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04                                   13                                     26
                                     SCIENCES (IMU) GRADUATES AND           AND IMU SRC
05                                   BACHELOR OF MEDICINE & BACHELOR
                                     OF SURGERY, MBBS (IMU) GRADUATES       27
                                                                            10TH ANNIVERSARY MBBS (IMU) & THE
                                     14                                     CLINICAL SCHOOL 1999 - 2009
06                                   BACHELOR OF MEDICAL SCIENCES
                                     (HONS)(IMU) GRADUATES AND              28
                                     CONVOCATING MEDICAL SCIENCES           PARTNER MEDICAL SCHOOLS IN THE
07                                                                          INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CONSORTIUM
                                     MEDICAL GRADUATES 2008/2009

10                                   18

    The     International
                                  History of the IMU
                                     Medical       University          (IMU)      started     as    an      exciting      venture       in    medical
    education in 1991. A team of academicians led by Datuk Dr Kamal Salih, Dr Mei Ling Young, the late
    Dr Saidi Hashim with the help of Professor Ron Harden and Professor Ian Hart, two world-renowned
    medical educationists, conceptualised the International Medical College (IMC). Professor Ong Kok Hai
    joined the team later. This was a unique educational venture established in line with the Malaysian
    government's objective of making the country a leading centre of educational excellence in the region
    and providing more Malaysian students the opportunity to achieve their aspirations to become doctors
    and healthcare professionals.

                                    Datuk Dr Kamal Salih                Dr Mei Ling Young           The Late Dr Saidi Hashim

    The calibre of the medical educationists and the reputation of the            international partnership for the twenty-first century. The IMC had
    Board of Governors initially helped lend credibility to the project. But it   the full support of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.
    was the progressive, systems based, and integrated medical curriculum         The institution also had the support of experienced and reputable
    that caught the imagination of the Partner Medical Schools (PMS),             members of the Board of Governors and members of the Academic
    which wanted to participate in this innovative although somewhat              Council which consisted of the Deans or their representatives from all
    daring project. After 2½ years of study in the IMC, students would            the PMS which met at least once a year. With the help of Professor
    be able to springboard to any of the reputable PMS in the United              Ron Harden and Professor Ian Hart, an international search for the
    Kingdom and Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, the United States and               Foundation Dean started in 1992. An eminent Professor of Pathology,
    Australia and receive the degree from the respective university.              Emeritus Professor John S Beck from the University of Dundee was
                                                                                  appointed the Foundation Dean of the IMC. Sir Patrick Forrest,
    The College was officially launched on 13 April 1992 by the then
                                                                                  Emeritus Professor of Surgery from the University of Edinburgh joined
    Malaysia’s Education Minister, YB Datuk Amar Dr Sulaiman Haji Daud
                                                                                  as the Associate Dean later. In 1993, the IMC took in its pioneer batch
    in Kuala Lumpur.
                                                                                  of 75 medical students.
    This was a pioneering effort involving a private medical training
    institution representing a totally new and innovative concept of

In 1996, after the medical curriculum had         In 2004, we introduced our own Honours
run its full course and consolidated, the         degree course in Pharmacy. The Honours
IMC felt it was timely to start a collaborative   degree course in Nursing was introduced in
pharmacy programme with the University of         2005. In February 2008, the degree course
Strathclyde, in response to the acute need of     in Dentistry was introduced. Five other
pharmacists in Malaysia. In 1998, the pioneer     Honours degree courses in Nutrition &
class of medical and pharmacy students            Dietetics, Medical Biotechnology, Psychology,
graduated from the Partner Universities.          Biomedical Science and in Pharmaceutical
                                                  Chemistry commenced in July 2008. In 2009,
On 4 February 1999, the IMC was granted
                                                  we introduced a new programme Bachelor
university status and became the International
                                                  of Nursing Science (Hons), a programme
Medical University (IMU), thus providing an
                                                  targeted solely for registered nurses to
additional option for students to read the
                                                  upgrade their qualification from diploma level
whole medical degree in Malaysia, the MBBS
                                                  to a degree level. In 2010, the IMU will be
(IMU). The IMU Clinical School in Seremban
                                                  introducing programmes in Chiropractic and
took in its first cohort of 46 students in
                                                  Chinese Medicine as part of our commitment
September 1999. The late YABhg Tun Dr
                                                  to meet the needs of healthcare professionals
Mohamed Zahir Haji Ismail, Speaker of the
                                                  in our region.
House of Representatives became IMU’s first
Chancellor.                                       To remain the premier private medical
                                                  university, the IMU must develop
As the student population grew, the IMU
                                                  quality programmes and services of
moved from its campus in Petaling Jaya to
                                                  an international standard.
a new and larger campus in Bukit Jalil on
1 January 2000. More PMS, particularly in
Australasia and the United Kingdom then
joined our consortium. Having established
a reputation as a premier private medical
university with high calibre international
connections, the IMU strives to innovate in
medically-related education by developing
novel curricula, new ways of delivery and

Since 1999, the University’s growth and
development has been in developing clinical
schools in Seremban and Batu Pahat, and
in establishing research as a core activity,
together with development of postgraduate
research Masters and PhD programmes.

       The mace is the symbol of authority of the
       International Medical University (IMU). The globe at
       the top symbolises the international nature of the
       University. Gold denotes the quality of education
       provided by the IMU. The seven kris (traditional
       Malay weapon) represent the nations participating
       in the International Medical Consortium. The
       songket motif symbolises the country’s cultural
       tradition. The bunga raya (hibiscus) is Malaysia’s
       national flower. The five facets of the mace signify
       the five continents of the world.

    The University Mace
       The second ring consists of the logo of the IMU
       to signify its new charter as a University. Below
       the second ring of the mace are the logos of the
       original five Partner Medical Schools which helped
       start this innovative medical programme.

       The original International Medical College emblems
       are etched on each side of the brace in the third
       ring of the mace. Below the third ring are the logos
       of the international Partner Universities involved
       through their medical schools in the International
       Medical Consortium. The bottom part of the mace
       is carved in the shape of the Kelantanese gasing
       (spinning top), another symbol of Malaysian

 IMU Vision
 IMU shall be an innovative global centre of excellence in learning and research, supporting a community of scholars and professionals committed
 to serving society, promoting the development of students to reach their true potential in becoming competent, ethical, caring and inquiring
 citizens and visionary leaders.

 IMU is committed to academic freedom and the principles of equal opportunity in the pursuit and application of knowledge, the highest
 standards of intellectual, educational and research productivity, and the establishment of a learning organisation that respects the individual.

 IMU ~ A Unique International Vision                                       IMU Quality Policy
 IMU offers a unique global opportunity for medicine and health            The International Medical University aims to be an innovative centre
 sciences professional education. The pre-clinical course delivered in     of excellence in learning and research, producing competent, caring
 IMU, Kuala Lumpur leads into the clinical course offered at IMU and       and ethical professionals who are lifelong learners. It is committed
 30 partner International Research–intensive Universities. The quality     to achieving the highest standards of intellectual, educational and
 of these universities assures the standing of the curriculum in IMU       research productivity.
 through the Academic Council.

 The Logo
 The initials IMU represent the name of the   in relation to the community. The colour
                                        Together, Learning for Healthfor peace
Pantone 3025 C        Pantone 542 C
 University. The strips on the “I” represent
Pantone 7469 U        Pantone 543 U     K100  blue, in its two shades, stands
C80 M20 Y00 K50       C50 M20 Y00 K00
                                        Together, Learning for Health
 the three pillars of Innovation, Imagination and harmony.
 and Insight. The snake and staff are the
                                              The Motto
 traditional symbols for medicine, which
 is the educational focus of the University.  “                                  ” is the
 The colour white represents integrity.       IMU motto. The search for knowledge
 The globe stands for international           is a lifelong process. With the explosion
 connections: the IMU as a member of the      inTogether, Learning for Healthof enabling
                                                  information, the growth
                                                Together, Learning for Health
 International Medical Consortium, both       technologies such as Information and
 in terms of partnerships with many well-     Communications Technology and the
 known foreign universities, as well as its   globalisation of education, learning and
 international faculty and student body.      discovery increasingly involve the sharing
 The tilted square represents the mortar-     of resources and knowledge amongst
 board, which is the symbol of academia       communities of practice.
               K100              K30

                       Chancellor                                Pro-Chancellor
      YBhg Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr Sulaiman Haji Daud            YBhg Dato’ Dr Lim Kee Jin
      BDS (Otago), DipDPH (Toronto), RCD, Hon DLL (Otago),     MB, FRCP, FRCPE, FRACP Hons,
      Hon DUniv (Flinders), Hon DDS (UM), Hon DSc (Unimas),      AM, FAFP Hons Malaysia,
    Hon DSc (UTM), Hon PhD (IIU), DHS (UiTM), Hon DMed (IMU)    FAFP Hons Singapore, FASc

Message from the President
Graduation is one of the most important milestones of a person’s          were for an extensive investigation of the delivery of IMU’s MPharm
life. It is the culmination of many years of hard work and is a pivotal   programme, its facilities and its mechanisms for quality assurance.
occasion representing the end of one step and the beginning of a          This is the most important confirmation of our academic standards
new phase in a person’s lives. In this phase, this person will likely     and quality as well as our commitment to the development of
come across enormous challenges, and must be able to muster the           teaching and learning.
courage to overcome them.                                                                  Congratulations to all the returning medical and
Graduates, during your years of study here,                                                 pharmacy graduates who have completed their
many friendships have been nurtured. They are                                               studies in the Partner Universities overseas. The
the friends who have shared with you the same                                               pharmacy students who have transferred to
experiences during your years of study, the                                                 University of Strathclyde have done extremely
difficult times in study, the endless cups of coffee                                        well. This year, IMU students won four prizes at
sipped, and whom you have shared your hopes                                                 the University of Strathclyde: the Principal’s Prize,
and disappointments. These friends together                                                 the James Taylor Prize, the Organon Laboratories
with your family who has given you support                                                  Prize and the Suresh Madhok Prize. Jason Loo Siau
during your years of study will be very proud of                                            Ee was awarded the Principal’s Prize for the best
you today.                                                                                  overall performance in the collaborative MPharm
On this special occasion, YABhg Tun Dr                                                      degree and the Organon Laboratories Prize for
Mahathir Mohamad will be conferred the                                                      a distinguished student in pharmacology in the
IMU Honorary Doctorate in recognition of his                                                final year of the MPharm course. Yean Yi Lyn was
visionary leadership, his enormous and invaluable                                           awarded the James Taylor Prize for a distinguished
contributions to the country. YABhg Tun was the                                             student in the final year of the MPharm course
fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia from 16 July 1981 to 31 October         while Tan Yong Pei was awarded the Suresh Madhok Prize for
2003, making him the longest-serving Prime Minister, and one of the       achievement by a student in the final year of the MPharm course.
longest-serving leaders in Asia. YABhg Tun received his MBBS degree       Graduates, as you leave the nest to enter a world full of opportunities,
from the University of Malaya in 1953 and immediately began his           take with you the values and traditions of your alma mater. Caring for
housemanship at the Penang General Hospital which he completed            others, lifelong learning, and leadership are elements of your future.
the following year. Tun Dr Mahathir then served the government as a       The degree you receive today is the key to many career opportunities.
Medical Officer in Alor Setar, Langkawi and Perlis. In June 1957, Tun     Whatever plans you have, or will make for your future, I am confident
Dr Mahathir left government service to enter private practice, and        that your studies at the IMU have given you the necessary skills to
politics. He has been acknowledged to be the father of development        do well. However, do not limit yourself to the qualification which
of modern Malaysia. His leadership has brought Malaysia on to             you now carry. In a world of constant change, you need to embrace
the world stage, and made Malaysia to be widely known around the          a positive attitude towards learning. Learning is a treasure that will
world. After retirement as Prime Minister, he continues his role as a     follow its owner everywhere.
Statesman whose views are much sought after around the world.             Congratulations on your achievements, on work well done
I am proud to announce that recently, the four-year Master of             and completing your degrees. We wish all of you good health,
Pharmacy (MPharm) degree has been fully accredited for five years by      a meaningful career, and phenomenal success in your future.
the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB). Students
who are studying for this degree spend two years of study at IMU and
then transfer to the University of Strathclyde, Scotland for another
two years. The accreditation by RPSGB means that following the
successful completion of a pre-registration training year, graduates
will be able to practise as pharmacists within the UK. For this
accreditation, a series of three visits were made by panel members
                                                                                    YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Abu Bakar Suleiman
of the accreditation team to IMU’s campus in Bukit Jalil. The visits

                                                         Honorary Doctor of Medicine
                                                                        Yang Amat Berbahagia
                                                                    Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad

    Consider a man who is a statesman and a symbol. A man who                  it was in the corridors of the college that he first laid eyes on the
    exemplifies the many facets of modernism. A man with a quest for           love of his life, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah binti Mohd Ali. Their courtship
    knowledge and high ideals. A man who has shaped the destiny of             amidst lovers’ quarrels, lecture notes and perhaps rides in his Triumph
    our nation. A man respected by all leaders across the globe as the         Mayflower culminated in marriage in 1956.
    voice of tomorrow.
                                                                               Upon graduation, he served in the Penang General Hospital and then
    Born in Alor Setar, Kedah, Tun Mahathir rose from modest beginnings        as a Medical Officer in Kedah, Perlis and Langkawi. He then ventured
    to reflect very early in life a vibrant personality. His father, Mohamad   into opening the first private Malay clinic, the MAHA Clinic, in his
    bin Iskandar, a headmaster, nurtured his love for reading and kindled      hometown, Alor Setar, which continues to offer services till today.
    the flame of diligence in young ‘Che Det’ as he was fondly known, to
                                                                               Tun Mahathir epitomises a man who believes in himself and transferred
    strive for success and greater achievements. Tun Mahathir’s mother,
                                                                               that belief to lead the nation for 22 years. As a visionary leader, he is
    Wan Tempawan binti Wan Hanafi doted on him, as he was the
                                                                               a man of innovation, imagination and insight. Indeed – the very three
    youngest of her nine children.
                                                                               ‘i’s that IMU espouses.
    Tun Mahathir, from the beginning of his education, sought to be an
                                                                               A man of Innovation, he was conscious of his people, the soul
    all rounder by being an editor, rugby player and outstanding debater.
                                                                               of the nation and opened the doors to better prospects by being
    When his education was halted during the Japanese war, he turned
    his attention to entrepreneurship skills by experimenting with small
    business. These real life experiences made him a more determined           Tun was resolute and steadfast in undertaking the shaping of our
    man to raise the standard of living of the Malays, thus diverting his      nation; the milestones of his leadership saw the implementation of
    attention to politics. However, he knew that to win the confidence         bold policies in the plans and performance of Malaysia’s economy,
    of his people, he had to be an outstanding role model in education         propelling the nation to rise to the level of a newly developed
    and leadership.                                                            country.

    After the war, he continued his studies and won a scholarship to           His innovations such as the setting up of the Heavy Industry
    study medicine at King Edward VII Medical College in Singapore, later      Corporation Malaysia (HICOM), which developed the cement, steel
    known as the University of Malaya. Like any other university student,      and car manufacturing industries has not only created growth in our
    Tun Mahathir was ragged; he had his pockets filled with small body         economy but their linkages cascaded to other support industries in
    parts and was denied the comfort of sleeping on his bed, having to         Malaysia.
    endure the cold, hard cement below his senior’s bed. And of course,

Other innovations include the Multimedia Super Corridor, the              had the conviction to lay the path for many bumiputras to leave the
enactment of cyberlaws, the development of a Malaysian aerospace          periphery, to become the pillars of society in entrepreneurship and
industry and creating an aviation hub at Kuala Lumpur International       hold professional jobs.
Airport. In many ways, he was a man ahead of his time.
                                                                          A Man with a Physician’s Heart
Tun had the foresight to make Malaysia an educational hub, as seen
                                                                          Conscientious and meticulous in all his dealings, he portrayed a
in the flowering of private education since the 1990’s – an initiative
                                                                          physician’s aptitude and attitude in his leadership. Like a physician
to be emulated by other countries. He gave access to education to all
                                                                          who looks into the history of his patient, Tun himself said, “To
levels of Malaysians helping with the anticipated looming problem
                                                                          forecast the future we have to look into the past. Not only will the
of human resource. Today, we can boast that this endeavour has not
                                                                          past influence the future but also what happens in the past will help
only produced many internationally benchmarked institutions and
                                                                          indicate the possible trend of events in the future.”
courses, but private education at present, has as many students at the
tertiary level as that of the public sector.                              He has the gift of listening attentively, having patience and being
                                                                          passionate in commitment. And above all Tun has humility, a virtue
A man of Imagination and vision, a man recongnised as the Father
                                                                          that he singled out saying, “We must always be humble. Humility
of Modern Malaysia, the fourth Prime Minster of Malaysia – Tun Dr
                                                                          and reality tell us our journey is far from complete.” He treated all
Mahathir conceptualised Vision 2020 which calls for a self-sufficient
                                                                          his patients equally, regardless of rank. He never thought it beyond
industrial, Malaysian-centric developed nation by the year 2020.
                                                                          himself to travel into the interior to visit the poor and sick, treating all
He broke away from traditional ideas, and rationalised the future of      with dignity and compassion.
our nation, not forsaking human values for the cold ethos of science
                                                                          Indeed, innovation, imagination and insight: an amalgamation of old
and technology. Malaysia’s Vision 2020 is not only confined to
                                                                          and new, art and science, logic and intuition have combined to create
economic development but encompasses the political, social, spiritual,
                                                                          a truly remarkable man.
psychological and cultural domains as well.
                                                                          Here is a man whose vision the poet William Blake encapsulated.
Drawing from civilisations and histories of great cultures including
the Islamic world, in all its diversity, he traversed into a modernity    To see a world in a grain of sand
that far exceeded the imagination and yet remains familiar. Two           And a heaven in a wild flower
distinctive landmarks; the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, which has put     Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
Malaysia on the world map and Putrajaya captured the genius of this       And eternity in an hour
imagination as seen in the harmony between futuristic technology          For the legendary work he has conceived and brought to fruition, for
and Islamic architecture.                                                 the dynamic transformation he has led us into, and for awakening the
A man of Insight, with a curious and fearless mindset he challenged       everlasting strength to say “Malaysia Boleh’, the International Medical
hardships and never once withdrew from goals he set out to fulfill.       University is not only privileged but greatly honoured to bestow upon
                                                                          Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad the Honorary
Tun had a depth of understanding, an intuitive grasp of things
                                                                          Doctor of Medicine.
and an acute perception of a situation, all of which resulted in our
nation evolving from dependence on export of raw commodities to
industrialisation and from manufacturing to services.
He knew that knowledge is power and strived to transform our
nation to a knowledge-based economy and to convince Malaysians
from all walks of life to be proactive in creating new value. Tun said,
“Knowledge has always been important. The ancient Egyptians did
not raise the stones for the pyramids relying on the incantations to
their Gods. The waters in the irrigation canals of the great Indus
civilisation did not flow according to the laws of ignorance.” He

      List of IMU
      Distinguished             1996
                         Professor Ronald
                        McGlashan Harden
                                                    YABhg Toh Puan
                                               Datuk Hajjah Dr Aishah Ong
                        Distinguished Fellow       Distinguished Fellow

     Honorary Doctor
       of Medicine              1998                       2000
                       Professor John S Beck       Dr Ian Ritchie Hart
                        Distinguished Fellow       Distinguished Fellow
     Honorary Doctor
       of Science
                                1999                       2001
                        Professor Michael                Professor
                            John Hamlin           Sir John Arbuthnott
                        Distinguished Fellow       Distinguished Fellow

           2001                         2003                           2007                         2007
  Dr Joseph S Gonnella        YABhg Tun Dr Siti Hasmah          Sir Patrick Forrest        Professor John Simpson
   Distinguished Fellow           bt Haji Mohd Ali          Honorary Doctor of Medicine   Honorary Doctor of Medicine
                              Honorary Doctor of Medicine

          2002                          2004                          2007                          2007
YBhg Tan Sri Datuk Amar        Professor Michael Orme         Professor John Ruedy         Professor Terry Healey
 Dr Sulaiman Haji Daud        Honorary Doctor of Medicine   Honorary Doctor of Medicine   Honorary Doctor of Science
Honorary Doctor of Medicine

          2003                           2006                         2007                          2007
YBhg Tan Sri Datuk Seri       Professor Brian Henderson       Professor Ian Simpson        Professor Brian Furman
  Dr Chong Hon Nyan            Honorary Doctor of Science   Honorary Doctor of Medicine   Honorary Doctor of Science
Honorary Doctor of Science

     Convocation Proceedings
     8.30 am
     •	 Arrival	of	Parents,	Invited	Guests	and	Faculty
     •	 Arrival	of	the	Senate	Members,	Senior	Faculty	from	the	University	of	Strathclyde,	The	President	and	Members	
        of the Board of Governors
     •	 Arrival	of	the	Pro-Chancellor	and	Chancellor	
     9.00 am
     •	 Arrival	of	the	Recipient	of	Honorary	Doctorate	YABhg	Tun	Dr	Mahathir	Mohamad
     9.15 am
     •	 Official	Photography	Session	for	Convocating	Students
     •	 Guests	to	be	seated
     9.30 am
     •	 Procession	of	Convocating	Masters	of	Science	Graduates,	Medical	Graduates	C1/07,	Bachelor	of	Medical	Sciences	
        Graduates I2/08, and Medical Sciences Students M1/07
     •	 Academic	Procession	and	Grand	Procession
     •	 Recital	of	Doa
     •	 Official	Opening	of	the	Convocation	Ceremony	by	YBhg	Tan	Sri	Datuk	Amar	Dr	Sulaiman	Haji	Daud,	
        Chancellor of the IMU
     •	 Address	by	YBhg	Tan	Sri	Dato’	Dr	Abu	Bakar	Suleiman,	President	of	the	IMU
     •	 Address	by	the	Chancellor
     •	 Conferment	of	the	Honorary	Doctor	of	Medicine	(IMU)	to	YABhg	Tun	Dr	Mahathir	Mohamad
     •	 Acceptance	Speech	by	YABhg	Tun	Dr	Mahathir	Mohamad
     •	 Conferment	of	Master	of	Science	(IMU)
     •	 Conferment	of	the	MBBS	(IMU)
     •	 Conferment	of	the	Bachelor	of	Medical	Sciences	(Hons)	(IMU)
     •	 Presentation	of	Certificate	of	Completion	for	Phase	I	of	the	Medical	Programme
     •	 Presentation	of	Dr	Joseph	Bosco	Memorial	Gold	Medal	
     •	 Presentation	of	Dr	Saidi	Hashim	Memorial	Gold	Medal
     •	 Announcement	of	Tun	Dato’	Seri	Dr	Mohamed	Zahir’s	Merit	Award
     •	 Announcement	of	the	Dean’s	List	
     •	 Presentation	of	Returning	Graduates	from	Partner	Universities
     •	 Presentation	of	the	Principal’s	Prize	from	the	University	of	Strathclyde
     •	 Presentation	of	the	James	Taylor	Prize	from	the	University	of	Strathclyde
     •	 Presentation	of	the	Organon	Laboratories	Prize	from	the	University	of	Strathclyde
     •	 Presentation	of	the	Suresh	Madhok	Prize	from	the	University	of	Strathclyde
     •	 Address	by	the	Student	Representative	of	the	Convocating	Class
     •	 Closing	by	the	Chancellor
     •	 Negaraku
     11.30 am
     •	 Procession	exits
     •	 Reception

List of Graduating Students for MS/05 and MS/06
• Farah Shamsudin                                               • Tiong Kai Hung


                                       DR JOHN JOSEPH BOSCO
                                       MEMORIAL GOLD MEDAL
                                       This award is given in memory of the late Dr John Joseph Bosco who played an instrumental
                                       role in the development of the IMU Clinical School.
                                       The gold medal is presented to
                                       Khoo Hau Chun
                                       who achieved the highest marks in the Medical Convocating Class of C1/07.

  Tun Dato’ Seri Dr Mohamed Zahir’s Merit Award
  This award is given in memory of the late Tun Dato’ Seri Dr Mohamed Zahir who was the Chancellor of IMU from 1999 to 2005.
  The merit award is presented to
  Cheng Shian Feng
  who achieved the second highest overall mark in the graduating class.

 Dean’s List of Students with High Academic Achievement
 • Cheng Shian Feng             • Koh Khai Luen                • Kugan a/l Raman

List of Graduating Students for C1/07
• Abdul Halim bin Abdul Rahim   • Gwee Seow Chien              • Mardhiah bt Zakaria           • Rajendra Rao a/l Ramalu            • Tang Zhi-Yong
• Adila binti Mat Hussin        • Hanis binti Zuhaimy          • Melissa Michael Gomis         • Rizal bin Firdaus                  • Teng Lip Yuen
• Aisyah Asmadi                 • Harveen Kaur a/p Sudarshan   • MinooVelasri Nishantini       • Sabena Malini a/p Vijayakumar      • Tham Li Yeen
• Ann Chyi Earl                   Singh                        • Mohamad Zarulhafiz bin        • Sajidah Yusrina binti Zaimi        • Uma Devi a/p Yookarajah
• Anuradha a/p Valan            • Ho Hon Lian                    Zakaria                       • Salimah binti Suhaimi              • Wan Nur Sabrina bt Wan
• Arul Sakthi a/p Aruminathan   • Kasemsuk Yothasamutr         • Mohd Safwan bin Nordin        • Sarina binte Sahari                  Manshol
• Beh Hui Chien                 • Katherine Goh Ai Lin         • Nadia binti Mohamad Hatta     • Saw Chi Wooi                       • Wan Nurzahiah binti Wan
• Cheng Shian Feng              • Khoo Hau Chun                • Ng Chiat Yin                  • Saw Joo Ee                           Zakaria
• Chiew Seow Fan                • Khoo Stanley                 • Ng Ching Mun                  • Shangari a/p Kunaseelan            • Wong Chee Keong
• Chin Tek Jee                  • Koay Yeang Wee               • Ng Kexin                      • Siti Hajar binti Hashim            • Wong Cheng Yap
• Christina Ng Wei Khee         • Koh Khai Luen                • Nor Sunihaliza binti          • Siti Nuriah Rafiah binti Ibrahim   • Wong Khung Ying
• Chuah Kee Huat                • Koh Siew Li                    Salimuan @ Sulaiman           • Siuw Chin Pei                      • Wong Sze Siew
• Devarani a/p Pancharatnam     • Kugan a/l Raman              • Norazlin binti Zainuddin      • Syafiq Husni bin Mohd Murad        • Yong Woon Lee
• Ding Chin Hong                • Lim Sau Tjun                 • Nur Ashiqin Abd Rahman        • Tan Chern Wuay                     • You Xinli
• Edwin Cheong Yit Seng         • Lim Yong Peng                • Nursaleha binti Mohammad      • Tan Hai Liang
• Ernest Ong Cun Wang           • Low Chee Koon                  Pala                          • Tan Hui Peng
• Gan Beng Jin @ Benjamin Gan   • Low Lee Ling                 • Ong Hang Cheng                • Tan Jen Ern
• Gordon Pang Hwa Mang          • Low Peh Hueh                 • Ong Yu Ying                   • Tan Kim Kwan

       Tun Dato’ Seri Dr Mohamed Zahir’s Merit Award
       This award is given in memory of the late Tun Dato’ Seri Dr Mohamed Zahir who was the Chancellor of IMU from 1999 to 2005.
       The merit award is presented to
       Lee Pui Fun and Lim Li Yann
       who were the top two students in the graduating class.

     List of Graduating Students for I2/08
     FIRST CLASS HONOURS                                                                                       SECOND CLASS           SECOND CLASS
     • Choo Zhen Wei        • Lee Pui Fun               • Lisa Mathews              • Tang Jia Chorng          HONOURS,               HONOURS,
     • Edmund Luke Aloysius • Lim Kian Loong            • Say Gui Quan              • Teo Keat Seong           UPPER DIVISION         LOWER DIVISION
       Gomez                • Lim Li Yann               • Siew Cheng Jun            • Thean Li Jun             • Teh Sze Wei          • Kiren Kodali


                                            DR SAIDI HASHIM
                                            MEMORIAL GOLD MEDAL
                                            This award is given in memory of the late Dr Saidi Hashim Tahir, one of the founders of IMU.
                                            The gold medal is presented to
                                            Loo Khang Ning
                                            who achieved the highest marks in the Medical Sciences Convocating Class of M1/07.

       Tun Dato’ Seri Dr Mohamed Zahir’s Merit Award
       This award is given in memory of the late Tun Dato’ Seri Dr Mohamed Zahir who was the Chancellor of IMU from 1999 to 2005.
       The merit award is presented to
       Lee Yin Hoi
       who achieved the second highest overall mark in the class.

      Dean’s List of Students with High Academic Achievement
      • Loo Khang Ning          • Woon Ee Von           • Edward Lo Tshung Chee                         • Low Jer Ming
      • Lee Yin Hoi             • Jolene Lee Aing Hoon  • Chiew Ken Seng

     Convocating Students who are conferred the Certificate of Completion for Phase 1 of the Medical Programme and who are pursuing
     the IMU Bachelor of Medical Sciences (Hons) degree for a year before commencing his/her clinical training.
     • Amy Chong Ai Ling           • Fathima Shahani Mohamed       • Hsu Chia Lee                  • Lee Soo Fan                • Shant Kishen a/l Kanapathy
     • Aveena a/p Anantharajah       Ikram                         • Jocelyn Chen                  • Shamindri Arunodhi Fernando Pillai
     • Dulanthi Harshini Tudawe    • Hang Xiaozhun

List of Convocating Students who are conferred the Certificate of Completion for Phase 1 of the Medical Programme
and the Universities that they are transferring for clinical training.
Malaysia                       • Rubentiran a/l Ramar       Australia                     United Kingdom               • Lee Pei Hua
International Medical          • Samantha Tee Mei Li        University of Queensland      University of Dundee         • Lim Eilyn
University                     • Sharon Ngu Siew King       • Leslie Martin Sillitoe      • Gue Ying Xuan              • Luqman Faiz bin Mohd
• Abel Boon Yoong Neng         • Simran Kaur Sidhu          Australia                     • Ngu Wee Ching              • Ng Kheng Xiong
• Ang Chui Munn                • Soh Si Ling                University of Tasmania        • Stephen Chew Jink Yang     • Pang Ket Tshung, Dominic
• Barbara Kuok Li Lian         • Tan Ek Guan                • Nivashini Ponnampalam       • Subashini a/p Skantha      • Vanessa Tan Yen Lin
• Benjamin Liong Chee Seng     • Tan Hui-Xin                • Ooi Mian Li                   Rajah                      United Kingdom
• Beverly Kuok Li Lie          • Tan Lip Siang                                            • Hisham Majid               University of Nottingham
• Chan Li Yen                  • Tan Qian Hui               Australia
                                                            University of Western         United Kingdom               • Elizabeth Tee Li Fong
• Chee Chui Mei                • Terence Ngui Shiaw Liang                                 University of Edinburgh      • Ili Liyana binti Kasni
• Chew Zi-Yen                  • Tharveen Nair a/l          Australia
                                                            • Siva Prema Siva             • Choi Shu Hsien             • Syazwani Abdul Rahman
• Chia Seen Ing                  Chandrasekaran                                           • Marcus Chow Way Lunn
• Chiew Ken Seng               • Vishel a/l Soundarajan     • Lui Yee Lin                                              United Kingdom
                                                                                          • Ooi Xi Yan                 Queen’s University of
• Christy Anne Lee Chang Hui   • Wilkinson Tan Yoong Jian   Canada                        • Tham Keng Seng
• Cindy Kueh Hui San           • Wong Chee Keen             Dalhousie University                                       Belfast
                                                                                          • Yeap Whey Leon, Nicholas   • Chin Li Wei
• Denise Chew Ching Li         • Woon Yuan Liang            • Low Jo Lene
• Dorothy Maria a/p Anthony    • Yap Jin Yi                                               United Kingdom               • Jeya Prashant Nair a/l Jeya
                                                            Canada                        University of Glasgow          Balu
  Bernard                      • Yap Yu Gin                 Memorial University of
• Geowin Solomon a/l Peter     • Yeap Jo Wearn                                            • Bikash Gurung              • Liew Hui Hui
                                                            Newfoundland                  • Chua Yu Kheng              • Ling Kay Teck
  Thomas                       • Yeo Siew Kim               • Chai Siew Ting
• Heh Ding Yang                • Yip Henry                                                • Marian Jude Richy Morais   • Tan Li Xian
                                                            • Olisaemeka Ifejika Achike   • Ng Von Vee
• Joanne Lee Aing Ling         • Zahabiya binti Mohamed                                                                United Kingdom
                                                            Ireland                       • Ting Hui Na, Joanna        University of
• Jolene Lee Aing Hoon           Hussain
                                                            National University of        • Too Eu Jin, Eugene         Southampton
• Karmen Lim                   Australia                    Ireland, Galway               • Wang Siew May              • Harveen Kaur
• Khoo Nelson                  University of Adelaide       • Ilham binti Ismail          • Woon Ee Von                • Jacqueline Lai Tian Shing
• Ko Mezhen                    • Aida Farina Ismail         • Natrah binti Abdul Rahim    United Kingdom               • Siti Nursyahadah Mohd
• Koh Kit Yuen                 • Loo Khang Ning
• Lalijah Nagenthiran                                       New Zealand                   University of Leeds            Suhaimi
                               • Sangeeta Ramanan
• Lalitha a/p S Shanmugam                                   University of Auckland        • Nagendra Jaykrishna a/l    • Yip Kay Por
                               • Yong Khee Lung
• Lee Chung Wei                                             • Aishah binti Aminuddin        Jayakumar                  United Kingdom
                               • Yong Wee Siang
• Lee Jia Yuan                                              • Edward Lo Tshung Chee       United Kingdom               St George’s University
• Lee Yoke Ching               Australia                    • Lee Yin Hoi
                               University of Melbourne                                    University of Leicester      of London
• Lilian Ngo Ping Ling                                      • Wong Jing Guo               • Lee Sook Yeen              • Alyssa Sim Shin Yee
• Ling Wenna                   • Chang Jenn Wei
                                                            New Zealand                   • Nisha Puvanendran          • Amira Syazwani Abdul Latiff
• Low Jer Ming                 • Cheong Tien Meng
                                                            University of Otago           • Oh Chin Kin, Michelle      • Harsimran Kaur Malhi
• Lui Tjun Hoe                 • Chong Yew Ming
                                                            • Cheah Xiao Li               • Pavitra a/p Saravannan     • Hoo Yuan Lih
• Lum Sin Ying                 • Ooi Hsein Wei
                                                            • Chin Sin Mei                • Sonia Anil Lalla           • Rachel Yong Yen Ling
• Lynda Loi Syn Lin            • Sakinah Abas
                                                            • Ian Tey Zhe Yuan            • Yuvanaa Subramaniam        United States
• Mak Woh Wei                  Australia                    • Pang Shi Jane
                               University of New South                                    United Kingdom               Thomas Jefferson
• Marina Antony Nicholson                                   United Kingdom
                               Wales                                                      University of Liverpool      Medical College*
• Michelle Lee Su Yin                                       University of Aberdeen
                               • Baldeep Kaur Badeshae                                    • Ng Kher Lik                • Fong Zhi Ven
• Mohamed Nazrul bin                                        • Anusuya Adi Lachana
                               • Ong See Ki                                               • Teh Kim Khiam              • Kong Hong Mun
  Mohamed Nazeeb                                            • Jenan Ngo Sing Ern          • Yip May Quan               • Law Kim Loon
• Muhammad Hazwan bin          Australia                    • Lee Ren-Ping                United Kingdom               • Lim Pei-Wen
  Khair                        University of Newcastle      • Rachel Lee Jiun Yi                                       * Subject to passing United States
• Ong Kai Lein                 • Diana Seah Peck Wean                                     University of Manchester       Medical Licensing Examination
                                                            • Terence Peter Lo Tian Vun   • Daniel Ooi Jin Ghee
• Priscilla a/p Manymuthu      • Ting Huong Wei                                                                          (USMLE) Step 1
                                                                                          • Jonathan Wong Jiunn Han

     Medical Graduates 2008/2009
     The following students have graduated from the IMU’s Partner Medical Schools in 2008/2009
     Australia                                    • Tan Bee Qung                               • Yeo Cheng Hong                              United Kingdom                               • Lee Chong Han
     University of Adelaide                       Australia                                    • Yong Sook Kee                               University of Leeds                          • Lim Lee Kim
     • Alice Wong                                 University of Western                        United Kingdom                                • Antony Tan Chong Kuoi                      • Pooja Paramasivan
     • Alison Chew Suk Ling                       Australia                                    University of Aberdeen                        • Jegadeswary a/p Jaya Kumar                 • Ruben Rajan
     • Cheng Jien Ni                              • Ho Wei Kuei                                • Alice Su Chyi Wen                           • Tang Chee Shang                            • Sarah Sheena Toyat
     • Chin Jong Khen                             • Jessie Low Mei Yen                         • Anita Ooi Li Ling                           United Kingdom                               • Shafaf Atmam Shahruddin
     • Chua Su Ling                               • Tan Jo En                                  • Appalsawmy Usha Devi                        University of Leicester                      United Kingdom
     • Desmond Ong Fong Wai                                                                    • Foo Shi Xian                                • Khairunisahakimah bt                       St George’s University of
     • Lye Hon Yu                                 Canada
                                                  Dalhousie University                         • Hoh Yoke Sin                                  Zulkifli                                   London
     • Preveena Nair a/p Ragavan                                                               • Kua Boon Hui                                • Lim Teng Hong                              • Chew Siau Hui
     • Priya Marie a/p Augustine                  • Chiong Yien @ Vickie
                                                  • Kogilwaimath Siddharth                     • Lim Cheng Khuang                            • Robert                                     • Ching Heng Jeng
     • Rassam Mohammed                                                                         • Thavenesh Kumar s/o                         • Sim Van Ren                                • Grace Chew Wei Min
     • Siti Nurbaya binti Mohd                    • Lai Sueyi
                                                  • Lim Sin Ling                                 Ramachandren                                United Kingdom                               • Lim Yizhen
       Nawi                                                                                    • Wong Kian Boon                                                                           • Norizan bt Noorazman
     • Vanessa Tee Sze Theen                      • Ooi Wei Boon                                                                             University of Liverpool
                                                  • Ya Fatou Samba                             • Wong Shiao Wei                              • Alex Gan Choon Kuok                        • Sii Sik Liong
     Australia                                                                                 United Kingdom                                • Amelia Law Suok Sze                        • Tan Cheng Khoon
     University of Melbourne                      Canada                                                                                                                                  • Tan Sien Hui
                                                  University of Calgary                        University of Dundee                          • Chiang Yi Ning
     • Chung Hsu En                                                                            • Benjamin Yong Chen Hui                      • Choy Wai Mun                               United States
     • Daniel Khaw Lai Guan                       • Azhana binti Apandi
                                                  • Chia Sze Ling                              • Chin Chean Yong                             • Foo Fang Shawn                             Thomas Jefferson Medical
     • Hooi Wai Foong                                                                          • Dinesh a/l Ganeswaran                       • Ho Jan Hoong                               College
     • Jasveen Kaur Renthawa                      • Pratab Kumar a/l
                                                    Govindasamy                                • Goh Sor Eng                                 • Jody Goh Wee Han                           • Desmond Francis
     • Lavinia Tan Tsia Yi                                                                     • Imeshi Umayanga Wijetunga                   • Lim Wooi Tee                               • Joseph Tan Kang Hwa
     • Low Wen Chyi                               Canada                                       • Lee Yee Leng                                • Maria ‘Aisya Nuruddin bte                  • Lim Wai Jenn
     • Ooi Mei Yeen                               Memorial University of                       • Melvin Chong Mingwen                          Abdul Ghani                                • Ng Chee Yuan
     • Siaw Chye Teck                             Newfoundland                                 • Seet Huey Ying                              • See Lina                                   • Soon Aun Woon
     • Tay Lee Chen                               • Isa Ahaorvi David Anthony                  • Yap Kok Hooi                                • Shalini a/p Kunasegaran
     • Teoh Tean Chun                             • Noorzeehan binti Zakaria                   • Yu Wai Meng                                 • Tan Ee Lane
     • Tiew Pei Yee                               • Rima Anggrena bt Dasrilsyah                                                              • Tan Shi Ching
     • Yvonne Tan Yi Zhuei                                                                     United Kingdom
                                                  Ireland                                      University of Edinburgh                       • Tan Shu Jin
     Australia                                    Trinity College                              • Aliaa Nizaha binti Mohamad                  • Tan Sue Wei
     University of Newcastle                      • Prakash s/o Balakrishnan                     Muzammil                                    • Wong Tjian Haw
     • Leesha a/p Nesarajah                       New Zealand                                  • Chua Yih Seng                               • Yvinne Tang May Ling
     Australia                                    University of Auckland                       • Koh Ai Ling                                 United Kingdom
     University of Queensland                     • Azri bin Fikry @ Fickry                    • Lim Ven Gee                                 University of Manchester
     • Beh Han Nien                               • Chan Hean Peng                             • Liou Wei Lun                                • Stephenie Tiew Siew Jean
     • Cheng En-Hsiang                            • Chua Poh Cher                              • Ngu Sze Ting                                United Kingdom
     • Elena How Pei Ling                         • Gayatri Vanugopal                          • Ting Shu Jeng                               Queen’s University of
     • Grace Lau Der Wen                          • Hsu Chia Yee                               • Victoria Chan Wei-Iou                       Belfast
     • Linda                                      • Lai Yunn Wen                               • Yao Shieh Ning                              • Gowri a/p Ramanathan
     • Richard Gerald Lee Yew Min                 • Lim Hsien Wen                              United Kingdom                                • Kuo Rui Wen
     • Sarah Sim Yen Mi                           • Lim May Shan                               University of Glasgow                         • Lee Hsiao Wen
     • Soong Zhao Kang                            • Pok Say Lee                                • Chen San San                                • Song Yee Pei
     • Yap Su-Ann                                 • Steven Chen Kel Yik                        • Er Chaozer
     • Yow Jee Seng                               • Tan Choon Mei                                                                            United Kingdom
                                                                                               • Jesse Ong See Jin                           University of Southampton
     Australia                                    • Tan Hong Chee                              • Lim Wei Han
                                                  • Tho Yao-Ming, Eugene                                                                     • Ananth a/l Vijendren
     University of Tasmania                                                                    • Ling Hua Zen                                • Chan Yean Koon
     • Renuka a/p                                 • Wee Yen Hun                                • Shirley Yuliana Kwee
                                                  • Wong Kit-Chung                                                                           • Hemavathy a/p Palanyiaya
       Shanmugalingam                                                                          • Teo Ung Lim                                 • Khoo Hui Leng
     Note: The list of medical graduates given above was received from some of the Partner Medical Schools. At the time of printing, other Partner Medical Schools have not given their list of medical graduates.

Pharmacy Graduates 2009
The degree of Master of Pharmacy was conferred to the following students who had completed the IMU - Strathclyde pharmacy
programme. The Graduation was held on 29 June 2009 in Strathclyde.
                                                             Awarded annually to the student
            The Principal’s Prize                            with the best overall performance                       Jason Loo Siau Ee
                                                        in the collaborative MPharm degree course
                                                            Awarded to a distinguished student
             James Taylor Prize                       in the final year of the MPharm degree course
                                                                                                                        Yean Yi Lyn

                                                            Awarded to a distinguished student
      Organon Laboratories Prize                             in pharmacology in the final year                       Jason Loo Siau Ee
                                                               of the MPharm degree course
                                                           Awarded to a student for achievement
           Suresh Madhok Prize                        in the final year of the MPharm degree course
                                                                                                                       Tan Yong Pei

DISTINCTION                • Carolyn Koh Khai Han       • Kho Sui San                    • Sow Chwen Bin                • Lee Hui Shing
• Chew Chun Siang          • Chang Shian Yi             • Khong Khei Choong              • Tam Jia Jia                  • Lee Yeu Lou
• Fiona Ooi May See        • Chia Su Vyen               • Ko Kar-Maine                   • Tan Siew Chin                • Lim Pui Kuan
• Jason Loo Siau Ee        • Chin Jern Huat             • Kong Mun Wai                   • Ter Theng Nee                • Low Kae Ong
• Kua Kok Pim              • Chin Tze Yee               • Kwan Voon Jia                  • Thing Pei Ling               • Low Pui Leng
• Kwek Lilian              • Cho Hui Yin                • Lee Cheng Fung                 • Wong Li Ven                  • Ooi Shia Million
• Lau Hui Ling             • Chong Huey Wuen            • Lee Ei Shing                   • Wong Vi Vian                 • Rena Ang
• Lee Yi Hui               • Chong Sook Yee             • Lee Huey Shean                 • Yap Hui Bee                  • Sue Tan Su Pik
• Leok Woon Foo            • Chow Yen Nee               • Lee Hui Kuan                   • Yee Kok Seng                 • Tan Chee Hong
• Lim Ka Keat              • Chua Chia Hong             • Lee Shin Hun                   PASS                           • Tee Kok Liang
• Lydia Lim Sung Min       • Diana Toh Yar Min          • Lee Shin Tyng                  • Chai Hung Jen                • Ting Hong Ning
• Lye Chu Siang            • Flora Ling Siau May        • Lee Sok Foong                  • Chai Ja-Mie                  • Wong Chaw Kuin
• Ng Kean Aun              • Fong Mei Ling              • Lim Heu Yee                    • Cheong Jia Hui               • Yap Kian Yee
• Ong Soo Fen              • Foo Mei Wen                • Lim V Co                       • Chong Tian Siang             • Yeo Chen Han
• Renukha a/p Sellappans   • Gan Hooi Ping              • Lim Yen Li                     • Chung Chin Khai              • Yong Wei Ken
• Tan Yit Yieng            • Goh Pui Yen                • Lim Yong Yan                   • Debbie Lee Sui Ling          BSc (Hons) in
• Tan Yong Pei             • Hing Yee Liang             • Lock Shu Yin                   • Gobi Hariyanayagam a/l       Pharmaceutical Studies
• Teoh Yi Jing             • Ho Jia Wen, Evelyn         • Loke Ee Wan                      Gunasekaran                  Graduate 2008
• Yean Yi Lyn              • Ivan Wong Yan Jun          • Low Siew Ying                  • Jacqueline Wong Hui Yi
                           • Ivy Teng Yiwen             • Ng Chee Fong                                                  Third Class Honours
MERIT                                                                                    • Jasmine Sia                  • Kow Chi Yuan
• Adeline Yii Si Min       • Jacinta Kong Yong Yuan     • Oh Yew Jinn                    • Jeannie Ting Thien Siew
• Alvin Yuan Wei Hoong     • Karen Ong JianLing         • Ooi Chuan Yit                  • Lai Pick Chai
• Anabelle Rose Joykin     • Karn Hui Yen               • Poh Wei Thian                  • Lau Ik Shyan

        ADVISORY COUNCIL                                      •	 YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	P	Kandasami              •	 YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	Sivalingam
      AND ACADEMIC COUNCIL                                       Dean, Clinical School                       •	 Prof	Yeoh	Peng	Nam
                                                              •	 Prof	Ramesh	C	Jutti                         •	 YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	Zaki	Morad
                                                                 Academic Dean (Clinical Sciences) and Co-   •	 Ms	Christy	Chiu
                                                                 Director, Centre for Medical Education
                                                                                                             •	 Pn	Noraidah	Yusoff
                                                              •	 Prof	Toh	Chooi	Gait
         CHANCELLOR                                                                                          PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION
                                                                 Dean, School of Dentistry
         •	 YBhg	Tan	Sri	Datuk	Amar	Dr	Sulaiman
                                                              •	 Prof	Yasmin	Abdul	Malik                     ADVISORY COUNCIL
            Haji Daud
                                                                 Dean, School of Medical Sciences            Chairman
            BDS (Otago), DipDPH (Toronto), RCD, Hon DLL
                                                              •	 Prof	Ong	Kok	Hai                            •	 Prof	Roger	Green
            (Otago), Hon DUniv (Flinders), Hon DDS (UM),
                                                                 Director, External Affairs                     Professor
            Hon DSc (Unimas), Hon DSc (UTM), Hon PhD (IIU),
                                                              •	 Ms	Christy	Chiu                                Former Dean of the Medical School
            DHS (UiTM), Hon DMed (IMU)
                                                                 Chief Financial Officer                        University of Manchester,
         PRO-CHANCELLOR                                       •	 Pn	Noraidah	Yusoff
                                                                                                                United Kingdom
         •	 YBhg	Dato’	Dr	Lim	Kee	Jin                                                                        Members
            MB, FRCP, FRCPE, FRACP Hons, AM, FAFP Hons                                                       •	 Prof	John	Marley
                                                              •	 Mr	Kenneth	Koh
            Malaysia, FAFP Hons Singapore, FASc                                                                 Professor
                                                                 Head, Business Development
         BOARD OF GOVERNORS                                   •	 Mr	Alain	Lai                                   Faculty of Health Sciences
         •	 YBhg	Tan	Sri	Dato’	Dr	Yahya	Awang                    Group IT Manager                               University of Queensland, Australia
            Chairman                                                                                            Director of Strategy, Clinical Sciences
            MBBS (Monash), FRCS (Glasgow), SMJ, KMN,
                                                              SENATE                                            Redesign Programme NSW Health
                                                              •	 YBhg	Tan	Sri	Dato’	Dr	Abu	Bakar	Suleiman    •	 Prof	Karen	Mann
            DPMJ, DMPN, DSAP
                                                              •	 Dr	Mei	Ling	Young                              Professor
         •	 YBhg	Dato’	Dr	Amir	Abbas
            (DPMP), Dr Med Sc (Hon)(UKM), FRCP,               •	 Prof	Victor	Lim                                Division of Medical Education
            DTM&H (L’pool), FAMM, MBBS (UM-S’pore)            •	 Prof	Peter	Pook	Chuen	Keat                     Dalhousie University, Canada
         •	 YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	Gan	Ee	Kiang                   •	 Prof	Mak	Joon	Wah                           •	 Prof	Dato	Mafauzy	Mohamed
            PhD (U Western Australia), PKT, BCN, JMN, DSPN    •	 YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	P	Kandasami                 University of Sains Malaysia
                                                                                                                Kubang Kerian, Kelantan, Malaysia
         •	 YBhg	Tan	Sri	Datuk	Dr	Anuwar	Ali                  •	 Prof	Ramesh	C	Jutti
            PhD, MA, BSc (Economics)                          •	 Prof	Toh	Chooi	Gait                         ACADEMIC COUNCIL
         •	 YBhg	Tan	Sri	Dato’	Dr	Abu	Bakar	Suleiman          •	 Prof	Yasmin	Abdul	Malik                     Chairman
            MDBS (Monash), MMed (S’pore), DMedSc, hon         •	 Prof	Ong	Kok	Hai                            •	 Prof	John	Marley
            UKM), DSc, hon (UPM), PhD, hon (UMS), FRACP,                                                        Professor
                                                              •	 Prof	Emeritus	Cheong	Soon	Keng
            FAMM, FAMS, FACP (Hon), FRCP, FRCPE, FRCP                                                           Faculty of Health Sciences
            (Glasgow), FRCPI, FRCSI (Hon), FRCSE (Hon),       •	 YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	A	Jai	Mohan	CA	Nayar        University of Queensland
            FAFPM, FASc, AMP (Harvard)                        •	 Prof	Ammu	Kutty	GK	Radhakrishnan               Director of Strategy, Clinical Sciences Redesign
         •	 Dr	Mei	Ling	Young                                 •	 Prof	Boo	Nem	Yun                               Programme NSW Health
            BA, MA (Hons) (Auckland), PhD (ANU)               •	 Prof	Chu	Wan	Loy                            Members
                                                              •	 Prof	Dasan	Swaminathan                      •	 Prof	Allan	Carmichael
                                                              •	 Prof	Fatimah	Arshad                            Dean, Faculty of Health Science
         •	 YBhg	Tan	Sri	Dato’	Dr	Abu	Bakar	Suleiman
                                                              •	 Prof	Francis	Ifejika	Achike                    University of Tasmania
                                                              •	 Prof	Hematram	Yadav                         •	 Prof	Andrew	Gardner
         •	 Dr	Mei	Ling	Young
                                                                                                                Dean, Faculty of Health
            Provost                                           •	 Prof	Hla	Yee	Yee
                                                                                                                Keele University Medical School
         •	 Prof	Victor	Lim                                   •	 Prof	John	Paul	Judson
                                                                                                             •	 Prof	Bruce	Robinson
            Executive Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Health    •	 Prof	Khoo	Suan	Phaik
                                                                                                                Dean, Faculty of Medicine
         •	 Prof	Peter	Pook	Chuen	Keat                        •	 Prof	Lim	Pek	Hong                              University of Sydney
            Deputy Executive Dean,                            •	 Prof	Michael	Thomas	Haneline                •	 Prof	David	H	Barlow
            Faculty of Medicine and Health                    •	 Prof	Raymond	Wilks                             Executive Dean, Medicine
            Dean, School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
                                                              •	 Prof	Sambandam	Elango                          University of Glasgow
         •	 Prof	Mak	Joon	Wah
                                                              •	 Prof	Taufiq	Teng	Cheong	Lieng               •	 Prof	David	Wynford-Thomas
            Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies and
                                                              •	 YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	(Mrs)	ST	Kew                Dean of Medicine
                                                                                                                Leicester Warwick Medical School

•	 Prof	Don	Roberton                                  •	 Prof	Patrick	Johnston                               •	 Prof	Mak	Joon	Wah
   Pro Vice-Chancellor, Health Sciences and Dean,        Dean, School of Medicine and Dentistry                 Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies and
   Faculty of Medicine                                   Queen’s University of Belfast                          Research
   University of Otago                                •	 Prof	Paul	Abbott                                    •	 YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	P	Kandasami
•	 Prof	Eli	Schwarz                                      Head, School of Dentistry                              Dean, Clinical School
   Dean, Faculty of Dentistry                            University of Western Australia                     •	 Prof	Ramesh	C	Jutti
   University of Sydney                               •	 Prof	Paul	O’Neill                                      Academic Dean (Clinical Sciences) and
•	 Prof	Gerard	B	Loftus                                  Director of Education, Manchester Medical School       Co-Director, Centre for Medical Education
   Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences         University of Manchester                            •	 Prof	Toh	Chooi	Gait
   National University of Ireland, Galway             •	 Prof	Peter	Brooks                                      Dean, School of Dentistry
•	 Prof	Gregory	Seymour                                  Executive Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences          •	 Prof	Yasmin	Abdul	Malik
   Dean, Faculty of Dentistry                            University of Queensland                               Dean, School of Medical Sciences
   University of Otago Medical School                 •	 Prof	Peter	Kopelman                                 •	 Prof	Ong	Kok	Hai
•	 Prof	Iain	Martin                                      Academic Principal                                     Director, External Affairs
   Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences         St George’s University of London                    •	 Prof	Emeritus	Cheong	Soon	Keng
   University of Auckland                             •	 Prof	Peter	Smith                                       Professor of Medicine/Haematology
•	 Prof	Ian	B	Puddey                                     Dean, Faculty of Medicine                           •	 YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	A	Jai	Mohan	CA	Nayar
   Dean, Faculty of Medicine,                            University of New South Wales                          Professor of Paediatrics and Director,
   Dentistry and Health Science                       •	 Prof	Trudie	Roberts                                    Health Informatics
   University of Western Australia                       Head, School of Medicine                            •	 Prof	Boo	Nem	Yun
•	 Prof	James	A	Angus                                    University of Leeds                                    Professor of Paediatrics
   Dean, Faculty of Medicine                          •	 Prof	Yvonne	Carter                                  •	 Prof	Fatimah	Arshad
   University of Melbourne                               Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean, Medical School           Head, Division of Nutrition and Dietetics
•	 Prof	John	Caldwell                                    University of Warwick
                                                                                                             •	 Prof	Francis	Ifejika	Achike
   Dean, Faculty of Medicine                          •	 Dr	Chris	Stephens                                      Professor of Clinical Sciences
   University of Liverpool                               Director of Education, School of Medicine
                                                                                                             •	 Prof	Hla	Yee	Yee
•	 Prof	Sir	John	Savill                                  University of Southampton
                                                                                                                Professor of Physiology, Human Biology
   Vice Principal and Head, College of Medicine and   •	 Dr	Clara	A	Callahan
   Veterinary Medicine                                                                                       •	 Prof	Hematram	Yadav
                                                         The Lillian H Brent Dean, Students and Admissions
   University of Edinburgh                                                                                      Head, Division of Community Medicine
                                                         Jefferson Medical College
•	 Prof	Johann	de	Vries                                  Thomas Jefferson University                         •	 Prof	Khoo	Suan	Phaik
   Dean, School of Dentistry                                                                                    Professor of Dentistry
                                                      •	 Dr	Dick	Churchill
   University of Adelaide                                Senior Lecturer and Director of Clinical Skills     •	 YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	(Mrs)	ST	Kew
•	 Prof	Justin	Beilby                                    University of Nottingham                               Head, Internal Medicine
   Executive Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences         •	 Dr	Harold	W	Cook                                    •	 YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	Sivalingam
   University of Adelaide                                Dean, Faculty of Medicine                              Head, Division of Human Development and
•	 Prof	Laurence	J	Walsh                                 Dalhousie University                                   Population Health
   Head, School of Dentistry                          •	 Dr	James	Rourke                                     •	 Prof	Yeoh	Peng	Nam
   University of Queensland                              Dean, Faculty of Medicine                              Professor of Pharmacy
•	 Prof	Martin	Pippard                                   Memorial University of Newfoundland                 •	 YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	Zaki	Morad
   Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing                                                             Professor of Medicine
   University of Dundee
                                                      IMU Members                                            •	 Ms	Christy	Chiu
                                                      •	 YBhg	Tan	Sri	Dato’	Dr	Abu	Bakar	Suleiman               Chief Financial Officer
•	 Prof	Mike	Calford                                     President
   Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Health                                                                    •	 Pn	Noraidah	Yusoff
                                                      •	 Dr	Mei	Ling	Young                                      Registrar
   University of Newcastle
•	 Prof	Mike	Greaves
                                                      •	 Prof	Victor	Lim
   Head, School of Medicine and Dentistry
                                                         Executive Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Health
   University of Aberdeen
                                                      •	 Prof	Peter	Pook	Chuen	Keat
•	 Prof	Neville	Yeomans
                                                         Deputy Executive Dean, Faculty of Medicine
   Foundation Dean of Medicine, School of Medicine
                                                         and Health
   University of Western Sydney

         FACULTY OF
                                                                                                       •	Prof	Chu	Wan	Loy                         •	Dr	Kavitha	Mohandas
     MEDICINE AND HEALTH                                                                                 Professor                                  Lecturer
                                                                                                         BSc (UKM), PhD (UM)                        BSc (Hons) Microbiology (UKM, Malaysia),
                                                                                                       •	Prof	Hla	Yee	Yee                           PhD (Bath, UK)
                                                                                                         Professor                                •	Dr	Sufyan	Akram
                                                                                                         MBBS (Rangoon), MSc (Mandalay), PhD        Lecturer
        •	Prof	Victor	Lim                              •	A/Prof	Jagmohni	Kaur	Sidhu                      (London)                                   BSc (Pak), MBBS (Pak), PhD (S’pore)
          Executive Dean, Faculty of Medicine and        Associate Professor                           •	A/Prof	Bulathduwage	Joachim	             •	Dr	You	Li	Ling
          Health                                         MBBS (South India), MSc (UK), FRACGP (Aust)     Joseph Francisco Perera                    Lecturer
          MBBS (Malaya), MSc (London), MRCPath,        •	A/Prof	Kyan	Aung                                Associate Professor                        BSc, MSc, PhD (UPM)
          FRCPath, FAMM, FASc                            Associate Professor                             MBBS (Cey), MS (Sri Lanka), FSCS         •	Ms	Chow	Yen	Yen
        •	Prof	Peter	Pook	Chuen	Keat                     MBBS (Ygn), MMedSc (Ygn), PhD (London)        •	A/Prof	Gnanajothy	Ponnudurai               Lecturer
          Deputy Executive Dean, Faculty of            •	Dr	Hande	Nagamani	                              Associate Professor                        BSc Hons Bioindustry (UPM), MSc
          Medicine and Health                            Senior Lecturer                                 BSc (UM), MSc (UM), PhD (UM)               Transfusion (USM)
          BSc (Hons), PhD (Bristol), CBiol, MBiol        MBBS (India), FRACGP (Australia)              •	A/Prof	HS	Nagaraja                       •	Ms	Mangala	Kumari
        •	Prof	Mak	Joon	Wah                            •	Dr	Lim	Wei	Min                                  Associate Professor                        Lecturer
          Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies and       Senior Lecturer                                 MSc (Ind), PhD (Ind)                       BSc (Mangalore), MSc (Manipal)
          Research                                       MBBS (UM)                                     •	A/Prof	Nilesh	Kumar	Mitra                •	Ms	Tsen	Min	Tze
          MBBS (S’pore), DAP & E (M’sia), MPH (Mal),   •	Dr	A	Sasikala	Devi	A	Amirthalingam              Associate Professor                        Lecturer
          MD (S’pore), FRCPath (UK), FAMM, FASc          Lecturer                                        MBBS (Calcutta), MS (Anatomy) (Nagpur)     BBiomed Sc (Mal), MSc (Mal)
        •	YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	P	Kandasami                 MBBS (India)                                  •	A/Prof	Nyunt	Wai                         Division of Pathology
          Dean, Clinical School                        •	Dr	Liew	Siaw	Cheok                              Associate Professor                      •	Prof	Ammu	Kutty	GK	Radhakrishnan
          MBBS (Bom), FRCS (Edin), FRCS (Glas),          Lecturer                                        MBBS (Rgn), MMedSc (Physiol) (Rgn),        Head and Professor
          FRCS (Ire), FAMM                               MBChB (Liverpool)                               PhD (Lond)                                 BSc (Hons), MSc (Mal), PhD (Cambridge)
        •	Prof	Ramesh	C	Jutti                          •	Dr	Ramanathan	Subramanian                     •	A/Prof	Vishna	Devi	Nadarajah             •	Prof	Victor	Lim
          Academic Dean (Clinical Sciences) and Co-      Lecturer                                        Associate Professor                        Professor
          Director, Centre for Medical Education         MBBS (India)                                    BSc (Hons) (UM), CPGS, PhD (Cambridge)     MBBS (Malaya), MSc (London), MRCPath,
          MBBS, MS, MCh (Paed Surg), FRCSI (Ireland)
                                                       •	Dr	Sow	Chew	Fei                               •	Dr	Chen	Yu	Sui                             FRCPath, FAMM, FASc
        •	Prof	Toh	Chooi	Gait                            Lecturer                                        Senior Lecturer                          •	Prof	Yasmin	Abdul	Malik
          Dean, School of Dentistry                      MBBS (India)                                    BSc Hons (Monash), PhD (Monash)            Professor
          BDS Hons (Singapore), MSc (London),
                                                       Division of Community Medicine                  •	Dr	Daw	Khin	Win                            MBBS (Malaya), MSc (London), FRCPath
          FDSRCPS (Glasgow), DRDRCS
                                                       •	Prof	Hematram	Yadav                             Senior Lecturer                            (UK), AMM (Mal)
          (Edinburgh), FDSRCS (Edinburgh)
                                                         Head and Professor                              MBBS, MMedSc (Rgn), PhD (London)         •	Prof	Mak	Joon	Wah
        •	Prof	Yasmin	Abdul	Malik
                                                         MBBS (Kerala), MPH (Malaya), MBA              •	Dr	Jeevathayaparan	Sithamparapillai        Professor
          Dean, School of Medical Sciences
                                                         (Boston), MRSH (UK), FAMM                       Senior Lecturer                            MBBS (S’pore), DAP & E (M’sia), MPH (Mal),
          MBBS (Malaya), MSc (UK), FRCPath (UK),
                                                       •	A/Prof	Verasingam	Kumarasamy                    BSc, MSc (Colombo), PhD (Colombo)          MD (S’pore), FRCPath (UK), FAMM, FASc
          AMM (Mal)
                                                         Associate Professor                           •	Dr	Md	Ezharul	Hoque	Chowdhury            •	Prof	Ong	Kok	Hai
        SCHOOL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES                       BSc (Mal), MBBS, MPH(Mal)                       Senior Lecturer                            Professor
        •	Prof	Yasmin	Abdul	Malik                      •	Dr	Cho	Min	Naing                                BSc (Bangladesh), MSc (Bangladesh),        BSc (Guelph), MPhil, PhD (Manchester)
          Dean and Professor                             Senior Lecturer                                 Doctor of Engineering (Tokyo)            •	A/Prof	Annie	Tay	Gwak	Ching
          MBBS (Malaya), MSc (London), FRCPath           MBBS (Ygn), MMedSc (Ygn), MSc (BKK),          •	Dr	Salman	Rahman                           Associate Professor
          (UK), AMM (Mal)                                PhD (Qld), FRCP (Edin)                          Senior Lecturer                            MBBS (Mal), MPath (UM), DRCPath (UK)
        Division of Clinical Sciences                  •	Dr	Watutantrige	Ranjit	De	Alwis                 BSc (Lond), PhD (UK)                       FRCPath (UK)
        •	Dr	Juriah	Abdullah                             Senior Lecturer                               •	Dr	Shar	Mariam	Mohamed                   •	A/Prof	Mala	Maung
          Head (Phase I) and Senior Lecturer             MBBS (Ceylon), MSc Occ Med (Lond), D            Senior Lecturer                            Associate Professor
          MBBS (Malaya)                                  Ind Health (Eng), MD (Colombo), FCCP (Sri       B Biotech (Hons) (Flinders), PhD (UPM)     MBBS (Rangoon), DBact (Rangoon),
        •	Prof	Francis	Ifejika	Achike                    Lanka)                                        •	Dr	Anil	Philip	Kunnath                     PhD (London), DL SHTM (London), FRCP
          Professor                                    •	Dr	Tan	Kok	Leong                                Lecturer                                   (Edinburgh), FACTM (Aust), FRSTMH (UK),
          BSc Hons (Nigeria), MB ChB (Nigeria),          Lecturer                                        BSc MLT (India), MSc MLT (India)           Cert EModeration (UK)
          DA (Nigeria), PhD (HK), FCP (USA)              MBBCh, BAO (NUI), LRCP&S (Ire), MPH           •	Dr	Archana	Singh	Sikarwar                •	A/Prof	Stephen	Periathamby	Ambu
        •	A/Prof	Christeine	Ariaranee	                   (UM), MPH (Family Health) (UM)                  Lecturer                                   Associate Professor
          Gnanathasan                                  Division of Human Biology                         BSc (Ind), MSc (Ind), PhD (Ind)            AMN, BSc (India), MSc (UK), PhD (Mal)
          Associate Professor                          •	Prof	John	Paul	Judson                         •	Dr	Chye	Soi	Moi                          •	Dr	Srikumar	Chakravarthi
          MBBS (Sri Lanka), M Phil (Sri Lanka), MD       Head and Professor                              Lecturer                                   Senior Lecturer
          (Colombo), MRCP, FRCP                          MBBS (Madras), MS (Madras), DHA (Dip            BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD (Kaohsiung Med U)     MBBS (India), MD (India), MCAP (USA),
                                                         Hosp Admin)                                                                                FRSPH (UK)

•	Dr	Arun	Kumar                               External	Examiners                          •	Dr	Nazimah	Idris                             •	A/Prof	Khin	Ye	Myint
  Lecturer                                    •	Prof	Syed	Ashiq	Ali	Shah                    Senior Lecturer                                Associate Professor
  MBBS, MD, DNB (Pathology)                     Kwantlen Polytechnic University             BMedSc, MD, MOG                                MBBS, MRCP (UK), FRCP (Edin), FACTM
•	Dr	Sushela	Devi	Somanath                    •	A/Prof	Elizabeth	Nair                     •	Dr	Sharifah	Sulaiha	Syed	Aznal                 (Australia), Dr Med Sc (Int Med) (Yangon)
  Lecturer                                      National University of Singapore            Senior Lecturer                              •	A/Prof	Rumi	Rusi	Khajotia
  BSc, MSc, PhD (London)                      CLINICAL SCHOOL                               MB ChB (Glasgow), M Med (O&G) (UKM)            Associate Professor
•	Dr	Vijay	Singh                              •	YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	P	Kandasami            •	Dr	Sheila	Rani	Kovil	George                    MBBS (Bom), MD (Bom), MD (Vienna),
  Lecturer                                      Dean, Clinical School                       Senior Lecturer                                FAMA (Vienna), FAMS (Vienna)
  MBBS (India), MD Pathology (India)            MBBS (Bom), FRCS (Edin), FRCS (Glas),       MBBS (Madras), MOG (UKM)                     •	Dr	Koh	Kwee	Choy
•	Dr	Wong	Shew	Fung                             FRCS (Irel), FAMM                         Paediatrics                                      Senior Lecturer
  Lecturer                                    •	Prof	Ramesh	C	Jutti                       •	A/Prof	Moti	Lal	Tirath	Ram                     BSc (Hon)(UKM), MBBS (India), MMed (Mal)
  BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science, MSc            Academic Dean (Clinical Sciences)           Head and Associate Professor                 •	Dr	Tai	Keen	Sang
  (Chemical Pathology), PhD (Medical            MBBS, MS, MCh (Paed Surg), FRCSI            MBBS (S’pore), DTCH (Liverpool), MRCP (UK)     Senior Lecturer
  Sciences)                                     (Ireland)                                 •	YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	A	Jai	Mohan	CA	             MBBS (Melb), MRCP (UK), FRCP (London)
Division of Psychology (and                   Division of Human Development and             Nayar                                        •	Dr	Velayudhan	Menon
Behavioural Science)                          Population Health                             Professor                                      Senior Lecturer
•	Prof	Raymond	Wilks                          •	YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	Sivalingam	              MBBS (Mal), MRCP (UK), FRCP (Lon), FAMM        MBBS (India), MD – Internal Medicine (India)
  Head and Professor                            Nalliah                                   •	Prof	Boo	Nem	Yun                             Psychiatry
  MA (Psychology), PhD                          Head and Professor                          Professor                                    •	Dr	Zainab	Abdul	Majeed
•	Dr	Abdoul	Aziz	Fall                           MBBS (Mal), MCGP (Diplomate), MRCOG         MBBS (Malaya), MRCP (UK), FRCP (Edin),         Head and Senior Lecturer
  Lecturer                                      (Lond), FRCOG (Lond), FICS, FUCC, FAMM      FRCP (Glas), FAMM, FAMS, FASc                  MD (UKM), MMed (Psy)(UKM)
  Bac of Human Sciences (IIUM), Master of     Family Medicine                             •	Dr	Kyin	Win                                  •	Dr	Rajandran	Muthoo
  Human Sciences (IIUM), PhD (IIUM)           •	Prof	Teng	Cheong	Lieng                      Senior Lecturer                                Senior Lecturer
•	Dr	Galy	Mohamadou                             Head and Professor                          MBBS (Ygn), DTCH (Liverpool), MRCP (UK)        Dip in Psychologist (Ireland), MBBS
  Lecturer                                      MBBS (UM, M’sia), MMed (FamMed, UM),      •	Dr	Cheah	Cheong	Wooi                           (India), MRCPI, MRCPSYCH
  B of Human Sc in Psy (IIUM), M of             FAFPM, FRACGP (Aust), FAMM                  Lecturer                                     •	Dr	Shane	Varman
  Human Sc in Psy (IIUM), PhD-Human           •	A/Prof	Kwa	Siew	Kim                         MD (Canada), MPaeds (Mal)                      Lecturer
  Development (UPM)                             Associate Professor                       •	Dr	Deepa	Subbiah	Somasundaram                  MBBS, MMed (Psy) (UKM)
•	Dr	Reiko	Yeap	Kah	Min	                        MBBS (Mal), DRM (Malaya), MCGP, FRACGP,     Lecturer                                     Radiology
  Lecturer                                      MSc (London), Med Demog (Lond), FAFPM,      MBBS (India), DCH (India), MRCPCH (UK)       •	Dr	Galmangodage	Somaweera
  BA Psychology (Canada), MSc Psychological     DLSHTM (Dip) (Lond), AMM                                                                   Senior Lecturer
                                                                                          Division of Medicine
  Research (Clinical & Health) (UK), PhD      •	A/Prof	Loh	Keng	Yin                                                                        MBBS (Colombo), MD (Colombo)
                                                                                          •	Prof	Emeritus	Cheong	Soon	Keng
•	Mr	Alexius	Cheang	Weng	Onn                    Associate Professor                         Head and Professor Emeritus                  Division of Surgery
  Lecturer                                      B(Med)Sc, MD (UKM), MMed (Fam Med)          MBBS (Malaya), MRCP (UK), DCP (Lond),
  BSc (Hons) (Arkansas, US), MSc                                                                                                         •	A/Prof	Lionel	Wijesuriya
                                              •	A/Prof	Nurjahan	Mohamed	Ibrahim             FRCP (Glasgow), FRCP (Edin), FRCPA             Head and Associate Professor
  Psychology (California)                       Associate Professor                         (Aust), FAMM, FASc                             MBBS (Ceylon), FRCS (Eng), FCS (HK), FCS
•	Mr	Nirajs	Murti	@	Murti	Subhayya              MD (USM), MAFP, FRACGP, FAFP, AM          Medicine                                         (SL), FHKAM (HK)
  Lecturer                                    •	Dr	Verna	Lee	Kar	Mun                      •	YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	(Mrs)	ST	Kew              Anaesthesiology
  Dip Com Law (IISS), PG Dip HRM (GCU,          Senior Lecturer                             Head and Professor                           •	Dr	Thiruselvi	Subramaniam
  UK), BA Hons Psych (UKM), MSS Applied         B (Med) Sc, MD (UKM), MMed (Family          MBBS (S’pore), MRCP (UK), FAMM, FAMS,          Senior Lecturer
  Psych (NUS, S’pore)                           Medicine) (M’sia)                           FRCP (Lond), FRCP (Edin), FRCP (Glas)          MBBS, MMed (USM, Spore)
•	Mr	Saravanan	Coumaravelou                                                                 FRCPI, FACP (Hon), FRACP (Hon)
                                              Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  Lecturer                                                                                                                               ENT
                                              •	A/Prof	Zainur	Rashid	Zainuddin            •	Prof	Emeritus	Cheong	Soon	Keng
  MA, MPhil (Ind), CHt (Sing) (Clinical                                                                                                  •	Prof	Sambandam	Elango
                                                Head and Associate Professor                Professor
  Psychologist and Hypnotherapist)                                                                                                         Professor
                                                LRCP & SI, MBBCh (Dublin), BAO (NUI),       MBBS (Malaya), MRCP (UK), DCP (Lond),
•	Ms	Satpal	Kaur                                                                                                                           MBBS (Madras), DLO (Madras), MS (ENT)
                                                DRCOG, MRCOG (Lond)                         FRCP (Glasgow), FRCP (Edin), FRCPA
  Lecturer                                                                                                                                 (Madras), MAMS, FACS, PG Dip Med Ed
                                              •	YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	Sivalingam	              (Aust), FAMM, FASc
  MA in Psych, MPhil in Cl Psych (India)                                                                                                   (Dundee)
                                                Nalliah                                   •	YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	Zaki	Morad
•	Pn	Syarifah	Azizah	Wan	Ahmadul	               Professor                                   Professor                                    Ophthalmology
  Badwi                                         MBBS (Mal), MCGP (Diplomate), MRCOG         MBBS (Mal), FRCP (Edin), FAMM                •	Dr	Puneet	Agarwal
  Lecturer                                      (Lond), FRCOG (Lond), FICS, FUCC, FAMM                                                     Senior Lecturer
                                                                                          •	A/Prof	Esha	Das	Gupta
  BHSc Psychology (Hons) (IIUM), MClin                                                                                                     MBBS (India), MD (Ophthalmology)
                                              •	Dr	Kathiravan	Chinniah                      Associate Professor
  Psych (UKM)                                                                                                                              (India)
                                                Senior Lecturer                             MBBS (Calcutta), MRCP (Irel), PGdip PCR
•	Cik	Zuhrah	Beevi	Kunji	Ahmad	@Yacob           MD (USM), MOG                               (Bath), FRCP (Irel), FRCP (Lond), PGdip
  Lecturer                                                                                  Dermatology (Cardiff)
  BHSc (Psych) (IIUM), MHSc (Psych) (IIUM)

     Orthopaedics                                      •	Dr	Ng	Char	Hong                             •	Dr	Bethel	Indira	Livingstone         •	Dr	C	Gandhi
     •	YBhg	Datuk	Dr	Shong	Hing	Kock                     Trainee Lecturer (Surgery)                    Head of Ophthalmology                  Internal Medicine
       Head and Associate Professor                      Adv Dip Med Sc, MBChB (Aberdeen)            •	Dr	Jenny	Tong	May	Geok               •	Dr	Chan	Tiong	Cheng
       MBBS (Malaya), MChOrth (Liverpool),             •	Dr	Tan	Ann	Jee                                Head of Anaesthesiology                Orthopaedics
       FRCS (Glas)                                       Trainee Lecturer (Anaesthesiology)          •	Dato’	Dr	K	Sree	Raman                •	Dr	Cheah	Yee	Keat
     •	Dr	Baharuddin	Mohammad                            MBBS (IMU)                                    Specialist Medical Consultant          Paediatrics
       Senior Lecturer                                 •	Dr	Wong	Mun	Hoe                             •	Dr	Najeeb	Ahmad	Mohd	Safdar          •	Dr	Chiew	Thian	Fook
       MD (USM), MSORTH (UKM), FAOA (AUST)               Trainee Lecturer (Internal Medicine)          Head of Dermatology                    Internal Medicine
     •	Dr	Bhurhanudeen	Abdul	Kareem                      MBBS (IMU)                                  •	Dr	Paul	Selvindoss                   •	Dr	Gopalan	Nair
       Associate Professor                             Adjunct Professors                              Head of Surgery                        ENT
       MBBS (Madras), MS Orth (Madras), D              •	Prof	Chim	C	Lang                            •	Dr	Subramani	Venugopal               •	Dr	Gun	Suk	Chyn
       Ortho (Madras)                                    Bachelor of Medical Science in                Head of Diagnostic Imaging             Internal Medicine
     •	Dr	Nayyer	Naveed	Wazir                            Pharmacology,                               •	Dr	Tan	Kah	Kee                       •	Dr	Jasiah	Zakaria
       Senior Lecturer                                   MBBS (UK), MRCP, MD (UK)                      Head of Paediatrics                    Surgery
       MBBS (Peshawar), MS Ortho (Malaya)              •	Prof	Chua	Kaw	Bing                          •	Dr	Tham	Seng	Woh                     •	Dr	Krishna	Kumar
     •	Dr	Chiu	Chee	Kidd                                 Senior Consultant, Ministry of Health         Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology     Obstetrics and Gynaecology
       Lecturer                                          National Public Health Laboratory
       MBBS (Malaya), MBBS (Malaya), Master                                                          •	Dr	Theva	Raj	Ponnudurai              •	Dr	Lee	Ming	Lee
                                                         MBBS (UM), Master of Medicine
       of Orthopedic Surgery (Malaya)                                                                  Head of Rehabilitation                 Paediatrics
                                                         (Singapore), MRCP (UK), Doctor of
                                                         Medicine (UM), FRCP (UK)                    •	Dr	Valuyeetham	K	Ambu                •	Dr	Naik	Soo	Hoo
                                                                                                       Head of ENT                            Orthopaedics
     •	A/Prof	Yushak	Abdul	Wahab                       •	Prof	Richard	Loh	Li	Cher
       Head and Associate Professor                      MBBCh BAO (Irel), MRCP (UK), MD             •	Dato’	Dr	Wan	Shaariah	Mohd	Yusof     •	Dr	Nazura	Karim
       MBBS (Malaya), FRCS (Edin)                        (London), AM (Mal), FRCP (Edin), Senior       Head of Medical Department             Obstetrics and Gynaecology
     •	YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	P	Kandasami                    Honorary Clinical Consultant (Hospital      Senior Honorary Lecturers              •	Dr	Nor	Aniza	Zakaria
       Professor                                         Tuanku Ja’afar)                             (Hospital Batu Pahat, Johor)             Radiology
       MBBS (Bom), FRCS (Edin), FRCS (Glas), FRCS      •	A/Prof	Lim	Teck	Onn                         •	Dr	Azimah	A	Aziz                     •	Dr	Nor’izam	Md	Alias
       (Irel), FAMM                                      Head, Clinical Research Centre,               Director                               Psychiatry
     •	Prof	Ramesh	C	Jutti                               Hospital Kuala Lumpur                       •	Dr	Hudzairy	b	Ahmad                  •	Dr	Norlelawati	Abu
       Professor                                         MBCHB (Glasgow), MRCP (UK), FRCP              Head of Orthopaedics                   Ophthalmology
       MBBS, MS, MCh (Paed Surg), FRCSI                  (Edinburgh), Master of Medical Statistics   •	Dr	Khairuzi	Salekan                  •	Dr	P	Umathevi
       (Ireland)                                         (University of Newcastle)                     Head of Surgery                        Paediatrics
     •	A/Prof	Lionel	Wijesuriya                        •	Dr	Hirotaka	Onishi                          •	Dr	Lee	Man	Pin                       •	Dr	Ramesh	Gurunathan
       Associate Professor                               MD Med (Japan), MHPE Health Prof Edu          Head of Medical Department             Surgery
       MBBS (Cey), FRCS (Eng), FCS (HK), FCS (SL),       (Illinois)                                  •	Dr	Zulkipli	Mohamad                  •	Dr	Saira	Fairma	Ismail	Mokhtar
       FHKAM (HK)                                      •	Dr	Indra	Pathmanathan                         Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology     Ophthalmology
     •	Dr	Pavadai	Thamilselvam                           MBBS (S’pore), DPH (S’pore)                                                        •	Dr	Suhaimi	b	Mahmud
                                                                                                     Senior Honorary Lecturer
       Senior Lecturer                                 Senior Honorary Clinical Consultants          (Hospital Kluang, Johor)                 A and E
       MBBS (India), MS (India)                        (Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar,                     •	Dr	Azizah	Rizwan                     •	Dr	Vimaljit	Kaur
     •	Dr	Subhash	Parvatagouda	Patil                   Negeri Sembilan)                                Director                               Paediatrics
       Senior Lecturer                                 •	Dr	Davaraj	Balasingh                                                               •	Dr	Yusri	Mohammed
                                                                                                     Senior Honorary Lecturer
       MBBS (Karnataka - India), MS (General             Surgery                                                                              Radiology
                                                                                                     (Hospital Port Dickson,
       Surgery - India), FRCS (Glasgow)                •	Dato’	Dr	P	V	Singham                        Negeri Sembilan)                       •	Dr	Zainab	Yahaya
     •	Dr	Yawar	Saeed                                    Internal Medicine                           •	Dr	Zuraini	Zainal                      Obstetrics and Gynaecology
       Senior Lecturer                                 •	Datuk	Dr	T	Thayaparan                         Director
       MBBS, MCPS, FCPS, FRCP                                                                                                               Honorary Lecturers
                                                         Internal Medicine
                                                                                                     Senior Honorary Lecturer               (Hospital Batu Pahat, Johor)
     •	Dr	Ishtiaq	Aziz                                 Senior Honorary Lecturers                     (Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Najihah,       •	Dr	Chong	Chin	Cai
       Lecturer                                        (Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar,                     Negeri Sembilan)                         Orthopaedics
       MBBS (Pakistan), FCPS (Pakistan), FRCS          Negeri Sembilan)                              •	Dr	Mohd	Shah	Idris                   •	Dr	Mohammad	Fadzli	Ibrahim
       (Ireland)                                       •	Dr	Jaafar	Che	Mat	                            Director                               Surgery
     The IMU has a trainee lecturer scheme               Director
                                                                                                     Honorary Lecturers                     Honorary Lecturer
     which is part of IMU’s long-term plan for         •	Dr	Abdul	Rauf	b	Haji	Ahmad                  (Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar,              (Hospital Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan)
     training in selected disciplines.                   Head of Orthopaedics                        Negeri Sembilan)                       •	Dr	G	Jeevaratnam
     Trainee Lecturers                                 •	Dr	Agnes	Lily	Suganthi                      •	Dr	Aina	Mariana	Abd	Manaf              Internal Medicine
     •	Dr	Bheena	Vyshali	Karunyam                        Head of Psychiatry                            Paediatrics
       Trainee Lecturer (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)   •	Dr	Azizon	Othman                            •	Dr	Bernard	Prakash
       MBBS (India)                                      Head of Pathology                             Orthopaedics

Honorary Lecturers                          Guest Lecturers                               •	Prof	Hafizah	Mohd	Nawawi                    SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY
(Hospital Kluang, Johor)                    •	Datuk	Prof	Emeritus	Dr	Alex	                  Universiti Teknologi MARA                   •	Prof	Toh	Chooi	Gait
•	Dr	Azizah	Riduan                            Delilkan                                    •	Prof	Kemal	Ismail	Deen                        Dean and Professor
  Internal Medicine                           Anaesthesiology                               University of Kelaniya Medical School         BDS Hons (Singapore), MSc (London),
•	Dr	Chin	Pek	Woon                          •	Prof	Emeritus	Subir	Sengupta	               •	Prof	Lang	Chim	Choy                           FDSRCPS (Glasgow), DRDRCS
  Internal Medicine                           Orthopaedics                                  University of Dundee                          (Edinburgh), FDSRCS (Edinburgh)
•	Dr	E	Theranirajan                         •	YBhg	Prof	Dato’	S	Selvarajah	                                                             •	Prof	Dasan	Swaminathan
                                                                                          •	Prof	Methil	Kannan	Kutty
  Paediatrics                                 Ophthalmology                                                                               Professor
                                                                                            University Sains Islam Malaysia
                                            •	Dr	Abd	Hamid	Mat	Sain                                                                       BDS (Mysore), MSc (Bristol), FDSRCS
•	Dr	Emad	Eldin	Naguib	Saleh                                                              •	Prof	Phang	Siew	Moi
                                              Surgery                                                                                     (Eng), FICCDE, FICD, FADI
  Obstetrics and Gynaecology                                                                University of Malaya
                                            •	Dr	Anthony	Gilbert	                                                                       •	Prof	Khoo	Suan	Phaik
•	Dr	Nisar	Ahmed                              ENT                                         •	Prof	Quah	Thuan	Chong
  Orthopaedics                                                                              National University of Singapore              Professor
                                            •	Dr	Chandramani	Thuraisingham	                                                               BDS (Mal), MSc (Lond), FFDRCSI (Oral
Honorary Lecturer                             Family Medicine                             •	Prof	Ruby	Husain
                                                                                                                                          Med), Cert Immunol (Lond)
(KK Rantau, Negeri Sembilan)                •	Dr	Chang	Keng	Wee	                            University of Malaya
•	Dr	Mariam	Abdul	Manap                                                                                                                 •	A/Prof	Seow	Liang	Lin
                                              Surgery                                     •	Prof	S	Fadilah	S	Abdul	Wahid
  Family Medicine                                                                                                                         Associate Professor
                                            •	Dr	Chen	Wei	Seng                              Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
                                                                                                                                          BDS (Mal), MSc (London), FDSRCS
Honorary Lecturer                             Family Medicine                             •	Prof	Subramaniam	Krishnan                     (England), PhD (Mal)
(KK Ampangan, Negeri Sembilan)              •	Dr	Ho	Lee-Meng                                University of Malaya
                                              Internal Medicine                                                                         •	Dr	Hanan	Abdel	Khalek	Omar
•	Dr	Shariah	Idris                                                                        •	Prof	Wan	Ariffin	Abdullah
                                            •	Dr	Kalavathy	Subramaniam                                                                    Senior Lecturer
  Family Medicine                                                                           University of Malaya Medical Centre
                                              Obstetrics and Gynaecology                                                                  BDS (Egypt), MSc (Egypt), PhD (Egypt)
Honorary Lecturers                          •	Dr	Leong	Kwok	Chi                           •	Prof	Wan	Zurinah	Wan	Ngah                   •	Dr	Muneer	Gohar	Babar
(KK Seremban, Negeri Sembilan)                Family Medicine
                                                                                            Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia                Senior Lecturer
•	Dr	Ramli	Ahmad                            •	Dr	Ling	Shih	Gang                           •	Prof	Zulkifli	Ahmad                           BDS (Pak), MDSc (Malaya), DHP&M (Pak),
  Family Medicine                             Paediatrics                                   Universiti Sains Malaysia                     MPH (Pak)
•	Dr	Nor	Asiah	Hasim                        •	Dr	Liu	Chian	Boon                           •	Prof	Zulmi	Wan                              •	Dr	Saad	Ahmed	Khan
  Family Medicine                             Paediatrics                                   Universiti Sains Malaysia                     Lecturer
Honorary Lecturer                           •	Dr	Noor	Azizah	Tahir                        •	A/Prof	Andrew	Neil	Shelling                   BDS (Pak), MSc (UK)
(KK Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan)            Family Medicine                               University of Auckland                      •	Dr	Shahid	Mitha	
•	Dr	Sabariah	Idris                         •	Dr	Sarasijam	Nair                           •	A/Prof	Khairani	Omar                          Senior Lecturer
  Family Medicine                             Family Medicine                               Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia                BDS (Pak), MSc (Lond), DCPS (Pak)
                                            •	Dr	Teoh	Choon	Meng                          •	A/Prof	Muhammad	Tauffik	Mohd	               •	Dr	Zeinab	Abbas	Hasan
Visiting Lecturers
                                              Surgery                                       Noor                                          Lecturer
•	Prof	JA	Dickinson
                                            •	Dr	Yek	Tiew	Tiing                             University Malaysia Sabah                     BDS (Baghdad), MSc of Pedodontics
  Family Medicine Dept
                                              Internal Medicine                                                                           (Baghdad)
  University of Calgary                                                                   •	A/Prof	Dr	Nik	Mohamed	Zaki	Nik	
                                            •	Datin	Dr	Zailinawati	Abu	Hassan	
•	Prof	John	Simpson                                                                         Mahmood                                     External	Examiners
                                              Family Medicine
  Renal System                                                                              Universiti Sains Malaysia                   •	Prof	Tom	Kardos
  University of Aberdeen                    External	Examiners                            •	A/Prof	Vincent	TK	Chow                        University of Otago
                                            •	Prof	Allan	Templeton                          National University of Singapore
•	Prof	Linda	Holloway                                                                                                                   •	A/Prof	Andrew	Neil	Shelling
                                              University of Aberdeen
  Respiratory System                                                                      •	A/Prof	Zarida	Hambali                         University of Auckland
  University of Ottawa                      •	Prof	Awang	Bulgiba	Awang	Mahmud               Universiti Putra Malaysia
                                              University of Malaya                                                                      SCHOOL OF PHARMACY AND
•	Prof	VK	Kapoor                                                                          •	Dr	Ahmad	Hafiz	Zulkifly
                                            •	Prof	Azmi	Md	Nor                                                                          HEALTH SCIENCES
  Clinical School (Department of Surgery)                                                   International Islamic University Malaysia
                                              International Islamic University Malaysia                                                 •	Prof	Peter	Pook	Chuen	Keat
  University of Lucknow                                                                   •	Dr	Jacqueline	Ho
                                            •	Prof	Bernhard	Baune                                                                         Dean and Professor
•	Dr	Gita	Sinha                                                                             Penang Medical College                        BSc (Hons), PhD (Bristol), CBiol, MBiol
  Musculoskeletal System                      James Cook University
                                                                                          •	Dr	Jayaram	Menon
  Dalhousie University                      •	Prof	Chan	Li	Chong                                                                        Division of Nursing
                                                                                            Queen Elizabeth Hospital
                                              University of Hong Kong                                                                   •	Prof	Lim	Pek	Hong
•	Dr	Margaret	Sheehan                                                                     •	Dr	Mukudan	Krishnan
                                            •	Prof	Chandrasekaran	Ramamurthy                                                              Head and Professor
  Gastrointestinal System                                                                   Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun
                                              AIMST University                                                                            MEd (Admin & Planning), Adv Dip in
  Aberdeen Royal Infirmary                                                                •	YBhg	Dato’	Dr	Nik	Mohd	Nasri	Nik	             Business & Admin (UK), BNursing (La
•	Dr	Shakti	Chandra                         •	Prof	Edmund	Lee                               Ismail                                        Trobe), Cert Teaching (Malaya), SCM (Eng),
  Musculoskeletal System                      National University of Singapore              Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia               SRN (Msia), PhD (Educ Admin - UM)
  Memorial University of Newfoundland       •	Prof	Goh	Khean	Jin                          •	YBhg	Dato’	Dr	Zakaria	Zahari
                                              University of Malaya                          Hospital Kuala Lumpur

     •	A/Prof	Kudakwashe	Godwil	                   •	Ms	Shanui	Shabas                            •	Dr	Leong	Chee	Onn                             •	Dr	Srinivasan	Ramamurthy
       Mapanga                                       Universiti Malaysia Sarawak                   Senior Lecturer                                 Lecturer
       Associate Professor                         •	Ms	Wan	Yoke	Cheng                             PhD (Nottingham)                                BPharm (India), MPharm (India), PhD (India)
       RGN (UK), RMN (UK), RNT (UK), RHV             University of Malaya                        •	Dr	Tan	Eng	Lai                                •	Mr	Kenny	Chan	Kam	Seng
       (UK), BN (UK), MN (UK), PhD Nurs (USA)                                                      Senior Lecturer                                 Lecturer
                                                   Division of Nutrition and Dietetics
     •	Dr	Margo	Bruce	Mapanga                      •	Prof	Fatimah	Arshad                           BSc (Aust), MBiotechnology (Mal), PhD (Mal)     BA (Hons) (UKM), MSc (UKM), AMIC
       Senior Lecturer                               Head and Professor                          •	Dr	Asuntha	Garbhapu                           •	Ms	Shubhadra	Pillay	Saurajen	Pillay
       RGN (UK), RM (UK), RCNT (UK), RNT             BSc (LSU, USA), MSc, PhD (UBC, Canada),       Lecturer                                        Lecturer
       (UK), MSN (USA), PhD Nurs (USA)               PgD Dietetics (MSc Eq, Kings College          M Pharmacy (India), PhD (India)                 MSc (USM)
     •	Ms	Kavitha	Ramanathan	                        London), UKSRD                              •	Dr	Balijepalli	Madhu	Katyayani                Pharmacy Practice
       Lecturer                                    •	A/Prof	Ng	Kock	Wai	@	Tony                     Lecturer                                      •	Dr	Tey	Kim	Kuan
       RN, RM, BN, MSc (Maternity Nursing)           Associate Professor                           MPharm (Ind), PhD (Ind)                         Head, Senior Lecturer and Coordinator
     •	Ms	Lim	Swee	Geok                              AMN, B Sc (UM), BSc Hons (UM), MCH          •	Dr	Premalatha	Pakirisamy                        (BPharm)
       Lecturer                                      Nutr (Q’land), PhD (UM), FNSM, AMIC           Lecturer                                        BPharm (Hons) (UK), PhD (UK),
       RN, CCN, Neonatal Nursing, BN, MEdu         •	A/Prof	Winnie	Chee	Siew	Swee                  BSc Bioindustry (Hons), PhD (UPM)               MRPharmS, RPh
     •	Ms	Mini	Rani	Mary	Beth	Jackson	               Associate Professor                         •	Mr	Foong	Chee	Woh                             •	Dr	Low	Bee	Yean
       Ghadia                                        BSc (Dietetics), MSc (Nutrition), PhD         Lecturer                                        Lecturer
       Lecturer                                      (Nutrition) (UKM)                             BEng (Hons) in Chemical Engineering             BPharm (Hons) (USM), PhD (USM), RPh
       BSc (India), MSc (India)                    •	Pn	Normah	Hashim                              (UMS), MSc (UMS)                              •	Dr	Sathvik	Belagadu	Sridhar
     •	Ms	Patricia	Matizha                           Senior Lecturer                             •	Ms	Kanakeswary	Karisnan	@	                      Lecturer
       Lecturer                                      BSc (UMC, USA), MSc (UMC, USA)                Krishnan                                        MPharm (India), PhD (India)
       MSc N (UZ), BSc Ad Ed (UZ), Dip N E         •	Ms	Goo	Chui	Yoong                             Lecturer                                      •	Ms	Beena	Jimmy
       (UZ), Dip Ad Ed (UZ), SCM (Zim), RN (Zim)     Lecturer                                      B Biomed Sc (UPM), MSc (IMU)                    Lecturer
     •	Ms	Siew	Wei	Fern                              BSc (UKM), Dip in Advanced Dietetics        •	Ms	Lee	Chooi	Yeng                               BPharm (Ind), MPharm (Ind), PDCR
       Lecturer                                      Practice, MSc (Lond), RD                      Lecturer                                      •	Mr	Benny	Efendie
       RN, CCN, Postgraduate Dip Ind Safety        •	Ms	Lee	Ching	Li                               BSc (Hons) Biochemistry (UKM), MSc              Lecturer
       Management, M of Ind Safety Management        Lecturer                                      Pharmacy (USM), PhD (Malaya)                    BPharm (UI), RPh (UI), DALF (France),
     •	Ms	Wong	Pak	Fong                              BSc (Hons) Dietetics (UKM), MSc Health      Pharmaceutical Chemistry                          MClin Pharm (USM), MMPS (Mal), MESCP
       Lecturer                                      Sciences (Comm Nutrition) (UKM)             •	A/Prof	Kang	Yew	Beng                            (Europe)
       MN (Monash), BN (UniSA), Nursing Edu.                                                       Head and Associate Professor                  •	Mr	David	Chong	Weng	Kwai
                                                   External	Examiners
       (UniSA), CCN (UniSA), RN (M’sia)                                                            BSc (Hons) (W Aust), PhD (ANU), ACS             Senior Lecturer and Coordinator (MPharm)
                                                   •	Prof	Khor	Geok	Lin
     •	Ms	Chow	Suh	Hing                              Universiti Putra Malaysia                   •	A/Prof	Mak	Kok	Fee                              BPharm (Lond), MPharm (Lond), MSc
       Tutor                                                                                       Associate Professor                             (Strathclyde), MRPharmS, RPh
                                                   •	A/Prof	Nik	Mazlan	Mamat
       BN (Monash), SRN                                                                            BSc (Hons), PhD, Dip Ed (Queensland),         •	Mr	Keivan	Ahmadi
                                                     International Islamic University Malaysia
     •	Ms	Lai	Chui	Ling                                                                            CChem, MRSC, MRACI, AMIC                        Lecturer
                                                   •	Dr	Lauren	Therese	Williams
       Tutor                                                                                     •	Dr	Er	Hui	Meng                                  BPharm (PU Pak), MClin Pharm (USM),
                                                     University of Newcastle
       Diploma in Nursing, BHSc                                                                    Senior Lecturer and Coordinator (Pharm          RPh (Iran & Pakistan)
                                                   Division of Pharmacy
     External	Examiners                                                                            Chem)                                         •	Ms	Lee	Mun	Sun
                                                   •	Prof	Peter	Pook	Chuen	Keat
     •	Prof	Debra	Creedy                                                                           BSc (Hons), PhD (Sydney)                        Lecturer
                                                     Dean and Professor
       National University of Singapore                                                          •	Dr	Mallikarjuna	Rao	Pichika                     MPharm (Strathclyde), MClin Pharm
                                                     BSc (Hons), PhD (Bristol), CBiol, MBiol
     •	Prof	Karen	Louise	Francis                                                                   Senior Lecturer                                 (USM), RPh
       Monash University                           Life Sciences                                   BPharm (India), MPharm (India), PhD (India)   •	Mr	Mudassir	Anwar
                                                   •	Dr	Yiap	Beow	Chin                                                                             Lecturer
     •	A/Prof	Aishah	Ali	Bajrai                                                                  •	Dr	Ooi	Ing	Hong
                                                     Head and Senior Lecturer                                                                      BPharm (Pak), MSc (USM), RPh (Pak)
       International Islamic University Malaysia                                                   Senior Lecturer
                                                     BSc (UPM) (Biomedical Sciences), PhD
     •	Ms	Faridah	Hashim                                                                           BSc Hons (UM), MSc (UM), PhD (U Akron,        •	Mr	Syed	Imran	Ahmed
       Universiti Teknologi MARA                                                                   USA), ACS                                       Lecturer
                                                   •	Prof	Peter	Pook	Chuen	Keat                                                                    BPharm (Pak), MClin Pharm (Mal), RPh
     •	Ms	Hamidah	Hassan                                                                         •	Dr	Arockia	Babu	Marianesan
                                                     Professor                                                                                     (Pak, Botswana)
       Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia                                                              Lecturer
                                                     BSc (Hons), PhD (Bristol), CBiol, MBiol
     •	Dr	Khatijah	Abdullah	@	Lim	Geok	                                                            MPharm (Ind), PhD (Ind)                       •	Mr	Syed	Shahzad	Hasan
                                                   •	Prof	Yeoh	Peng	Nam                                                                            Lecturer
       Khin                                                                                      •	Dr	Keng	Pei	Sin
                                                     Professor                                                                                     BPharm (UK-Pakistan), MClin Pharm
       University of Malaya                                                                        Lecturer
                                                     BPharm (S’pore), MSc, PhD (Ohio State U),                                                     (USM), RPh (Pakistan)
     •	Dr	Lim	Phaik	Hooi                                                                           BSc Hons (UPM), PhD (UPM)
                                                     RPh, MMPS
       University Sains Malaysia                                                                 •	Dr	Lee	Choy	Sin                               •	Ms	Wong	Pei	Se
                                                   •	Dr	Gan	Sook	Yee                                                                               Lecturer
     •	A/Prof	Maria	Fedurok                                                                        Lecturer
                                                     Senior Lecturer                                                                               BSc Pharm (Strathclyde), MSc Clin
       University of South Australia                                                               BSc (UM), PhD (UM)
                                                     BSc (Hons) (UPM), MPhil (UM), PhD (UM)                                                        Pharmacy (Strathclyde), RPh

Pharmaceutical Technology                       •	Ms	Chan	Beow	Swan                •	Ms	Rose	Aniza	Rusli                 •	Ms	Leong	Yoke	Chong
•	Dr	Ignacio	Segarra	Taus                       •	Ms	Chan	Chiew	Kuan               •	Pn	Salmi	Abdul	Razak                •	Mr	Lew	Hon	Kean
  Head and Senior Lecturer                      •	Ms	Chang	Shin	Yi                 •	Ms	Sarikha	Komeng                   •	Ms	Lio	Woan	Teng
  PhD (U Valencia, Spain)                       •	En	Che	Abdul	Aziz	Yusoff         •	Pn	Shairyzah	Ahmad	Hisham           •	Ms	Lisa	Lam
•	Dr	Shanmugaperumal	Tamilvanan	                •	Pn	Che	Ton	Saari                 •	Ms	Shamala	Balan                    •	Ms	Logeswari	Purushothman
  Senior Lecturer                               •	Ms	Chevena	Arunasalam            •	Ms	Sia	Hee	Peng                     •	Ms	Loh	Lee	Peng
  DPharm (India), BPharm (India), MPharm        •	Ms	Chin	Yun	Hui                  •	Cik	Siti	Aisah	Fadzilah             •	Ms	Loo	Ching	Hsin
  (India), PhD (India)                          •	Ms	Ching	Min	Wei                 •	Cik	Siti	Norlina	Md	Said            •	Ms	Low	Yuen	Ker
•	Dr	Adhiyaman	Rajendran                        •	Ms	Chong	Mei	Yoong               •	Cik	Siti	Shahida	Mohd	Shariffudin   •	Ms	Mogana	Sundari	Rajagopal
  Lecturer                                      •	Ms	Doris	George	Visuvasam        •	Ms	Sivakami	V	Janahiraman           •	Mr	Ng	Shih	Siang
  BPharm (Ind), MPharm (Ind), PhD (Ind)         •	Cik	Farida	Hanim	Islahudin       •	Mr	Subramaniam	Thanimalai           •	Ms	Ng	Yee	Choung
                                                •	Ms	Haarathi	Chandriah            •	Pn	Suhadah	Ahad                     •	Ms	Ngeow	Swee	Chyi
•	Dr	Adinarayana	Gorajana
                                                •	Cik	Hamiya	Aziz                  •	Cik	Syahida	Che	Embi                •	Pn	Nor	Kamaliah	Othman
  Senior Lecturer
                                                •	Ms	Hoo	Yuin	Lin                  •	Ms	Tan	Jye	Yee	@	Chan	Jye	Yee       •	Ms	Nor	Mazrina	Abdul	Manan
  BPharm (Ind), MPharm (Ind), PhD (Ind)
                                                •	Ms	Jaclyn	Teoh	Pei	Lee           •	Ms	Tan	Yan	Nee                      •	Ms	Ong	Mun	Ling
•	Dr	Bhoomendra	Atmaram	Bhongade                •	Ms	Jessica	Tan	Tze	Tze           •	Ms	Tan	Yen	Dhing                    •	Ms	Ow	Mee	Peng
  Lecturer                                      •	Pn	Kamarun	Neasa	Begam	Mohd	     •	Ms	Tay	Hui	Yin                      •	Ms	Peh	Mui	Lee
  BPharm (Ind), MPharm (Ind), PhD (Ind)           Kassim                           •	Ms	Tea	Ming	Hui                     •	Ms	Ronitra	Mohd	Roddy
•	Dr	PS	Rajinikanth                             •	Pn	Hajjah	Kamarunnesa	Mokhtar	   •	Ms	Toi	Chern	Ling                   •	Mr	Sathia	Jeva	Naidu
  Lecturer                                        Ahmad                            •	Ms	Thong	Kah	Shuen                  •	Ms	Saw	Sook	Hui
  BPharm (India), MPharm (India), PhD (India)   •	Ms	Kee	Jiun	Yin                  •	Ms	Wardati	Mazlan	Kepli             •	Ms	Siow	Cheuk	Ching
•	Mr	Farrukh	Zeeshan                            •	Cik	Khamisah	Sahat               •	Ms	Yam	Chiew	Fong                   •	Ms	Soo	Wai	Han
  Lecturer                                      •	Ms	Kong	Shue	Hong                •	Ms	Yap	Yih	Jun                      •	Ms	Ta	Su	May
  BPharm (BZU, Pakistan), MSc (USM,             •	Ms	Lai	Yin	Key                   •	Ms	Yuzlina	Muhamad	Yunus            •	Ms	Tan	Guat	Hua
  Malaysia), RPh (Pakistan)                     •	Ms	Lau	Chee	Lan                  Community Pharmacy Preceptors         •	Ms	Tan	Kien	Chee
•	Mr	Kamal	Dua                                  •	Mr	Lau	Khar	Keat                 •	Ms	Amy	Lim	Hooi	Ling                •	Ms	Tan	Szi	Szi
  Lecturer                                      •	Mr	Lew	Sien	Er                   •	Ms	Ang	Hooi	Hoon                    •	Ms	Tang	Lee	Kian
  BPharm (Ind), MPharm (Ind), PDCR, RPh         •	Ms	Leong	Siew	Lian               •	Ms	Angie	Loo	Poi	Yean               •	Mr	Tay	Boou	Seng
  (India)                                       •	Cik	Liyana	Mohd	Roslan           •	Ms	Anuradha	Jayaraman               •	Ms	Tee	Bee	Luan
•	Mr	Khalid	Ahmad	Sheikh                        •	Mr	Loh	Poh	Seong                 •	Ms	Beh	Siew	Lian                    •	Mr	Teo	Bee	Chuan
  Lecturer                                      •	Ms	Low	Joo	Meing                 •	Ms	Chan	Mei	Teng                    •	Ms	Ting	Sie	Chin
  BPharm (Punjab), MPharm (USM), RPh            •	Ms	Low	Khin	Siah                 •	Ms	Chan	Siow	Li                     •	Ms	Winda	Hayani
•	Mr	Nadeem	Irfan	Bukhari                       •	Ms	Low	Yen	Lee	                  •	Mr	Chin	Chee	Hiong                  •	Ms	Wong	Heng	Lee
  Lecturer                                      •	Ms	Manjulaa	Devi	Subramaniam     •	Ms	Chin	May	Ghee                    •	Ms	Wong	Pik	Teng
  BPharm (Punjab), MPhil (Punjab), RPh (Pak)    •	Cik	Masitah	Husin                •	Mr	Ding	Pit	Soo                     •	Ms	Yip	Sook	Ying
                                                •	Pn	Najwa	Ahmad	Hamdi             •	Ms	Elaine	Poon	Siew	Yan             •	Ms	Yip	Wai	Ling
•	Mr	Nallamolu	Bala	Venkata	Siva	Ram	
                                                •	Pn	Natasha	Yusop                 •	Ms	Farizah	Mohd	Tahir               Visiting Lecturers
                                                •	Mr	Navin	Kumar	Loganadan         •	Mr	Foo	Fung	Jiun                    (University of Strathclyde, UK)
  BPharm (India), MPharm (India)
                                                •	Pn	Nazariah	Haron                •	Ms	Hanira	Kassim	@	Hashim           •	Dr	James	Johnson
Clinical Pharmacy Preceptors                    •	Cik	Nik	Nuradlina	Nik	Adnan      •	Ms	Heu	Ling	Pei                       Director of the Twinned Pharmacy
•	En	Abdol	Malek	Abd	Aziz                       •	Ms	Nirmala	Jagan                 •	Ms	Hii	Siew	Khieng                    Programme
•	Cik	Adibah	Husna	Ahmad	Maher                  •	Pn	Nor	Aziah	Abdullah            •	Ms	Hin	Choon	Li                       BPharm (Lond), PhD (Lond), MRPharmS
•	Tn	Haji	Ahmad	Zawawi	Musa                     •	Ms	Nor	Mazni	Mohamad	Tamyes      •	Ms	Jenette	Lim	Wuarn-Joo            •	Prof	Gillian	M	Eccleston
•	Ms	Aizura	Abdul	Rahman                        •	Ms	Noor	Fadzillah	Ariffin        •	Mr	Jeff	Kong	Jian	Foong             •	Prof	Howard	McNutty
•	Ms	Akmalyatun	Kamal	Kamaruddin                •	Cik	Noor	Faizah	Zainal	Abidin    •	Ms	Jennifer	Tan	See	Hui             •	Prof	Stephen	Hudson
•	Ms	Aliza	Alias                                •	Pn	Noraini	Mohamad               •	Ms	Joyce	Ho	Yen	Ping                •	Dr	David	George	Watson
•	Ms	Ang	Sie	Yung                               •	Ms	Noridayu	Tumiran              •	Ms	Kamala	Devi	Kaliappan            •	Dr	Julienne	Johnson
•	Ms	Anusuya	K	A	Krishnarajah                   •	Pn	Normawati	Muhammad            •	Ms	Kelly	Phuah	Hooi	Bien            •	Dr	Robert	Drummond
•	Cik	Asmalina	Mat	Ghani                        •	Pn	Nur	Azibahwati	Aziz           •	En	Khairuddin	Sungip                •	Dr	Rosallen	Ruth	Brett
•	Ms	Asmawarni	Abas                             •	Ms	Nur	Azura	Mohamad	Azam        •	Ms	Khoo	Keh	Ai                      •	Dr	Simon	Mackay
•	Ms	Azalea	Ng	Yan	Wei                          •	Ms	Nur	Fardillah	Ferdaus         •	Mr	Khor	Cherny	Yeh                  •	Ms	Anne	Boyter
•	Pn	Azilah	Sakiman                             •	Cik	Nurdita	Hashim               •	Mr	Koh	Teng	Hein                    •	Mr	Niall	Coggans\
•	Pn	Azizah	Abd	Ghani                           •	Pn	Nursahjohana	Md	Sahak         •	Ms	Kwan	Pik	Na
•	Cik	Azrinorwaty	Zakaria                       •	Cik	Nurul	Hafiza	Daros                                                 External	Examiners
                                                                                   •	Mr	Law	Siow	Wai
•	Pn	Basariah	Naina                             •	Ms	Pau	Kiew	Bing                                                       •	Prof	Abu	Bakar	Abdul	Majeed
                                                                                   •	Ms	Lee	Vui	Lin
•	Ms	Birinder	Kaur                              •	Cik	Rahayu	Shahperi                                                      Universiti Teknologi Mara
                                                                                   •	Ms	Lee	Yen	Li
•	Ms	Chai	Chung	Wei                             •	Cik	Ratna	Hj	Silong                                                    •	Prof	Howard	N	E	Stevens
                                                                                   •	Ms	Leong	Bee	Go
•	Ms	Chan	Beow	Hui                              •	En	Rizal	Husaini	Razali                                                  University of Strathclyde
                                                                                   •	Ms	Leong	Sow	Fun

     •	Prof	Nor	Azizan	Abdullah                     •	Mr	Kenny	Voon	Gah	Leong                     •	Pn	Noor	Zaini	Mohamed	Ali                    •	Tan	Sia	Yang
       University of Malaya                           Lecturer                                      Cert in Education, TESL (Language              Treasurer
     •	Prof	Paul	Nicholas	Shaw                        BSc Hons Biomedical Sciences (UPM),           Institute, KL), Postgraduate Diploma in      •	Mirashini	Swaminathan
       University of Queensland                       MSc (Mol Biology) (UPM)                       Applied Linguistics (Essex)                    Sports Representative
     •	A/Prof	Ab	Fatah	Ab	Rahman                      M
                                                    •	 r	Tan	Boon	Keat                            •	Pn	Roshidah	Hassan                           •	Natasha	Tan	Chooi	Ann
       Universiti Sains Malaysia                      Lecturer                                      Diploma in French (Uni of La Rochelle)         Cultural and Religious Representative
                                                      BSc (Biotechnology) (UPM), MSc (Drug          (France), BA (Hons) Malay Studies (UM),
     •	A/Prof	Bala	Yauri	Muhammad                                                                                                                •	Ashvini	Supramaniem
                                                      Discovery) (UPM)                              MA (French) (Uni of Poitiers) (France), MA
       International Islamic University Malaysia                                                                                                   Social Concerns Representative
                                                    •	Mr	Wong	Siew	Tung                             (Linguistics) (UM)
     •	A/Prof	Chan	Lai	Wah                                                                                                                       •	Lim	Pei	Jin
                                                      Lecturer                                    English
       National University of Singapore                                                                                                            Public Relation Liaison
                                                      BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science, MSc          •	Ms	M	Sheba	Sumalani	D	Mani
     •	A/Prof	Mohamad	Haniki	Nik	                     (Molecular Biology), RE                                                                    •	Alicia	Wong	Sue	Yee
       Mohamed                                                                                      Coordinator and Lecturer                       IT Representative
                                                    •	Ms	Yap	Fei	Ling                               Cert TESL (MPLP), Cert ELT (C&G), BA
       International Islamic University Malaysia                                                                                            Clinical School Seremban, 2009 / 2010
                                                      Lecturer                                      (English), MA (English Language Studies)
     •	A/Prof	Mohamed	Ibrahim	Noordin                 BSc (Biomedical Science), MSc (Pathology)                                             •	Chin	Yen	Theng
                                                                                                  •	Ms	Catherine	Christhopher
       University of Malaya                                                                                                                   President
                                                    CENTRE FOR MEDICAL                              Lecturer
     •	A/Prof	Rosnani	Hashim                                                                        BA (Hons) English Language Studies      •	Koo	Ho	Wai
       Cyberjaya Universiti College of Medical      EDUCATION (CtME)                                                                          Vice President
                                                                                                    (UKM), MA Literature (UKM)
       Sciences                                     Director
                                                                                                  •	Ms	Cecilia	Rose	Periera                 •	Hiew	Ching	Mei
     •	Dr	Natalie	Medlicott                         ~ Prof Victor Lim
                                                                                                    Lecturer                                  Secretary
       University of Otago                          Co-Director
                                                    ~ Prof Ramesh C Jutti                           BA (Ed) English Language Studies (USM), •	Ong	Su	Ping
     •	Dr	Therese	Eileen	Kairuz                                                                     MA Linguistics (Sussex)                   Vice Secretary
                                                    Deputy Directors
       University of Queensland                                                                   •	Ustaz	Jamaludin	Ridzwan                 •	Choo	Ch’ng	Hwei	
                                                    ~ Prof Sambandam Elango (Training,
     Division of Traditional and                      Innovation and Research)                      BA (Hons) Pengajian Islam, (Malaya), SijilTreasurer
     Complementary Medicine                         ~ A/Prof Bulathduwage Joachim                   Penyediaan dan Pembelajaran (UPM)       •	Yong	Geng	Yi
     Chiropractic                                     Joseph Francisco Perera (Quality)             Malaysian Studies                         Vice Treasurer
     •	Prof	Michael	Thomas	Haneline                                                               •	Mdm	Tan	Keat	Hoon                       •	Choo	Mei	Ann
                                                    Medical Education Research Group
       Head and Professor                                                                           BA (Hons) (UM), MEd (UM)                  Cultural Representative
                                                    (MERG) Leaders
       DC (USA), MPH (USA)                                                                                                                  •	Sundaresan	Soundararajan
                                                    MERG I- Faculty issues                        Moral Studies
     Chinese Medicine                               ~ Prof Hla Yee Yee                            •	Ustaz	Hazamzaem	Husin                     Junior Cultural Representative
     •	Prof	Yeoh	Peng	Nam                           MERG II- Student issues : -                     BA (IRKHS), MSc (Edu) (IIUM)            •	Muhammad	Faiz	Sulieman
       Head and Professor                           MERG III- Curriculum                                                                      Sports Representative
                                                                                                  •	Ms	Usha	Devi	Rajaratnam
       BPharm (S’pore), MSc, PhD (Ohio State U),    ~ Prof Francis Ifejika Achike                   BA (Hons) (UM), MA (London)             •	Pang	Yee	Wei
       RPh, MMPS                                    MERG IV: Assessment                                                                       Junior Sports Representative
     •	Dr	Liow	Sook	Mee                             ~ A/Prof Bulathduwage Joachim                 LEARNING RESOURCES                        •	David	Yong	Tat	Wei
       Lecturer                                       Joseph Francisco Perera                     •	YBhg	Prof	Dato’	Dr	A	Jai	Mohan	CA	        General Liaison Officer
       PhD (Chinese Medicine)                       MERG V: E-learning                              Nayar                                   •	Then	Ru	Fah	
                                                    ~ YBhg Prof Dato’ Dr A Jai Mohan CA             Professor                                 Junior General Liaison Officer
     SCHOOL OF POSTGRADUATE                                                                         MBBS (Mal), MRCP (UK), FRCP (Lon), FAMM
                                                      Nayar                                                                                 •	Khoo	Hau	Chun
     STUDIES AND RESEARCH                           ~ Prof John Paul Judson
     •	Prof	Mak Joon Wah                                                                          IMU STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE                  Semester 10 Representative
       Dean and Professor                           Fellows                                       COUNCIL (SRC)                             •	Calvin	Wong	Ke	Wen
       MBBS (S’pore), DAP & E (M’sia), MPH (Mal),   •	Prof	John	Paul	Judson                       Main Campus Bukit Jalil, 2009 / 2010        Semester 9 Representative
       MD (S’pore), FRCPath (UK), FAMM, FASc        •	A/Prof	Loh	Keng	Yin                         •	Zia-U-Baukt	Sultan	Shah                 •	Wong	Yih	Seong
                                                    •	Dr	Chen	Yu	Sui                                President                                 Semester 8 Representative
     •	Dr	Chew	Wai	Kit
                                                    •	Dr	Juriah	Abdullah                          •	Jodie	Lee	Jing	Wen
       Lecturer                                                                                                                             •	Kajendran	Visvalingam
                                                    •	Dr	Nagarajah	Lee                              Vice President, Medicine
       MBBS (Ind)                                                                                                                             Semester 7 Representative
                                                    •	Dr	Sharifah	Sulaiha
     •	Dr	Kamalan	Jeevaratnam                                                                     •	Wong	Jin	Lin                            •	Avinder	Kaur	Sohan	Singh
                                                    •	Mr	David	Chong	Weng	Kwai
       Lecturer                                                                                     Vice President, Dentistry                 Semester 6 Representative
                                                    •	Ms	M	Sheba	Sumalani	D	Mani
       DAHP (Mal), DVM (Mal)                                                                      •	Hiew	Wee	Kiat
     •	Dr	Rebecca	Wong	Shin	Yee                     LANGUAGE, COMMUNICATION                         Vice President, Pharmacy
       Lecturer                                     AND CULTURE DEPARTMENT                        •	Iris	Goh	Wen	Li
       MBBS (UM)                                    Bahasa Malaysia                                 Vice President, Medical Sciences
     •	Mr	Chan	Kok	Keong                            •	En	Ahmad	Kamil	Ghazali                      •	Sathiyan	Subramaniam
       Lecturer                                       BA (Hons) (Malaysia), Diploma in Etudes       Vice President, Health Sciences
       BSc (Hons) Biochemistry and                    de La Langue Francaise (Stendhal III,       •	Nirmal	Randhawa
       Microbiology, MSc (Physiology) (UPM)           France)                                       Secretary

IMU is proud to celebrate its 10th Anniversary of MBBS (IMU). As
the first private medical university in Malaysia, we have produced
nearly 1,000 graduates since 1999. Many are now specialists in
Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics,
Neurology, Psychiatry, Radiology, Embryology, Anaesthesiology and
Urology practising in Malaysia and overseas.

                          PARTNER MEDICAL SCHOOLS                                Pantone 3025 C
                                                                                 Pantone 7469 U
                                                                                                                            Pantone 542 C
                                                                                                                            Pantone 543 U                           K100

                 IN THE INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CONSORTIUM                         C80 M20 Y00 K50                            C50 M20 Y00 K00


     CANADA                                                                                           IRELAND                                                    NEW ZEALAND


                                                                                                              K100                          K30


                                                                                  * The list of Partner Medical Schools is subject to change from time to time

     Printed in August 2009. Published by The Marketing & Communications Department, IMU


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