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					                             Teaching English As a Second Language

                             CONTACT INFO

Cynthia Herzog           Date of Birth 07/24/1958
Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Contact: 0966-558-348428
3200 Arden Villas Blvd (Current Address)
Orlando, Florida 32817

 Cynthia has taught English as a Second Language to beginner, intermediate and advanced
levels. She has logged over two thousand instructional hours without missing a single lesson.

Virginia Carley
Amid East Cairo, Egypt

Cynthia has done a tremendous job. She has consistently maintained extremely high standards in
three crucial areas: classroom teaching, administrative assistance and rapport building with
students and staff.

William Murphy
Tri-Star Middle East
Deir Ezzor, Syria

Professional Profile:

Eager to bring elementary students into the twenty-first century using a unique combination of
education experience coupled with ten years’ business background in accounting management.

Masters Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language, Bachelors Degree in Education.

Experienced in use of the internet and educational software and dedicated to enthusiastic and
dynamic teaching as a means of creating and nurturing a lifelong love of knowledge in children.

Education, Honors, and Certifications:
Masters Degree
University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida. 1986

Bachelor of Arts:
Seattle University, Seattle, Washington. 1984

Magna Cum Laude Honor Society Member

Provisional Certifications:
California State Elementary Education- 2002
British Counsel-Oman Young learners program

Key Qualifications:
      Certified in Elementary (K-12) and Adult Education.
      Plan and instruct each subject area using wide variety of teaching aids, motivational and
      implementation strategies to engage students in active learning.
      Incorporate learning modality principles into classroom and individual instruction.
      Develop and conduct inter-grade activities. Utilize guided reading management material.
      Implement technological approaches to subject material.
      Research educational resources on the Internet.
      Assist with information retrieval.

King Abdul Aziz University
Salama Campus
Jeddah-Saudi Arabia
English Instructor
Teaching Levels 1, 2, 3 English in the ELI Program for 1st and 2nd year female students.

01/01/2009 – 04/01/2010
Dubai American Scientific School
5th Grade Class Teacher/ English Teacher
Teaching - 5th grade as a Class teacher last year and 6th, 7th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades as an
English teacher this year.
All subjects including English, Math, Science, Art, Social Studies and IT. Volunteering for-the After
School Teaching Program. Helping out with extra curriculum activies such as: Sports Day, National
Day, Science Fairs, Spelling Bee Competitions and School Camping Trips.

American Language Center
English Instructor-Workshop Presenter
Teaching English to French students of all levels children, teens and adults and Work shop
presenter for Moroccan teachers and is also in charge of teaching special reading groups for

Sohar College of Education
English Instuctor
Teaching English to Co-Ed college student’s 1st and 2nd year as well as providing Student Teacher
Training in a classroom setting for the student teachers in their 2nd and 3rd year in the Ministry of

01/2005 - 01/2007
Polyglot Institute
English Instructor
Teaching ESL British English to Ministry students and Young learners program in summer.

10/2004 - 01/2005
NYIT University
Teacher/Coordinator (ELI Dept)-Short Term Position
Teaching English levels 1-4 to college students and backup support coordinator for the ELI English

6/2004 - 9/2004
ELS Language Institute
English Instructor
Teaching ESL English to summer school students and Ministry students (adults)- Summer Position

1/2003 - 6/2004
Conoco Oil Company
Deir Ezzor-Syria
ESL Teacher (English)
ESL Teacher English Spectrum (American) training manuals to 150 Conoco Petrol engineers.
(Beginning to Advanced) Levels of English

1/2003 - 1/2004
Al-Furrat Petroleum Company
Deir Ezzor- Syria
ESL Teacher (English)
Teaching ESL English Oxford (British) training manuals to 150 Al-Furrat Petrol engineers.
(Beginning to Advanced) Levels of English

6/2001 -1/2004
Amid East Educational and Training Services
Damascus- Syria
ESL Teacher (English)
Teaching ESL English grammar to students in grades 7th 8th and 9th.
Professional Development in Education
Substitute Teacher, K thru High School, June 2002 to 2003
Damascus Community School, Damascus ,Syria

Workshop Presenter for Teacher Training for Young Learners, November 2002
Damascus University, Damascus, Syria

Student Teacher, June 1976 to June 1981
Indian River Community College

Experienced ESL Educator:
Teaching English as a Second Language to KG- College levels and Adult Education in the Middle

Computer Skills:
Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel. Excellent working knowledge of the


English Fluent- Full knowledge      Arabic    Conversational-Advanced     Spanish


May 2008-Present

Alliance for International Women's Rights
Lisa Herb- Founder and Executive Director

Cecilia Rashid- Support and In Charge at Kabul University

Armchair Volunteer – Afghanistan, Kabul University

Many people would like to volunteer internationally to help advance women’s rights, but they do
not have the time or funds to travel to another country for several weeks or months. Similarly,
many local women’s rights organizations in Central Asia need volunteer assistance but do not have
the funding or capacity to bring international volunteers to their offices.

However, with the widespread availability of Internet access and e-mail, international volunteering
is now an option for both local organizations and volunteers. Although nothing can take the place
of direct, face-to-face exchanges between people, the Alliance’s Armchair Volunteer Programs take
advantage of the Internet and new Internet-based communication technology to help open the
world to organizations in developing countries through long-distance volunteers. The Alliance
currently has two Armchair Programs, our Armchair Development Program and our Armchair ESL


  Cecilia Rashid- Support and In Charge at Kabul University

  Dr. Adlai Naidoo PHD- IGIT Group

  Zeba Zabadi KAU University Coordinator Salama Campus

 Montgomery Mewers- KAU University Men’s Section