Artist Booking Agreement by talperry


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									AGREEMENT NO:                                                            DATED:

Between                 _____________________ (the Contractor)

And                     __________________ for and on behalf of
                        __________________ hereinafter called the Artist.

WHEREBY the Contractor engages the Artist and the Artist accepts the engagement to appear at
a performance for a salary of $_____ (________________ US dollars) or ___% of the net door
receipts, whichever is the greater, where net is defined as gross less production cost & ticket
taxes. Artist salary is net of tax.


1.      The Artist will not be required to play for more than a total of ___________ minutes.

2.      Equipment Access:       TBC             3. Sound check: TBC

4.      Doors Open:             TBC             5. On Stage:     TBC

6.      Support:                TBC

7.      Curfew:                 TBC

8.      Ticket Price:           $____

9.      When applicable the attached rider will be an integral part of the agreement and
        should be signed and returned with the contract.

10.    Payment: Is it agreed and understood that 50% of the salary is to be paid to Artist’s
       account to arrive no later than ___________________. The remaining 50% of the
       contribution is to be paid to Artist’s account to arrive no later than ______________.
       Payment to be made by same day priority international bank to bank payment and
       must be net of all transfer charges etc. Bank details are below.

DATE OF PERFORMANCE       VENUE                      CAPACITY



________________________                                ______________________
THE ARTIST                                              THE CONTRACTOR
AGREEMENT NO:                      
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