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									What is an IP Clinic?
IP Clinic is a platform for researchers and idea implementers to analyse the innovation and
inventive value of their work. This helps to identify the potential intellectual property rights
that can be extracted from the inventor’s thoughts and actions.

Who should attend this Clinic?
If you are a member of the IITB Research community – Faculty, Researcher, Student, or Staff

How is an IP clinic different from the usual IPR awareness programme?
This is a one-on-one discussion and interaction between the inventors and the IP domain
experts. Hence this is more purposive and results driven.

What preparations need to be done by me for attending this clinic?
It is expected for the users to come prepared with their research outputs / initiatives,
completed / undertaken till date to get precise inputs from the experts.

Are there any documents to be completed?
Yes and its simple. Follow these steps
    Register online @
    Fill in the NDA – Download from the registration site. This will be signed between you,
    the researcher and the analysts who will be present.
    Your disclosure of research through NDA is protected and cannot be used by the
    analyst outside.
    Fill in the Invention Disclosure Form of IITB
    Come to the Clinic

How are my concerns on privacy of my ideas / products / research addressed?
The NDA takes care of non disclosure of your idea / research. The invention disclosure form
is used by the institute to apply for the identified intellectual property rights on your behalf.

How is this going to benefit me?
This clinic considerably simplifies and sharpens the overall picture that drives research,
provides an opportunity to identify the commercial potentials of the research conducted by
acquiring the relevant intellectual property rights.

Do I need to have a working prototype to attend the IP Clinic?
If you are in the advanced researcher category, it will help in speeding up the process if
found suitable for intellectual property protection. However, it is not compulsory to bring
the same to the clinic.

I am a computer software developer, is this useful for me?
You can for sure identify your various IP rights. You can for instance identify the copyright,
licensing options amongst the host of IP rights available for protecting your software.

I am an open source developer, is this useful for me?
Yes, the best license that can fit your development from the myriad licensing terms available
like GPL, BSD, and Creative Commons.
    I am an industrial designer, can I participate?
    Of course, the design rights of your designs be it animation / industrial design / artistic can
    be explored.

    I am a student having some ideas of a product, how can I use this clinic?
    You are welcome. You can explore the whole gamut of IPR options like patents, copyrights,
    trademarks and design rights that are available.

    I am a student having some ideas of a service, how can I use this clinic?
    You can explore the copyrights, trademark, service mark options

    Do I need to be a researcher to apply for this clinic?
    No, but you should have a clear understanding of your proposal / research status! It can be
    an out-of-box method. We are looking at the innovatiness of the research and the legal
    protection that can be derived out of it!

    I am working on microbes / bio tech, how can I use this clinic?
    Yes, experts on the relevant areas will be made available.

    I am working on nanotechnology, is this useful?
    By all means…a hot research topic needs a robust IP framework for success.

    I am having a startup in SINE, am I eligible?
    Yes, you can explore the Trademark, copyright issues for your organisation for example and
    also not to mention – explore the patent capability of your prototypes

    Ok, how much will you charge?
    Its nominal!! Just contribute Rs. 200 (Rs 400 for SINE companies) and tons of willingness to

Note: FAQ is a FAQ. They do not replace the legal counsel that is required to take a decision. This FAQ
provides the flavour of the programme and is not to be construed as binding on the programme contents
or its deliverables.

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