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					        Baron Rodriguez
CIO, Oregon Dept. of Education
         Sabrina Ganoe
 Asst. State E-rate Coordinator
•   Latest News
•   SECA NPRM Comments
•   Bishop Perry Overview
•   New Tools
•   ODE Assistance
•   Approximately how much E-rate funding
    has gone unclaimed for 2003?

    A.   $500,000
    B.   $900,000
    C.   $2,000,000
    D.   $4,600,000
One of the primary reason that funds go
 unclaimed untimely or non-filing of BEAR

This is like throwing money away!

How do we maximize use of these funds by
News from Washington
• FCC – “Kinder – Gentler”
  – Committed to completing all appeals by December
  – Streamlining application process
  – Competitive bidding issues
  – Working on Performance Measures
  – Very receptive to SECA NPRM comments
  – Discount level for 2005 lowered to 81%!!
• E-rate congressionally well supported
  – ADA still outstanding (SB241)
Some of the suggestions made by SECA:

1. Competitive Bidding/Pre-Discount Cost Determination Reform
    • Eliminate the Form 470 posting requirement for Priority 1 services.
    • Cost-Effective Funding Analysis During PIA Review
    • Applicants should have the choice to base their Form 471 pre-discount
      requests on a signed contract or a current bill or a service provider quote.

2. Discount Reform
    • Districts should receive a district-wide discount for shared services,
       regardless of which specific entities are identified on the 471 application as
       recipients of service.
    • Under the proposed simplified discount calculation, a district would only
       ever complete 2 steps to calculate the district discount rate for shared
         – The district would calculate the total number of students eligible for
            NSLP in the district, divided by the total number of enrolled students in
            the district. Every district would receive a matrix discount for all shared
    3.     E-Rate Application Processing Reform
         •    The Administrator and the Commission should make every attempt to
              issue all
              funding commitments by June 1 in order to have discounted bills begin by
              July 1.

    4.     Reimbursement/Discounted Bill Reform
         •    Form 472 (BEAR) Reimbursements should be remitted directly to the
              applicant and applicants should be given the option for Electronic Funds
              Transfer (EFT).
         •    There should be penalties assessed against companies that refuse to
              provide applicants with the choice of receiving discounted bills, as
              required by the Commission 2nd Report and Order, April 2003.

•    The Form 479 (CIPA compliance) And Letter Of Agency Requirements Should Be
     Combined Into One OMB-Approved Form
•    The Technology Plan Requirements For E-Rate Should Not Be Separate From
     The Requirements Prescribed In Other Federal Programs.
            Bishop Perry Order
• FCC directed USAC “to provide all E-rate applicants with
  an opportunity to cure ministerial and clerical errors on
  their FCC Form 470 or FCC Form 471, and an additional
  opportunity to file the required certifications.” (Released
  May 19, 2006, GRO 06-54)

• Note:
   – For a complete copy of the Bishop Perry Order see:
     C-06-54A1.pdf or go to the USAC website
  Ministerial and Clerical Errors

• Minimum Processing Standards (MPS) errors
  are missing information on forms which prevents
  USAC from posting a Form 470 or completing
  data entry of a Form 471

  – *MPS ONLY occurs when Forms 470 & 471 and Certifications are
    submitted on paper

• Forms 470/471 Certifications missing or late
  and/or specific block and item # errors
Ministerial and Clerical Errors
            Forms 470/471
 Certification Allowable Corrections

 Paper Certifications Submitted Out of
  Window or not submitted
 Missing Authorized Signature
 Missing Certification Date
   What USAC Will Review During
• Bishop Perry Remand Applications
• USAC is looking for:
      All Uncommitted / Under PIA review Form 471
       applications that were not issued an FCDL by May 19
      FY2006 Forms 470 and 471 submitted by close of
       window that failed MPS and/or lack certifications
      FY2006 Forms 471 with detectable errors
• Appeals
      All Pending appeals that were not issued a decision by
       May 19
 Improved Application Process!
• Online Tools

  – Item 21 – Available NOW

  – 2 in 5 – October 2006

  – Online BEAR – October 2006
For the Schools and Libraries
  Due for delivery in October 2006
Login Screen
Home Page
Add/Edit Invoice
Certifications and Signature
Update Contact Info
   Eligible Services Update
• ESL should be released TODAY!
• New ESL will be shorter, easier to use, and
• Voice mail now eligible!
• CAL’s may be eligible (Internal Connections)
• KVM’s eligible
• Text messaging – NOT eligible
           Things to Remember
• PIA now keeps State E-rate Coordinator’s in the loop
  selected reviews.
   – Be responsive to PIA inquiries! It can only help you!
• Document everything!
   – Applicants are responsible for document retention, including tech
     plan documentation
   – Keep for 5 years
• Use new online tools
• State Master Contract
   – Oregon will no longer file a 470 for the master contract
   – Agencies will file their own 470 and use the contract as a bid.
   – The master contract number is 1195
Approximately how much E-rate funding has
 gone unclaimed in the last 5 years?

            ODE Assistance
• ODE plans to take a proactive roll in
  reducing the amount of unclaimed funding.
• Training video to be released mid-October
• Help us help you!
  – Please fill out our survey today. Tell us what
    you need from us.
• Sabrina Ganoe is ODE resource for E-rate

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