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									               Scottish Working Group on Official Publications (SWOP)

    Minutes of meeting held at 2.00pm on 30 August 2007 in the National Library of
                       Scotland, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

NAME                                        ORGANISATION


Valerie Wells (Chair)                       Stirling University
Brian Bourner (Secretary)                   Scottish Government
Nick Brotchie                               Scottish Law Commission
Neal Buchanan                               University of Paisley
James Carson                                SEPA
Paul Cunnea                                 National Library of Scotland
Jill Evans (Treasurer)                      National Library of Scotland
Elliot George                               TSO
Paulette Hill                               Historic Scotland
Fiona Laing                                 National Library of Scotland
Elizabeth McHugh                            UHI
Liz Mackie                                  University of Aberdeen
Lynda Marshall                              OQPS
Kay Munro                                   University of Glasgow
Fiona Myles                                 Edinburgh City Libraries
Lynsey Paterson                             RR Donnelley
Alan Pawsey                                 OQPS
Janet Peattie                               University of Strathclyde
Tori Spratt                                 Scottish Parliament
Edna Stirrat                                Scottish Parliament
Jan Usher                                   National Library of Scotland
Sharon Wilson                               Advocates Library


Lynda Clark                                 SASA
Alice Crawford                              University of St Andrew‟s
David Hart                                  University of Dundee
Isobel MacLellan                            Mitchell Library
Helen Robinson                              Advocates Library
Alison Ross                                 Scottish Government
Liz Stevenson                               University of Edinburgh
Shona Struthers                             TSO
Alison Tollick                              Blackwells
Kirsteen Valenti                            University of Glasgow
Roddy Waldhelm                              Scottish Government

1. The Chair welcomed new people.
2. Minutes of the previous meeting, 26 April 2007
     2.1. Change spelling of “RR Donnelly” to “RR Donnelley” throughout
     2.2. Re 2.4 – Alan Pawsey noted that FRILLS was a public library scheme.
3.   Treasurer’s Report – previously circulated – Annex A
4.   Scottish Parliament Report – previously circulated – Annex B
     4.1.Parliamentary session starts again next week.
     4.2.A print edition of the revised “Guidance on Public Bills”, currently electronic only -
          is planned for later this year.
     4.3.A poster of the Parliamentary election results has been sent out to all public libraries.
          A bigger version of this poster will be issued this week. Tori Spratt invited members
          to contact her for copies.
5.   RR Donnelley Report – previously circulated – Annex C
     5.1.It was stressed that in the table for printed and online Scottish Executive publications
          the figure for online publications included publications which were also printed as
          well as electronic-only publications.
     5.2.The annual bibliography of Scottish Executive publications issued in 2005 is expected
          to be issued soon.
     5.3.Nick Brotchie asked if delayed bound volumes of Scottish Parliament Acts were
          likely to be issued soon. Tori Spratt said the Parliament was aiming to improve its
          publishing schedules and instead of 2 or 3 volumes per month they will be aiming to
          have volumes issued closer to the times of the Acts passing, ideally within the same
6.   TSO Report – previously circulated – Annex D
     6.1.With the end of recess next week, publishing of SSIs is expected to start increasing.
7.   OQPS Report – previously circulated – Annex E
     7.1.Outstanding Explanatory Notes for Acts of the Scottish Parliament are expected to be
          issued over the next two months.
     7.2.The new OQPS web site has been launched and additional information being added
          includes the Table of Effects of legislation created by the Scottish Parliament.
     7.3.The OPSI web site is being similarly developed with content from the Stat ute Law
          Database - for which OPSI will assume responsibility - being added in October.
     7.4.The new Gazettes web site goes live on 9 September.
     7.5.OPSI, TNA, BL, and the Houses of Parliament libraries are working on a project –
          originally initiated by Jack Straw - for archiving electronic-only key UK government
          publications. The project has found that various factors, including regular changes in
          the machinery of government, mean the extent of link-rot is 45% after 6 months, and
          90% after 2 years. This is a major problem that the project is working on to find a
8.   Access to official docume nts published only on the web - Paul Cunnea, Head of E-
     Resources at the NLS presented a short update.
     8.1.The NLS works closely with the UK Web Archiving Consortium and has been
          archiving Scottish web sites for about 3 years. As yet it does not have permission to
          archive whole Scottish Parliament or Scottish Government web sites but is speaking
          to RR Donnelley as the main agent producing electronic publications for the SP and
          SG. The NLS is currently taking copies of SG pdf items and storing them in a dark
          repository until such time as authorisations are approved. The NLS‟s general aim is
          to archive web sites and make them available to the public and researchers along
          with access to current versions of web sites. The NLS is also clarifying with the
          National Archives of Scotland and the TNA the extent to which their remits might
          overlap and how best they should co-ordinate their work. The NAS currently
          archives snapshots taken of the SP web site, but Paul was unsure whether this also
         applied to the SG web sites and he was unsure who to talk to at the SG about
         arranging web site archiving.
    8.2.Tori Spratt noted that third party copyright is one of the factors preventing the SP
         giving wholesale authorisation. Alan Pawsey noted that legal deposit of publications
         sometimes eliminates the third party problem and that the OQPS guidance on legal
         deposit of electronic documents is being expanded and re- issued.
    8.3.The issue public confusion if old versions of publications are still available online is
         also an area of concern for government. Different versions would be made clearly
    8.4.Kay Munro asked if the intention was also to archive NDPB web sites, e.g. SEPA.
         Paul said that essentially the only limitation was the permissions issue.
    8.5.There was concern over whether Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland
         might be duplicating their work in working on archiving procedures for official
         publications. Alan Pawsey noted that electronic official publications which are
         submitted to the BL are at the moment only likely to be stored on a server.
    8.6. Kay Munro felt the government should be issuing guidance as to where archives of
         electronic official publications exist and how they can be accessed since this would
         greatly benefit researchers. Alan Pawsey noted that all UK government web sites
         which are currently being shut down are being archived in their entirety. He would
         send an email to SWOP members giving details of where existing archives are held.
         [After the meeting Alan circulated the link to the UK Government Websites Archive: uk/preservation/archivedwebsites.htm ]
    8.7.Jill Evans noted that in this area the Scottish Consortium of University Research
         Libraries is working with the Research Information network on collaborative
         information management.
9. SWOP Future Activities
    9.1.The Chair reported
    9.2.Digitising projects
    9.3.The Chair presented a report on SWOP activities at the last SCOOP meeting.
         Someone from SWOP will also attend the next SCOOP meeting.
    9.4.The next SWOP training seminar will be on Digitisation
    9.5.Since the last SWOP meeting the Business Committee met on 10 May at Glasgow
         University and 21 June at Strathclyde University. Its next meeting is on 20
         September at the NLS.
    9.6.Evaluation of the „Made in Scotland‟ seminar, including analysis of feedback forms,
         is continuing. The seminar will be re-run, but with fewer presenters. One vo lunteer
         from the SP and one other SWOP volunteer will be required. Neal Buchanan
         volunteered his services.
    9.7.The timing of the „Made in Scotland‟ re-runs and the Digitisation projects seminars is
         still uncertain.
    9.8.Some ideas have been received and the Chair invited all members to offer further
         suggestions for future SWOP activities and topics for future seminars.
        9.8.1. A seminar on the Westminster legislative process was suggested by Edna
               Stirrat and Fiona Laing. It was thought it might be possible to involve Chris
               pond to some extent.
10. Any Other Business
    10.1.        Fiona Laing reported that the SWOP Directory has now been updated for all
         except four member organisations.
    10.2.     Tori Spratt invited SWOP Members to participate in the online survey about
        the SP Official Report. She can also circulate paper copies and it was agreed that it
        would also be made available on the SWOP web site.
    10.3.     James Carson said he is looking for examples of good practice to improve the
        presence of the SEPA Information Service on SEPA‟s intranet. He has produced a
        small survey form to ask other bodies about their intranet experience and it was
        agreed he should circulate it to SWOP members. he will share the results with
        SWOP once the survey is completed.
    10.4.     Fiona Laing made offered copies of the SWOP Bookmark for members to take
11. Date of Next Meeting
    The next full SWOP Meeting will be the AGM. It will be held at the Scottish
    Parliament at 2.00pm on Thurs day 22 November.

Jan Usher, Head of Official Publications at the NLS, gave a Powerpoint illustrated talk on the
    background to an NLS digitisation project which related to a collection of official
    government publications from India at the time of the British Raj. – Entitled “Disease
    Prevention and Control in British India – a collection of official documents” the project
    was made possible by funding from the Wellcome Institute and involved working with
    fragile documents, scanning, OCR work, converting tables of data to HTML, creating a
    web site, and organising the creation of microfilmed copies to guarantee future
    preservation. and eventually recruiting a project manager for future work.
The web site arising from the project is at and Jan
    would appreciate any feedback on the usability of the site or how it could be further
    utilised. A lot of new data is expected to be added next year.
The Chair thanked Jan for an extremely interesting talk and asked anyone with something
    they‟d like to talk about at future SWOP Meetings to get in touch.
SWOP would welcome offers / suggestions from members for similar presentations at future

Annex A

SWOP Financial Report to the SWOP meeting on Thursday 30 th August 2007.

The balance in the SWOP current account is £4,121.25 at 26 th July 2007. There
are no outstanding payments to be made. All attendees at the SWOP event in
April have now paid their attendance fees.

Jill Evans
17th August 2007.

(SCURLSWOP BCFinReport300807)
    Annex B

                        MEETING –
                       30 August 2007

    Scottish Parliament Session 3

    Shown below are the new Committees for Session 3 of the Scottish Parliament.

           Mandatory Committees                 Subject Committees
           whose remits are set out        Whose remits are based on the responsibilities of
    in the Parliament‟s Standing Orders.              Executive departments.
          Audit                                   Economy, Energy and Tourism
          Equal Opportunities                     Education, Lifelong Learning and Culture
          European and External Relations         Health and Sport
          Finance                                 Justice
          Procedures                              Local Government and Communities
          Public Petitions                        Rural Affairs and Environment
          Standards and Public                    Transport, Infrastructure and Climate
           Appointments                             Change
          Subordinate Legislation

    Partner Libraries who previously took Committees publications have been notified about the
    changes and instructions for updating their publication requirements.

    All Scottish Parliament core business official publications re-started on 8th May 2007
    (Business Bulletin, Written Answers Report, Plenary Official Report and Minutes of
    Proceedings), and the Committees started to meet again on Tuesday 19 th May
    where Committee Convener and Deputy Convener for each were chosen.
Recess Dates

                Recess                 Start Date           End Date
           2007 Summer                         30 June 2007      2 September 2007
                Autumn                       6 October 2007       21 October 2007
                Christmas                22 December 2007           4 January 2008

           2008 February                    9 February 2008         17 February 2008
                Spring                       29 March 2008              13 April 2008
                Summer                         28 June 2008           31 August 2008

New publications in Session 3
   3rd Edition of Standing Orders
   A new Code of Conduct for MSP‟s
   Guidance to Parliamentary Questions (revised editio n)
   Guidance to Motions (revised edition)
   Statistics Volume, covers period 12 May 2002 to 31 March 2003
   Bill Summaries publication – covers period Session 2, 2003 – 2007
   Guidance on Public Bills ( updated electronically only) (revised edition)

Updates to publications

The Education pack is currently being updated, a range of Public Information Leaflets are
being updated and the Election 2007 results poster is being updated with a view to issue the
election results poster in the next few weeks.

Kathryn Appleby has joined the Information Centre as the new Collections Manager.       She
will be working in the Information Management Team.

Edna Stirrat
Document Supply officer
Room CG-01
The Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe)
The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP
Tel: 0131 348 5449
Annex C

                                                                   S cotland

                                                                   8 South Gyle Crescent Lane
                                                                   EH12 9EG

                                                                   t:          +44 (0)131 625 6600
                                                                   f:          +44 (0)131 625 6540
                                                                   isdn:       +44 (0)131 334 2037


                RR Donnelley Report for SWOP Meeting 30 th August 2007

Scottish Parliament Publications

There have been no Bills published by the Scottish Parliament since the last SWOP meeting in April.

During May and June there was the normal publication schedule of Business Bulletins, Official
Reports, Written Answers and other core documents of the Scottish Parliament.

Publications of note published during May and June:

1)      Guidance on Motions / Scotland. Parliament. - (Guidance Notes, 2nd Edition, May 2007,
        [Session 3]). - This guidance is intended to support and expand on the Parliament's Standing
        Orders in relation to the processing of and parliamentary procedure on motions. -
        9781406134148 (£4.80)

2)      Guidance on Parliamentary Questions / Scotland. Parliament. - (Guidance Notes, 4th
        Edition, May 2007, [Session 3]). - This guidance is intended to support and expand on the
        Parliament's Standing Orders in relation to the processing of parliamentary questions. -
        9781406134155 (£4.20)

3)      Address by Her Majesty the Queen to mark the Third Session of the Scottish
        Parliament. - (Scottish Parliament Official Report, Address by Her Majesty the Queen to
        mark the Third Session of the Scottish Parliament, Session 3). - 9781406135213 (£2.50)

4)      Scottish Parliament Annual Report 2006 to 2007 / Scotland. Parliament. - (Scottish
        Parliament papers, SP Paper 1 Session 3 (2007). - 9781406134100 (£5.00)

5)      Aithisg Bhliadhnail Pàrlamaid na h-Alba 2006 gu 2007 / Scotland. Parliament. - (Scottish
        Parliament papers, SP Paper 1 Session 3 (2007)). - Garlic version of Scottish Parliament
        Annual Report 2006 to 2007. - 9781406134100 (£5.00)

As the Parliament has been in recess during July and August, only a weekly schedule of Business
Bulletins and Written Answers have been published during this time.
Scottish Parliament Bill Bound Volumes

Job Title                                                                Cost           Publicati on Date
SPPB 50     Protection of Children (Scotland) Bill 2002        340       £50.00         30 August 2006
SPPB 51     Budget (Scotland) (No. 4) Bill 2003                109       £40.00         30 August 2006
SPPB 52     Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill 2003 Part 2       746       £70.00         7 November 2006
SPPB 52     Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill 2003 Part 1       756       £70.00         7 November 2006
SPPB 53     Buildings (Scotland) 2002                          454       £55.00         7 November 2006
SPPB 54     Title Condit ions (Scotland) Bill 2002 Part 1      660                      29 March 2007
                                                                         (2 volu mes)
SPPB 54     Title Condit ions (Scotland) Bill 2002 Part 2      500                      29 March 2007
                                                                         (2 volu mes)
SPPB 55     Ho melessness etc. (Scotland) Bill 2002            430       £55.00         1 February 2007
SPPB 56     Agricultural Ho ldings (Scotland) Bill 2002        788       £70.00         1 February 2007
SPPB 57     Dog Fouling (Scotland) Bill 2002                   198       £45.00         1 February 2007
SPPB 58     Mental Health (Scotland) Bill 2002 Part 3          622                      29 March 2007
                                                                         (3 volu mes)
SPPB 58     Mental Health (Scotland) Bill 2002 Part 1          768                      29 March 2007
                                                                         (3 volu mes)
SPPB 58     Mental Health (Scotland) Bill 2002 Part 2          828                      29 March 2007
                                                                         (3 volu mes)
SPPB 59     Council of the Law Society of Scotland Bill 2002   111       £40.00         5 June 2007
            Salmon & Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidated)
SPPB 60                                                  408             £55.00         5 June 2007
            (Scotland) Bill 2002
            Co mmissioner for Children and Young People
SPPB 61                                                  400             £50.00         18 July 2007
            (Scotland) Bill 2002
SPPB 62     Education (School Meals) (Scotland) Bill 2003      78        £30.00         tbc
SPPB 63     Primary Medical Serv ices (Scotland) Bill 2003     516       £60.00         tbc
SPPB 64     Budget (Scotland) Bill 2004                        92        £30.00         tbc
SPPB 65     Vu lnerable Witnesses (Scotland) Bill 2003         540       £60.00         tbc

Scottish Executive Publications

Given the large number of Scottish Executive titles published since the last SWOP meeting, I
have not listed them all here. However, as well as being published on the Scottish Executive
website, all titles appear on the RR Donnelley Scottish Official Daily Listing, which many of
you are already receiving.
The following table provides an indication of the number of printed and online Scottish Executive
publications published between April – August 2007.
*Online statistics include both Web-only publications and those produced in both formats.

                                  Printed       Online
April                             49            55

May                               29            47

June                              22            74

July                              26            66

August (as at 23/08/07)           28            55

If you, or any colleagues, are not currently receiving the RR Donnelley Daily, Weekly or Monthly
Listings and would like to be added to the contacts list, please contact

Scottish Executive Bibliography

Work is progressing on the compilation of the 2005 Scottish Executive Bibliography. It is
anticipated it will follow the same design and layout as the 2004 edition. It will be fully
indexed and should provide users with a comprehensive representation of the publishing
output of the Scottish Executive in 2005. At present it is estimated it will be published in the
later stages of 2007.
Annex D

                       30th August 2007

1. The following Asps and Asp ENs have published between the last SWOP meeting, on 26 th
   April, and 30 th August 2007:


    2007 15       S chools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (S cotland) Act 2007   27/04/2007

    2007 16       Edinburgh Rail Link Act 2007                                     26/04/2007

    2007 17       Custodial Sentences and Weapons (S cotland) Act 2007             26/04/2007

                  Rights of Relatives to Damages (Mesothelioma) (S cotland) Act
    2007 18                                                                        04/05/2007

    2007 19       Airdrie-Bathgate Railway and Linked Improvements Act 2007        15/05/2007


                  Rights of Relatives to Damages (Mesothelioma) (S cotland) Act
    2007 18                                                                        14/05/2007

    2007 15       S chools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (S cotland) Act 2007   18/05/2007

There have been 65 Scottish Statutory Instruments and 5 Statutory Instruments published since
the last SWOP meeting. There were 39 corresponding Explanatory Notes uploaded to the OPSI

Shona Struthers

Legislation and Parliamentary Publishing Manager
TSO Scotland, 71 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH3 9AZ
Tel: +44 (0)131 659 7034
Fax: +44 (0)870 606 5588
Online orders:
Annex E

                 Office of the Queen‟s Printer for Scotland
1.       Report for the SWOP meeting to be held on 30 August 2007

     This report supplements the OPSI/OQPS Legislation and Website Reports
                        which have already been circulated

1.       Explanatory Notes to ASPs

1.2     Members will have noted from the Legislation Report that there are a large number of ASPs
for which Explanatory Notes remain to be published. Following discussions with the Scottish
Executive we are hopeful that these will be cleared for publication over the next two months.

2.       OQPS Website Development

2.1    The new OQPS website ( went live on 8 August. The new website includes
a number of major improvements in the way in which Scottish legislation is made available on the
web. Improvements included:

        The inclusion of breadcrumb navigation enabling users accessing html versions of a piece of
         legislation to know where they are in the document;
        The ability to switch between current standard view of legislation in HTML and a single full
         page view;
        The addition of all Local Non-Print Scottish Statutory Instruments since the start of 2007.
         These will in future be added as they are received by OQPS;
        The addition of RSS feeds; and
        The addition of improved metadata.

We have also this week added the Tables of Effect of legislation providing details of the effects of
subsequent legislation on both Acts of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Statutory Instruments
from 1999 to the end of 2006.

2.2      Similar improvements have also now been made to the OPSI website for all primary
legislation and will be applied to UK secondary legislation by early October when the OPSI website
will also start to carry Statute Law Database content.

3.       Edinburgh Gazette

3.1    The new Gazettes website in beta test form is now available on the web and will go live on 9
September when the old site will be switched off. It is planned that the new website will contain the
complete Gazette archive. All of the available material is which we hold has been added but a there a
few gaps in our collection which we are seeking to source from the British Library and, hopefully, for
the Edinburgh Gazette from the National Library of Scotland.

4.      Archiving Digital Assets

4.1     OPSI with colleagues from the National Archives, the British Library and the Parliamentary
Libraries at Westminster are currently engaged in a project to ensure that all UK Government web
only publications can be identified and archived, thus ensuring that key documents can be retained for
long term access. A number of technical solutions are to be tested and a implementation project will
be established to put these into effect.

5.      Re-use of Public Sector Information

5.1     To mark the second anniversary of implementing the EU Directive on the re-use of Public
Sector Information, OPSI published a report which reviews the progress which the UK has made
during that period. The report can be found on the OPSI website at:

Alan Pawsey
Office of the Queen‟s Printer for Scotland
30 August 2007

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