior A’s but having lost more than we
          of our team is Year 9’s and only a couple of
                                                                  have won. It has been hard and serious at some stag-
            Year 10’s. The boys from the hostel are
                                                                  es plus also funny. We are a strong and hopeful team
           Jake Hunt, Edward Kerr, Henry Smith and
                                                                  and we shall go on like that.
                                                                  Charlotte Lovell

                      2nd 11 Hockey
                                                                   Hockey! By Emma Smith
This year has started quite well, with a few new players
moving up. We have Tam who is amazing at the back
and isn’t to bad up the front either. Jamie who has been           We have had a good start to this seasons Hockey.
out for awhile because of injury, but plays well as half           We have won all of our games except one. It is
and has a mean hit. Annemeike is our outstanding                   really cool playing in the Wellington Grade.
goalie. With the season half way through we have been              Unfortunately we lost the Dunce Cup but, we hope
improving as a team and it will be good to get back into           to get that back next year. We have finished
it next term!                                                      Round 1 and we are moving into Round 2 so we
                                                                   can beat St Matts!!
Kelsie!   ☺
                  Soccer Stars
                                      This year Soccer has been pretty average, we‟ve won more games than
                                      what we‟ve lost (of course) and the girls and I have had lots of fun. A
                                      lot of the team are first timers and have improved greatly during the
                                      season. Caity‟s kicks have improved; Alena is like a fox terrier when
                                      she chases that ball; Marlee is as skilled as ever and as for Jaimee she
                                      typically injured herself again but keen as ever to get back on the field.
                                      Anna is getting more aggressive when it comes to defending the goal,
                                      so all in all the season is going really well and we all can hardly wait for
                                      next season.
                                      Lots a love

                                                                              Wai Col 2nd XI Soccer

                                                                              So far this season in the second eleven
Soccer this season has been going really well. All of our                     soccer team we have played 7 games
team have scored a goal. We have won all of our games,                        and won 5 of them, drawn 1 and lost 1.
apart from one and have been enjoying them all at the                         We have a pretty good team. I am the
same time which is awesome. Every week we seem to be                          only from our hostel in our team. In
short of players but we can always rely on Brooke and                         some of our games we haven‟t played
Shyanne for a helping hand. Other than that, it‟s been a                      very well and have payed for our mis-
good season.                                                                  takes, but we are slowly improving.
                                                                              Our last game was against Rongotai
                                                                              College 3rd XI who we beat 4-0
Bonnie or also known as Bon-dawg!

                                                                                  Did someone say there’s a
                                                                                  world cup on? That explains
    Soccer 1st XI
                                                                                  the lack of media and the low
    On Thursday afternoons TA and I fly back to the hostel from school            crowd numbers. Team
    to get ready to play for the girls 1st XI soccer team. Decked out in          Xtreme know how the All
    our yellow and blue we take the field. So far this year we haven’t lost       Whites feel, jet setting across
                                                                                  the land because we do it
    a game and haven’t had a point scored against us. The biggest win
                                                                                  too….well the Rapa that is.
    being 19-0 against the Makoura 1sts and our closet game has been              Our private transportation
    against St Matts which we won 3-0. TA and I are the only hostel girls         (the hostel van) stopped at
    in the team with TA being the veteran and me the newbie. Also Hos-            Chanel and Makoura. I've got
    tel old girl Jaysa plays for the team. TA is our superstar mid fielder,       a feeling there are a few talent
                                                                                  scouts watching our games.
    while I try and make it look like I know what I am doing in the backs.
                                                                                  Even though the points didn’t
    The whole team is excited for the tournament in September where               stack up, our team spirit
    we really get to see how good we are.                                         stayed high. Lots of fun had
    Rebecca Prattley                                                              by all.

                                                                                  Brooke Coolen
                               SPIRIT OF POTO by Mark Baxter

It‟s good to see so many people in Spirit of Poto this term. The head table has been full every
Monday night.

To get into Spirit of Poto you have to volunteer to do extra duties, have the tidiest cube in the
dorm or excel in your sports.

The prizes for Spirit of Poto are a bag and a Hostel drink bottle. The winners of each Monday
night draw then go into the big draw at the end of term and the winner of that draw gets an awe-
some prize. Previous times the prizes have been an iPod, digital camera, mini stereo, $200 Trevs
gift voucher, Hurricanes Rugby Jersey and that's just to name a few.
Definitely worth the effort. So lets try and keep up the good work.

                                  Our Term 2 weekly winners:

                                         Sophie Boyne
                                          Geoff Gibson
                                          Vicky Colton
                                          Brad Curtice
                                          Abby Gimson
                                        Shane Mahupuku
                                           Daniel Keys
                                          Dean Wardle
                                           Sam Boyne


Once a month on a Wednesday night the members of our Board meet to discuss
school life and issues students or teachers have brought up. I haven't actually been
to a meeting yet because something always pops up last minute, but I have been
told that Mr McEwan (Drama Teacher) and our student rep‟ pressed the matter of
whether our uniform shoes have to be lace up or not. They battled hard and won
their case, meaning the law changed so laces are not compulsory! Our mission at
the moment is pushing students to hand in their permission slips for the “20km West Bush Road
Challenge” and if we can get the numbers up above 70% then we will get the go ahead. This chal-
lenge is a track looped around WaiCol area that can be run or walked in teams to support and gain
points for your house. Our new houses have been a huge success. On top of swimming, athletics,
we now have a „spelling bee‟ and „house singing‟ to add a little cultural competition. Anyway, hope-
fully next time I can beat the bad luck and actually get to a meeting so my report can be more in-
teresting for you! Until then, have a happy and safe holiday!

           Term Achievement
When we remember term achievement, the
things we remember so clearly are baby octopus, stringy
cheese and massive ice creams. Oh and Mr B’s cool CD… It
was an amazing night which everyone that was selected to go
enjoyed. It started off with a trip to Cindy’s Pizza in Feather-
ston. Everyone loved the stringy cheese but not many liked
the seafood pizza. Sam Boyne and Tim Groves ate an amazing
17 pieces each, not quite topping the record of 23 though.
Then after the pizza was finished, we came back to get a mas-
sive ice cream from the Renall Street store.
Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Browne for the awesome night.
By Tegan and Shyanne
 Twice a week we attend intermediate classes at the local Bodymind centre for Pila-
 tes. We like attending these classes as it helps strengthen our inner core and it
 keeps us looking good and in shape for the men. We first got involved with Pila-
                                                                                       ATC has been really fun since the
 tes through the influences of Mrs Hurihanganui as she instructs lessons every now
                                                                                       start of term two. We have been in
 and then during the week. Every odd lesson we also have the chance to warm-up
                                                                                       the sky doing a navigation test and
 with some Zumba, which we enjoy very much as we get to shake our thaaang! We
 strongly suggest that Pilates is the way to go for us teenagers to improve both our   we have also been to the rifle
 body and mind.                                                                        range shooting a .22 at small tar-
 Dessy Ryan and Katelyn Fuller                                                         gets.
                                                                                       Right now I am trying to earn my
                                                                                       shooting badge. At the beginning
                                                                                       of the term I also got my uniform
SMALLBORE                                                                              and the next morning we marched
This year smallbore started late in the term. It is on a Tuesday night and starts      in the ANZAC parade. After
around 7pm but we don‟t get to shoot until 7.30pm. We have had big turnouts            marching to the memorial we had
this year from the hostel. Tim, Edward, Shane, Angus, Brad, Robbie, Hicksy,            to stand still for 30-40 minutes
Sammy, Jacob, Sergio, Abby and Emma. Sergio is new to smallbore and has                looking at the same spot not being
been getting some good scores by applying some good sniper techniques. Tim             able to move your legs or arms.
is again in the 90‟s, Robbie has not been doing too flash but is getting better.       Your legs had to be together and
Jacob and Brad are starting to get the hang of things. Edward and Shane have           your hands down by your sides.
been shooting very well. Sammy is trying to get back in her groove. It has             After a while you felt like you
been a very eventful term at smallbore.                                                were going to faint.
By Robbie and Rex                                                                      After you have been at ATC for
                                                                                       awhile you might start getting pro-
                                                                                       moted. Cadet, LAC, Corporal, Ser-
                                                                                       geant, Flight Sergeant, Warrant
   Claybird Shooting by Tyler Morrison and Matt Laing
                                                                                       Officer, Under Officer are the
                                                                                       ranks at ATC.
   Every second Tuesday there is clay
   bird shooting down Norfolk Road.
   At about 3.30pm a van from the                                                      By Aidan Henderson and AJ
   hostel takes us there, From the hos-                                                Walker
   tel there is Jared, Jake, Jack, Mark
   Tim, Andrew Sammy, Matt, Jimmy,
   Rex and Tyler. We do two rounds
   of 10 targets each, so it's out of 20
   targets. We have inter-school
   shoots during the year. We have
   two teams. The A and B team. In
   the A team there is Tim, Mark, Jack and Tyler. The B
   team is made up of Jake, Rex and Matt. There are a few
   people from school that do it as well. We enjoy
   claybird shoots. It‟s a fun but expensive sport to do.
   We hope the other people enjoy it too.


Take a closer look. You are reading about one of the most exhilarating and
awesome sports in the country. If you „re looking at getting ripped and know-
ing how to give someone the knock out, I‟m telling you how to right now.
“Boxing is for people who are out to kill you.” Wrong,! boxing is for anyone
who wants to get into shape or if you want to get something off your mind.
But if you can‟t handle the jandal or you‟re a little kid or lightweight don't go
to boxing otherwise you‟ll be crying all night and then your parents will ring
and have a cry and us cuzzies at boxing can‟t be bothered dealing with that.
Boxing is at the police club every Tuesday and Thursday and costs $2 every
time you go. Give it a go it‟s worth it.

                                 Hostel Idol
  On the Friday night of our compulsory in weekend, we had Hostel Idol. There
   were a range of talents shown on the night including singing, dancing, cross
dressing, pick up lines, dares and girls with crazy legs! Every year we have a best
  female and male „performer‟ and also a winning year group. This year, these
prizes went to Annemieke Van Vliet for best female and Louis Murphy-Harris for
 best male. The overall winning group were the Year 11 girls for their well syn-
     chronised and well rehearsed dance routine. All the students enjoyed seeing
       most of the supervisors and management team dressed up as the opposite
                                     Abbey Gimson

                                        Hostels Got Talent

                This years performances in “Hostels got Talent” were packed full of
                humour, dancing and entertaining game shows. We got to sit through
                two hilarious hours watching another year of hostel staff wearing
                opposite gender clothing, choreographed dancing, painful game
                shows, “Your mama” jokes, singing and also got to experience the
                raunchy side of the year 10 girls with their extremely funny dance to
                the Shanaia Twain hit, “man I feel like a woman.” With many great
                performances the year 11 girls won with their stand out performance.

                Well done everyone! Jaimee Pittman
                           Stage Challenge 2010 by Hayden O’Keefe
After enduring weeks of practice it all started to form this perfect puzzle. The final pieces started to get
put into place at 5.30am for us, on the 28th, competition day.
We all arranged to wake and have breakfast by 5.45am with Mr Hurihanganui in the dining room. All of
us wearily getting pumped for the huge day ahead of us. We headed to school in the van. We arrived
and the buses weren’t there, just heaps of us stage challengers. The buses arrived and we left 15mins
late. We arrived at about 8.30am-ish. We went to our designated area and stood around for a bit. We
moved into the auditorium and watched some of the other schools practicing. We got introduced to all
the important people and the things on offer after our practice.
We had our practice and everyone was keen to hit the city! 4 hours later we were all back, and had
another huge group meeting with the other schools, and one of the competitions with ASB was to
guess how much money was in the ‘Kashin money box’ and our very own Stacey Boyle scored herself
the money box with the winning total!
We then had about 2 hours to get 120 people hair and make-up’d in a small area. Absolute Havoc.
Our time had come to perform our piece. Adrenaline pumped through everyone’s bodies while we
waited in the wings. Everyone started moving towards the backstage and I soon found myself moving
too. Nervous as waiting on the wings, then my song comes on, it all seems to be over so soon. We rush
to get changed for the final dance.
We came 3rd overall with Sacred Hart College 1st and St. Mary’s coming 2nd.
Also we were awarded:
                                                                          CAREER SERVICES
                      DESIGNER BRANDS COSMETICS
                                                                          Award of Excellence for
                      Award of Excellence for Visual Enhancement

  The Edge
                                                  Award of Excellence for Set, Design
  Award of Excellence for Concept
                                                  & Function

  Award of Excellence for Costuming Character

We left at a late 10.30pm arriving in Masterton at 1am.
We were all very tired, but it was definitely worth it!

                                                                          Stockcars by Solomon Scott

                                                              Well where do I start? Easter weekend didn‟t go to
                                                              plan as I thought I would be starting off 18th then
                                                              going up to 5th, and then in the second race getting
                                                              pushed up the wall breaking an axle and not being
                                                              able to qualify. At prize giving though I managed to
                                                              score best presented car that mum had to get for me
                                                              because I was at Nationals. The next weekend of
                                                              racing was Palmy finals night and I managed to win
                                                              race 1 starting from the back, but before I went out
                                                              dad said if your going to hit anyone, hit them square
                                                              on so you don't do any damage. However that
                                                              proved wrong, hitting someone square on Iput a huge
                                                              hole in my water pump so I did two laps with no
                                                              water, so I wasn‟t able to do my 2nd race.
                                                              The following weekend was sponsors day with one
                                                              of my brothers and the new owner of the car racing it
                                                              and they loved it with me getting belted into the 2NZ
                                                              superstock Nissan V8 500 HP, so that was an amaz-
                                                              ing experience.
                                                              I would mostly like to thank dad for fixing my car all
                                                              the time and putting all his time into building my
                                                              new one.
                        Fielding Sports Exchange

                              Oh What a day!
          Up early and mother nature was in a sour mood. Thank
          goodness for Coach Carter on the bus. Fielding put on a
        decent feed for us when we arrived, then we were into it!!
      Each team gave their all and speaking for the basketball team
      I was impressed that although our chips were down and points
       were gaining in their favour we didn’t give up and that’s what
            College House is all about. Always giving it your all.
      We were pipped at the post loosing 5-4
      overall but we rode away with bright at-
           titudes after a haka that went
        atrociously for some (apologies from
               A good exchange all up.

                  Jack and Geoff

       Basketball at Fielding
  On Sunday the 13th of June we
   went to fielding for our annual
   sports exchange. I took part in
basketball which we ended up losing
  61 points to 38. Even though we
 lost the boys had a good time and
         we had a lot of fun
                                                                  Weekends In

                                          This term we have had quite a few full on weekends.
                                          We’ve been to Ngawi and the pinnacles, the movie
                                          “Boy”, out to Riversdale and many other things. We
                                          have also had the compulsory in for the hostel ball and
                                          the Fielding sports exchange, which we unfortunately
                                          lost. We’ve chilled at the hostel playing bingo with Hay-
                                          den as caller, almost falling asleep until Sergio calls out
                                          “two fat ladies—88” Which set everyone off in a mass of
                                          fits. I’d like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Pickett who
                                          cooked us some fry bread and cooked us some pump-
                                          kin soup for supper and a big thank you to Mrs Cartmell
                                          who treated us to chocolate mud cake. Next term is go-
                                          ing to be quite hard to live up to.
                                          Cheyenne H

“Well” the jet sprinting kicked off        with a lovely gigantic venison
         burger made by your very own Wairarapa College Hostel.
 It was a great day of racing with plenty of crashes and great lap times.
This wasn’t your normal Feddy town race day, there were crazy enough
 to let the hostel whanau run the show as they were running the badest
hamburger stand ever. With their lovely venison patties and freshly but-
tered buns! We also helped out with the rescue crew and with all the se-
         curity all over the place making sure the day ran smoothly.

 It was a magnificent day out with all the hostel whanau as they raised
 enough money to finish off our boot room and it was truly a great days
  racing with heaps more crashes than normal YAY!! Hope to see you
                            there next year.

                         From your very own
                  Henry Smith & Louis Murphy -Harris
We have had a great start to the year with fundraising.

The Quiz evening in April raised around $1200. I would like to thank all the
parents who donated prizes and who put in teams. Also a great big thank-
you to the Hostel Staff who ran the event and organised it.

Jet Sprints required a big team effort from parents, students and our lovely
team of hostel staff. We ran a food stall and provided marshals for security
plus a couple of people helped out on the rescue crew. The roster system
worked well and we raised around $1500 for our efforts. Thank you to
Kathryn & Gary Smith for the opportunity to fundraise at this event. Also
Kathryn you did a wonderful job overseeing us all on the day, your efforts
were very much appreciated.

The Golf tournament is our last fundraiser of the year and is at Riversdale
Beach. Parents are currently being rung and asked to donate an item for the
prize table. The cost to play is $20 per player and the event is advertised in
THE HOSTEL HERALD. The fundraising is going towards the cost of the
drying room, which will be complete by the time the students return for term
3. The drying room project was done in two phases with the mini gym com-
pleted last year.

Also we are subsidising dress shirts to the tune of $15 per student. The
shirts look very nice and are going to be used for functions where College
house is represented e.g. sports exchange against Fielding!

Our main fundraiser is the cattle scheme which Gary Smith is overseeing.
Thank you to everyone involved with this. We have calves donated, money
donated to purchase cattle and it only works if people come forward to graze
an animal until it is finished.

The year group dinners are going, well and by the time you read this Year 9
& 10 will have had theirs. The aim of these dinners is for parents to get to
know other parents from their child's year groups.

Thank-you to my enthusiast committee for the help and ringing they have
done and to our Hostel Staff who are always improving the facilities that are
provided for our students.

Sue Gibson