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Applicants to graduate programs and currently enrolled students may apply for graduate assistantships. Graduate assistants work
up to 20 hours per week providing research and administrative support to an academic department or office. Stipends vary up
to $4,500 per year. Tuition waivers are partial or full tuition remission.
Priority Deadlines
       April 1 for Merrick School of Business assistantships
       May 1 for Yale Gordon College of Liberal Arts and Administrative Department assistantships

Applying for Graduate Assistantships
1. Complete this application and attach one copy of your resume for each department checked below. Students who do not submit resumes with
   this application may not be considered. Your application is retained for one year.
2. Return this application and the appropriate number of resumes to the Provost’s Office, University of Baltimore, 1420 North Charles Street,
   Baltimore, MD 21201-5779.
3. Submit your application for admission and all supporting materials by the appropriate graduate assistantship deadline. You must be
   accepted to a graduate degree program before an assistantship can be awarded.
4. Submit any additional information requested by the department(s) to which your application has been forwarded, and/or attend an inter-
   view, if required.
5. To check the status of your assistantship application, call the contact listed on the graduate assistantship descriptions on the reverse of this

Date                                                   Name                                                         Social Security Number

Telephone (day)                                        Telephone (evening)

Address                                                City                                                         State/Zip Code

Undergraduate Institution                              Undergraduate Degree                                         Undergraduate Major

Intended UB Graduate Program

Admission Application Status: o Admission application enclosed (or being sent) o Already on file

Enrollment Date: o Fall 20                    o Spring 20                    o Summer 20                 o Enrolled as of
Enrollment Status: o Part-time student o Full-time student
Refer to the job descriptions on the reverse of this form. Then check (below) the offices to which your assistantship application should be sent
    for consideration. Enclose one copy of your resume for each office checked.

Yale Gordon College of Liberal Arts                Merrick School of Business                          Administrative Departments
o Dean’s Office                                    o Dean’s Office                                     o Academic Computer Center
o Applied Psychology                               o Accounting                                        o Career Center
o Criminal Justice                                 o Economics/Finance                                 o Institutional Research
o Health Systems Management                        o Information/Quantitative Sciences                 o Langsdale Library
o Information Arts and Technologies                o Jacob France Center                               o Student and Academic Services
o Legal Studies                                    o Information Systems Research Center
o Public Administration                            o Management
o Publications Design                              o Marketing
o Schaefer Center for Public Policy


7/01                                                                                                                                                  7
    GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIP                      interpersonal skills. Contact the Dean’s   ment/design, organize survey mail-
    DESCRIPTIONS                                Office, 410.837.4946, or the depart-       ings, track responses, enter responses,
    Yale Gordon College of Liberal Arts         ment chair.                                analyze data using SPSSX and assist
    Graduate assistants support the             Student and Academic Services              with Fact Book preparation. Appli-
    research, teaching and service activi-      Projects vary from year to year but        cants should be able to conduct
    ties of the faculty and academic            may include activities such as con-        education-related literature reviews,
    divisions. They do not provide class-       ducting research focus groups and          understand survey research and
    room instruction but may be asked           surveys, designing publications and        questionnaire development, have
    to assist faculty in class preparation.     gathering information for the Acade-       good organizational skills, understand
    Graduate assistants often function as       mic Resource Center and Financial          database and PC applications, know
    research or lab assistants and are                        Mr. Raymond McCree,
                                                Aid Office. Contact Dr. Dennis Pel-        word processing and spreadsheet
    involved with various university,           letier, 410.837.4755.                      application, and extract information
    community and professional service          Academic Computer Center                   using the Internet/online services.
    projects. Contact Dr. Irvin Brown,          First position: This graduate assis-       Contact Merrill Pritchett,
    410.837.5355, or the department chair.      tant helps with administrative tasks       410.837.6204.
    NEW School of Information Arts              related to the computing labs, and         Langsdale Library
    and Technologies Graduate                   works on computer application              The graduate assistant works with the
    Assistantship                                                                          archivist to develop/expand finding
                                                development and documentation
    Graduate assistants support the             projects. Applicants should be able to     aids for archival collections and assists
    research, teaching and service activi-      support users with software, hardware      researchers in using primary source
    ties of faculty in the School of Infor-     and lab procedures.                        finding aids. Applicants should be
    mation Arts and Technologies. Duties                                                   able to follow guidelines in organiz-
                                                Second position: This graduate
    may include conducting literature                                                      ing/arranging materials and should
                                                assistant will be trained to work
    reviews, assisting with grants admin-                                                  know mainframe and PC software.
                                                directly with VAX equipment run-
    istration, providing technical support                                                 Short-term positions are responsible
                                                ning the VMS and Ultrix operating
    services for online components of                                                      for assisting the reference librarians in
                                                systems. Applicants should have a
    courses and managing routine tasks                                                     instructing patrons to use computer-
                                                basic knowledge of command lan-
    with the School’s web servers. Awards                                                  based bibliographic/full-text sources
                                                guages, editors, standard program-
    are based on academic performance                                                      or for working on various desktop
                                                ming languages, software such as
    (minimum 3.5 GPA), applicability of                                                    publishing projects. Applicants for all
                                                SPSSX, MS-DOS commands/utilities
    field of study, relevant skills and prior                                              positions should have a working
                                                and PC communications software.
    work/volunteer experience. Graduate                                                    knowledge of PC software, the ability
                                                Contact Claire Petrides, 410.837.5011.
    assistants work 20 hours/week and                                                      to work independently and good
                                                Career Center
    must be enrolled full time. Submit                                                     writing, communication and inter-
    the graduate assistantship application,     The graduate assistant is solely
                                                                                           personal skills. Contact Melissa Carter,
    resume and two letters of recommen-         responsible for managing the Resume
    dation by April 15 to be considered         Referral Service, including critiquing
                                                resumes, providing counseling, visit-      Schaefer Center for Public Policy
    for fall semester. Contact Carmen                                                      Graduate assistants may conduct
    Wooden, 410.837.6222.                       ing classes and conducting workshops.
                                                Applicants should have administrative,     literature reviews, collect primary
    Merrick School of Business                                                             and secondary data, summarize data
                                                analytical and interpersonal, written
    Graduate assistantships are available                                                  findings and conduct survey inter-
                                                and oral communication skills. Pre-
    in the centers, academic departments                                                   views. Awards are based on academic
                                                ferred: career development center/
    and some administrative areas. Gen-                                                    performance (minimum 3.0 GPA),
                                                job search service experience.
    eral preferred qualifications and expe-                                                applicability of field of study, relevant
                                                Desired: university/student organiza-
    rience include library research skills                                                 skills and prior work/volunteer
                                                tion setting and administrative/cus-
    and knowledge of citation styles.                                                      experience. Graduate assistants work
                                                tomer service experience.
    Applicants should have excellent                                                       20 hours/ week and must be enrolled
                                                Contact Leslie Williams,
    analytical reasoning and math skills,                                                  full time. Submit the graduate assist-
    computer skills (e.g., word process-                                                   antship application, resume and two
                                                Institutional Research
    ing, spreadsheets, graphics, databases)                                                letters of recommendation by April
    and, preferably, knowledge of a             Graduate assistants might do library
                                                                                           15 to be considered for fall semester.
    statistical package, as well as good        research, assist with survey develop-
                                                                                           Contact Mary Horka, 410.837.6094.

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