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					   An E-learning Approach to Integrate
  Hospital Information Systems in Medical

                                        Ahme d I Albarrak*
                              Associate professor of Health Informatics
                                Chairman, Medical Informatics Unit
                             College of Medicine, King Saud University

E-learning systems are advanced systems
that are used to improve students’                            need, and how the goals of such system
learning capabilities as well as their                        can be achieved by designing a me dical
accessibility by utilizing information and                    portal   for    integrating    me dical
communication technology tools. These                         information systems such as hospital
systems usually involve activities to                         information system (HIS), picture
increase the interaction among students                       archiving and communication system
and between instructors and students. E-                      (PACS), lab system, and operation
learning systems enable students to extend                    rooms integration and control system
their learning beyond the borders of the                      (ORICS) with the e-learning system.
classroom by using online and offline                         In conclusion, e-learning systems
learning     technologies.    In    medical                   designed for medical education should
education, e-learning systems require                         consider overcoming space limitation,
special design because of the nature of                       and simplify medical information
medical education which re quires more                        access in addition to help in overcoming
practical sessions, and more student                          other me dical education challenges. In
involvement in medical procedures and                         addition e-learning system should
operations. In orde r to provide medical                      improve      student involvement in
students with a productive e-learning                         medical procedures and operations,
system, the system should be able to                          and access of life cases with special
provide the m not only with text books and                    attention in handling the privacy and
lectures materials, but with real life cases                  security of patient data.
including medical history, lab results,
radiology images, and other patient                                 *P O Bo x 63709 Riyadh 11526
related information as well. This                                   Saudi Arabia
information would improve the student                               Fax +96614690798
diagnosis and treatment skills and                                  Tel +966554198890
leverage their learning outcome.
The objective of this paper is to discusses
the approach adopted in The College of
Medicine and King Saud University
Hospitals to design and build a medical e-
learning system to provide medical
students with access to information they

   The Seventh International Conference on eLearning for Knowledge-Based Society, 16-17 December 2010, Thailand