New Future Income Streams for 2011 by havanthienvong


									                  New Future Income Streams for 2011
Truth be told many of us are worried about financial security, our houses, cars, kids, food, and our overall well
being. The economic recession that we are having here makes for some interesting results. You see, people who just
work and believe they will be working in the future with the same company have come to realize otherwise. To be
really financially smart about your finances you must create income streams from different sources. This has been
stated many times in financial literacy classes and in most blogs by financial gurus that your job is only a small
portion of your income. Your job provides only for the required necessity. It is only a beginning of your income
journey not your end.

Most people will stop earning money, or researching potential income streams when they have a job, but shouldn't
it be the direct opposite. Instead, find a job first, work a little, and enjoy your future passions. Whether it be
relationships, hobbies, toys, enjoy these while you have them. If you have any kind of job be joyful and thankful
because some don't and struggle. But having a job is the beginning of earning or making more money in the future.

Here are a couple things you could do with money once you earned it:
1. Save at least 10 percent in savings in case of emergencies
2. Invest in your passion or hobby and develop a career out it.
3. If you can't invest, then find another job
4. Grow, nurture, and care for you employees - Promotions!
5. Create, create, create, new income streams always.

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