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					                    ADULTS IN BALLROOM DANCING

General Benefits
Adults can find many profits, many benefits, many enhancements to life
if ballroom dancing is their avocation, pastime, or hobby. They will find
an enhanced appreciation of music and its rhythms. They will
experience an increased sense of balance, and a more fluid movement in
walking and running.

They will find a new type of relationship with others. Dancing with a
partner in harmony and with good music will help them develop a more
open, understanding, responsive, and supportive relationship with their
partner and with others. Their outlook on life will tend to be more

While all dancing has its value, there will be several completely
memorable dances in one's life. A time when the partner, the music, the
movement all come together in a sense of achievement and pleasure
that stays in memory.

Physical Benefits
Physically, dancing is a great body conditioner, even if done on a near-
weekly basis. If done on a regular basis, such as two to three times a
week, it becomes quite a beneficial activity. It will increase that mid-
afternoon stamina needed on the job, it will develop that circulatory
"second-heart", strengthen your legs, and will generally tone the body
over-all. As mentioned before, walking and body movement become
easier, more balanced, and more fluid, with greater flexibility in axis of

Mental Benefits
Mentally, dancing serves as a wonderful stress relief. A busy day of
pressure melts into the background when the evening brings dancing in
the arms of another and pursuing the muse with dance? Sleep that
night is sound and relished.
Becoming a competent dancer provides an excellent learning experience
in discipline, goal setting, planning, achievment, assuredness, self-
conficence and pride in the dancer's abilities. These favorable attributes
then tend to transfer in other aspects of the dancer's life as well. The
payoff can be significant!

A third benefit involves that old saying "use it or lose it." Learning and
remembering the many steps and movements required of the various
dances are a significant mental challenge and a constant stimulant to
the brain. We believe that's why avid dancers usually remain mentally
alert, regardless of age.

Social Benefits
A good dancer is a definite plus to social occasions -- especially the
men. If a man takes the time to become a skilled and confident, but not
overly forceful leader, his presence is appreciated by every lady in the
room. A good dancer does not need to be handsome to be popular.
Similarly, a lady who is a good dancer radiates grace and charm,
regardless of whether she is a physical beauty.

The atmosphere of an event can be heightened by good dancing and
good dancers. The whole affair goes more smoothly when there is
competent dancing.

In business and professional life, a person can lend to their acceptance
and belonging by the ability to dance. On many social occasions it is
almost essential to be able to dance well.

When adults become involved with ballroom dancing they meet many
new people who have a similar interest and develop lasting friendships
with many of them. Many dancers say that ballroom dancing adds an
entirely new and very beneficial dimension to their life. In summary,
the ability to dance well is a valuable skill that is needed by everyone
and will produce many benefits during their entire lifetime.

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Description: Ballroom ballroom dancing, also known as dance, dance dance, social dance, ballroom dancing. Originated in Europe, in the ancient folk dance evolved on the basis of the development. Since the 16,17 century, dance has become a common practice in Europe's social activities, it is a "world language," said. 20 years after the 20th century, social dancing all over the world to chill out, it is also called "international dance."