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					                             FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY
                        Instructions for the Declaration and Certification of Finances (DCF)

  TO:                International Undergraduate Applicants applying for F-1 or J-1 Student Status
  FROM:              Office of Admissions

Listed below are the procedures necessary to obtain the Certificate of Eligibility (the SEVIS I-20 for F-1 student
status or the DS-2019 for J-1 student status). The process for issuing your Certificate of Eligibility will begin once
you have been admitted to the University and have submitted the necessary documentation to our office. If you are
currently holding an F-1 or J-1 Student Visa and are transferring from another US institution to FIU, you will
still need to follow this procedure.

ALL STUDENTS – We are required by the Department of Homeland Security/US Citizenship and Immigration
Services to carefully check the financial ability of each student prior to requesting approval to issue your SEVIS I-20
OR DS-2019. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of the cost of attending FIU and that you have all
necessary funds to support yourself. You must comply with the following procedures:

         (A) Meet the annual estimate of costs stated below.
         (B) Complete the DECLARATION AND CERTIFICATION OF FINANCES form and include
             appropriate documentation. It is very important that all questions be completed and accurately answered
             in order to avoid unnecessary delays in processing.
                 Florida International University
                 Office of Admissions
                 P.O. Box 659003
                 Miami, Florida 33265-9003

Your Declaration and Certification of Finances will be reviewed by the Office of Admissions to determine your
ability to meet the financial obligations while you are attending the University. If your DCF is not approved or if
there are additional questions, you will be notified by e-mail.

                                                    Annual estimate of                       Estimate of Undergraduate Costs for
                                              Undergraduate costs 2010 - 2011                           Summer ****
Single Student                                   Fall and Spring Semesters                             Summer Session
                                                    (30 Semester Hours)                              (12 Semester Hours)
Tuition and Fees*                                         $ 17,511                                         $ 7,030
Maintenance**                                             $ 12,578                                         $ 4,193
Books & Supplies                                          $ 1,120                                          $ 448
Medical Insurance***                                      $ 1,905
Total                                                     $33,114                                             $ 11,671

* Annual estimate of costs are based on 2010-2011 Financial Aid Student Budgets. Tuition and fees are subject to change. Per semester
fees include the student health fee ($83.19), the athletic fee ($10.00) and the transportation and access fee ($86.50 per semester for
fall/spring and $79.76 for summer). An annual fee for student ID maintenance ($10.00) is included. These fees are subject to sales tax.
Amounts shown above reflect a course load of 15 semester hours during the Fall and Spring semesters. The Summer Session is optional,
unless you were admitted to start in the Summer term. As indicated above, Summer tuition, fees, books and supplies are additional.

** Maintenance is estimated at $1,397.56 per month to cover room, food, clothing, public transportation, and incidentals. Room is based
on the average cost for shared accommodations on-campus and off-campus. Costs for private accommodations are significantly higher.

***All international students are required to carry medical insurance which meets University requirements. A policy is available for
purchase at University Health Services or online at: Health insurance coverage for a
full year: $1,905 premium covers August 20, 2010 – August 19, 2011

****Only applicable for students admitted in Summer. Students admitted for the Summer term must enroll full-time for that term and
for the following Fall and Spring terms. In this case, students pay an additional premium for summer only medical insurance.
STUDENTS CURRENTLY AT ANOTHER U.S. SCHOOL - The US Citizenship and Immigration Services
(USCIS) requires that you obtain from your current institution a release before your new SEVIS I-20 OR DS-
2019 is issued. Therefore, you need to obtain our Transfer Release Form, available on the web at and have it completed by the international student advisor at your
current/previous school. Once we have received the form and your SEVIS record has been released, we will
begin the process for the final issuance of your SEVIS I-20 OR DS-2019.

Please note that this process will take a few days; the papers need to be electronically forwarded and
approved by USCIS before issuing the SEVIS I-20 OR DS-2019 form.

A married student who plans to bring his/her dependents will require an additional $6,000 for the spouse and
$4,000 for each child. These amounts should be added to the total under the appropriate column. Additional
insurance for family of F-1 students is optional but highly recommended. Medical insurance is required for all
J-2 dependents. F-2 dependents are not permitted to work or enroll in classes.

TUITION (2010-2011)
The Non-Florida Resident tuition cost per undergraduate credit hour is as follows and is subject to change.

                                     Undergraduate                      $571.40

All tuition and fees, if paid by check, must be drawn from U.S. banks. Checks from overseas banks will not be
accepted. No deferment of fee payment is available.

IMMIGRATION REGULATIONS REQUIRE that undergraduate international students enroll full-time which
is at least 12 credit hours per semester. Students who are admitted in the summer semester must enroll full
time for that semester and subsequent terms.

Housing and food costs, as listed, are for students who SHARE living quarters. They DO NOT reflect additional
funds necessary for deposits for rent, electricity, water, or telephone. It is estimated that at least twice the normal
monthly expense amount is needed for the first month to cover deposits and settling in expenses.

   1.       All bank, scholarship, and sponsor letters must be originals with original signatures. COPIES OR
   2.       All bank, scholarship, and sponsor letters must be originals and specify the amount of funding
            available to you. If currency other that U.S. Dollars, please indicate equivalency.
   3.       Letters must be current. Correspondence older than 6 months from expected entry date will not be
   4.       Your name must appear on bank, scholarship and sponsor letters.
   5.       The funding you demonstrate must be sufficient to meet the costs of attending Florida International
            University as specified.
Your failure to comply with any of the above conditions may delay your admission to the University. Revised 11/08
           The   aration an Certif
           T Decla        nd              of     ces  F)
                                 fication o Financ (DCF Form
            ternational Un
  Florida Int            niversity
              missions, P.O. Box 659003, Mia
  Office of Adm              B                           3265-9003
                                           ami, Florida 33                                    lephone: 305-34
                                                                                            Tel             48-2363

             o            his
Who needs to complete th form? Inte                    dents applying for F-1 or J-1 student statu must compl both
                                         ernational stud            g                            us         lete
                           a             along with the supporting documentatio to the Office of Admissio
pages 1 and 2 of this form and submit it a             eir                        on                        ons.
            er            e             If
Please answe ALL of the questions. I a question d      does not appl to you, plea write N/A (not applicab in
                                                                    ly             ase          A            ble)
                           o                                        til
the blank. A SEVIS I-20 or DS-2019 Form will not be issued unt you have b                        d
                                                                                  been admitted to the Univeersity
and this form has been ap pproved.

        T         XACTLY AS ON PASSPORT
NAME MUST APPEAR EX          N        T                                                    ____________
                                                                     Panther ID: ___________          _

STUDENT’S L         Y                                 VEN NAME
                                              FIRST/GIV                          M        ME
                                                                                 MIDDLE NAM

COUNTRY OF BIRTH                                    Y
                                              COUNTRY OF CITIZEN
                                                               NSHIP             DATE OF BIRT (MONTH/DA
                                                                                 D          TH        AY/YEAR)

              ur           ome       addresses belo An addres in your hom country is R
Please list you local and ho country a            ow.       ss          me           REQUIRED.

           ss           ly
Local addres (If currentl in U.S.): __
                                                           ____________          ____________
                                                                      ____________          _______
         ____          ____________
                                                        ______ Teleph          ____________
                                                                    hone: ______          ________
          home country address (Req
Permanent h          y            quired): ____
                                                         ____________          ____________
                                                                    ____________          _______
         ____          ____________
                                                        _________ Em           ____________
                                                                   mail: _______          _______
                  U         L          S           2019:

All Applicants - Please ind              visa
                                     the v status you are applying for:
                                                    u                            Student
                                                                             F-1 S             J Student

              n              S
Applicants in the United States only
- Please indicate your cu   urrent visa stat and attach documentatio (a copy of y
                                            tus                         on                          -94
                                                                                      your current I- and the
         visa p             ur
               page from you passport): F-1           F-2       J-1   J-2
                                                                        2      A-1     B-1/B-2      E     H-1
            L- -1     Other (specify) ____  ____________   ___
              urrently in F-1 or J-1 status, please submi a copy of yo SEVIS I-20 or DS-2019 and
- If you are cu             1                             it           our            0
         obtai our Transfer Release Form available o the web at h
              in             r              m,            on                
                                                                        http://admissio                           p.
         NOT                ave
             TE: If you ha violated your F-1/J-1 st                     ust          f
                                                           tatus, you mu indicate if you plan to a  apply for
         reins              th
              statement wit USCIS or r                    U.S.
                                           re-enter the U with the I                 -20/DS-2019.
                                                                        Initial FIU I-
-If you are no in F-1 statuss,
              ou            urn             me
         do yo plan to retu to your hom country to apply for the F-1/J-1 visa?                Yes     No
If you answer no, you must contact FIU      U-Internation Students a Scholars Services Off at (305) 348-2421
                                                           nal          and                        fice
concerning p  procedures to apply for a c  change of stat  tus.
DEPENDEN                    s                              ents
             NTS: If your spouse or any other depende will be jo        oining you in t U.S., please list their na
                                                                                      the                        ame, birth
                            tionship (i.e. spouse, child), and gender b
date, country of birth, relat                                          below. You must attach do   ocumentation showing
financial sup               r
             pport for your dependents ($6,000 for y                    nd           r
                                                          your spouse an $4,000 for each child):
                                                      Birth Date
                                                          h             Country of
                                                                        C                 Country off    Relationnship Gender
Last/Family N Name           rst/Given Nam
                           Fir             me              day/year)
                                                    (month/d               Birth                    p

TO BE COM                           ATE ADMISS
                            DERGRADUA                  CIAL ONLY:
                                             SIONS OFFIC

Approved: ___           d:          ignature: _____
            ______ Denied ________ Si                        ____________
                                                  ____________          ________ Date: ___________
Health care is very expens  sive in the Un              International s
                                          nited States. I                          required to ca
                                                                      students are r            arry medical iinsurance
                            ty            nts.                        ts
which meets the Universit requiremen A policy, which meet the requirements, is ava                           urchase at
                                                                                                ailable for pu
University He                             http://www.collegiateriskma
              ealth Services or online at h                              IU/fiu.html. Th annual
                                                                                    m/Students/FI             he
                           -2011 is as follows:
cost of the policy for 2010-

                                          Student                       $1,905
                                          Student & Spoouse             $6,670
                                          Student & Chiildren           $4,586
                                          Student, Spouse & Children    $9,148

            t             r            il
You will not be able to register, unti you have satisfied the m   medical insur              ement. You must be
                                                                                 rance require
prepared to purchase in  nsurance imm  mediately upon your arr                              n
                                                                 rival, unless you have an alternate in   nsurance
             ou          ve
approved. Yo should hav the funds re                 S.           ilable in the fo of a mon order, or a certified
                                        equired in U.S dollars avai             form        ney
bank check ppayable to: BlueCross and B              f           you             pay        SA
                                        BlueShield of Florida or y may also p with VIS or MASTE          ERCARD
online. For further inforrmation, call University H              es
                                                    Health Service at (305) 348-2401 or c                website at
                                                                                             check their w
                         h/internationalS              Student.htm.

Certified orig              s)
              ginal letters(s must acco  ompany this form. Accept                 s)           e
                                                                    table letters(s must come from a ba     ank, your
government, o an organiza                ciation, depend
                            ation or assoc                         h                                         e
                                                       ding on which of the categories you check below. The letter(s)
              hat          nt             r
must verify th the amoun specified for your situatio in your ann
                                                       on                         of          ailable for you studies.
                                                                   nual estimate o costs is ava             ur
              must          ll
The letter(s) m verify al statements c                w.           st             sh                        ed
                                         checked below Letters mus be in Englis and figures must be state in U.S.
currency. Ple ease indicate              will
                                how you w be funded:   :

                            s            lf
          I am planning to support mysel through per             s.           ched a certifie letter from my bank
                                                    rsonal savings I have attac             ed
               h            t                       _________ in my personal savings accou enough to support
          which verifies that I have U.S. $ _________                                        unt,        o
              elf          y            ram
          myse through my degree progr at FIU.

          I will be supported by my paren or a spons who lives outside the U I have att
               l             d          nts          sor,                     U.S.                         fied letter
                                                                                             tached a certif
          from the bank of my parents/spo            verifies that U $ _______
                                         onsor which v             U.S.       ___________ are available for me to
              y                        al            .
          study at Florida Internationa University. Also, attac                              r
                                                                    ched is a certified letter which ver  rifies my
              nts'/sponsor's commitment to make these funds availabl to me.
          paren              c                                      le

               l            d           nts
          I will be supported by my paren or a sponso who lives in the US. I hav attached a c
                                                     or          n              ve                           r
                                                                                              certified letter from the
          bank of my parent              ich         hat
                            ts/sponsor whi verifies th U.S. $ _______________                                o
                                                                                ____ are available for me to study at
                            nal          y.
          Florida Internation University Also, attac              tified letter w
                                                     ched is a cert             which verifies my parents'/  /sponsor's
          comm              ake         ds           o
               mitment to ma these fund available to me and docu                at                           r
                                                                 umentation tha my parent and/or sponsor is a U.S.
          citize or permanent resident

          My g             s                                      ed            d              my
               government is sponsoring my studies. I have attache a certified letter from m governme which ent
              fies         ____________
          verifi that U.S.$_                        vailable for me to study at Florida Internat
                                        ______ are av             e                                         sity
                                                                                               tional Univers

               l            d                           be
          I will be supported by an award, which I will b receiving f from ________ ____________             _
          The a             s            S.
               amount of this award is U.S $ ________ __________ I h                               tter       ifies their
                                                                       have attached a certified let which veri
          commmitment to sup              y
                            pport me in my studies at Fl              tional Univers
                                                        lorida Internat            sity.

              ase        ncy,                     es           Name of other source: _____
          In ca of emergen I will have other source available. N                                    __

             t            mount of mone (excluding travel funds available to me for my f
I certify that the total am            ey         g           s)           o                        ic
                                                                                        first academi year of
             United States is U.S. $ ___
study in the U             s                      ___          the
                                       ____________ and that t total amo                            academic
                                                                           ount for each subsequent a
year of study is U.S. $_____________________.

                                        provided by m on this for is complet and correc
Further, I certify that all information p           me          rm         te         ct.

            gnature: ____
Student's Sig                      ____________
                        ____________                     _           ____________
                                              ____________ Date: _____          _________
Revised 07/10