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									Alia Hijaab 8C                                                                           TIMELINE FOR SOUTH AMERIC
                      1438: Expansion of the kingdom of                            1529: Arrival of Pizzaro
                      Cuzco                                                        Pizarro and his team were the first
                      During this time, they had barely anything                   spaniards to meet the Inca's and go to
                      in the kingdom of cuzco; it had just                         Peru. Pizarro was intrigued by the
                      started. However, in 1438, they began a                      wonderful land that they heard of and
                      far-reaching expansion to gain Incan                         called Peru, so he and his brothers went
                      territory. At the end, a good part of the                    on a voyage to discover the place. They
                      Andes belonged to the Incas.                                 ended up damaging the Incan community

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                                             1450                          1550                  1650

                                   1400                   1500                       1600                     1700

            1525-1527: The Incan Civil War.                                                         1535: Foundation of Lima
                                                                                                    For the spaniards, this was one of the
            This was was caused after Huayna Capac
                                                                                                    significant acts of colonizing that they
            (a Incan emporer) died, and his two son's
                                                                                                    They created political and administra
            couldn't decide who would be a suitable
                                                                                                    organizations, and this was the start o
            emporer, so they created a war. In the
            end, the brother, Atahualpa, won the

                                                  Portrait of Atahualpa.
                                                           1999: De la Rua made president               Fransisco de la Rua
                                                           Fernando de la Rua inagurated as
 am were the first                                         Argentinian president, after making
t the Inca's and go to                                     promises about fixing the economical
 intrigued by the                                          crisis made by the previous president.
hat they heard of and                                      The economic issue was a big problem
  and his brothers went                                    for Argentina, but he ended up not
scover the place. They                                     fixing it.
 ng the Incan community

medieval.com/blog/wp-           Francisco Pizarro                                         http://vivirlatino.com/i/2007/10/Fernando_d

                        1750                        1850                 1950

          1700                       1800                    1900                      2000

       Foundation of Lima                                                       2000: President Fuimori gets
    the spaniards, this was one of the most                                     fired
significant acts of colonizing that they did.                                   In 2000, the president of Peru,
They created political and administrative                                       Mr. Fujimori, was fired from
organizations, and this was the start of a                                      being president because he had
                                                                                been deemed by the congress as
                                                                                'unfit to govern'. So
                                                                                Congressmen Valentin Paniagua
  http://visitbulgaria.info/files/lima-peru.gif                                 was made temporary president.         Alberto Fujimori


  Alberto Fujimori


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