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					                                                                         CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                  CERTIFICATE A

                                      Protection of Animals used in Scientific/Medical Procedures

                                                    CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ACT, 1876
         As Amended by European Communities (Amendment of Cruelty of Animals Act 1876) Regulations 2002

Here insert name, address and qualifications of                   WHEREAS
person to whom Certificate is to be given.
(Sec. 11 of Act).

Here insert name and statutory qualification of each              Has represented to us
person certifying. (Sec. 11 of Act).
                                                                  Professor John Reynolds, Professor of Surgery, Trinity Centre of
                                                                  Health Sciences, St. James’s Hospital, Dublin 8
                                                                  Ms. Eilis McGovern, President of the Royal College of
                                                                  Surgeons Ireland, St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2

                                                                  That s/he proposes, if duly authorised under the above-mentioned Act, to perform on
                                                                  living animals certain experiments described below. We hereby certify that, in our
                                                                  opinion, insensibility in the animals on which any such experiment may be performed
                                                                  cannot be produced by anaesthetics without necessarily frustrating the object of such
                                                                  experiment, and we think it expedient that the person above-named, should be
                                                                  authorised to perform without anaesthetics, as series of such experiments.

A Certificate may be given for such time OR for                   This Certificate is given for
such series of experiments as the person signing                  (List Number and Species of Animals).
may think expedient.

                                                                  This Certificate shall be in force until the                              day of                     20

                                                                  Experiments must not be performed unless the applicant has a valid licence for the
                                                                  procedure and the species and number of animals involved and the appropriate

                                                                  Signature of Certifiers                        )
                                                                  to be attached here                            )


It is necessary to submit, in addition, if dogs or cats           Description of proposed experiments and types of animals to be used:-
are used, Certificate E, of if horses, asses or mules
are used, Certificate F.

Here state in what manner the experiments will be                 Object of these experiments:-
of service in advancing by new discovery,
physiological knowledge or knowledge which will
be useful for saving or prolonging life or
alleviating suffering.

N.B.     This Certificate is subject to the conditions laid down in the Act and to any conditions that may be annexed to the licence and it will be the duty of the holder to refer to his/her licnece
         to ascertain whether any of the conditions attached thereto limit the number of experiments authorised by this Certificate, or in any other way place restrictions on what may be done
         under this Certificate.

         Note under Section2(7) of the European Communities (Amendment of Cruelty of Animals Act 1876) Regulations 2002, analgesics or other appropriate methods should
         be used in order to ensure as far as possible that pain, suffering, distress or harm are limited and that in any event the animal is not subject to severe pain, distress or suffering.