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									                                                                            PANCAKE CIRCUS WINNER

                                                            A HUGE Thank You to every one who came to make
                                                            this a wonderful event! P2 Rancho Cordova, you have
                                                            the honor of getting together once again to dine at
          AS THE DRUM TURNS                                 Cattleman’s with Ted and Patti!
              June 2007
                                                                     GUYS GONE FISHING
      President’s message…
                                                                   A few nice fish & plenty of good fun!
On June 3rd… THE PANCAKE CIRCUS came and                                 (Picture Below, Left to Right)
went from the Placer Fairgrounds! There were balloon
artists, decorations, clowns, DJ, bounce houses, and        Mark Clay, Terry Regan, Shawn Delaney, James
pony rides. There was thick sliced bacon, sausage, eggs,    Yendes, Bill Redden, Mike Robbins, Ted Henley,
pancakes, fresh strawberries, blue berries, blackberries,   Jonathan Gorbet, Tim Jones, Rowdy Cordero, Greg
whipped cream and Starbucks coffee!                         Adame, Joey Russi, Jerry Gish, and Rick Fernandes
Congratulations… we served pancakes to 217 people,
we raised $9,131.72, and best of all 5 families showed
an interest in foster parenting and/or adoption.
I am really proud of what we accomplished! You are a
great team to work with – just a bunch of go getters!

This was a great time to celebrate with our family and
friends. We are blessed to have had the opportunity to
share this day!

                                                                           The Big Winners…

                                                            The big halibut was caught by Greg Adame at 23 lbs 6
                                                            ounces, and a very close second place fish measured in
                                                            at 23 lbs 1 ounce caught by Bill Redden!
        The Business of BUSINESS!                       they founded the company. Good service is the
                                                        companies guiding principle. These two words
Everyone has been pulling their weight and this has     help each of us find and keep our direction for
been a good season for concrete. The sales staff        success!
continues to produce a good number of new
accounts and recently we have landed returning          Thank you for your past accomplishments and the
customers which does please us to no end.               future, “atta boys” you will receive! We are a
                                                        great TEAM, one to be respected and admired.
I ask that you continue to keep on your game.
                                                        T - together
Making sure that your loads are delivered properly;
including slump, fiber, expansion, and cures. Make      E - everyone
sure that you are following a good routine that         A - achieves
ensures we will avoid damages. Our costs are up
and it is so imperative that daily we do everything     M – more
we can to maximize our efficiencies by being
deliberate in our deliveries and by handling
ourselves professionally.

 “Good service,” is a commodity that our customers
are relying on, we continue to get calls regarding
your good performance.                                  Igor Mudrik and wife Nelya ~ baby girl May 17th

This is the time of year that we can add to our         Tracie Shoffner is in labor with her baby boy Tyler as we
retained earnings, this in turn will allow us to make   write this! June 26th
the necessary repairs and maintenance that will be
required in the slower months, dare I say the “rainy
                                                          Position Open In LCS: Dispatch Department
So, “cowboy up,” and we will make the best we can                   Shipper/Customer Service
by giving the best we can!
                                                                     Call James or Sue for details!
This is our mission statement and the values,
written by our family almost 2 decades ago!

Since 1946 Livingston's Concrete Service has been       Share A Story Book Drive ~ Grand Total:
a family owned and operated supplier of ready mix
concrete and associated materials to the                80,586 books were donated to schools & organizations
                                                        in need. Thank you, for your generosity and support!
commercial, retail and government markets in the
Greater Sacramento Area.
We intend to ensure our long term profitability,
uphold our "Good Service" policy and maintain our
market position through the development of
qualified personnel, continued responsiveness to our
customer's needs, creative marketing and the use of
innovative technology.
We are dedicated to achieving our company
objectives through community involvement, and by
the commitment to excellence of each individual in
our organization.
The “good service,” portion of our mission
statement was introduced by our parents when
                                                            Learn and practice basic lifesaving techniques,
                                                           including First Aid and CPR. Insist that anyone who
                                                           cares for your children learn CPR.

                                                            Keep poolside rescue equipment and a cordless,
                                                           water resistant telephone close to the pool area.

                                                            Post emergency numbers and CPR instructions near
   BBQ Contest Winner: P2 Donated 1,363 books              the pool area.
Mmmmmm…. Tri-tip and Fried Onion Rings!!!                   Teach children that drains, grates and filters are not
                                                           toys. Never stick fingers or toes in these openings and
                                                           stay away from suction devices.

                                                            Always remove toys from the pool area when not in
           SAFETY CORNER                                    Post safety rules in a highly visible location. Make sure
                                                           children are familiar with the rules.

                                                            Keep spas and hot tubs covered and locked when not
                 POOL SAFETY                               in use.

                                                            Completely remove pool and spa covers prior to
 Install four-sided fencing with self-locking and self-
                                                            Stay out of the pool during severe weather and
closing gates. Fencing should completely isolate the
                                                           thunderstorms, especially if lightning is forecast or
pool from the home and be at least five feet high.
 Always keep gates closed and latched. Never prop a
                                                            If a child is missing, check the pool area first.
gate open or disable the lock.

 Always practice constant, adult supervision around
any body of water, including pools and spas. Never
leave your child alone or in the care of another child.

 When hosting a pool party, assign specific adults to
keep an eye on the pool at all times.

 Enroll non-swimmers in swimming lessons taught by a
qualified instructor.

 Remember that regardless of age or skill level, no one
is “drown proof.” Children should always be supervised
by an adult while they are swimming.
                                                           Don’t Forget –
 Never swim alone. Even adults should swim with a
                                                           Drink Water & Wear Your Sun Block!

                                                                         THINK SAFETY FIRST!

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