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Handout E Rate Overcoming the Hurdle


Handout E Rate Overcoming the Hurdle

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									                                      E-Rate: Overcoming the Hurdle
                                    Presented by the WebJunction communities of
                                         Arizona, Kansas, and New Mexico
                                               NMLA/MPLA 2007 Conference
                                                     16 March 2007

                                                     E-Rate Overview
                            The Universal Service Fund (USF) or E-Rate program is funded by
                            interstate telecommunications usage charges. The program is
                            designed to partially fund telecommunications services and
                            infrastructure used for educational purposes in schools and libraries.
                            If you pay a phone bill, you’re paying into the program.

                            E-rate reimbursements can be used for:
                               1. Internet access
                               2. Internal connections
                               3. Telecommunications services
                               4. Basic maintenance of internal connections

                            Why Apply? $$$$$$$$$$ that can help you expand your services.

                           Online E-Rate Help and Resources
Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), Schools and Library Division (SLD):
    Calculating Discounts - \
    Data Retrieval Tool -
    Eligible services list -
    Required Forms -
    SLD News Briefs -
    Technology Planning -
    Tip Sheets -
    Training for Success - (online video training)

TechAtlas, a technology planning tool at
    TechAtlas -
    TechAtlas for Libraries Forum -
    TechAtlas for Libraries Online Course -

Some Others:
   E-Rate resources from the Arizona State Library –
   E-Rate Glossary (MOREnet) -
   Acronyms Used in E-Rate (TPESC) -
   E-rate and Technology Planning Assistance from the State Libraries (at WebJunction) -
                                    Tips to Help You Avoid DENIAL
Ineligible products and services - 30% Rule – “When in doubt, break it out.”

Contracts not signed or not in place - All contracts must be signed and dated by both the service
provider and the applicant. This needs to be done after the 28-day waiting period. Information about this
requirement can be found at
Compliance.ppt#267,24,Contracts or for the complete presentation on program compliance go to

Unauthorized consortium members - Make sure that you have Letters of Agency that meet the
requirements as posted by the USAC -

Insufficient documentation - Respond to PIA (Program Integrity Assurance) requests for
documentation - and ensure you meet Federal
Communication Commission (FCC) document retention requirements.

Insufficient support resources - Secure access to and document sufficient resources to make effective
use of the reimbursement funds, including money to pay your share, necessary hardware and software,
electrical capacity and maintenance.

Form 470 not filed - Don’t extend contracts without posting a Form 470 unless those extensions were
mentioned on the establishing Form 470.

Competitive bidding violations - Conduct a free and open, competitive bidding process. You cannot
turn over this responsibility to a service provider. Document your compliance!

 28-Day Rule violations - Keep your dates in order: Allowable Contract Date -- Contract Award Date --
Application Signed Date -- Application Received Date. Check out the E-Rate Folder Cover created by
Chris Rippel, Central Kansas Library System as a starting point for your e-rate tracking -

Invalid telecom provider - Use the SPIN search tool on the USAC website as a guide to determine
whether a provider is eligible to provide Telecommunications services. You will find all of the USAC search
tools at

Form 470 not certified or certified late - Certify online and by window close!

Presenter Contact Information:

Malavika Muralidharan                                  Cindi Hickey
Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records     Kansas State Library                               

Sandy White                                            Jeff Hall
New Mexico State Library                               WebJunction                      

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