Kinjo Ufuchiku _Kanakushiku Sanda_ Ufuchiku Den Kobujutsu Shinko

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					               Kinjo Ufuchiku
                                                  Shinko Matayoshi
           (Kanakushiku Sanda)
                                                  Matayoshi Kobudo
           Ufuchiku Den Kobujutsu

                                                  Shinpo Matayoshi
                Shosei Kina
                                                  Matayoshi Kobudo

Masanobu Kina                       Kaishu Isa    Katsuyoshi Kanei
  Rengeikan                         Shudokan          Jinbukan

                           Anthony Marquez, Sr.
                              Kokusai Ryukyu
                            Kobujutsu Kenkyokai

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Description: Sanshou Sanda, also known in ancient times called Xiang Bo, hand pump, attack and so on. Simply, is that the two unarmed fighting face to face. GB Wushu Sanda is a major form of expression, to kick, hit, throw, take the four techniques as the main means of attack. In addition, defense, footwork and other techniques. Sanda is one of modern sport, the two sides in accordance with the rules, the use of kicking, punching, wrestling and other offensive and defensive tactics were unarmed fight, fight. Ring is a traditional Chinese form of martial arts is Wushu Chinese Wushu Association in order to be able to adapt to modern sport from the order.