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					Application for Solve-IT
Call & Request Management System
For Staff Only

                 If You Need Assistance, Please Contact the ITSS Service Desk on Ext 85100

                    New Account                   Modify Account                  Delete Account

Applicant’s Details (required)

First Name:      _____________________________          Surname: _____________________________

Job Title:       _____________________________          Telephone Extension: ___________________

Email Alias:                     ________________________________________________________

Please supply the IT Support Group(s) you belong to (e.g. Arts IT, FMHS, and ITSS). This enables us to
correctly place you in the system in order for you to receive the correct calls, requests and tasks.

Solve-IT Support Group(s):       ________________________________________________________

Please let us know who your escalation emails should go to. Escalation emails are sent when a call is at 75%
of its resolution time. This person is usually your Team Leader or Manager.

Escalation:                      ________________________________________________________

Account Details (please tick the option you require)

        Support Officer – This account will give you the access to log calls (Help Module) and create
requests and tasks (Change Module). You will also be able to have calls and tasks forwarded to you or the
group you are a member of.

       Manager/Approver - This account will give you access to the Help Module and the Change Module.
You also become an approver and are able to approve tasks before they are actioned. This is useful for Team
Leaders & Managers.

Applicant’s Acknowledgement

I have read and understood the notes governing the use of the Solve-IT system. I understand my obligations,
and I agree to abide by them and to accept liability for any costs incurred through infringement of them.

Signed:        ____________________________              Date:       ____________________________

Departmental Authorisation

Name of signatory: _______________________

Signed:        ____________________________              Date:       ____________________________

                             Please return completed form to ITSS Service Desk

          (09) 373-7599 ext 85100 • •         (09) 373-7016 or ext 84016
This form should be used when applying for access to the Solve-IT Service & Change Management System
managed by Information Technology Systems & Services (ITSS), or when requesting a change or deletion of
your account.

Managers are required to authorise access to this service by signing this form where stipulated.

Login ID & Passwords

The form of the Login ID is your email alias (e.g. j.smith). If unsure, you may discover your UPI by looking up
your personal entry listed in the University Staff Directory, which is located on the Staff Desktop webpage.

Applicants receiving a new Login ID must immediately change the password from the default. Passwords
must be at least 8 characters long, not be based on easy to guess details: (e.g. any aspect of the calendar,
family names, addresses, any word in the dictionary, telephone numbers or your user ID) and must use a
mixture of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

The Privacy Act 1993

Regarding this form

The personal information requested on this form will be stored in databases managed by ITSS. This
information will be used directly in the provision of these computer services. All required fields in this form
must be satisfactorily completed, or the form will be returned and the service denied. Contact the ITSS
Service Desk to review and correct the personal information held by ITSS with respect to this service.

Regarding the information stored in the Solve-IT system

Data may be accessed from the Solve-IT application only for approved purposes and must not be published,
transferred, stored, or otherwise used except in accordance with approved policy.

The provisions of the Privacy Act must be observed to ensure that the privacy of information (which is not
intended for general distribution) is maintained and that information is only used for the purposes for which it is

The applicant will not directly or indirectly at any time either during or after their employment, disclose, or for
private purposes, use any information acquired by them in the course of their employment except where
explicitly authorised in writing.

Applicant’s Obligations

The applicant will not disclose their password to anyone and will take all possible measures to keep any
access codes or passwords or personal identification codes confidential and private.

The applicant will not reveal their Login ID or any other information particular to their employment to any other
person except as authorised.

 The applicant will ensure that as far as is reasonable, their password is unlikely to be guessed at or found by
any other person. The applicant will not leave passwords written down on any documents or in any accessible
location. The applicant will change their password regularly and whenever there is any indication that it may
have been compromised.

The applicant will advise the ITSS Service Desk when they cease their present position / duties, or when they
will be away for any extended period.

The applicant will use computer facilities and software only for approved purposes as consistent with their
employment and will only access, copy, distribute or update systems, software, documentation or data as

Where not otherwise discussed the actions of any user of this system will be governed by the IT Acceptable
Use Policy as published at http:\\