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                                                 31st January 2009

Form GR COUNTY/AREA                                                            DISTRICT

           GROUP TITLE                                                                   GROUP REG No.

BEAVER SCOUTS                 No. of Colonies
           Age 5      Age 6     Age 7     Age 8                                TOTAL            Asian      Black    Mixed   White     Other
m                                                                         m
f                                                                         f
CUB SCOUTS                    No. of Packs
           Age 7      Age 8     Age 9     Age 10                               TOTAL            Asian      Black    Mixed   White     Other
m                                                                         m
f                                                                         f
SCOUTS                        No. of Troops
           Age 10    Age 11     Age 12    Age 13   Age 14                      TOTAL            Asian      Black    Mixed   White     Other
m                                                                         m
f                                                                         f
           Beaver     Cub       Scout     AGSL     GSL                         TOTAL            Asian      Black    Mixed   White     Other
m                                                                         m
f                                                                         f
           Beaver     Cub       Scout                                          TOTAL            Asian      Black    Mixed   White     Other
m                                                                         m
f                                                                         f
SCOUT FELLOWSHIP                                   OTHER ADULTS
No. of Fellowships
           Memb Assoc Memb                         Memb Assoc Memb             TOTAL            Asian      Black    Mixed   White     Other
m                                                                         m
f                                                                         f

                       TOTAL GROUP MEMBERSHIP
           Chair    Treasurer Secretary   Other                                TOTAL            Asian      Black    Mixed   White     Other
m                                                                         m
f                                                                         f
                                                             1   Does the Scout Group take advantage of Gift Aid on            YES/NO
Name                                                             Membership Subscriptions?
                                                                                                                              m             f
Address                                                      2   How many young people of Beaver Scout age
                                                                 (5¾-8) do you have on your waiting list?
                                                             3   How many young people of Cub Scout age
                                                                 (8-10½) do you have on your waiting list?
                                                             4   How many young people of Scout age
                                                                 (10½-14) do you have on your waiting list?
                                                             5   How many people in the Scout Group                         Youth      Adult
Phone                         Appointment                        have a long term limiting illness or disability?
                                                             6   Do you normally meet in: Freehold Premises / Leasehold Premises / Other
email                                                            e.g. rented premises (delete as appropriate)
                                                             7   Is your group registered as a : Sea Scout Group / Air Scout Group / Land
                                                                 Scout Group (delete as appropriate)
                                                             8   What is the annual turnover of your Scout Group (in £): Less than 5,000 /
    PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE TWO PAGES TO                           Between 5,000 and 10,000 / Between 10,000 and 20,000 / Between 20,000
                                                                 and 50,000 / Between 50,000 and 100,000 / More than 100,000 (delete as
                 THIS FORM
9. Please tell us where your primary meeting place is:                  Address


10. FOR STATISTICAL PURPOSES ONLY - Please record all                                          TOTAL            Asian       Black   Mixed      White     Other
those Scout Fellowship members who appear elsewhere on Group,                             m
District or County/Area returns in these boxes. For example,
Fellowship members who are also Section Leaders, Skills                                   f
Instructors, Sectional Assistants or Advisers. For any person who is
a member of a Fellowship in more than one Group then they should
only be recorded on the return where the membership subscription is
to be paid.
                                                                                                                              BS      CS         S
11. FOR STATISTICAL PURPOSES ONLY - Please tell us the number of Explorer Scout Young Leaders                           m
working with your Sections.

                                                                                                                              BS      CS         S
12. FOR STATISTICAL PURPOSES ONLY - Please tell us the number of 14 to 18 year old people working                       m
regularly with your Sections who are not Explorer Scout Young Leaders, but are either a member of                       f
Girlguiding UK or undertaking Duke of Edinburgh’s Award service requirements.

Notes – Form GR

Ethnic Origin The collection of this information enables the Association to compile information about its membership. The information requested is under 5
clear categories which are based on those recommended by MORI and the Council for Racial Equality.
Leaders, Assistants and Skills Instructors Include all those holding an appointment. A Leader who is also a Commissioner must be included in this section
Group Scout Leader If the Group has an Acting Group Scout Leader who is shown elsewhere on this return, eg. as Scout Leader, leave this box blank.
Group Scout Fellowship Record the number of Group Scout Fellowship members in the boxes shown identifying them as Members or Associate Members.
Include any Deep Sea Scouts associated with the Group under this heading.
Other Adults All members of the Group Executive are encouraged to become Members or Associate Members of The Scout Association and should be
recorded in the boxes shown.
Person Completing the Form Please enter the name, address and telephone number of the person completing the form in case we need to contact you about
the Census return.
Special Questions To assist with District, County and National development planning additional questions are asked. Only those within the Section age
range and on a waiting list should be included in the numbers which are split by gender. The question about long-term illness, health problem or disability is
identical to that asked by the UK National Census and enables us to measure progress towards the Association's aim of "reflecting our diverse communities”.

Community Development Projects Young people (non-members) taking part in short term community development activities are not to be entered on Form
GR and are not required to pay Membership Subscriptions. Leaders working on a community development project must be entered by the District on Form
Scoutlink Clubs Members of Scoutlink Clubs participate as a Scout Group or as a section within a Group. Members (young people and adults) must be
included on Form GR.

Once the Form is Complete
Once the form is completed then you will be able to refer to it as appropriate. If you have completed the form on paper then printed copies should be given to
the District Secretary and the Group Treasurer to use when making payment of the Membership Subscriptions due to the District Treasurer.

                                                                                              Online Census
                                                                                              Passwords to complete the Census online
                                                                                              ( are available
                                                                                              from your District Secretary.