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                                                      Born on Date: April 7, 2006

                             WDAS’ BUTTERBALL hosts C&C’s 2nd Annual

                      Sunday, May 10, 5-11pm - Tri States Sports Complex
                                                                                  Concord Road, Chester Township (the old Sun Center)

The Best Old School DJ ∙ Live Music ∙ Special Guest

Dance the Bop, Strand, ChaCha and all the Line Dances

                                 Tickets Only $25 - More at the Door
                                  Includes Buffet Dinner - Packages Permitted
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April 3, 2009   The Chester Spotlight   Page 2
     April 3, 2009                                                        The Chester Spotlight                      Page 3

The Chester Spotlight 3 Year Recap
3 Best Interviews
1. Paul Arizin. Issue 8. To have the opportunity to chat with an NBA Hall of
Fame player, College All American and the alleged inventor of the Jump Shot
was a great honor to this basketball junkie.

see how much he can get accomplished.

3. Dray Clark. Issue 34. To interview a professional interviewer is very chal-

interview itself. I was truly nervous and awkwardly got through our session.
Several people have told me that they were inspired by that interview which is
the ultimate compliment.

3 Best Photos

 Issue 33. Strath Ha-        Issue 11. Kim Pinder-       Issue 2. This photo was
                             Garner performing at        selected by Widener for
 dunking on that help-       North By Northwest in       their Timeline of Chester
 less defender.              Germantown Philly.          exhibit in Alumni Hall.
                                                                                         823 Kerlin St Chester, PA. 19013
3 Biggest Surprises
1.    Chester finding $10,000 for a Wade Dump site Memorial dedicated to first
      responders just weeks after I dedicated a full page in Issue 34 to the plight
      of a group trying for 10 years to get City permission to but up a memorial.

2.    The Chester Spirit paper coming to town.
3.    I still do this paper by myself.

3 Biggest Mistakes
1.    The Della Beaver interview in Issue 2. In the question and answer format
      of the article, I listed her name when I asked questions and I listed
                                                - totally backward and totally em-
      costly boo boo, but we had a great time.
3.    The Dray Clark interview in Issue 34. I thought I heard him say that he
      admired Pastor Rocky but I later learned that he said Pat Chiroci.

3 Most Popular Issues
1.    Issue 33 with Melvin Wade on the front page as Person of the Year
2.    Issue 10 featuring old school Chester musicians, singers and bands.
3.    Issue 1 featuring Harry Woodhouse-Harris on the cover.

3 Biggest Supporters
1.    All those busiensses who commit to advertising month after month. Some
      have never missed an issue. Thanks So Much.
2.    The subscribers, many of whom are from out of town, who get mad if I

3.    All the people who actually read this paper.

3 Things to Change
1.    Improve the web site.                                                            810 Maryland Avenue
2.    Write less and have others contribute more (Is there anybody out there?)         Wilmington, Delaware
3.    Get at least one corporate advertiser.                                               302.654.9505
  April 3, 2009                                                             The Chester Spotlight                                                                                 Page 4

Miss Chester Pageants                                Is Tongues Something We Should Seek For? What are Folks Watching on Cable?

Saturday, April 25                                              he Jews of the Old Testa-       subject to the plagues, and the           'Sunday Best' still knocking on 'House
                                                                ment and the churches in        plagues have to do with the second        of Payne;' Top 25 viewing down 16%
CHESTER – CHOICES (Coalition of Hope                            our day were not satisfied      death forevermore, which is hell, you
Offering Inner-City Empowerment Services,                       with just the word of           see. So the “true believers” should       (March 18, 2009) Spring is in the air, and the cable view-
Inc.) a 501 (c) (3), charitable non-profit organi-   GOD. When the Jews were led out            have nothing to do with tongues. We       ing ratings of black households went South for the begin-
zation, will present its 6th Annual Miss Chester     of Egypt, they went their own way          are not to believe that GOD is still      ning of spring break. Perennial favorite "House of Payne"
Sweetheart and Princess Pageants, at 2:00 pm         and followed after other gods, with a      bringing messages in dreams, vi-          held its own at the No. 1 - 4 positions, but the comedy
and the Miss Chester Jr. Teen and Teen Pag-                                                                                               had less than its usual two million black viewers. BET's
                                                     language they didn’t understand,           sions, a voice, an angel visitation, or   new chartmaker, "Sunday Best," moved down one place,
eants at 6:00 pm on Saturday, April 25, 2009,        Jeremiah 5:14-15, and GOD said             any kind of way outside of the bible.     but still finished in the top five.
Widener University Alumni Auditorium, Ches-          they were a foolish people, read           He did use these methods to bring
ter, PA.                                             Jeremiah 5:20. GOD cursed them.            his word, and had them recorded for       TBS was the most watched cable network in black house-
  Desiree Potts, Pageant Director, stated that she                                                                                        holds, claiming 9.2 million viewers. In second again was
                                                     He says, in Deuteronomy 28:49, for         us, but once the bible was com-           BET with 4.4 million, followed by Disney's 4.1 million.
developed the pageants for young ladies 3 to 17      wanting more than just the word of         pleted, that was the end of further
years of age in order to promote the City of         GOD that they had.                         revelation. So we are to simply trust       Black Cable TV Ratings for Week of March 9 - 15
Chester in a positive manner and enable the            And now today, the churches are          in the word of GOD, the bible, and                                                   Viewers
young ladies to become leaders and positive          doing the same thing. They want            keep in mind Revelations 22:28.            1. House of Payne             TBS         1,746,000
                                                                                                                                           2. House of Payne             TBS         1,781,000
roles models to their peers. CHOICES provides        more than just the bible. They want         Here are more verses to look at:          3. House of Payne             TBS         1,591,000
the forum for young ladies to challenge them-        to have some kind of an experience,        Deuteronomy 13:1-10, Matthew 7:21          4. House of Payne             TBS         1.470,000
selves to be their best, and we reward them for      and they want to feel GOD, in some         -22, Matthew 24:24, Revelation 13,         5. Sunday Best 2              BET         1,415,000
their efforts through the Miss Chester Pageants.     way, form or fashion. But, a closer        and Revelation 16:14. These verses         6. House of Payne             BET         1,163,000
                                                                                                                                           7. WWE Entertainment          USA         1,238,000
The Miss Chester Pageants gives today's young        look at other verses in the bible,         to show that the church age has come       8. I Love Money 2             VH1         1,092,000
ladies an opportunity to express their view-         about tongues and about a language         to an end, just like the Old Testa-        9. NBA Basketball             TNT           957,000
points, talents and accomplishments to the au-       that they didn’t understand, shows         ment Jews’ system. They were both          10. NBA Basketball            TNT           887,000
diences and to the public-at-large during the        the “true believer” that it is the         caretakers of the bible, whose time        11. WWE Entertainment         USA         1,031,000
                                                                                                                                           12. Phineas and Ferb          Disney      1,050,000
ensuing year.                                        wrong path to be on, read I Corin-         has past, showing us another shift in
                                                                                                                                           13. House of Payne            TBS           891,000
  Contestants will be competing for a cash prize     thians 14:22. Now we know that God         GOD’s salvation plan. Remember in          14. Sunday Best 2             BET           956,000
up to $300, title, trophy, gift basket and the       talks about tongues in the book of         Revelation 7:9, where GOD says             15. Making the Band 4         MTV           668,000
opportunity to represent the City of Chester at      Corinthians. But, if GOD says some-        “after this there will be a number that    16. Baldwin Hills 3           BET           628,000
                                                     thing in the bible, shouldn’t we con-      no man can number? Well the                17. BET Movie of the Week BET               710,000
various events, in addition to increasing their                                                                                            18. Big Fat Liar              Disney        874,000
awareness of community involvement and so-           tinue searching the bible, to see if he    churches are numbered, so this is          19. Wizards of Waverly Place Disney         728,000
cial change through volunteerism. Tickets are        has anything else to say about the         something going on after the church        20. For the Love of Ray J     VH1           776,000
now on sale: $20.00 for adults and $5.00 for         subject? Sure we are! We are in-           age. Read Ezekiel 9:6, II Thessaloni-      21. Big East Bsketball Tourny ESPN          705,000
                                                     structed to compare scripture with         ans 2:3-12 and Revelations 18:24.          22. Rip the Runway            BET           731,000
youth. Vendors and volunteers are currently                                                                                                23. TBS Prime Movie           BET           681,000
needed. For additional information, contact          scripture, as it says in I Corinthians     Here Babylon is the churches and
                                                                                                                                           24. Cars                      Disney        816,000
Pageant Director, Desiree Potts @                    2:13, here a little, there a little, and   congregations, and the candle is the       25. Sonny with a Chance       Disney        652,000
610.800.2453                                         in Isaiah 28:10-13. So a serious stu-      Holy Spirit, not operating or saving
                                                     dent of the bible should check out         in the churches anymore. Also read        Source: Nielsen Media Research. Based on live and
                                                                                                                                          same day viewing. Representing more than 13.45
                                                     the whole bible, before a conclusion       Peter 4:17.
SPRING ART SALE                                      is drawn. Here are a few more verses
                                                                                                                                          million television households in the U.S., the African-
                                                                                                                                          American television audience is the largest minority
Thursday, April 16                                   that should be looked at: Deuteron-        By: William from Chester                  segment in Nielsen's measurement samples.
                                                     omy 28:46-49, Jeremiah 5:15, I Co-
Freeman Cultural Arts presents an art sale fea-
turing President Barack Obama art on Thurs-
                                                     rinthians 14:20-21, I Corinthians
                                                     13:8, I Timothy 6:20, II Timothy
                                                     2:15-16, and Matthew 24:15. II
                                                                                                       Mano’s Gulf Service
day, April 16, 2009, 10am – 2pm at the Com-
munity Hospital, 2600 West 9th Street, Chester,      Thessalonians 2:4 talks about Sa-
PA.                                                  tan’s ministers in the churches, and                          Gas - Repairs - Mini Mart
                                                     II Corinthians 11:13-15, the same
Selections suitable for Home, Office or Class-
room - Most Already Framed!!!                          You see, if we believe in more than              9th & Kerlin Streets Chester · 610.876.7498
                                                     just the divine word of GOD in the
 All sales benefit children’s art programs.          bible, then we are in violation of                                                           $59.95 Enhanced Emission
For more information call 610-872-6716               Revelations 22:18. And then we are                                                                 and State Inspection
info@freemanculturalarts.com                                                                                                                   Tune Ups

                                                                                                                                                                         $10 Off
                                                                                                                                               A/C Service
                                                                                                                                               Front End Work
                                                                                                                                               Brake Service
                                                                                                                                               Tires                        All Repair
                                                                                                                                               Expert Diagnostics          Services $50
                                                                                                                                                                             or More

                                                                                                   Ask for Bruce for a FREE Repair Estimate !

                                                                                                              Bill’s Tavern
                                                                                                 Where Everyone is treated like Family

                                                                                                  Breakfast &
                                                                                                Monday Thru Saturday
                                                                                                 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM

                                                       www.WilkinsFlooring.com                            2901 W. 3rd St. at Thurlow, Chester
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      Social Security Column
     Economic Recovery Payments Coming For People Who
           Receive Social Security and SSI Benefits
                                 By Eileen D. cooper
                   Social Security District Manager in Chester, Pa.
The American Recovery and Reinvest-                    the Northern Mariana Islands.
ment Act of 2009, which the President                  The payments will be made in the same
signed into law in February, provides for              way that regular monthly payments are
a one-time payment of $250 to people                   made. People with direct deposit will
receiving Social Security and Supplemen-               receive their payments electronically.
tal Security Income (SSI) benefits.                    Those who receive paper checks will re-
                                                       ceive their payments in the mail. People
The one-time recovery payments will go                 who receive regular payments through the
out in May 2009 and all payments should                Direct Express debit card will receive
be received by the end of May. In April,               their one-time payments through the card.
Social Security will send a letter with
additional information to each person       If someone receives both Social Security
who is eligible for the one-time payment.   and SSI, only one payment of $250 will
The payments will be sent automatically,    be made. The economic recovery legisla-
meaning no action is required on the part   tion also provides for a one-time payment
of the person receiving benefits. The       to recipients of Department of Veterans
economic recovery payments will be          Affairs (VA) and Railroad Retirement
made separately from a person’s regular     Board (RRB) benefits. However, if you
monthly payments.                           receive Social Security or SSI benefits
                                            and you also receive VA and/or RRB
All adults who receive Social Security      benefits, you will only receive one $250
benefits, including disabled adult children payment. The Social Security Admini-
(but not minor children) are eligible for   stration will send you this payment.
$250 payment. In addition, all persons
who receive SSI payments, including         To assist in processing the payments as
minor children, are eligible for the pay-
ment. Anyone who receives benefits or
                                            efficiently as possible, please do not con-
                                            tact Social Security unless you do not
                                                                                                                 Chester’s Family Owned Pharmacy
who was eligible to receive benefits dur- receive a payment by June 4, 2009. In-
ing any of the three months prior to enact- formation is available at
                                                                                                                      Serving the City since 1965
ment (November and December of 2008 www.socialsecurity.gov and will be up-                                             Still Providing Home Delivery Service
and January 2009) will receive the one-     dated regularly.
time payment as long as the address of
record is in one of the 50 states, the Dis- To learn more about the American Recov-                                                                        Full Service
trict of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam,       ery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, visit
U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, or www.recovery.gov.                                                                                                   Pharmacy
                                                                                                                                                            with all brand
Domestic Partner Abuse                                                                                                                                      name and ge-
                                                                                                                                                            neric prescrip-
in the African American Community                                                                                                                           tions
Question &Answer with Tricia Bent-Goodley, PhD, LICSW-C of the Howard                                                                                      Complete
University School of Social Work                                                                                                                            Line of Medi-
Q. Dr. Bent-Goodley, should we be surprised             Economics definitely plays a role with regards                                                      cations and
                                                        to domestic violence. We have already seen the
by the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation?
                                                        number of domestic violence incidents increase                                                      Over the
This is a really tough situation. So many say, we
don’t know all of the evidence and that’s true but a
                                                        in the past year since our current economic               Allen and the rest of the staff           Counter Drugs
                                                        downfall began reaching greater proportions of
picture really does speak a thousand words. Many        the US population. We also recognize that do-                  know you by name                    All your Dia-
wonder with all that Rihanna has, why doesn’t she       mestic violence takes place across all socioeco-
just walk away. Domestic violence is complicated.       nomic groups. It is vital to understand that do-                                                    betic Sup-
It goes beyond what you have and speaks to many         mestic violence is not limited to any one popu-
                                                        lation of people based on any sociodemo-                    2101 Edgmont Ave.                       plies (Blood
other facets of who we are – our belief systems,
our personal life experiences, and the social and
                                                        graphic factor. However, those that are in from
                                                                                                                             Chester, PA                    Glucose Moni-
                                                        lower economic classes are known to experi-
cultural expectations that guide us.                                                                                                                        tors, strips,
                                                        ence domestic violence at higher rates com-
Both Rihanna and Chris Brown work in an indus-          pared to those in middle and upper class homes.
                                                        It isn’t clear if this statistic is because there is a
                                                                                                                                                            lancets and
try that is driven by disrespecting and devaluing
women. This business, coached in record sales that
have no moral obligations, makes it acceptable to
                                                        greater law enforcement presence in this com-
                                                        munity or because neighbors are more aware of                 Fax 610-872-1969
                                                        the violence and call it in due to the proximal
treat women in derogatory fashions. So, I am not
                                                        nature of how close apartments and homes may             Burman’s Pharmacy is a long time supporter of Chester Biddy
surprised but hopeful that we will use this awful       be in these communities. We know that middle
situation to better understand the nature of vio-       and upper middle class individuals tend to go to
                                                                                                                 Basketball, Drexel Neumann Academy, Miss Chester Pageant,
lence in our intimate relationships and how they        their primary care physician or seek mental              WorkReady Philadelphia Program
are not just about the two people but all of us who     health assistance as opposed to using public
turn our heads, downplay the violence or justify        mechanisms of service, which are usually
                                                        where research is conducted.
                                                        Q. What help is available to these abusers?
Q. What are the statistics on the prevalence            Should all abusers be sent to prison?
of partner abuse in the African American                Batterer’s intervention programs are really criti-
community?                                              cal for perpetrators of domestic violence. While
According to a study conducted by the US De-            they need significant improvement, they are
partment of Justice (2000), African American            important places to begin to provide services
women experience domestic violence at a rate            for men to teach them why they are using vio-
35 percent higher than White women and 22               lence to control their partner and what they can
percent higher than women of other races. Afri-         do alternatively to address their issues. There
can Americans are more likely to suffer more            are two organizations that I would recommend
lethal forms of violence, including being more          others consider modeling and they are Men Can
likely to be killed by an intimate partner com-         Stop Rape in Washington, DC and Men Stop-
pared to other populations. Domestic violence           ping Violence in Decatur, Georgia. These or-
is a serious problem in the African American            ganizations not only address men’s perpetration
community that warrants grave attention.                of domestic violence but they do it from a cul-
Q. As our economy has gotten worse over the             turally competent standpoint and they engage
past few month, many women’s shelters have              the community. I have to say, that while these
seen an increase in the number of women                 men often may also need substance abuse ser-
and their children trying to escape an abu-             vices, it is not their substance abuse that causes
sive situation. Does this indicate that eco-            their violent behavior. It is the choice they
nomics plays a role here? Are middle class              make to use violence and abuse to control their
and upper middle class men less likely to               intimate partner and that is what Batterers Inter-
abuse their partner and families?                       vention Programs target changing.
  April 3, 2009                                                           The Chester Spotlight                                                                      Page 6

Cape May Jazz Pay Tribute to Eckstine & Vaughn                                                                                                        LITTLE RASCALS
                                                                                                                                                   Children Clothing
 The 31st Cape May Jazz Festi-               at Lower Regional High School for an addi-
                                             tional $25 per person . Complimentary Fes-
val “Legends….and more                       tival Transportation running every 10 min-
Blues” on April 17-19, 2009                  utes is available between venues all week-
promises to be one of the best.              end.
                                               The Cape May Jazz Festival is presented
The weekend is a tribute to Billy            by New Jersey Department of State, Divi-
Eckstine and Sarah Vaughan.                  sion of Travel and Tourism VisitNJ.Com
  The schedule, musician’s information and and Bank of America and sponsored by the
sounds bytes are found on the web at         Delaware River and Bay Authority, Bare-
www.capemayjazz.org. For more informa- foot Wines, Jazz Times, WRTI Temple Pub-
tion or to be put on the mailing list please lic Radio, WBGO Jazz 88, WMGM TV40,
call 609-884-7277.                           WCFA 101.5, WTTH the Touch, Cape May
  An All Event Weekend Pass to attend 18     Star and Wave, Verizon Wireless with gen-
events beginning 8pm Friday through 4pm erous support from the New Jersey State
Sunday is $150 general admission. Individ- Council on the Arts/Department of State, a
ual Friday or Saturday Night All Event       partner agency of the National Endowment
Wristbands are $55. Saturday Afternoon       for the Arts, the New Jersey Cultural Trust,            Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm ∙ Saturday 9am - 5:30pm
Jam Wristbands are $35, Sunday Jams $25. local businesses and donors.
Reserved Seating is available at the Theatre

More Barack Obama look-
alikes popping up in ads
By Corilyn Shropshire                          "Sweet Sasha" dolls that actually looked
The Houston Chronicle                          more like First Lady Michelle than her
(March 18, 2009) Flip on the television
and you might spot big-eared, light-          Obama-inspired rhetoric sells, too -- the
skinned, lanky-limbed actor Scott Law-        blogosphere has been abuzz with com-
rence in a commercial for such family         mentary on brands such as Pepsi and Ikea
brands as Subway or Choice Hotels look-       incorporating the campaign's feel-good
ing like the new vision of the all-American   buzzwords "Hope," "Change" and "Yes
dad.                                          We Can" into their ads. Observers point
                                              out that as long as the president's personal
Then, on the Web, you might stumble           ratings stay up, even more look-alikes
across a LensCrafters ad with a guy bear- will show up in ads and movies and on
ing a similar look, only he's clad in specta- television.
                                              The phenomenon also calls attention to
So when billboards popped up showcasing the politics of skin tone. It's leaded some
a grinning dad with the same physical fea- to publicly wonder -- if only partially in
tures in a tight embrace with his equally     jest -- whether Obama-fever will spark
effusive young son and daughter promot-       the "comeback of the light-skinned
ing Tropicana juices, it appeared as if ad-   brother," who for years has been eclipsed
vertisers might be onto something. Cash-      by the likes of their more cocoa-
ing in on what blogger and advertising        complected counterparts with shaved
executive Scott Lackey termed "Obama          heads, such as Taye Diggs, Morris Chest-
family values."                               nut and Mekhi Phifer.

Whether it's calculated or coincidence,        Skin tone has long been
actors bearing one or more of President        divisive in the African-         Mohegan Sun & Foxwood MGM Grand Casino
Barack Obama's physical attributes -- com-     American community.
plexion, wavy hair, chiseled features, or                                                                      Weekend in Connecticut
trademark big ears -- are turning up in ads
                                          The perception that                                                    June 26-28, 2009
on television, print and the Web. Given   blacks are treated differ-
Obama's approval ratings as buoyant as hisently -- not only by
                                                                                        Friday - Breakfast on the way up and Dinner at Mohegan Sun
rhetoric, his picture-perfect family and  whites, but by one an-
rock-star coolness, there are signs that ad-
                                          other -- based on the                  Saturday - Breakfast at Best Western Hotel and Dinner at Foxwood
vertisers and Hollywood are beginning to  shade of their skin has             Sunday - Breakfast at Best Western, Shopping at Clinton Crossing Outlets
capitalize on the person Americans have   been the source of fierce
come to trust.                            debate and hurt feelings
                                          dating back to the days                                   Single $336.40 Double $240 Triple $220
"The Obama factor has played a major role of slavery. Back then, a
in promoting positive images of African-  slave's status and treat-                                                    Payment Plan
Americans in popular culture," said       ment by his owner were
                                                                                   $34.50 Due Now - $65 Due April - $65 May - $75.50 June 5th Final Payment
Marilyn Kern-Foxworth, who writes and     often contingent upon
speaks extensively on African-American    the shade of his or her
images in advertising. "You have Barack   complexion. For decades                                            Sponsored by the B&B Club
Obama who comes along, he's smart and     that schism has been                                                For More information contact
he's intelligent, he typifies the all-    apparent in Hollywood
American family," said Kern-Foxworth.     and on Madison Ave-                     Rebecca Roots 610.876.2693 and Brinda Brister 610.874.2237
"That's something people will grasp."     nue.
                                                                                               began appearing in upper-crusty ads for     "When something is hot and doing very
The Obama magic extends to his wife and        In the 1980s, the fair skin and soft curls of   Ralph Lauren, throngs of African-           well, people identify with that and will
kids.                                          such R&B crooners as El DeBarge, Al B.          American men in media and on the street     begin to mimic that look," said Potts.
                                               Sure and Christopher Williams and Miami         were sporting a similar look.
Clothing retailer J.Crew started hawking       Vice TV star Philip Michael Thomas were                                                       "Now we have another hero. It's the presi-
the all-American mom/spouse Michelle           all the rage.                                   Like most things in popular culture, cast-    dent."
Obama's outfits on its Web site even be-                                                       ing directors say, what sizzles for advertis-
fore election day. She appeared on the To-     In the 1990s, as the star wattage of ebony-     ers, Hollywood and consumers goes up          Now, observers say, the Obama era may be
night Show with Jay Leno wearing the           skinned actor Wesley Snipes rose, so did        and down like a roller coaster.               ushering in a time when talent reigns over
brand's $338 skirt, shirt and sweater en-      the popularity of his physical features. At                                                   ethnicity and skin color.
semble.                                        the same time, basketball great Michael         Casting director LaTanya Potts recalled
                                               Jordan bore the trend that reigns today --      that after Will Smith starred in the block-   Said Kern-Foxworth, the advertising ex-
Perhaps most famously, the Obamas re-          bald and clean-shaven with chocolate-           buster Men in Black, young black actors       pert, "Obama has made people look at us
cently put the kibosh on toy maker Ty          brown skin.                                     began arriving at auditions mimicking the (African-Americans) for who were are and
Inc.'s efforts to capitalize on Obama-mania                                                    actor's clean-cut, wholesome look.            not lump us all together."
by marketing "Marvelous Malia" and          By the time supermodel Tyson Beckford
  April 3, 2009                                                       The Chester Spotlight                                                                     Page 7

                                                                Pastor Louis Freeman looks over the indoor garden with Mike       This cut out of Mike Gray working the gar-
                                                                Gray                                                              den looks so much like him that folks of-
                                                                                                                                  ten blow their horn while driving by in I-95

                                                                (Most Valuable Planter) were just two of the youth receiv-
                                                                ing certificates from Mike Gray

                                                                                        YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE

                                                                                                                                   Joe Daniels, a retired Chester Upland
                                                                                        A gift in any amount will help with
                                                                                                                                   school teacher, earned a degree in horti-
                                                                                             Providing gardening materials
                                                                                                                                   Master Gardeners. He gets evangelical
                                                                                             The construction of a green-          when talking gardens to the youth.
                                                                                             Expansion in other ventures
                                                                                             with the youth
                                                                                             The restoration of our meeting

                                                                                          Please make your check payable to

                                                                                                 1513 Concord Avenue
                                                                                                  Chester, PA 19013
Penn State Master Gardener Ellen Cordes read aloud to the youth using a                                                           Mike Gray II, Mike Gray, Ellen Cordes,
                                                                                             Or donate securely on-line at
special curriculum designed to teach youth all the elements of gardening.                                                         Linda Barry and Joe Daniels discuss gar-
                                                                                                                                  dening in the garden

          ong before President Obama won the election,     and other small business ventures within their community.
          the sign on the top of the page was erected on   The goal is to reinforce classroom learning as a require-    There are some big plans for I Can I Will this season.
          Concord Avenue. It is seen by thousands of       ment for success by teaching valuable lessons in team-       They have already started indoor planting which is about
          people every day who drive north on I-95         work, responsibility and accountability as they design and   ready to be planted outside. The Penn State Master Gar-
through Chester and is fast becoming the Chester Statue    implement their projects.                                    deners have agreed to join the youth regularly to help
of Liberty.                                                                                                             them learn more about the science of gardening. And
                                                            To help facilitate the curriculum the youth will be en-     there is one more real big surprise that I vowed not to
The sign that sits right behind the graduates is a larger   gaged with Master Gardeners from the Penn State Univer- share, just yet, but it is truly an accomplishment that guar-
than life cutout made in the image of Mike Gray, founder sity College of Agricultural Sciences that work with their antees huge growth potential for I Can I Will and will
of I Can I Will, a non-profit organization established pri- Community Gardening initiative. Three of the Penn State truly astound the community when it is announced.
marily to give a group of Bennett Homes children some-      Master Gardeners came to a recent Saturday morning I
thing constructive to do in their spare time.               Can I Will session and gave valuable advice to the board In this recessed economy, many people are going back to
                                                            members on their wide variety of support services. They
I Can I Will started last year with children ranging in age took a tour of the indoor and outdoor gardens and made a fordable and relatively easy since God does most of the
from 2 to 17 years old who all participated in growing      lot of suggestions on how to plant a successful garden that work. Without a doubt, before long, there will be a couple
fruits and vegetables in a community garden. Not only did the youth would enjoy being a part of.                        dozen young Chester residents who will master the sci-
they learn the basics of planting, weeding and cultivating,                                                             ence of horticulture and take delight not just in gardens
for some, it was the first time they experienced the proc-  The Penn State team also spent time with the children       but in garden-making.
ess of seeing success in any work that they were involved sharing their passion for gardening and answered all of
in.                                                                                                                     Some may say that they do not like working in the dirt.
                                                            vorite fruits and vegetable.
This year will be even bigger and better for I Can I Will.                                                              you find under your fingernails. Gardens use soil. Learn
Riding on the success of last year, the board members       All of the youth that were committed participants last year to work in the soil and you can feed many people for the
have established a strong focus for the organizations and received certificates to recognize and appreciate their in-
what it is to accomplish. Namely, the youth will enhance volvement. The smiles on those kids faces were so genu-
their understanding of math, basic finance, and science     ine when their names were called that it let me know that Support the youth, support the community garden, support
through practical applications in the gardening program     the I Can I Will programs means a lot to them.              recreation, support education. Support I Can I Will.
  April 3, 2009                                                                    The Chester Spotlight                                                                         Page 8

Sporting News' 2008-09                                                                                  Secret Devastation
Freshman of the Year: Tyreke Evans                                                                      Chester Talent Leaves Chester

                                                   The Tigers were expected to feel the de-
                                                   partures of Chris Douglas-Roberts (18.1     hanks to my dad, I have saved a                       to show off their skills to the scouts. The
                                                   ppg), Derrick Rose (14.9 ppg) and Joey      1975 article written by Bob                           fact that 11 year olds are nationally ranked
                                                   Dorsey (6.9 ppg, 9.5 rpg) much more than    Franklin of the Daily Times com-                      within their age group seems like overkill
                                                   this.                                       plaining about Chester basketball                     but it should not bother anyone too much.
                                                                                     talent leaving Chester. In this case, it was
                                         But Tyreke Evans made sure that would- CYO players who didn’t go to St. James                               When students transfer to prep school to
                                         n't happen.                                 High School. Presently, the same situation                      play sports, you sort of assume that a qual-
                                                                                     is going on with Chester                                                     ity education comes along with
                                         In his first year on campus, the 6-6 point talent bypassing Chester                                                      the ride. Believe me, Archmere
                                         guard from Chester, Pennsylvania is aver- High School for schools                                                        cut me no slack. Now, we’re
                                         aging a team-best 16.9 points per game.     out of town.                                                                 finding an amazing number of
                                         He also chips in 5.5 rebounds and 3.7                                                                                    incidences where prep school
                                         assists in leading Memphis to a 28-3        In the mid 70’s, the article                                                 athletes do not have the grades
                                         regular-season record and 16-0 Confer-      described that Stefan Roots                                                  or have not completed enough
                                         ence USA mark.                              was at Archmere Academy,                                                     hours to attend college. Even
                                                                                     Donnie Dodds at St. Jo-                                                      Chester’s Ray Carroll was al-
                                         For those efforts, Evans has been named seph’s Prep, Jody Squire,                                                        legedly fired as coach of
                                         Sporting News' Freshman of the Year.        Pat Van Horn and Donny                                                       American Christian because he
                                                                                     Jones at Malvern Prep                                                        complained of the special
SPORTING NEWS March 13, 2009.            "Based on what Tyreke has done from         which left a void that could                                                 treatment certain athletes were
Memphis lost three starters averaging a  November when they played their first       very likely have made St.                                                    getting in the class room.
combined 40 points per game off last     game, it's obvious he is more confident," James a big Catholic
year's NCAA runner-up team, yet it could former Memphis coach Gene Bartow            League contender. With                                                        When students want to transfer
earn a No. 1 seed in this year's tourna- said. "He's just an improved player --      Hasson ‘Fat Daddy’ Miah running the point                       out of prep schools, many are finding it dif-
ment.                                    defensively, handling the ball, getting     for the Bulldogs, I sometimes imagine what                      ficult to participate in sports in their new
                                         assists, taking the ball to the basket with could have been had we all stayed. Donnie                       school because either their transcripts show
That wasn't supposed to happen.          strength and confidence."                   Dodds did come back to St. James and beat                       poor grades or they are not receiving their
                                                                                     up on Chester High every time they played.                      transcripts at all. The majority of the time,
                                                                                                                                                     the students are not getting their transcripts

Nova No-Shows
                                                                                                        These days, we have the more recognized      because the school requests payment of
                                                                                                        basketball players like Tyreke Evans play-   unpaid tuition. This situation develops be-
                                                                                                        ing for American Christian the last few      cause there is no documentation of the so-

                                                                                                        years and this year with DJ Irving and An-   called scholarship received when they came
              illanova can never seem to land      student and fan support is incredible. Every-        dre Wilburn winning a State Championship     to the school. Parents are allowing their
              a Chester basketball player. I       thing they do is done in top notch fashion.          with Archbishop Carroll High and Calvin      children to attend these schools without
              know for a fact that in the past 5     The Philadelphia Daily News recently ran a         Newell going deep in the State Torny with    reviewing the terms of the scholarship ar-
              years they have recruited heavily    story showing that Villanova far outspends           Strath Haven. Not too long ago we had high   rangements.
here and have offered two scholarships that I      the other Philadelphia schools on their bas-
                                                                                                        school football great Kevin Jones playing at
know of. Villanova even practiced in the           ketball program while still realizing over a
                                                                                                        Cardinal O'Hara High. They all bypassed As a parent of an athletically gifted child,
Chester High gym a few nights when they            million dollars in profit. They have consis-
were kicked out of their own gym for a             tently been a top 25 team who gets plenty of         Chester High School to play for other here are four things to consider:
women’s tennis tournament. I would say             national TV exposure. The campus is gor-             schools.
that they were very interested in attracting       geous, quiet, safe and only minutes from the                                                      1. Is your child mature enough to endure
Chester talent.                                    ‘Blue Route’ and I-76 which can take you             Obviously, leaving the city to play for an-       attending a school with complete
  You can not blame                                                         anywhere.                   other school is not a new phenomenon, but         strangers outside of the environment
Tyreke Evans for                                                              Of course, there is a     there have been some dramatic changes             they are familiar with.
heading to Memphis                                                          lot of demands on the       since we did it in the 70’s.                 2. Will there be a long commute to and
over his second                                                             players. The commit-                                                          from school? Even Donnie Dodds said
choice Villanova. I                                                         ment to basketball is       First, there are a lot more schools aggres-       that he became very tired of catching
don’t think he would                                                        virtually year round.       sively seeking Chester talent at a very           two buses and a trolley to get from
have had the opportu-                                                       Almost every aspect         young age. Parents are being contacted            Chester to St. Joe Prep in Philly every
nity at point guard                                                         of their life is dictated   when their children are in 6th grade in some      day.
that he got at Mem-                                                         by the basketball pro-      instances.                                   3. Is your child equipped to compete in
phis which has really                                                       gram. They are ex-                                                            the classroom with the prep school stu-
propelled his stock                                                         pected to be in class –
                                                                                                        Second, there are a lot of instances where        dents, and if not, will the school pro-
with their 25 straight                                                      I know the professors
                                                                                                        students are attending these prep schools         vide special instruction and tutoring to
wins while he played                                                        where quick to call
at that position. He                                                        coach if a player did-      and not receiving a quality education.            help him catch up?
even scored 33 in the                                                       n’t show up. But if                                                      4. Does the scholarship contain an ‘out’
tournament game that                                                        they choose to make         Third, there are a lot of instances where         clause just in case your child wants to
finally ended that winning streak. His talents     all those sacrifices to play big time basket-        students try to leave the schools only to be      return home? Is there a contract at all?
are tailor made for the NBA but I’d like to        ball, they should want to do it in the most          prohibited because of outstanding tuition
see him do at least one more year of college       comfortable setting available.                       balances.                                    If done right, going away to school for aca-
ball which is unlikely.                              Even bench players get treated like every-                                                      demic or athletic purposes can be a very
  The other Chester prospects that Villanova       one else. Everybody is practically guaran-           Most of my information comes from rewarding experience. Unfortunately, too
was interested in were either not interested       teed a job when they graduate. What more             sources very close to youth sports here in many inner city student athletes around the
in Villanova or they responded too late to         should you want?                                     Chester and they are concerned about the country are being used by schools to im-
their scholarship offer and had to scramble          Yeah, Villanova does have an air of elitism        troubling trends they see every day.         prove their sports programs while leaving
to find another place to play.                     about itself. A lot of people are turned off by                                                   the student behind academically.
  I have been rather close to the Villanova        the Main Line aristocracy and prefer to asso-        The scouting of younger players is to be
basketball program since 1978 as a freshman        ciate with a less haughty institution.               expected. With so much exposure on the Don’t let this happen to your kid. Seek ad-
student there. I would run pick-up games             But, knowing what I know about the gruel-
                                                                                                        AAU playing circuit where teams play doz- vice before sending your 14 year old to that
with guys like Rory Sparrow, Alex Bradley,         ing occupation called college basketball, if I
                                                                                                        ens of games in several cities during the great school in the suburbs. The results can
Howie Long, Dwayne McClain, and Ed                 were a prospect, I’d want to do it in the most
Pinckney which convinced me rather                 comfortable setting with the greatest na-            summer, the program is designed for them be devastating.
quickly that I did not have division one tal-      tional exposure and the best prospect of
ent. But as a Black student living on cam-         gaining a good education and personal asso-
pus, the only other Blacks to socialize with       ciation with a lot of influential alumni.
were the athletes since most Black students          Now that Villanova is a final four team
commuted in from Philly.                           again, I am certain there will be more great
  The basketball team is like a very close         players coming to the Main Line. But, for
knit fraternity. They do everything together       next year, I have got to tip my hat to Malik
almost year round and are very protective of       Wayans, Philadelphia’s player of the year,
their space. Through my relationships with         for choosing Villanova. There are a few of
those guys, I was fortunate to have access         us who know that there was a Chester guard
that let me see that being a part of Villanova     who outplayed Malik Wayans a couple years
basketball is a luxurious privilege.               ago on the Villanova court. That player was
  Of course, I will not ‘give up the tapes’ but    in Nova’s recruiting sights early on but lost
those guys have a very comfortable exis-           favor for some reason or another. I can’t
tence as a player in that program. They            wait to see them two go at again for the next
travel first class and even take charter fights.   few years in Big Five matchups.
The hotel accommodations are 5-star. They            Come on Chester ballers. Give Nova a
eat at the very best restaurants. The alumni,      look.
  April 3, 2009                                                           The Chester Spotlight                                                                         Page 9
                                                                                                       The 8 Tools to Become a Master at Networking
  It Stinks Around Here                                                                                By Joe Takash                            because now you’ve planted the most

                                                                                                                                                important seed for all relationships – a
           m I the only person who thinks it      vice representative or access a form electroni-      If you want to be successful in busi-    common shared interest. From this
           stinks around here. I’m getting        cally. The complaint service representative for      ness, then you need to develop your      foundation, you can build a relation-
           sick of the air smelling like sour     the Southeast Region is JoAnn Ache and she           ability to network. Below are eight      ship of respect or even friendship. This
           milk. I work in a refinery so I’m      can be reached at (484) 250-5991, or call            simple tools anyone can use in order to can increase your business, because
used to bad air but I would prefer to leave       DEP's toll-free citizen complaint line at            develop the necessary skills and be-     people like to do business with people
those odors at the gate. However,                                   (866) 255-5158.                    come a more effective networker.         they like. To find common ground,
too often in the last several                                                                                                                   apply the “ask and listen” technique.
months, I’ve been getting a whiff                                    The service representative is     1. Make a great first impression:        Use open-ended questions, like those
of real bad air throughout all of                                    your single point of contact to   Every time you meet someone new,         in point three, to bring you closer to
Chester.                                                             report a concern and acts as a    think, “SHE is the key.” S.H.E. stands standing on common ground with any-
                                                                     liaison for citizens who no       for Smile/Handshake/Eye Contact. By one you meet.
Obviously, the stench is coming                                      longer have to attempt to fig-    greeting people with a genuine smile, a
from our trash incinerator lo-                                       ure out what program would        firm and friendly handshake, and direct 6. Learn to help others before your-
cated on the river front. As a                                       handle a particular issue. The    eye contact, you set a positive tone and self: Many people fail at networking
responsible business, they are                                       representative will listen to     make the best first impression possible. because it’s obvious they are only out
regulated to control the emission                                    your concerns and possibly        And first impressions are what people to help themselves. This is an absolute
and odors that they emit. Emis-                                      ask some additional ques-         remember.                                turn-off in a networking situation (and
sions are monitored electronically but only the                      tions. This information will                                               most other situations). The most suc-
nose can detect an odor.                          then be entered onto a statewide database.           2. Be a name-learning machine:           cessful networkers take the opposite
                                                  Please be assured that your name, address and        Knowing someone’s name demon-            approach. They think of the many dif-
If you are as disgusted with our smelly city as   phone number will be kept strictly confidential      strates that you value the person and    ferent ways they can help other people
I am, call the Department of Environmental        (or if you prefer, you may remain anonymous).        that you have differentiated him or her before helping themselves. For exam-
Protection (DEP) and tell them that something     Your complaint will then be assigned to one or       from the crowd. It says, “I remember     ple, if you meet a freelance photogra-
stinks around here. They’ll come out and as-      more of our programs for investigation. Within       you; you made a good impression on       pher who is starting her own business,
sess the situation if enough of you call during   a few days, you will receive a letter acknowl-       me.” There is no better way to make      you might be able to refer her to a
the time of the funky releases.                   edging our receipt of the complaint. After the       others feel good about themselves, and graphic artist you do business with so
                                                  complaint is investigated, you will receive a
                                                                                                       also to have a positive impression of    that she can get her business cards
                                                  second letter advising you of the investigation
Make an Environmental Complaint?                                                                       you. One way to remember names           done. This is how the web of network-
                                                  results and what corrective action (if any) is
You can file a complaint easily and confiden-                                                          more easily is to repeat the name after ing creates success for all involved. To
                                                  being requested, along with DEP's proposed
tially in one of two ways-contacting your ser-                                                         you are introduced, followed by, “It’s put yourself in this mindset, think of
                                                                                                       nice to meet you,” or a similar appro- yourself as the networking coordinator.
                                                                                                       priate statement. In your mind, associ- In this role you will make sure that
                                           Carter’s                                                    ate the name with someone else you
                                                                                                       know with that name, with a physical
                                                                                                                                                everyone benefits from each other as
                                                                                                                                                much as possible, whenever you meet
                                                                                                       feature of the person you are meeting, and talk with others. When you are
                                                  Stop n’ Go                                           or anything that will jog your memory always on the lookout for ways to help
                                                  540 Ave of the States                                at a later time.                         other people, they will trust you and by
                                      Across from Chester Transportation Center                                                                 extension, your business.
                                   Breakfast Sandwiches ∙ Coffee ∙ Cold Sandwiches                     3. Ask open-ended questions: The
                                                                                                       following are questions that will get    7. Describe how what you do helps
                                         Beef Hot Dogs &Sausages ∙ Water Ice                           people to open up, tell you about them- others: When you tell others about
                                                                                                       selves and, professionally speaking,     your job, think of them first and ex-
                                Call in Your Orders for Fast Pick Up      610.876.2699                 fall in love with you.                   plain how what you do helps others. If
                                                                                                             Tell me about your job.            you’re an insurance salesperson, tell
                                                                                                             What are your most important       anyone who asks that you help others
                                                                                                                  responsibilities?             find the lowest rates possible, or that
                                                                                                             What do you like most about what you provide the highest level of cover-

         Clinton L. Johnson Sr.                                                                                   you do?
                                                                                                             Where are you from originally?
                                                                                                             Do you have children?
                                                                                                                                                age for those in high-risk categories.
                                                                                                                                                Regardless of your profession, people
                                                                                                                                                want to know how what you do bene-
                      Attorney at Law                                                                        What are you passionate about?
                                                                                                             What do you like to do in your
                                                                                                                                                fits others. It gives them something of
                                                                                                                                                interest to tell others about you.
                                                                                                                  free time?
                                                                                                                                                8. Follow up and work your net-
                                                                                                       Asking people questions about them-      work: After a networking event, estab-
                                                                                                       selves and showing a genuine interest lish a system to record the data of the
                                                                                                       in their answers is the best way to      contacts you’ve acquired and use it to
                                                                                                       show appreciation, and it’s a potent     refresh your memory about the details
                                                                                                       networking tool. Offer information       you gathered. Many skilled networkers
                                                                                                       about yourself as well so that others    recommend that you use a PDA to
                                                                                                       who may not know how to be effective write down specific information about
                                                                                                       networkers can still learn about you     people, as these devices are terrific for
                                                                                                       and become potential clients or refer-   tracking contacts. Also, you can mark
                                                                                                       ences.                                   your calendar to remind you to touch
                                                                                                                                                base with people in your network. This
                                                                                                       4. Master the art of listening: Great    follow-up activity will keep you in the
                                                                                                       leaders have mastered the art of being front of people’s minds when it comes
                                                                                                       great listeners. But for most of us, the time to do business.
                                                                                                       daily distractions of cell phones, dead-
                                                                                                       lines, and a multitude of obligations    Joe Takash is the author of the newly
                                                                                                       often prevent us from being fully en-    released Results Through Relation-
                                                                                                       gaged listeners. A simple question to    ships: Building Trust, Performance
                                                                                                       ask yourself with anyone you network and Profit Through People, as well as
                                                                                                       with is, “Am I fully engaged when        a sought-after media resource and key-
                                                                                                       listening?” Fully engaged means being note speaker. As the founder of per-
                                                                                                       entirely consumed in the other person formance management firm Victory
                                                                                                       and what he or she is saying. So elimi- Consulting, Joe has spoken to clients
                                                                                                       nate distractions such as cell phones,   like American Express, Prudential,
                                                                                                       and close your office door. Show atten- Century 21 and General Motors. Ta-
                                                                                                       tive body language by facing the other kash has also been featured in Inves-
                                                                                                       person and looking him or her in the     tors Business Daily, Entrepreneur,
                                                                                                       eyes. Practice silence so you don’t      Selling Power, Crain's New York The
     Serving Chester for 28 years                                                                      violate the “don’ts” of listening, which Chicago Tribune, Career Builder,
                                                                                                       include rehearsing what you want to      Businessweek.com and MSNBC.com.
                                                                                                       say next, finishing people’s sentences,

       610-874-1977                          610-874-5837Fax                                           and interrupting.                        Results Through Relationships can be
                                                                                                                                                purchased at www.amazon.com,
                                                                                                       5. Establish common ground: When www.barnesandnoble.com and or-
        1010 7th Street - Chester , PA 19013                                                           you find common ground with some-        dered through any major bookseller.
                                                                                                       one, you raise the level of the network-
                                                                                                       ing relationship from average to great, Website: www.JoeTakash.com
  April 3, 2009                                                        The Chester Spotlight                                                                    Page 10

Journal Register Gil Spencer’s Chimp-Stimulus
The other AIG Cartoon Column Offends Many

T                                                    T
           he loyalty Chester folks have with the              here was some outrage on         it. In my opinion, President Bush was outcry coming. If not, it will take
           Daily Times is legendary. A couple                  Gil Spencer‟s Feb. 22 edito-     called many worse thinks than a mon- more than an afternoon of in house
           folks thought I may have been too                   rial about the cartoon with      key during his eight years in office.    diversity training to crack that mind-
           hard on their favorite paper in my                  police officers shooting the                                              set.
Open Letter last month and others still don‟t get    stimulus package chimpanzee and I          Somehow, a White monkey and a
it when I say that their owner, Journal Register,    was asked to offer my comments.            Black monkey do not convey the same I get amused when I hear reporters
is the bigger problem.                               Spencer‟s Protesters Missed the Point      message. For example, as a child, I state that NY Post readers were of-
                                                     of Cartoon editorial was emailed to        loved reading Curious George books. fended by this story when it is abun-
Of course, there will be those who wouldn‟t be-
                                                     me, I read it, and for the most part, I    Despite his brown hair, there was no dantly clear that most of the anger
lieve me if I told you that Daily Times employ-
ees recently had to go a few weeks without a         agreed with his opinion.                   doubt in my mind that George was a came from folks who never held a NY
paycheck while Journal Register figures out how                                                 White monkey when I considered how Post in their hands. That cartoon was
to stay in business with their bankruptcy filing.    The first I heard of the cartoon was       he lived and who he hung out with. plucked from the Post and plastered
                                                     from a friend‟s phone call who was         This proves that just because there is a everywhere for everyone to see and
You‟ve got to tip your hat to the Daily Times        upset that the New York Post would         monkey on the scene, it doesn‟t al- react to.
staff for even caring about getting your paper out   print and image of police officers         ways conjure up the image of a Black
every day when they didn‟t know when their           shooting President Obama. Since I          person.                                  There is a big difference between a
next paycheck was coming. I‟m not so sure            had not seen the image, my first reac-                                              newspaper reader and a newspaper
many of you would be such dedicated employ-          tion was that I did not think the chimp    However, I just happened to be lover. No one expects you to be able
ees.                                                 represented President Obama because        watching a Monday Night Football to name the publisher, the sports edi-
                                                     he did not write the stimulus package.     game years ago when a player was tor, or any of the writers of the paper
To give you an example of why I think the Daily      Spencer makes the same point in his        sprinting down the sideline and Jimmy you buy everyday. However, newspa-
Times has a bad owner, here is a story that          article.                                   The Greek said, “Look at the monkey per lovers value their favorite papers
should help you understand. After reading it,                                                   run.” Curious George was not the first for their writers and columnist.
you can come to your own conclusions.                I hurried to my computer to get a          image that came to my mind after
                                                     glimpse of the cartoon and I was           hearing that reference. Sadly, Jimmy Daily Times lovers love Gil Spencer.
 INCENTIVES FOR LAYOFFS                              happy to see that the chimp didn‟t         The Greek was never heard from He is one of the best at what he does
                                                     look like President Obama. But the         again after ABC gave in to the outrage and he has been doing it for over 25
                                                     problem I saw with the cartoon was         from the Black community over him years at the Daily Times. Unlike a
 State Fights Journal Register's                     that it was very derogatory toward the     calling a Black athlete a monkey and reporter who writes about the current
        Plan For Bonuses                             police. No one wants to be reminded        fired him almost immediately.            event of the moment, a columnist‟s
                                                     that police sometimes shoot unarmed        Yet, as I watch March Madness, job is to find things to write about that
                Associated Press                     citizens, not even the police. New         hardly a game goes by where a com- are interesting, educational, controver-
                                                     York is the last place that a newspaper    mentator doesn‟t make one of these sial, funny, sad, annoying, etc., which
March 5, 2009 The Connecticut attorney               should present that image…Amadou           statements…“He‟s a beast or He‟s an may or may not have anything to do
general's office objected Wednesday to a
                                                     Diallo anyone?                             animal.” They say this about any with a current event. Since he is often
plan by Journal Register Co. to pay its top
executives up to $1.7 million in bonuses
                                                                                                player, Black or White, who demon- looked upon for his opinion on such
even as the newspaper publisher seeks                If cartoons are meant to be funny, I       strates an aggressive style of play. matters, you will agree, disagree, or
Chapter 11 protection from creditors.                can‟t find any humor in this one at all.   Should America be outraged by these dismiss his rhetoric.
                                                     If the chimp was meant to be Presi-        references?
"We say that it illegally detracts from money        dent Obama, you would have to be a                                                  In the case of his stimulus/chimp col-
owed to creditors like the state of Connecti-        real Obama hater to find the cartoon       The NY Post apologized in typical umn, I agree with much of what
cut," Attorney General Richard Blumenthal            funny. If shooting unarmed people is       newspaper fashion about the cartoon; Spencer writes but I take exception to
said.                                                funny, I hope I never have occasion to     half apology, half justification. They his very last line where he writes, „In
                                                     run into that cartoonist.                  wrote, “(The cartoon) was meant to the end, it turned out the cartoon isn‟t
Journal Register owes $21.5 million in cor-                                                     mock an ineptly written federal stimu- the joke that stupid people laugh at.
porate income tax as well as other unpaid            Discussing monkeys can be an inter-        lus bill. Period. But it has been taken It‟s the joke stupid people are of-
taxes, including sales taxes, he said.               esting topic. The old school Blacks        as something else - as a depiction of fended by.‟
                                                     picked right up on the fact that Blacks    President Obama, as a thinly veiled
Giving out bonuses partly for helping the            have long been characterized as mon-       expression of racism. This most cer- First, I don‟t care how smart or stupid
company lay off hundreds of employees and            keys and immediately assumed that          tainly was not its intent; to those who you are, I find it very hard to believe
close publications would violate federal             President Obama was the monkey in          were offended by the image, we that anyone saw this cartoon as funny.
bankruptcy law and "add insult to injury" in
                                                     the cartoon. You would think the New       apologize.” They conclude by saying, Second, many smart people were of-
the midst of the current economic crisis,
Assistant Attorney General Denise Mondell
                                                     York Post would have recognized that       “Sometimes a cartoon is just a cartoon fended by the joke, too.
wrote in a motion filed in U.S. Bankruptcy           a lot of Blacks would feel that way        – even as the opportunists seek to
Court in New York.                                   and put a stop to the cartoon for that     make it something else.”                 In the end, whether you liked it or not,
                                                     reason alone.                                                                       Gil Spencer did what he always does.
The bonus plan would apply to 31 "key em-                                                       It is hard to believe that all those He got folks to read and discuss his
ployees" who could receive an average of             Gil Spencer makes the point that           smart people who work for the NY column. That is the ultimate goal of
$15,700 each if 450 positions are cut by             President George Bush was often re-        Post were too stupid to see the „thinly all great columnist and the papers they
March 31, according to the company's mo-             ferred to as a monkey by his critics.      veiled expression of racism‟ was far work for.
tion for "incentive pay" filed with the court.       Entire websites have been dedicated to     more than that. That had to see the

Further bonuses totaling about $1.2 million
would be available if the employees met
other goals including eliminating publica-                                                                  Relax
                                                                                                ...he’s in co
tions and reaching certain financial targets.                              The Best Prices on Designer,stume  Causal and Hip Hop
The proposal must still be approved by a                                        Clothes for Men, Women and Children

Journal Register, owner of the New Haven
Register and other newspapers in Connecti-                            People’s Choice Clothing
cut, Pennsylvania and other states, has sold                          531 Ave of the States ∙ 610.872.0789
two Connecticut dailies and closed several

The company's motion notes that the Yard-
                                                                      People’s Champs Clothing
ley, Pa.-based publisher has already paid                              4 East 21st Street ∙ 21st & Edgmont
out $450,000 in bonuses "tied to significant                          610.499.3023
headcount reductions" at the end of 2008.

The company argues that awarding addi-                                All Stars Barber Shop
tional bonuses is cheaper than hiring out-                            533 Ave of the States
side people to perform the same tasks and
that the employees need incentives "to moti-                                                                                                         Brother Abdel
vate them to maximize creditor recoveries."                                             All Shops Open 7 Days a Week
  April 3, 2009                                                              The Chester Spotlight                                                                                Page 11
                                                 diminished vision.
                                                   “The hardest thing to adjust to was giv-
                                                                                                       What the Blind Wants You to See
                                                 ing up driving. I sold my BMW and took                If you are holding this paper in you hands      as we age, we
                                                 a trip to Egypt knowing that it would be              reading this article, there is a very good      experience dimin-
                                                 the last chance I’d have to see that mag-             chance that you are not blind. You may          ished sight, some
                                                 nificent history with the limited vision I            wish that you did not have to find your         more than others.
                                                 had left. It wasn’t easy but I’m so glad I            glasses to read the paper but that is a small   And with diabetes
                                                 did it,” says Ms. LeVere.                             price to pay when you compare it to the         being the major cause of blindness in
                                                   Her girlfriends used to enjoy reading her           many folks who have lost their sight to-        America and the huge incidences of it in
                                                 erotic short stories and encouraged her to            tally.                                          the Black community, blindness is more
                                                 put them into a book. With the help of the              Imagine my surprise when I would get          common than many of us are prepare to
                                                 technology she learned to use at the Cen-             telephone calls from the Center for the         accept.
                                                 ter for the Blind and Visually Impaired               Blind and Visually Impaired on 15th Street        Rod Powell shares the 7 Steps in Losing
                                                 (see above), she was able to compile the              in Chester who insist that I drop off papers    your Sight
                                                 book and get it published.                            every month.                                             1. Denial
                                                   The 55 page book contains eight erotic                One of my oldest friends that I met went               2. Depression
                                                 stories and one nonfiction article that tan-          we were attending Wilson Nursery School                  3. Blame
                                                 talizes and teases readers into exploring             on Reaney Street went blind at the age of                4. Anger
                                                 what excites them sexually and probing                eight. He attended the School for the Blind              5. Bargaining with God
                                                 new areas of discovery and carnal desires.            in Philadelphia and has been a computer                  6. Acceptance
                                                   Through LeVere’s unique spin on the                 programmer at Temple University for over                 7. Integration or evangelizing to
                                                 ever-fascinating topics of identity, class,           25 years in addition to playing keyboards                others how to go through.
                                                 intimacy, sexuality, and various friend-              in a popular jazz band that performs regu-
                                                 ships, it’s easy to discover within these             larly in the area. Tommy Smith and I talk       I promised Rosemary Keefe, Communica-
                                                 stories your own Wildest Dreams. In one               at least once a month and he is usually the     tions Coordinator of the Center of the
                                                 story, she even included a blind character            person I contact when I want to find a new      Blind and Visually Impaired that I would

                                                 that gives the playboy bus driver an ex-              night spot to eat or hear music in Philly.      not do a story on the center without going
     f Stevie Wonder can write love songs       perience that he’ll never forget.                      The way he describes places is amazing. (I      through her first, but it should be known
     than Beverly LeVere can write erotic         Although erotic, all the stories are taste-          really think he keeps a portable set of eyes    that the center exists for you or someone
     short stories.                             fully presented with familiar character                in his pocket.)                                 you know that may have issues with low
                                                types found in situations we’ve all found                Many people in Chester know Rod Pow-          vision, blindness or vision impairment.
  Imagine my surprise when I got a call         ourselves in…or would hope we were in…                 ell as the ambassador for the blind. He           I've learned that in only extreme cases do
from a visually impaired author requesting      or maybe not.                                          joined Beverly LeVere during my inter-          people become instantly blind. The vast
an opportunity to promote her sexy new            Wildest Dreams is a fun read that will               view on her new book (see left) and shed        majority of people lose their sight gradu-
book with Chester Spotlight readers. When       entertain and surprise you in many ways.               some insight on some of the myths and           ally. In those cases, it is recommended that
I consider that most of my readers are          Unfortunately, a few of these short stories            misconceptions of the blind.                    you prepare yourself for a life with dimin-
women over 40, what better place is there       seem to end far too soon but I guess that’s              Rod has been blind since the age of 9.        ished sight by taking advantage of the ser-
to introduce a book of your Wildest             where you’re supposed to fill in the blanks            Now that he is a spunky 60 year old, he         vices offered at the Center for the Blind
Dreams.                                         with your imagination. Pick up your copy               says, “If Jesus came down and gave me           and Visually Impaired early. The goal of
  Ms. LeVere has recently had to adjust to      and enjoy for yourself.                                sight, I would give it back to him.” Rod        the center is to help those with blindness or
a lifestyle without sight as her vision has       The book is only $8.95 (before tax) and              has been blind so long that he honestly         vision loss to lead well adjusted, independ-
diminished over the last few years because      can be purchased directly from Beverly                 doesn't miss sight. He's totally adjusted to    ent, productive, and rewarding lives.
of a rare eye disease which limits her pe-      LeVere by calling 610.394.9491                         being blind. He would have to readjust to         The Center is a treasure that has been in
ripheral vision (top, bottom and sides) and     (BLevere@comcast.net).                                 having sight and he is not sure he would        Chester since 1941. When you consider all
will ultimately result in complete loss of      Online, you can purchase from IUni-                    want to do that after 50 years.                 the businesses that have left the city since
vision. Her previous lifestyle of working at    verse.com, or Borders, Barns and Noble                   Surveys have reveled that many people         that time, we truly appreciate and should
the Philadelphia Federal Reserve bank and       and Amazon websites.                                   perceive blindness as the worse thing that      celebrate the fact that they are still here.
sidelines in fashion, event planning, acting,     I highly recommend you buy direct from               could ever happen to them even over can-
and world traveling has had to come to a        Ms. LeVere. She would love to meet you                 cer and death itself. But the reality is that
halt as she adjusts to a new lifestyle with     and sign your books.

                                            Ro Lynn
                                                     Delicatessen, Inc.
                                            Home of the

                                            Godfather Hoagie
                                          The Best Hot Roast Beef & Hot Roast Pork around !
                                                          Open 7 Days
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                                                                      Across from Brkhv Shopping Ctr

                                                                                                                                                                  SAM & SAM
                                                                                                                                                                      Has moved to the
                                                                                                                                                                   Upland Shopping Center

                                                                                                                                                                  More Space
                                                                                                                                                                  More Parking
                                                                                                                                                                  More Savings
                                                Large Pizza’s

       Buy any
                                                                                                                                                              Come visit our new store
       Get a FREE                                      Liter          Soda                                                                                    designed to better serve our
                        Open Everyday 4 pm to 12 am                                                                                                           loyal customers from near
                                                                                                                                                              and far with the best meats,
          Sponsor of Chester Biddy for 21 years!                                                                                                              groceries, produce, dairy, fro-
                                                                                                                                                              zen foods and personal items.
                                Call for Fast Friendly Delivery

                                                                                                                      SAM & SAM
                                                                                                                                                                                        Sam & Sam

                            610-494-2525 610-494-1111                                                                                                                                                   and
                                                                                                                                                                                                            A  ve
                                                                                                             UPLAND SHOPPING CENTER                                                                 Upl
                                                                                                                                                                                    Kerlin Street

                                      9th & Highland, Chester
                                                                                                                OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK                                                                   I-95
                                                                                                             MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 7-7
                                                                                                                                                                                                     9th St.
                                                                                                                   SUNDAY 7-6
  April 3, 2009                                                    The Chester Spotlight                                                           Page 12

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   National Urban League: 'Best of times, worst of times' for Black America
(March 26, 2009) As the entire country observed the     was largely because the gap narrowed for those        black America," said Forest Harper, vice president
historic election of President Barack Obama amid        without health insurance.                             of Capability Development at Pfizer. This year's re-
one of the worst economic crises this nation has ever                                                         port also looks at trends from another perspective --
seen, these are the 'best of times and the worst of   The report this year takes a look back at the past five economic expansion periods. What the numbers
times' for black America.                             years of the Equality Index to view trends of pro-      show is that trends between blacks and whites were
                                                      gress and decline. Between 2003 and 2007 the pov- more similar than different in key areas like median
The National Urban League, today, released the        erty rate and home ownership rate declined for          household income, poverty, unemployment and
State of Black America (SOBA) 2009 report which blacks but increased for whites. Even as both groups home ownership.
shows that while the entire country is hurting during made progress in educational attainment, the pro-
these tough economic times, African-Americans are gress was slower for blacks.                                During the economic expansion period from 2001 -
disproportionately hurting worse.                                                                             2007 (known as the jobless recovery period) there
                                                      During the same period while white children saw         was a decline in real median household income for
The annual State of Black America report is a ba-     increases in "preprimary" enrollment of about 3 per- blacks and whites and an increase in the rate of pov-
rometer of conditions for African-Americans in the cent, black children saw a decline of about 1 percent, erty. Real median household income from 2001 -
United States. It includes the National Urban         causing the education gap to grow, not shrink. The      2007 declined 1.7 percent for blacks and 3.9 percent
League's Equality Index, a statistical measurement    report this year shows the trend continues. This        for whites and poverty rates increased 7.9 percent
of the disparities between blacks and whites across year's National Urban League report reminds the           for blacks and 5.1 percent for whites.
five categories: economics, education, health, civic country that the election of President Obama does
engagement and social justice.                        not mean the work of civil rights is done.              By contrast, during the 1990s while trends were still
                                                                                                              similar, African-Americans saw tremendous pro-
This year's report shows an overall slight decline in For the fifth consecutive year, Pfizer has sponsored gress. For the duration of the '90s expansion, real
the status of blacks as compared to whites, moving The State of Black America report. "We applaud the median household income grew by 23.6 percent for
from 71.5 percent in 2008 to 71.1 percent in 2009.    National Urban League on its continued effort to        African- Americans and 13 percent for whites while
The only sub index that increased over the past year spark important national dialogue around crucial         poverty rates declined by 30.6 percent and 17 per-
was in health at about 1.1 percentage points. This    issues, such as the health status gap endured by        cent, respectively.

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