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					               Mr. Tonio Dell’Olio
Director of International department of Libera

                                 Bucharest, April 28 2009
 Associations, Names and Numbers
           against Mafias

• born on 25 March 1995 with the purpose of involving and
  supporting all those who are interested in the prevention and
  fight against mafias and organized crime;
• A network of more than 1,300 associations, groups and
  schools, committed to build up synergies between social,
  political and cultural entities;
• Among its activities: social use of the assets seized to
  organized crime (especially land), education on democratic
  lawfulness, fight against corruption, camps for anti-mafia
  education, projects on work, development and anti-usury
  For preventing a crime culture or crime mentality, the educational
  environment is essential. To create initiatives in defence of human rights
  and for denouncing the inequities caused by organized crime. So many
  years of field work together with teachers, schools and educators in
  general, in the most diverse areas and realities, have resulted in an
  awareness that in order to educate the young (of all ages!) on democratic
  lawfulness and active citizenship, in this way widening their cultural
  prospects, it is necessary to take action at different levels.

  The proposal of educational models of grassroots democracy, being on the
  alert for every sign of the presence of mafias and the various forms of
  illegality, a detailed analysis of the phenomenon of bullying and unlawful
  behaviour, the application of methodologies of research and survey, are
  only some of the courses of action that we have taken in the last years.

   Social use of the assets seized to
   organized crime (especially land)

 In the 1995 Libera has collected one million of
   signatures in order to make to approve of a
   law that allowed the use social of the
   confiscated assets to the organized crime.

Social work
 Against the organized crime and
in favour of the respect of the law
…in the lands where the presence of the
Mafias is so strong… some young people
have had the courage to promote cooperatives
in order to cultivate those lands…
A brand was created in order to
distinguish the products of those
cooperatives and 48 great
companies have offered just know-
how in order to help the young
people in the quality choice, in the
promotion and in the spread they
but not only
cultivation of

…farm holidays,
responsible tourism,
honey, horses…
In all the lands cultivated from the
intimidations and threats have taken place…

… but we have chosen to go ahead also
with the solidarity of many (institutions
and citizens) …

…the secret is never to remain alone
  21 March is the Day of Memory and Commitment in support of all mafias
  victims. Every year on this date Libera remembers all mafias victims and renews
  the commitment to building peace and social justice.

  The Antimafias Caravan, promoted by LIBERA, ARCI and Avviso Pubblico, visits
  dozens of cities in Italy and around the world from September to December every
  year, promoting discussions, public initiatives, and education on a culture of
  lawfulness and social justice.

  The Run for Peace and Rights, promotes freedom, rights and social commitment
  through sports in Italy and in some of the poorest countries in the world (Kenya,
  Argentina, Ivory Coast).

Social work
 Traditionally in Italy the anti-mafia movements never have had a long life. The
 hard work, the isolated commitment, organized crime infiltrations, intimidations
 and threatens… weaken the civil society efforts.
 Libera became to create a national network.

 But now we have a New Global Mafia, a transnational organized crime…

                                 A network is necessary:
 - To give some solidarity signs is important: nobody has to feel himself alone
 - The experiences and expertise exchange is essential for don’t repeat same errors
 - To coordinate the common efforts for proposing a more efficient national and
 international legislation: the law is a main tool to fight organized crime

               The next steps
• call for a new global alliance against new global
• to extend to all the countries of the European union
  the law for the social use of the assets confiscated
  to the organized crime
• to promote new alliances with the
  entrepreneurship in order to play an effective social
  role against the Mafias too

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