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									Is the Law of Attraction Real? What is the Real Secret?
                                              Everyone is lured in by the thought of easy money,
                                              especially today. Personal debt is at an all time high and
                                              personal savings haven't been this low since the Great
                                              Depression. The Law of Attraction seems to promise wealth
                                              and abundance simply by thinking about it. Easy money
                                              right? Could the Law of Attraction be simply a myth? The
                                              truth is out there but it's not what you think.

                                              If you have been to the bookstore lately or checked
                                              Amazon's top seller list you will notice that there are
                                              several books that are based on the Law of Attraction. The
                                              Secret by Rhonda Byrne is one of the most popular right
                                              now. Why are these types of books so popular now? I
                                              believe it's because people are looking for a way out of the
financial messes and the chaos of everyday life today. In our efforts to be more productive and to live up
to some fictitious standard we have set for ourselves, we have over complicated our lives and are now
getting ready to crash and burn. We have been spoiled and have the "I want it now" syndrome. We
want a simpler life, a more meaningful life and we want it now. We want to be wealthy, we want to be
debt free, travel the world and we want it now. These books seem to promise and easy way to our

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these wishes. They are indeed wishes that will lead us in the
right direction. The problem is that we can't have them right now just by wishing for them. So is the Law
of Attraction a myth? I don't believe it is entirely a myth. I do believe there is energy out there that we
can not see but we can tap into if we know how. There is a greater consciousness that holds the answers
to all questions and guides the way to all dreams. However, it's not as simple as sitting down and telling
yourself that you really want a million dollars and "poof" it's attracted to you. Unfortunately, it is being
portrayed that way, like easy money.

The Truth to the Secret
If there is something that you really want, say a million dollars. You should think about it everyday. You
should right down your goal. You should brainstorm ideas everyday that will be leading you in the
direction of your goal. Make a list of the things you do everyday that are not leading towards your goal.
If your goal is to get your bedroom clutter free than is sitting on the couch and watching soap operas
getting you closer to your dream? Now some will say," You need some time for yourself and to relax".
That's true; you do need to relax at times. That's when meditation is good and plays a crucial role.
Meditating will help you to relax and clear your mind from the daily troubles. Most importantly it helps
clear away the clutter in your mind and lets you find a clearer, simpler path to what you seek. The
answers are already there, you already know the solution to your problem. You just have to relax and

Once you have relaxed it's time to get back to working towards your goal. The more you work towards
your goal the more things will start to fall into place and the more opportunities you will see. Is it the
Law of Attraction that has made these opportunities available to you? Could it be that you are so
focused on your dream and really involved in making it a reality that your eyes are just opened to the
opportunities that were always there but you couldn't see them? I think it's more the later.

Take for example two women that want to get their homes clean and clutter free. The clutter is
overwhelming them and their husbands are getting very annoyed. They are embarrassed to have
anyone over. They both work full time and have two children.

Woman A is very determined about her dream to have a clean home. She thinks about it everyday. She
has sat down and made a list of what needs to be done and has figured out the best way to accomplish
it. Even though she is tired when she comes home she is determined to make her dream a reality. So,
she spends a half hour cleaning a particular room every evening. She devises a routine to keep the
rooms clean. She starts having the kids pick up their own clothes and be responsible for their own
rooms. She asks her husband to help clean the garage out and to help do the dishes at night so she can
have a few more minutes to clean.

As the family sees her get serious about cleaning they get in on the act too. Woman A finds that she
needs a bunch of boxes to take stuff to the thrift shop. As she is driving home from work the next day
she sees a bunch of clean boxes that someone has thrown out and she brings them home. Was that the
Law of Attraction working or did she just know what she needed and therefore her mind was on the
lookout to fulfill that need?

It doesn't happen overnight but eventually her hard work pays off and her house is clutter free and
beautiful. It makes her feel so much better and her husband and children are happy too. There is no
more stress about finding things because everything is organized. Her routine is simple to keep the
house looking good and she can relax and take it easy. Life is easier and the stress of knowing that the
house needs to be cleaned up is gone.

Now let's take woman B. She too wants her home clean. However, she just complains that the task is
just too overwhelming; she doesn't know where to start. She says that she'll clean on the weekend but
when the weekend comes she says that she wants to spend time with the kids and relax for awhile. On a
day off from work she watches TV and looks around her at the clutter and just feels bad and tells herself
that she will never have a clean home. Then she goes shopping to make herself feel better and just
comes home with more stuff to fill up her house and has spent more money on nothing.

Her husband and children never help out because they see no motivation on her part. In their eyes she
obviously doesn't want the house to be clean that much or else she'd be doing something about it.
Nothing is ever attracted to her to help her out because she's not looking. That same pile of boxes was
probably there for her too but she drove right by them because she didn't know what she needed. She
will never reach her dream and the strain on the marriage and family will always be there like an anchor.

So was there some mysterious force at work attracting things to woman A or was she just simply
focused and determined and took the time to clear her thoughts to find a simple path to her dream.
Once you get working on something then things do seem to just fall into place. It's getting started that
can be the problem. You must force yourself to take action. Sitting and wishing for you dream alone will
do nothing to attract it to you. Work for it and it will appear.

So is there some magical thing out there that you can pray to that will make your dreams come true? I
don't think so. I believe there is a Law of Attraction but I think it is simply stated this way... if you are
determined and are focused on your goal. If you live every minute of your life working towards your goal
in some form, then you will know exactly what you need to fulfill your dream and your mind will be on
the lookout for it. So opportunities that you never saw before suddenly jump out at you. I don't think
this is so much attraction as it is focused attention and energy.

When you have accomplished your goal then you can really relax. You will finally be where you wanted
to be instead of relaxing and watching soap operas or football and still wishing you were living your
dream. The secret is that nothing comes easy... it just comes easier to those who actively seek what they
are looking for.

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