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exec 3-9


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									                                         Goucher College
                                 Student Government Association
                                     Executive Board Meeting
                                 Monday, March 9, 2009, at 9:10pm
Sam- Call to Order

Max- Motion to approve minutes


Officer Reports
Sam- contacted Jboard applications. No seniors about to graduate will be allowed.

Max- VP for student actions stood in for interviews, can I join?

Sam- House Council and Sam only vote, but you can be there.

Jon- Should finance meet the Sunday we return from spring break?

Sam- we’ll send out an all-campus email.

Royce- let things progress naturally to see who emails you.

Izak- buses for Gala are good.

Christie- I’m sending out an all-campus email

Evan- sent out an email to all the club presidents on campus to update the roster. By legislature I will
have an up to date list. I also met with Susannah today and she gave me another more thorough (than
what he had) list of the clubs.

Max- I worked with cleo to put the posters up downstairs about office hours. I’ve been working on the
hotdog stand and tonight I have three proposals on the new deal. I will be getting a student-run pot of
coffee with supplies in the library.

Royce- Same old same old.

Michael Herdson: Goho programming

Mike- I have handouts on the programming for the SGA exec board and the budgeting committee’s
approval. I have the contracts for the rock band guitar hero event.
Dance party for the end of march – last time there were 100-150 kids last time. Wants to try and make it
more of a black-out or a highlighter party. Buy whiteshirts downstairs and decorate them. The cost
needed is 144$ for the security guard. Two crowd managers, myself and another student worker. It will
benefit the goucher community because everyone ends up asking for them. I want to make sure it’s a
student DJ to mitigate costs and make it a student-run event. 180 kids is the max
Improv group- a 13 year old veteran from a NJ troupe, He’s the voice of sonic the hedgehog. Improv
groups are generally very successful on campus and should attract more students attend. 500$ will be to
bring him in from California which is substantially less than he usually gets. (Pete Capella)
Pub Nights- licensing for two of them is 20$, beer will be 130$ if he doesn’t get Raven again (which was
free), wine will be 40$ if they don’t find anything cheaper. We want two security guards which will
probably be 460$.
Posters will be from communication

Dance party #2 Public Safety (march 27th) 144$
Improv group (april 17th) 500$
Additional Programming 650$ (pub nights on march 6 and april 3)
Poster costs 200$

Total= 1490$

Gaming house said they would pay for the Rock Band event (766.25$). With the discrepancies, they may
only be able to play half.
With the female acoustic event, finance board isn’t keen on approving the event without having the
money for the rock band event.

Sam- the march 6th pub’s night was raven’s beer. Should we pay them?

Mike- no, we don’t need to. (Mike re-explained the pamphlets) The beer price only pertains to one date,
not for both.

Royce- you’re petitioning for the 1490$ on the green sheet

Mike- Yes, because we don’t know about the rock band and lilith’s voice (female event) financial

Max- why do you need so much money for posters?

Mike- we redesigned everything and they asked for 200$ from communications.

Max- what was the influx of money a result of? The last petition wasn’t for quite as much and I don’t
really approve of after the fact funding.

Jon- the proposals were supposed to come to us last Monday, but the snow day changed everything.

Mike- In order to get events on campus, all paperwork for events need to be done first so that we can
get cheaper rates. We don’t have the luxury to petition for money ahead of time. We planned them
without knowing how much money we could get from other administrations. We try to bring in different
events that might work, sometimes they unfortunately fail.

Max- How do we learn from these failed events without losing money? There shouldn’t be failed events
with your expertise.
Mike- Our programs are aimed at all the undergraduate events. If a small amount show up, it is deemed
a success. This is also our third petition so that we can be ahead of things.

Max- With the goho events, why do we need two security guards?

Mike- we’ve actually always had two.

Sam- As a recommendation, we may want to chat about lilith’s voice. We don’t have the contract for it
yet, and we should also wait for the gaming house to chip in.

Mike- Lilith fair is a tour based on a biblical story which could be an all day female event for any
performers of on and off-campus performers. I want this to be an all day female acoustic performer
event either this or next semester, but either way I want this to happen.

Sam- we should skip the rock band event until we hear from the gaming house. The dance party,
improve, additional programming, and poster costs should be approved at 2405$.

Izak- motion to approve for 2405

Jon seconds


Franca Muller for the Baltimore City Forum

Franca- An event from the GCF and also the balmo city forum. This is an “engaging in inequalities”
dinner. The idea behind it is a dinner for goucher students

Sam- this hasn’t been to finance.

Franca- I emailed jon and royce but didn’t email sam.

Sam- what’s the timeline?

Franca- it is time sensitive because it’s supposed to occur at the beginning of april which makes spring
break timing hard to work with. Students would enter by answering a random-response economic
bracket handout based on nutrition and whether or not supermarkets are available to an area or not. It
pertains to the nutritional quality of food in food marts.

Sam- I’m more wary of it because it’s all food. But I leave it to Jon.

Franca- it’s “learning” food.
Jon- I want this to go to finance committee but I want to make sure the timeline works.

Royce- you have plenty of time to petition and get a check cut for the event.

Tabled until approved by Finance committee
Laura Tallerico, Amy LeBailly for Debate Club

Laura- there is a debate team trip to Chicago. Tickets will be purchased via hotwire which makes them
very cheap for the trip and a hotel at the airport. The tournament fee is 15$ per person. It will teach
students a lot about debate in the US because it’s congressional debate.

Sam- Does anyone have any problems with this? Finance has approved all of this with thorough look

Max- This event is hard to plan, but will these prices change a bit by the time we can order them? Are
we okay with authorizing the group to buy the plane tickets at a price we don’t know yet.

Sam- We can change it so that the approval will be so that should the price of the tickets go up and they
buy it a week or two after spring break, to be approved by variable petition changes.

Evan- Move to approve the petition with variable travel costs for the next two weeks.

Jon- second

2475.61$ +


Laura- Magdalen Hsu Lee will be coming to the goho to talk about growing up bisexual and asian in the
southern united states. The entertainer has responded to me about being able to bring all her own
instruments and sound equipment but would prefer to use the equipment we have. There are posters
waiting to be put up, and the posters from community living have already put her on it.

Sam- can you contact the people of the women’s study class and all other pertinent classes to make the
event mandatory?

Laura- Yes I can!

Max- What’s the total cost?

Laura- 1565.40$

Laura- Missy did not offer any money, but I also did not ask.

Christie- She said she could be sufficient for tech, are you petitioning for any of this?

Laura- no.

Jon- motion to approve

Izak seconds

Mariana Lopez for a nonclub petition

Mariana- Total cost will be 3343.43$ for travel funds to bring out artists from Detroit and New York on
Hip Hop and Activism between April 13th and 19th. There will be workshops on an off campus throughout
the week and a show and after party on April 18th. Funds are coming from about 6 departments with the
support of many other clubs. I’m coming to petition for travel funds because the timeline makes it

Sam- this was not brought to finance, so Jon will have to decide on whether or not it is alright to
approve. Can you run over who is coming and what the flights are?

Jon- are you going through goucher’s travel agent?

Mariana- no

Sam- did you compare quotes?

Mariana- yes. I estimated a much higher price and found a lower one. The first organization is bringing 8
people from Detroit, 2 solo artists are coming from Detroit, one group of three people from NY, and a
group from Israel who is asking for money to participate and help contribute with performing in the
country which will help with their flight abroad as well as their flight from within the country. The total
for the group would be 1000$.

Sam- who is chipping in and what are you asking for?

Mariana- Departments are paying for the honorarium and such, but I need money for flights. The total
cost, which I’m not petitioning from tonight is about 25,000$. The contributions are not solidified, but
petitions for social justice grants have been submitted.

Sam- we need to look at finance committee’s usual order of business. Do you have information from the
departments on their contribution?

Mariana- No, but I have gotten emails Flo Martin and Emily Perl.

Sam- Do you have any proof that departments are chipping in?

Mariana- no, I don’t have any with me but I can bring it in to someone at the end of the week.

Jon- I don’t think finance committee would approve this. We’d want to see contracts before we give

Mariana- Emily said the email she sent to you explained that which clarifies a lot of the questions. All
contracts will be signed but Emily said everything would work out by sending the email.

Royce- Just to clarify, we usually require a signed part of a copy of the contract in case anything comes
up. It’s always good to have the document to refer to.
Jon- the email says that Mariana has been working with her on contracts with events but doesn’t specify
any information on the contracting.

Royce- are the flights part of the contract?

Mariana- I have to figure out what goes on with the money.

Max- If we ask finance committee to respect our decisions, we have to respect what they say. I don’t
think finance would pass this in response to the amount of preparation done on this event.

Mariana- The paperwork does reference the innovation grant but it has not been approved yet.

Royce- I see a possibility in the possible approval of the innovation grant. The best way to get this
working is to work with the money received from the innovation grant and then continuing with
petitioning to us.

Sam- I think this is a great event, but it seems very expensive without knowing where all the money is
going to. We could support the travel but not the whole event. I suggest meeting with finance on the
next event which it meets. I would ask the finance committee to communicate with them about getting
their input on this so that they can see what needs to be done proactively for it to get started without
necessarily approving the money yet.

Mariana- My concern is that every day we postpone waiting to pay for flights, we lose more money.

Sam- It would be better to pay more than to lose the whole of it if the contracts fall through. We want to
make sure the event is locked in. We want contracts from the artists.

Mariana- they won’t be available in two weeks. Emily Perl did say that she and I could work to get email
approval with contracting. Emily didn’t want to go through the legal process without having funding

Sam- we want contracts, an email from the contributors on the money they will donate, and an update
on the possible reimbursement from the innovation grant.

Jon- if the innovation grant is not approved, what is your plan on the money that may not be covered by
that reimbursement?

Mariana- I’m fairly comfortable on receiving it, but if I don’t get it, I will fundraise for the rest of the

Max- Move to table until March 23rd.

Jon seconds


Johnathan Suss from the Warhammer Club
Johnathan- I’m bringing a past petition up and the end petition of club merchandise. They will be
purchased at games workshop website. This is on reimbursement for models which are 10$ a piece for 8
of them.

Max- was this a good price for the wraith guard?

Johnathan- We found it at a lower price and bought it before finance as well as another item which was
accidentally bought beforehand. Our policy is generally to work for the betterment of the club, I think
this makes our club function. Material goods are needed for the club.

Sam- The material items policy was made as a result of the warhammer club which buys things that are
expensive but also art supplies that are assembled. This depreciates in value (the materials to paint) by
using up all the value in using them and can no longer be used by the club.

Royce- I think he should be able to keep his materials. I think the policy is stupid.

Sam- I don’t think the policy applies here.

Max- I assume that the policy governs finance committee and not executive. I have no problem with the
dealing with it.

Izak- I think we need to talk about this further, not necessarily now, but I think it is acceptable to ask
graduating members to pass down what they have to the club members. You could leave it to a trust

Sam- This is like asking a painter to give a painting back.

Izak- But it is a highly specialized and focused act and I think we should be able to ask them to give them

Sam- After having a model for four years, it doesn’t have any value, so giving them back does not make
the supplies worth the same.

Max- Other than general oversight, we allow them to maintain and keep their goods/materials on good
judgment. I think we can trust them.

Johnathan- All these policies have been made by people who aren’t involved or are who are against
them, so asking to do this is silly.

Jon- Finance board approved this with a note to evan. Motion to approve.

Max seconded


Julie Steinbacher for Reverend’s Rebels
Julie- The cost is 500$ for the arrangement of songs which are custom made to present at our semester
concerts. We petitioned for money last semester with stipulation of a comparison of prices.

Sam- they originally petitioned for a lot of songs, and this is asking for differing prices.

Julie- the money for each song is actually very low.

Sam- They have taken a 1/3 out of it, compared quotes, and have shown a good effort on comparing

Max- How much does red hot blue pay for arrangements?

Julie- I believe someone generally does it within the group and Arreon vouches it for being a good price.

Izak- Rev’s Rebels have been doing this for years.

Jon- motion to approve

Izak seconds


Sam- for Michael’s event, I will go to him for creating two student worker positions for 6.55$ an hour to

Max- The earliest I can do is a tomorrow meeting (on a new deal proposal) at 2 PM on New Deal new
jobs realistically added with amounts attached to be presented to Legislature as soon as possible. For
the OSE, 1,260$ to for two student 3 hours a week workers for 6.55$ an hour, one student at 4 hours a
week, and one student at 5 hours a week (helping out with paperwork, designing, etc). This can be an
interdepartmental transfer and can be left up to the decision of Royce.

Sam- you should present what the workers would do to legislature.

Izak’s New business:
Izak- I would like to officially rename the breezeway in stimson as The Gopher Tunnels.

Max- You should name it the Habit Trail.

Izak- this would also be updating the signs in the breezeway.

Royce- bring it to legislature.

Jon- People definitely don’t smoke 25 ft away from a building and I feel like this is a violation of my right
within the MD state law to walk through smoke.

Sam- We should continue with the “no butts” campaign but I don’t know if this will happen.
Royce- I think people should smoke 25ft away, but how do we enforce this? The cigarette butts
campaign has been very successful but we should continue this in an informal manner. I don’t think we
can do anything official.

Max- People who smoke won’t move despite security action. But, the ash cans can be placed at the area
where they smoke cigarettes rather than making it harder for them to throw it away.

Sam- I think RAs should be asked to help with this as well as pursuing moving trash and ash cans to
where people are smoking to reduce trash.

Royce- motion to approve the agenda for legislature.

Izak seconds.


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