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Is the Law of Attraction Real


Is the Law of Attraction Real? What is the Real Secret? Everyone is lured in by the thought of easy money, especially today. Personal debt is at an all time high and personal savings haven't been this low since the Great Depression. The Law of Attraction seems to promise wealth and abundance simply by thinking about it. Easy money right? Could the Law of Attraction be simply a myth? The truth is out there but it's not what you think. If you have been to the bookstore lately or checked Amazon's top seller list you will notice that there are several books that are based on the Law of Attraction. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is one of the most popular right now. Why are these types of books so popular now? I believe it's because people are looking for a way out of the financial messes and the chaos of everyday life today. In our efforts to be more productive and to live up to some fictitious standard we have set for ourselves, we have over complicated our lives and are now getting ready to crash and burn. We have been spoiled and have the "I want it now" syndrome. We want a simpler life, a more meaningful life and we want it now. We want to be wealthy, we want to be debt free, travel the world and we want it now. These books seem to promise and easy way to our dreams.

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