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					Registrar’s Office



Please return the completed form to Registrar’s Office either by post, fax, or email.

        (Attention : UG Registration)
        Registrar’s Office, National University of Singapore
        University Hall, Lee Kong Chian Wing, #UHL-04-01
        21 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119077
        Fax: 6778 6371
        Email :

Name in full :                                    Identity Card /Passport No :
(Please use BLOCK LETTERS)

Mobile /Telephone Number :                        Email Address :

Course of Study :

Reasons for application :

  (1) Application for Late Registration is subject to approval and must be supported
      by documentary evidence wherever possible.
  (2) Students can only register for modules (via CORS) after they have completed the
      registration formalities physically at the Registration venue.
  (3) You will be notified of your application outcome within a week from the
      submission date via email.
  (4) All applications must reach Registrar‘s Office by the deadline stipulated in the
      Freshman Guide or in the registration letter.
  (5) Once your Application for Late Registration has been approved, you should
      contact Registrar’s Office ( if you decide to attend
      the Registration as per the initial schedule.